2015 Result:
Conservative: 9710 (24.5%)
Labour: 19771 (49.9%)
Lib Dem: 3034 (7.7%)
Green: 1753 (4.4%)
UKIP: 5206 (13.1%)
Others: 175 (0.4%)
MAJORITY: 10061 (25.4%)

Category: Very safe Labour seat

Geography: North West, Greater Manchester.

Main population centres:



Current MP
ANN COFFEY (Labour) Born 1946, Inverness. Educated at Bodmin Grammer, Bushey Grammar and South Bank Polytechnic. Former social worker. Stockport councillor 1984-1994. Contested Cheadle 1987. First elected as MP for Stockport in 1992. Opposition whip 1995-1996, health spokesman 1996-1997. PPS to Tony Blair 1997-1998, PPS to Alistair Darling 1998-2010.
Past Results
Con: 9913 (25%)
Lab: 16697 (43%)
LDem: 9778 (25%)
BNP: 1201 (3%)
Oth: 1539 (4%)
MAJ: 6784 (17%)
Con: 8906 (25%)
Lab: 18069 (51%)
LDem: 7832 (22%)
UKIP: 964 (3%)
MAJ: 9163 (26%)
Con: 9162 (26%)
Lab: 20731 (59%)
LDem: 5490 (16%)
MAJ: 11569 (33%)
Con: 10426 (22%)
Lab: 29338 (63%)
LDem: 4951 (11%)
Oth: 674 (1%)
MAJ: 18912 (41%)

2015 Candidates
DANIEL HAMILTON (Conservative)
ANN COFFEY (Labour) See above.
DANIEL HAWTHORNE (Liberal Democrat) Born Stockport. Educated at Liverpool University. Stockport councillor since 2010.
STEVEN WOOLFE (UKIP) Born 1967, Manchester. Educated at St Bedes College and Aberystwyth University. Barrister. Contested City and East 2012 London Assembly election, Greater Manchester 2012 Police Commissioner election. MEP for North West since 2014.
Comments - 41 Responses on “Stockport”
  1. Tom McNally was decapitated here in 1983, having defected to the SDP, and first elected only in 1979, as a Labour MP.

    I enjoyed seeing this again on the 1983 programs.

    Although not a Labour man myself, I find the treachery of the SDP really quite dislikeable, as I believe in supporting your colleagues if you can.

    How this unpleasant individual could have done this having only just 2 years before worked for a Labour Prime Minister at Number 10 rather sticks in the gullet.

    Stockport North and South of course had Labour MPs in 1979 so by merging the 2 it must have lost some Labour territory aswell, to create a notional Tory seat.

  2. At the time that Stockport was created as an unitary seat in 1983, it actually didn’t include the eastern part of the town centre which was in Denton & Reddish (though all of the town centre is now included). The seat united all of the more middle-class suburbs of Stockport such as Davenport & the Heatons, although it did contain some Labour strongholds as well. Reddish (one might say appropriately!) was just about Labour’s strongest area in Stockport borough – it still is – and its absence from the seat was crucial. Since that time, some of these suburbs have swung quite a long to the left and there are few Conservative councillors left in the constituency

  3. My forecast for 2015

    Lab 52
    Con 18
    LD 17
    Others 13

  4. It’s incredible to think that the Tories once had 3 out of 4 seats in Stockport.

  5. It’s incredible to think that they once had a healthy level of representation in Greater Manchester.

  6. “Although not a Labour man myself, I find the treachery of the SDP really quite dislikeable, as I believe in supporting your colleagues if you can.”

    I know you typed this months ago, JJB but it’s an interesting view which I’ve only just noticed. Your sentiment reminds me a bit of Polly Toynbee and her part in the whole SDP/Labour split. She’s a good writer when discussing anything other than party politics, but I find her criticism of Thatcher rather hypocritical seeing as how she played her part in splitting the Labour vote and costing them Lewisham East in 1983.

  7. Looks like the Lib Dems have selected Manor Councillor Daniel Hawthorne

    He will be doing well to hang on to his seat come May.

  8. UKIP selection: Steven Woolfe.

  9. No Tory candidate yet. The relatively high-profile UKIP candidate Steven Woolfe must be pleasantly surprised.

  10. I agree with Neil and Joe James. Probably very tribal of me, but I consider the likes of Shirley Williams to be turncoats.

    I was listening to the Dennis Skinner edition of Desert Island Discs recently (an archive edition online from 1990) and he says it was the SDP that enabled Thatcher to rack up such huge majorities.

  11. Still no Conservative candidate in a seat where many will have a memory of having a Tory MP. There are areas of strength like in Heatons North which could have been bolstered by having a candidate in place in good time.

    Whoever forms the government looks like doing it in on little over a third of the voters. I wonder how much of the historically low vote share has been depleted due to the big parties giving up the ghost in seats they aren’t going to win.

