2015 Result:
Conservative: 4656 (12.3%)
Labour: 19860 (52.5%)
Lib Dem: 1093 (2.9%)
BNP: 225 (0.6%)
UKIP: 11414 (30.2%)
TUSC: 409 (1.1%)
Others: 166 (0.4%)
MAJORITY: 8446 (22.3%)

Category: Very safe Labour seat

Geography: Yorkshire and the Humber, South Yorkshire. Part of the Rotherham council area.

Main population centres: Rotherham.

Profile: A gritty working class, industrial town to the north-east of Sheffield. Historically Rotherham was a steel making town and it remains a major part of the economy, though the drop in demand for steel for cars in the economic downturn has put pressure on the local industry. Other local factory closures, such the Burburry clothing factory and Hovis`s flour milling factory have had further negative effects on employment. The town centre of Rotherham has suffered from its proximity to Sheffield and the Meadowhall shopping centre, though has undergone major redevelopment over the last decade.

Politics: An extremely safe Labour seat, held by the party since 1933. The seat has had no fewer than four by-elections since the second world war, the most of any seat in Great Britain (though beaten by Mid Ulster`s five). The most recent was caused by the resignation of Denis MacShane, the the victor of the 1994 by-election, who stepped down after being censured by the Standards and Privileges Committee for making expenses claims intended to deceive. The subsequent by-election was easily held by Labour, but saw a strong performance by UKIP, who came second, and the BNP who came third.

By-Election: There was a by-election in this seat in LAB HOLD. For full details see here.

Current MP
SARAH CHAMPION (Labour) Born 1969. Educated at Sheffield University. Former chief executive of a childrens hospice. First elected as MP for Rotherham in 2012 by-election.
Past Results
Con: 6279 (17%)
Lab: 16741 (45%)
LDem: 5994 (16%)
BNP: 3906 (10%)
Oth: 4586 (12%)
MAJ: 10462 (28%)
Con: 4966 (17%)
Lab: 15840 (53%)
LDem: 5159 (17%)
BNP: 1986 (7%)
Oth: 2027 (7%)
MAJ: 10681 (36%)
Con: 5682 (19%)
Lab: 18759 (64%)
LDem: 3117 (11%)
UKIP: 730 (2%)
Oth: 1066 (4%)
MAJ: 13077 (45%)
Con: 5383 (14%)
Lab: 26852 (71%)
LDem: 3919 (10%)
Oth: 364 (1%)
MAJ: 21469 (57%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
SEB LOWE (Conservative) Educated at Cambridge University.
SARAH CHAMPION (Labour) See above.
JANICE MIDDLETON (Liberal Democrat) Headteacher.
JANE COLLINS (UKIP) Born 1962. Contested Scunthorpe 2010, Barnsley Central 2011 by-election, Rotherham 2012 by-election. MEP for Yorkshire since 2014.
DEAN WALKER (English Democrat)
ADAM WALKER (BNP) Former teacher, banned from teaching for life in 2013 after a conviction for dangerous driving. Contested Bishop Auckland 2010. Contested North East region 2009 European election, Yorkshire 2014 election.
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  1. That post is a parody surely.

    The vast majority of white British “law abiding taxpayers” do not cause mayhem on Saturday nights and end up in hospital, any more than most Asian taxpayers do. Many of the worst troublemakers pay little or no tax at all.

    I am not shy to say that I am on the liberal side of the fence when it comes to race and immigration issues. I am married to an immigrant. Nevertheless I find your self-loathing of your own white background puzzling, and to a certain degree quite offensive and almost certainly it reflects some kind of disorder. We clearly need to get to the bottom of what happened in Rotherham & other cities with a careful investigation, that is neither tarring people of a particular race with the same brush, nor hampered by political correctness. Surely you must see that people like yourself are ideal recruiting agents for the EDL when you post like you have above.

  2. HH – absolutely. I didn’t respond in part because that may be what he is seeking; but, also because his comment only appeared a day later as it was awaiting moderation. He admitted he believes that racism is as bad as murder and also made the laughable assertion that the ANL of which he was a member, destroyed the NF (as opposed to Thatcher in 1979 after her swamping speech).


    “The vast majority of white British “law abiding taxpayers” do not cause mayhem on Saturday nights and end up in hospital”.

    I didn’t say they did. In fact I didn’t mention white people at all. Nor did I say anything about ending up in hospital.

