South West Euro Candidates 2014

The South West returns six MEPs. In 2009 it returned three Conservative MEPs, two UKIP and one Liberal Democrats, with Labour losing their only MEP. Full results for 2009 are here.

CLARE MOODY (Labour) Trade union officer. Contested South West region 2004 European elections, Salisbury 2005, Wiltshire police commissioner election 2012.
GLYN FORD (Labour) Born 1950, Gloucester. Educated at Reading University. Former research fellow. Former Tameside councillor. MEP for Greater Manchester 1984-1999, MEP for South West England 1999-2009.
ANN REEDER (Labour) Educated at Lancaster University. Local government consultant. Brent councillor 1994-2002.

4. Hadleigh Roberts 5. Jude Robinson
6. Junab Ali
ASHLEY FOX (Conservative) Born 1969. Educated at Kings School Worcester and Bristol Polytechnic. Solicitor. Bristol councillor 2002-2009. Contested Bath 2001. MEP for South West England since 2009.
JULIE GIRLING (Conservative) Former Cotswold councillor. Former Gloucestershire councillor. Contested South West region 2004 European elections. MEP for South West England since 2009.
JAMES CRACKNELL (Conservative) Born 1972, Sutton. Educated at Kingston Grammar School and Reading University. Television sports presenter and former Olympic rower.

4. Georgina Butler 5. Sophie Swire
6. Melissa Maynard
GRAHAM WATSON (Liberal Democrat) Born 1956, Rothesay. Educated at City of Bath Boys School and Heriot-Watt University. Prior to his election worked as a university administrator, head of David Steel’s office and for HSBC. MEP for Somerset and North Devon 1994-1999. MEP for South West England since 1999. Leader of the Liberal Group in the European parliament 2002-2009. Knighted in 2011.
KAY BARNARD (Liberal Democrat) Farmer. Former Somerset councillor. Contested Bristol South 2005, South West region 2009 European election.
BRIAN MATHEW (Liberal Democrat) Born in Sussex. Educated at Millfield. Engineer and international aid worker. Contested North Somerset 2010.

4. Andrew Wigley 5. Jay Risbridger
6. Lyana Armstrong-Emery
WILLIAM DARTMOUTH (UKIP) Born 1949. Educated at Eton and Oxford University. MEP for South West England since 2009. As the Earl of Dartmouth was a Conservative member of the House of Lords until the exclusion of hereditary peers. Defected to UKIP in 2007.
JULIA REID (UKIP) Born in London. Educated at John Bentley School and Bath University. Research biochemist. Contested South West Region 2009, Chippenham 2010. Former member of the SDP.
GAWAIN TOWLER (UKIP) Educated at Clayesmore School and York University. Press officer. Contested Glasgow Maryhill 2001 for the Conservatives, South West Region 2009 European elections for UKIP.

4. Tony McIntyre 5. Robert Smith
6. Keith Crawford
MOLLY SCOTT CATO (Green) Born 1963, Wales. Educated at Oxford University. University professor. Stroud councillor since 2011. Contested Preseli Pembrokeshire 1997, 2005, South West region 2009 European election.
EMILY MCIVOR (Green) Policy advisor. Contested Tiverton and Honiton 1997.

3. Ricky Knight 4. Audaye Elesedy
5. Judy Maciejowska 6. Mark Chivers
ADRIAN ROMILLY (BNP) Born in Kent. Educated at University College London. Contested South West region 2009 European elections.
CLIFF JONES (BNP) Maths tutor.

3. Arnold Brindle 4. Wayne Tomlinson
5. Andrew Webster 6. Giuseppe De Santis
ALAN ENGLAND (English Democrats) Born in Exeter. Former civil servant. Contested South Wales East 2007 Welsh Assembly election.

2. Mike Blundell 3. Clive Lavelle
4. Barbara Wright 5. Steve Wright
6. Ray Carr
DAVID SMITH (An Independence from Europe) Born Devon. Educated at Exeter University. Teacher. Former UKIP member.

2. Helen Webster 3. Mike Camp
4. Andrew Edwards 5. Phil Dunn
6. John Taverner

Full official statement of persons nominated

Comments - 96 Responses on “South West European Candidates 2014”
  1. In fact in 2009 Labour got less than the Greens!