  12. I think Toynbee must realise the part she played by now, and perhaps that’s why she’s so pro-Labour now, as an act of repentance.

    I know plenty of Labour people struggled when David Owen gave them a big donation after the Collins review, because their view was that while it was nice, his support thirty years ago would have been much nicer.

  13. Conservatives have selected Daniel Hamilton who works for Bell Pottinger a multinational PR company. Stood at the last Euro elections in the North West.

  14. Wow, that really was a last minute selection (even after nomination packs were available). Why so late here?

  15. it’s an interesting insight into just how far the tories have plummeted here. not many years ago, several of the wards in this seat were still able to elect tory councillors.

  16. Yes they have plummeted from grace here. Not so long ago they had the 2 Heatons Seats and Davenport. I don’t think the Tories will be back here any time soon!

  17. Labour Hold. 9,000 majority.

  18. Not a bad prediction, it was just over 10,000.

  19. The Mail has a piece today following the Leave campaigners in the Referendum in Northern Labour safe seats.

    Again, the numbers are only 25-50 people in each of Stockport, Leeds and Hull but they are hugely for Leave.

  20. The Boundary Commission’s proposals for the Stockport area involve:

    1. Hiving off two Wilmslow wards (Handforth and Dean Row) for the Bramhall & Poynton seat

    2. Splitting Stockport proper into two seats when there is no need whatsoever to do so.

    3. Splitting Heatons when there is absolutely no need whatsoever to do so.

    4 Tying Marple with (wait for it) Hyde.

    Apart from that, a smashing set of proposals!

  21. Tory
    Agree that Stockport is a total mess, I found that area tricky but I didn’t propose anything nearly as bad as what the BC have.

    What are your thoughts on the new “Clitheroe and Colne” have to say I think its my new favourite seat 😀 Its the new Mersey Banks!!!

  22. They propose splitting Nelson from Colne and Warwick from Leamington!
    Agree Stockport is a mess.

  23. My proposals for the Stockport area:

    1. Cheadle & Poynton (existing Cheadle LESS Stepping Hill PLUS Poyntons East & West) 73,509

    2. Macclesfield (current Macclesfield LESS Sutton, Gawsworth, Poyntons E & W and Disley PLUS all of the Wilmslow wards and Handforth) 74,022

    3. Stockport (current Stockport plus Burnage) 71,475

    4. Hazel Grove (current Hazel Grove PLUS Disley and Stepping Hill) 73,844

    5. Hyde ( a compact seat which consists entirely of Hyde, Denton, and Reddish wards) 72,596.

    No splitting Wilmslow, no splitting Stockport, no splitting Heatons, no tying places like Marple and Hyde together. It’s really not *that* difficult.

  24. You can’t just look at Stockport in a silo, there will be a knock on for the other North West seats if you only look at Stockport and South Manchester seats,

    I would be in the Cheadle and Poynton seat, I live in Stepping Hill ward. One thing is for certain is that this will kill the Lib Dems in Stockport

  25. That alone should be cause for great celebration.

  26. I’m hearing that Steven Woolfe MEP has applied to join the Conservatives – but no confirmation yet.

    It won’t come as a surprise if he has, as David Davis met him recently to discuss defecting.

    He’s resigned from UKIP today.

  27. Would you stay in a party when one of its fellow members committed a grievous bodily assault on you?

  28. Well he was considering defecting a month before that.

  29. It will be interesting to see what conclusions both the UKIP inquiry and the police come to, given that Woolfe has now apparently made a complaint.

  30. True. Plus the EU Inquiry – conducted by another NW MEP & also a defector himself, Saj Karim.

  31. Ann Coffey has resigned from the Labour Party.

  32. The surprise defector no-one saw coming. Ann Coffey looks pretty good for 72/73.

  33. Was rumored in the last week with reports that she was seen having dinner with Leslie and Umuna.
    Will her and Gapes wont stand in the next election under their new banner?

  34. They don’t even have a banner yet.

    Gapes would have encountered problems standing again anyway, regardless of his views, given the huge local pressure for an Asian candidate, and his health issues.

    Coffey looks younger than some MPs in their fifties.

  35. She does look well.

  36. Result of Labour selection for their new candidate

    Navendu Mishra 338 votes
    Julie Reid 218
    Fiona Dent 23
    Mike Cain 12

    Mishra is a NEC member from Corbyn’s slate. he stood in Hazel Grove in 2017 GE

  37. Shouldn’t it be AWS when replacing a woman?

    Though perhaps a different system when the previous MP defected.

  38. There was a lot of controversy about it I think.

  39. CLP executive asked for an AWS. NEC decided otherwise. Some may argue they did it because one of them was after the seat.

  40. Also it can be said it was to stop Julie Reid who while Corbynite was not particularly wanted by the leadership.

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