    “I find your self-loathing of your own white background puzzling…”

    My background has never involved getting pissed, becoming foul-mouthed and causing public mayhem and I’m not willing to make excuses for those that do (even if they are of my colour).

    “… and almost certainly it reflects some kind of disorder.”

    LOL . The old totalitarian trick of labelling your political opponents mentally ill. Very convincing.

    “… nor hampered by political correctness.”

    Ah, that old chestnut. PC was accurately defined by Polly Toynbee as “an empty right-wing smear, designed only to elevate its user”. In the view of some it is the coded language of the school bully grown large and it’s thrown at anyone who dares to try and articulate an inclusive or progressive point of view.

    “Surely you must see that people like yourself are ideal recruiting agents for the EDL when you post like you have above.”

    I think I have tried to provide an antidote to certain posters on this thread who have sought to turn the serious matter of child sexual abuse into a racial issue. As far as I can see your own posts have done little to contest their agenda.


    “He admitted he believes that racism is as bad as murder…”

    I merely pointed out that racism has sometimes led to murder, as in the case of the four black people who were killed in racially motivated attacks in the vicinity of the Welling BNP HQ in the early 1990s. The ideology does, after all, have violence at its core.

    “…and also made the laughable assertion that the ANL of which he was a member, destroyed the NF (as opposed to Thatcher in 1979 after her swamping speech).”

    I believe that one of the NF’s own leaders actually said as much. The ANL’s strategy of hanging the ‘Nazi’ tag around the NF was certainly effective in turning some members of the older generation against the party. However, I also accept that Thatcher’s February 1978 ‘swamping speech’ may have helped to electorally disembowel the NF.

  4. Well I could take offense but as HH says Robin Hood clearly is suffering from some kind of disorder.

    For his information I know many people, both relatives and work colleagues, who live among the same communities in Rotherham as the victims do. Fortunately none have been directly affect, at least to my knowledge, but with the continued toleration of the authorities (which now includes this government) I fear it may only be a matter of time.

    It is very revealing though that people normally obsessed by racism have ‘gone missing’ regarding the racism of Pakistani heritage child rapists. Clearly some sorts of racism are deemed acceptable.

    Though others too have been noticeable by their absence, certain guardianista ‘womens libbers’ for example.

  5. I have written a response to Richard & H.Hemmelig’s posts, some of which I believe are not fair, but they are in moderation.

  6. Barnaby

    Do you think RH accusing me of having ‘allies in the EDL’ was fair?

    It is interesting that RH responded with a lie like that rather than answer the question I asked him.

  7. I forget the thread but wasn’t there a discussion recently about the racial make-up of the John Lewis employees in Liverpool?

    As we know the child rapists in Rotherham were overwhelmingly of one racial background and their victims of another.

    In other circumstances the professional ‘anti-racists’ would be highlighting this.

    And yet regarding Rotherham their silence is deafening.

  8. For anyone who has missed it my post of 12:44 (which had been in moderation) is now visible 3rd from top.


    My comment about the EDL being your allies was made on the strength of your own earlier post in which you advocated “protests against those racists of Pakistani heritage in Rotherham (and numerous other towns) who enjoy raping children of other races.”

    The EDL do, after all, have a policy of organising such protests.

    If you prefer I will take back the ‘allies’ remark and replace it with ‘you have the same mindset’.

    Of course it is possible that I have completely misconstrued your attitudes: if you can point to some comment or published remark you have made in the past in which you have advocated protests against for example the epidemic of black deaths in police custody then I will take it all back.

    In the absence of that there does seem to be a pattern to your posts on race relations. For example the tone of some of your remarks in the aftermath of Nelson Mandela’s death (over on the Hayes & Harlington thread) left an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

    As for your comment about me having a ‘disorder’, well if being an active anti-fascist counts as some sort of mental illness then I happily admit to it.

    On a more general point, this forum is supposed to be about the impartial analysis of opinion polls. (Indeed, that is why I have continued to openly and frankly forecast a significant Tory recovery by next May even though I very much want Ed Miliband to win) but the reason I have made comments of such a partisan nature on this particular thread is because so many of the other remarks seem to be about promoting an unsavoury agenda.

  9. ‘On a more general point, this forum is supposed to be about the impartial analysis of opinion polls’.

    Then kindly start doing so.