    I think the LibDems will surely hold their seat and the Tories and UKIP will both get at least two seats. But I cannot see them outpolling Labour 3-1, so small Labour gains should see them getting a seat back.

    And the Greens, with one oftheir best results in any region falling just short – as ever in the South West since 1999!

  2. I think Labour will get a seat back in the SW so 2 Con, 2 UKIP, 1 Lab and 1 LD is the most likely result here.

  3. My prediction, for what it’s worth:

    UKIP: 3
    Con: 2
    Lab: 1

    Lib Dem vote squeezed into oblivion by Lab and the Greens, who just miss out.

    3 UKIP may seem strange to some but you would be wise not to underestimate their popularity in Devon and the like.

    Wasn’t going to bother voting this year but I will do so just to make sure that vile woman Katie Hopkins doesn’t get in.

  4. If UKIP is to beat the Tories nationally, they will have to carry this region in practice.

    I do think that the Lib Dems might hold on, but the final 3 seats (other than 2 UKIP and 1 Tory) are possibly the hardest to predict here of all the UK regions. There are the Lib Dems in there, as well as Labour, potentially the Greens, as well as a strong likelihood of a 3rd UKIP candidate and a 2nd Tory taking seats.

  5. UKIP will carry all the counties in the South West, though the Conservatives will not be any more than 5% or so behind in any of them. This means both parties could end up with the same number of seats, especially if UKIP is only in the low to mid 30s.

  6. I’m pretty sure Ukip will come top, but 3x times the LibDem vote? They were on 22.1% and 17.2% in 2009. I just cannot see the LibDems loosing more than 1/3 of their vote share, and that means Ukip need more than 34%. Similar, if Labour only gets back half their losses, Ukip need 33.3% to deny labour and get a third.

  7. I can’t see the Lib Dem vote crashing here. They could be squeezed by Labour and to some some extent UKIP (who’ll also be putting pressure on the Conservatives) but not enough to lose representation in the SW.

    Labour need to win back support not only in Bristol, Plymouth Exeter but also from some of their 2015 targets like Swindon, Stroud and Gloucester.

    I’m going with 2 Conservative, 2 UKIP, 1 Labour, 1 Lib Dem.

  8. “Wasn’t going to bother voting this year but I will do so just to make sure that vile woman Katie Hopkins doesn’t get in.”

    Pretty certain she won’t.

  9. In fact, how about this scenario:

    UKIP: 3 seats
    CON: 1 seat
    GRN: 1 seat
    LD: 1 seat
    LAB: 0 seats

    UKIP would need to have a 10% lead though, which looks unlikely but not impossible. As I have said I don’t anticipate them having much more than a 5% lead, say 7%.

    The LDs are at 11%, with the Greens and Labour just below that at just above 10%; with the Greens above Labour.

  10. The party list system has the parties in charge rather than the electorate. Would love to know what a former Brent Councillor knows about Cornwall or indeed how such a massive and diverse constituency can be effectively represented.

    Emily McIvor is a genuine, excellent candidate and Katie Hopkins: hilarious!

  11. Katie Hopkins obviously can’t work out that she’ll just split the pro-referendum vote with UKIP (if she gets any votes at all, that is).

  12. Katie Hopkins? Words fail me.

  13. “Wasn’t going to bother voting this year but I will do so just to make sure that vile woman Katie Hopkins doesn’t get in.”

    If anything likely to get me to vote in a boring Euro election is the pressence of a woman as repugnant as her

    She’ so stupid she was tricked into signing her own gagging order last week by a journalist posing as a fan requesting her autograph

    I thought she had identified herself as a Tory supporter – alkthoigh I hope this poll will indicate how universally loathed she really is

  14. If she’s a Tory supporter, why didn’t she try to get onto the party candidate list instead of standing for a UKIP imitation party? Doubt she would have been selected though.

  15. I predict that it’ll be:

    2 Tories
    2 UKIP
    1 Labour
    1 Lib Dem

  16. The We Demand a Referendum Party (grammatically incorrect because they had a Referendum Party in 1997!) now has such intellectual heavyweights as someone who railed against place names as first names while raising a child called India, and the bloke who wrote ‘So Macho’.

    Stunning stuff.

