St Austell & Newquay

2015 Result:
Conservative: 20250 (40.2%)
Labour: 5150 (10.2%)
Lib Dem: 12077 (24%)
Green: 2318 (4.6%)
UKIP: 8503 (16.9%)
Mebyon Kernow: 2063 (4.1%)
MAJORITY: 8173 (16.2%)

Category: Semi-marginal Conservative seat

Geography: South West, Cornwall. Part of the Cornwall council area.

Main population centres:



Current MP
STEPHEN DOUBLE (Conservative) Born 1966, St Austell. Former company director. Former Cornwall councillor. First elected as MP for St Austell & Newquay in 2015.
Past Results
Con: 18877 (40%)
Lab: 3386 (7%)
LDem: 20189 (43%)
UKIP: 1757 (4%)
Oth: 3029 (6%)
MAJ: 1312 (3%)

2015 Candidates
STEPHEN DOUBLE (Conservative) Born 1966, St Austell. Company director. Former Cornwall councillor.
STEPHEN GILBERT (Liberal Democrat) Born 1976, Truro. Educated at Fowey Community School and University of Wales. Consultant to a public relations firm. Former Restormel councillor, Haringey councillor 2002-2006. MP for St Austell and Newquay 2010 to 2015.
STEVE SLADE (Green) Runs a renovations company.
DICK COLE (Mebyon Kernow) Born 1968. Educated at Treviglas School and University of Wales. Archaeologist. Restormel councillor 1999-2009, Cornwall councillor since 2009. Contested North Cornwall 2005, St Austell and Newquay 2010.
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  1. BBC Spotlight on twitter:

    “Lib Dem St Austell and Newquay PPC Stephen Gilbert has pleaded guilty to speeding. Fined £430 + £85 costs + 3 points at Bodmin magistrates”

    Can’t imagine that it will hurt him that much, but not great timing. Probably will be in the local paper tomorrow / local news tonight.

  2. why on earth did he fight it in court??? That might be considered lack of judgement! Take the £100 and 3 points and take more care in future….

  3. Tory gain 4000

  4. I was on holiday in this constituency last week. Didn’t go near Newquay, but in the St Austell part of it, there seemed a healthy number of Gilbert posters up in private houses. Accepting that posters don’t tell the whole story, it’s nonetheless a little surprising that he’sdoing so badly in the Ashcroft poll.

    I would expect a much closer margin of victory for the Conservatives than CountyDurhamBoy.

  5. I just telephoned my niece Mildred who lives in this seat, and she concurs very much with what you’ve said Lexbos.

  6. Does anyone nowadays have a niece called Mildred?

  7. It’s less implausible than being called Mr. Gropecock, to be fair.

  8. He has a niece called Hilda in Cirecencester…

  9. Please, chaps, it’s terribly common to gossip..

  10. I live in Newquay & I have only seen one Gilbert (LibDem) poster, whereas posters for Double (Cons) and Mathews (UKIP) abound.

  11. Con gain 2400.

  12. Just to quickly say that on the night next week I’ll be posting a lot of the results from live declarations, so people on here can see them first.

  13. We would expect nothing less.
    After all you are ‘THE RESULTS’!

  14. Don’t miss all my favourite seats – Sittingbourne and Sheppey, Thanet South, Rochester and Strood etc.
    My web browser will be refreshing almost continually with avid expectation!!

  15. Lib Dem Hold. 200 Maj.

  16. Somewhat surprising Shaun, given the Lord A polls.

  17. I think that the Lib Dems will lose this seat.

  18. It’s funny how on this site Ashcroft polls only tend to be reliable when they back up what someone hopes will happen…

    Tory gain, 6-8% majority over LD.

  19. Who will Ed Miliband make his deputy PM, Alex Salmond or will he be chancellor.
    Or will Alex Salmond be Primister and Ed deputy. !

  20. Not the most impressive Tory result on closer inspection, standstill in percentage terms when compared to 2010 but numerically up.

  21. Newquay, Treviglas – LD gain from UKIP

    Liberal Democrat 486 (58% +33%), Conservative 210 (25% -2%), Labour 87 (10% -8%), Independent 58 (7%)

  22. Oh gawd, Runnymede will be happy

  23. What puzzles me is the sheer number of voters who have gone straight from UKIP to the LDs…

  24. Not putting up a candidate to defend a seat your party holds really is unforgivable.

  25. IIRC Newquay is the better end of this seat for the Tories compared with St Austell, surprised they did so badly. But Cornwall is a very idiosyncratic place. I wonder if we’re returning to the 1980s where the Lib Dems return to a healthy local govt base yet come up short in general elections.

  26. Just another (there were four last night) LD council by-election gain. They happen all the time in this sort of territory, there is no evidence that they reflect any wider improvement in LD support.

  27. HH, I really can’t see the LDs returning to a healthy local government base for several election cycles.

    Too much effort goes into taking their seats for it to be done in any short time frame.

    If we do have, as seems likely a GE this autumn it will be interesting to see what happens in Cornwall.

  28. I am surprised there is no mention on this post of Double’s domestic problems. I have no objection to a colourful private life (see my post on Bath) but sanctimonious hypocrisy is something else. Is it having any local impact?

  29. Given the difficulty I had finding out what you were talking about, I suspect not all voters are even aware of it. Although news reports at the time suggest it attracted some ire on local social media.

    (To save others googling: he had a “few hours” tryst with a young lady in his office. The hypocrisy is that he keenly promotes family / Christian values in parliament)

  30. You could say he leads a Double life…

    Not sure this will make any difference whatsoever.

  31. Of course it won’t. “MP shagged his secretary” is hardly a startling revelation. People these days think all politicians are sanctimonious hypocrites so quite hard to make this kind of mud stick unless there’s some kind of unusual kink in the story.

  32. ‘Of course it won’t. “MP shagged his secretary” is hardly a startling revelation’

    But when you present yourself as some kind of devout Christian who abhors such things, it should be an issue

    I doubt it will make much difference – the Cornish are back in love with the Tories big time and it will take more than Mr Double’s alledged amorality and hypocrissy to threaten that

  33. Cornwall County Council (Newquay Treviglas ward) by-election, 09.08.18:

    FORMOSA, Mark Anthony (Conservative) 363
    DANIELL, Steven Walter (Liberal Democrat) 306
    ROSS, Brod (Labour) 131

    Conservative Gain from LibDem.

    I don’t usually name all candidates, but apparently all of the above are relatively well known within their Parties.

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