  10. This will be one of UKIP’s strongest seats, possibly where they poll highest as it is essentially a two horse race, while other strong UKIP seats are 3 or 4 way marginals which mean they won’t have to get as large a percentage to win. Labour will still hold IMO and rather comfortably too however their majority will be significantly cut. I see this as a strong UKIP prospect in 2020 if there is an unpopular labour govt in power. I predict:

    Labour- 44%
    UKIP- 34%
    Conservatives- 11%
    Lib Dems- 4%
    BNP- 4%
    Others- 3%

  11. Robin Hood

    As anyone who looks at the previous page will see I didn’t advocate protests in Rotherham I merely asked if the UAF were going to hold some there.

    After all they protested against racists in the EDL having a march so I would have thought they would be keen to make a few protests against the significantly more serious actions of some racists of Pakistani heritage in Rotherham.

    Perhaps you could answer that question.

    I believe that your ‘disorder’ is an overdose of faith in your belief.

    I don’t doubt that you are genuinely motivated by anti-racism but that has hardened into a mindset in which inconvenient facts must be ignored and then denied. So for the last ten years anyone who has raised this issue, from the victims to the media, has been immediately accused of racism or of attempting to damage ‘community relations’ or of ‘giving a platform to the BNP’. The results have been endless thousands of child rapes and much worse damage to community relations.

    As to the racial makeup of deaths in police custody its not something I know anything about. But with my low view of the plods I can well believe that there is a higher than expected number of black deaths among them. Likewise a higher than expected number of poor and homeless people and other disadvantage groups.

    Unfortunately we have a police force which views itself above the law and whose arrogance has now reached a point where it thinks it can frame a cabinet minister in Downing Street. I would enjoy seeing criminal and/or corrupt plods jailed so I wish you all the best in trying to bring justice with this issue.

  12. “For example the tone of some of your remarks in the aftermath of Nelson Mandela’s death (over on the Hayes & Harlington thread) left an unpleasant taste in the mouth.”

    Don’t take it to heart, I think I’ve managed to upset just about everyone on this site at one time or another – I’m a pretty cynical type who works with and knows a lot of even more cynical and crude types.

    My opinion of Mandela remains the same, namely that he was a great man who deserves congratulation on his work for tolerance and democracy in South Africa. But that he has a black mark for doing nothing whilst tolerance and democracy died in Zimbabwe when a few words from a man of his stature would have helped.

  13. It’s a pity we can’t go on with the Gloy Plopwell.

  14. What (besides from not being a fascist) does anti-fascism actually involve?

    Would the ANL accept Tory or moderate ukip voters? Or is it another trot cult? As someone who is firmly on the liberal side regarding immigration (although unlike Hemmelig fairly euro skeptic) I find Robins obvious dislike for whites a bit bizzare.

  15. It’s a trot cult, as its predecessors were.

  16. Some of these remarks are off the mark. Robin is entitled to his views and is not a troll, though I don’t agree with his general predictions about next year at all, certainly not at present. The idea that the ANL is or was a purely Trotskyist organization is not accurate either. As it happens, I have some severe criticisms of the ANL, and it is true that the SWP were always involved with it, but they never made it into a true front organization. It always included figures like Peter Hain who are & were far more mainstream.

  17. @ JOE

    I believe Chris Gent, Chair of the Greater London Young Conservatives in the late 1970s, urged people to join the ANL demos against the NF. I think a number of Young Tories may have done so.

    However this stopped when the youth wing of the party fell into the hands of the right wing (I don’t know the full details of this but have heard that the Federation of Conservative Students was taken over in around 1980) and of course the ANL was pretty much wound-up in around 1982 – that was certainly the last time I heard of them holding a branch meeting in Croydon, where I was involved.

    We are of course talking retrospectively here because the ANL only existed from early 1978 until the early 1980s and was not re-launched until 1992 with the advent of the rise of the BNP. It then pretty much ceased to exist around the time of the millennium.

    Those of its members who are still active are now in UAF which does have a strong Trots/SWP influence, yes. Personally I don’t agree with their ideology, in fact I’m not particularly left wing on matters relating to the economy, but I support them purely for being a bulwark against the far-right and on a personal basis have often found them quite reasonable (if a little naïve).

    Regarding Richard’s question, I’m not sufficiently involved to say for sure but I shouldn’t think UAF would organise demos against a section of the community that they see as being on the receiving end of racism, regardless of the bad behaviour of a section of that community.

    I believe there have been reports of Asian girls being targeted in Rotherham as well but white girls have been affected more possibly because it’s easier to target them (this may be because of the breakdown of traditional family structures within the white community, though I’m only guessing).