  17. Haha good observation re the party name.

    I thought the songwriter was involved with the Christian Party.

  18. He was but I saw him listed as a WDAR candidate on one of these pages (though I forget which).

  19. Just noticed, Gawain Towler is one of the UKIP candidates. Wasn’t he the one who took to Twitter the night of the 2012 local elections to rant about Sayeeda Warsi because of a remark she made about his party?

  20. ‘The party list system has the parties in charge rather than the electorate. Would love to know what a former Brent Councillor knows about Cornwall or indeed how such a massive and diverse constituency can be effectively represented.’

    To be fair, it says she was a Brent councillor up until 2002, which is now 12 years ago, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that she’s been living in the South West for a decade. Indeed, one of her profiles online says she lives in Somerset. In anycase though, it’s not exactly putting down the party’s chances here by saying that she’s just there to fill the numbers – Labour won’t be getting 3 seats here.

    The nature of PR constituencies is another thing entirely.

  21. Wasn’t he the one who took to Twitter the night of the 2012 local elections to rant about Sayeeda Warsi because of a remark she made about his party?’

    Indeed it was – he is alledged to have said ‘Warsi f*** off, how dare you. B****.’

    What a lovely man

  22. How sophisticated.

    And his bio here says he’s a press officer. Oh dear.

  23. ‘And his bio here says he’s a press officer. Oh dear.’

    It’s typical UKIP – and it does seem to the outsoder than apart from the odd candidate here and there – Diane Jones in Eastleigh for example – they seem to be going out of their way to pick the most extreme, dislikeable camdidates available

    In some ways they have done the Tories a favour by attracting some of their more unsavoury characters to join up – with Towler having contested seats for the Tories before defecting

  24. Quite so. Attracting candidates like Diane James is the way forward for UKIP. Attracting oddballs isn’t.

  25. Or even candidates like that one in the Wythenshawe by-election.


    7 South West England 6
    Lead Candidate: – Alan England
    Agent: – Stephen Wright
    Slogan: English Democrats – “Putting England First!”
    1/ Alan England
    2/ Mike Blundell
    3/Clive Lavelle
    4/Barbara Wright
    5/Stephen Wright
    6/Ray Carr

  27. ADRIAN ROMILLY (British National Party) Born Kent, Educated at Harvey Grammar School Folkestone and at University College London. Lecturer in Mathematics and in Statistics, property redevelopment business. Contested South West Region European elections 2009

  28. What happened to Katie Hopkins’ name? She was previously listed as a candidate for the We Demand a Referendum party.

  29. I’m standing for the newly-formed We Demand Less Of Katie Hopkins On TV Party.

  30. Absolutely can’t stand her. I live in hope that on one of her live audience discussion show appearances a chavvy girl will give her a good slap. Who the hell is she to tell people how they can and can’t bring up their own children, etc. It’s not like she even has any obvious brains.

  31. Neil – her and George Hargreaves disappeared off the WDAR party candidates page. I guess we shall see who does stand in 9 days.

    Two more parties I’ve seen saying they’ll stand – Animals Count have now renamed themselves the Animal Welfare Party and intend standing in London,

    The Europeans Party (aimed at EU citizens living in the UK) said they intend standing.

    The Independent Labour Group from the party split in Harrow are fundraising for a European candidate here – they’ve a long way to go!

  32. SOPN for South West published (pdf)

  33. Oh, it won’t link. Go to Vote UK forum, South West England thread…

  34. Now updated to reflect the SOPN.

    No Katie Hopkins or We Want a referendum. No Richard Cottrell, who had said he would stand on a stop Hinckey Point candidate. No Christian People’s Alliance or No2EU.

  35. Down from 17 lists in 2009

  36. All music to UKIP’s ears.

  37. Expect Conservative to drop one, Labour to gain one, and 6th seat to be a tight contest between third UKIP and Green, with Lib Dem trailing.

  38. If the Lib Dems get pushed out altogether, I could see a third UKIP seat.

    If not I reckon it’s more likely that they’ll hold than the Green’s winning an MEP. The Lib Dems have tumbled in parts of the SW, but the Greens have support in Stroud and Bristol which probably isn’t enough to break through,

  39. LibDems should hold onto one here.

  40. Question to MEPs — As our current/prospect democratic elected representatives, would any of you give serious consideration to holding a few local surgeries at which you would present,in open forum, how you can better obtain the collective views of your constituents which can be taken forward to Brussels ? It is my opinion that the European Parliament is not transparent enough.