    On this basis there is a question mark about whether those members of the Pakistani community who carried out such actions were motivated by race. They may simply have behaved in that way to whoever was easily available.

    Someone earlier blamed it on ‘institutional anti-racism’ but this doesn’t explain why the police turned a blind eye to what Cyril Smith was doing for decades. Nor does it explain how the authorities, including hospitals, children’s homes, MPs and even the BBC turned a blind eye to the activities of Jimmy Saville over the last forty years.

    There are of course scores of other celebrities, DJs and even reportedly MPs (though the investigation into that is shrouded in secrecy) which make this very much a cross-racial and cross-cultural issue.

  18. But you didn’t merely say that, Robin Hood. You said, “Racism most certainly IS the moral equivalent of murder.” I think on reflection you must see how wacky that sounds. What everyone is also astounded by is you listing people such as Cyril Smith as if it’s relevant to prevalence. People born 80+ years ago, did tend to be White, when 99% of the UK population was.

  19. “But you didn’t merely say that, Robin Hood. You said, “Racism most certainly IS the moral equivalent of murder.””

    Why can’t you quote the full sentence? I stated “Racism most certainly IS the moral equivalent of murder – after all, there were a number of racist murders that took place in the vicinity of the BNP’s Welling HQ in the early 1990s and it’s no coincidence.”

    For the record, when the family and friends of the murdered Hindu child Rohit Duggal held a memorial procession through Eltham it was met by a crowd of BNP thugs who lined the route and screamed mocking abuse at the mourners. Violence is at the core of racist ideology.

    “What everyone is also astounded by is you listing people such as Cyril Smith as if it’s relevant to prevalence. People born 80+ years ago, did tend to be White, when 99% of the UK population was.”

    It still doesn’t change the fact that the behaviour of Smith and many others proves that child abuse is a cross-cultural and cross-racial problem. Furthermore Jimmy Saville (to take just one example) died only a few years ago and if my understanding is correct was abusing children late into his life.

  20. Welling and Eltham are happily not the hotbed of BNP/NF activism that they were 20-30 years ago, partly because their ethnic minority populations are now much higher and also because society in general has become more relaxed about racial matters. You should perhaps have acknowledged this – I very much doubt that a Lawrence or Duggal situation would arise in Eltham today.

    I agree with others above that this is probably not a good discussion to be having on here. I regret replying to your point and triggering it off.

  21. Survation polling for this constituency done on behalf of UKIP shows that labour is fairly comfortably in the lead however it shows a huge gain in UKIP support.
    The results from survation shown for the Rotherham constituency show:
    Labour- 48%
    UKIP- 37%
    Tories- 6%
    Lib Dems- 4%

    This shows that Labour will almost certainly hold the seat, however this will be very fertile territory for UKIP in 2020 if there is an unpopular labour govt in power!

  22. Yep, I’ve been banging on about this for some time. The danger for the big three parties isn’t so much where UKIP win in 2015, but where they attach themselves as a clear second place. It’s how the Lib Dems started to win big during the 1990s and will cause serious problems for whichever government enters office next year.

    As a side note, it looks as though the Tories are being annihilated in the inner cities. This is as big a problem for them as it will be when Labour continue to lose strength in the countryside and could precede a major period of government instability.

  23. Given the particular circumstances of Rotherham, Labour won’t be that unhappy about this poll. If UKIP can’t be ahead of Labour here now, they won’t ever be, at least not in this parliament. That would make Great Grimsby the only Labour seat where there might be serious vulnerability to UKIP unless the party takes its eye off the ball in Heywood & Middleton – which I think it isn’t doing.

  24. An 11% lead would be a sigh of relief in the circumstances, but definitely worrying in post-2015 in a seat which has been rock solid Labour territory for decades.

    Survation should carry out polls in Rother Valley and Wentworth & Dearne to see if there are any variations. They’re both in Rotherham borough, although the latter takes in a couple of Barnsley wards.

  25. General feeling is that the issues which are helping UKIP are somewhat more salient in this seat than the other 2. In addition, there hasn’t been a by-election in those seats caused by the enforced resignation of a crooked Labour MP & instead Labour will be represented by experienced & generally well-respected incumbents. If Labour holds here, they hold Wentworth & Dearne & Rother Valley as well.