  41. E.J – this is just a polling site, we’re not in contact with the candidates, so we can’t pass along your question. I suggest you look at the websites of the individual parties, and try finding the contact details from there.

  42. The person above calling himself Jonboy has stolen my moniker. Just like you all to know that I’m the original Jonboy – and I haven’t posted anything on this thread. (Except this).

  43. (the real one)

    Glyn Ford was, originally, parachuted into the South West, much to the chagrin of local Labourites, and his current hopeless second position, possibly because of women quotas, is belated poetic justice, some might think.
    Regarding the inequities of quotas, the Tories embraced the cause (after years of decrying it) last time, propelling Julie Girling to a winning position she didn’t deserve, and, in that position again, is likely to remain on the gravy train. A train, incidentally, that had them all bearing first-class tickets to Gibraltar long before it was confirmed that place would attach itself to the South West (the South East was still an option). Still, what did that matter when Sol, Bacchus and expenses beckoned?
    Meanwhile Liberal Democrat No 1 Graham Watson has had a makeover with, it looks like, dyed hair and contact lenses, to retain that important youthful look for the selection panel. Bless.

  44. Just looked up Katie Hopkins as somehow she had escaped my previous notice. I remember her on Question Time. What astonishes me is why the BBC obviously continue to use her.
    For the sake of controversy? Its totally false … she has no real position or principles except her own miserable survival. Yet there are so many people who could offer real alternative perspectives. No chance of them being supported by the BBC though. Why not? Managing what can be discussed?

  45. I was just asking over on the Europe South West thread (not sure why there are two threads with such similar titles) if anyone thinks Labour might have an outside shot at winning two seats here?

    It seems to me that Labour are almost certain to come third here and win at least one seat, but I’m curious why no one seems to be giving them any chance of winning a 2nd one. Let’s look at the facts…

    I accept that the Proportional Change Hypothesis might not work in a region like the South West, but the latest Euro election polls are giving Labour nationwide increases of around 15-20% compared to what they polled in 2009.

    This could, in theory, put them in the 20%-25% bracket in the South West. Last time UKIP comfortably secured a second seat on a 22% showing.

    It would behove Labour to explain to electors in no-hope places like Truro, Devon North etc., that a vote for them would not be wasted this time.

  46. Labour will not be on the same vote share that the national polls are suggesting. Typically Labour voters are less likely to vote than average therefore as UKIP, the Greens, the Lib Dems, and to some extent the Conservatives mobilise their voter base to a greater extent Labour’s percentage will be squeezed a bit.

    I expect that Labour will finish up with about 24% in a comfortable second place position.

    Right now I can see a national vote share along the lines of:

    UKIP: 32%
    Labour: 24%
    Conservatives: 16%
    Combined Green Parties: 8%
    Liberal Democrats: 8%
    BNP: 3%
    SNP/Plaid Cymru: 3%
    An Independence from Europe: 3%
    No2EU/Socialist Party/Socialist Labour: 2%

    Others: 3%

  47. Most latest polls put Labour ahead of UKIP. Talk about one-eyed. I think we can all agree the lead is unlikely to be 8%, even if UKIP do sneak first. Tories probably won’t be as low as that either.

  48. The BNP polling ahead of combined SNP and Plaid? Smells like horseshit to me.

  49. 111 Your prediction could be fairly accurate, given today’s YouGov poll. HH – 3% is also at least what I’d expect the BNP to poll. It’s what they polled in the latest Parl By-election and Others always poll well in the Euros.

  50. If 111 is correct about Labour winning only 24% of the vote nationwide then this would translate into about only 17% in the South West – meaning a dead cert one seat for the party (no more, no less).

    However, Iike H.Hemmelig, I think 24% nationwide is an underestimate for Labour’s Labour (especially considering the fact that many of the polls already factor ‘likelihood to vote’ in their methodology.

    I reckon Labour will be up around 30% nationally, and in the low-20s in this region, so I’m not giving up hope of two seats here.

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