  26. The UKIP vote is a temporary threat really. Soon the amount of ethnic ‘minorities,’ will be too high here for them to really do anything and labour will just win every election, as we’re seeing in America. The republicans may never get into power again.

  27. “General feeling is that the issues which are helping UKIP are somewhat more salient in this seat than the other 2. In addition, there hasn’t been a by-election in those seats caused by the enforced resignation of a crooked Labour MP & instead Labour will be represented by experienced & generally well-respected incumbents. ”

    In May 2014 Labour did equally badly in all 3 Rotherham constituencies. The UKIP gains were spread among the 3 seats. In the locals Labour carried Wentworth & Dearne though thanks to the lead in Dearne (which is under Barnsley council).

    I guess the by-election could work both way. Because of it Labour had to put some work in Rotherham constituency wards. So they will possibly have decent voter ID figures and similar stuffs.
    CLPs in safe areas outside of London with aging long standing incumbents are sometimes at risk of not being too much energetic in terms of modern day campaigning techniques.

    I don’t know of the recent abuse scandal affected different parts of Rotherham council areas though.

    All this doesn’t necessarily imply Labour is at risk of losing Rother Valley

  28. If UKIP are in a strong second place here, what about the Doncaster seats, Central and North? I can see no obvious reason other that the child abuse scandal why there should be great differences between the UKIP votes in these seats and UKIP have begun to target Doncaster.

    Goodness knows what might happen if Labour loses next year and ceases to be a credible opposition.

  29. “Goodness knows what might happen if Labour loses next year and ceases to be a credible opposition.”

    We will see a couple of pigs flying overhead.

    Honestly…there is a substantial amount of horse dung being talked at the moment, on the media as well as here, by people who are simply too lazy to think things through properly.

  30. You’re playing a broken record at the moment Frederic, on the basis of a hunch, and it seems a single opinion poll. That poll has been contradicted today by a Populus one but as Anthony always says, look at a range of polls, not just one. Miliband is not popular, but Cameron is widely distrusted too. Basically it’s going to be an election between 2 leaders neither of whom is popular, and one of them is going to have to win. I would venture to suggest that while Miliband’s personal ratings are poor, fewer people dislike the Labour Party than the Conservative Party, and that is likely to provide a countervailing force against some of the difference between Cameron’s & Miliband’s personal ratings.

  31. And even if the Tories are still slightly ahead come polling day, it will still in all likelihood lead to some sort of Labour government. Remember, the Tories need an 8% lead to win an overall majority, and I just can’t see it happening.

  32. I see the economy has been forgotten – again.
    The opinion polls show one party clearly ahead of the other on that.
    Also, Tories don’t generally have a history of being widely liked.
    But in terms of clearing up the mess after the economy was nearly bankrupted…..

  33. JJB

    You do realise that this government is borrowing hundreds of billions more than it said it would whilst industrial production, productivity and real wages are lower than when it took office ?

    The UK has in the last four quarters had a total balance of payments deficit of over £90bn while Cameron is now promising to shake the magic money tree even harder.

    You have cleared up nothing.

  34. Yes and your posts are getting too partisan Joe. Please do not bore us with Conservative Party propaganda. Your views are well enough known to us, now please concentrate on forecasting election results.

  35. HH, agreed Eltham has had some demographic change hence why it might have stayed Labour in 2010.

    In general outer south-east london has smallest BME populations and Bexleyheath, Welling, Sidcup etc I would say is very heavily white english. The very high UKIP vote shows. Apart from the industrial northern wards Bexley borough is very much MOR suburbia thoughout very much like North Cheam and Ewell but much cheaper house prices due the fact its very much a nowhere place with no tube and difficult to get to Central London.

    The BNP have stood for many years in this area due to its heavily white demographic but have failed to win any seats.

    I am very much anti racism, sexism, homophobia.

    What does annoy me about the anti-racism organisations its is least portrayed they seem to think that racism is only white against black or white against asian. They never talk about black racism against white or asian racism against white. What about black vs asian, asian vs black segregation that happens in Birmingham. Surely the anti fascists, racist organisations should be protesting marching against that as well.

    Racism is racism it’s not just black and white like the way the media portray it.

  36. Richard, you need to set out how you would do it faster. Barnaby, your post was no less partisan or more about the seat. I simply pointed out the economy is an important factor in the polls and the facts about what this govt took over.

  37. “What does annoy me about the anti-racism organisations its is least portrayed they seem to think that racism is only white against black or white against asian.”

    A quick examination of the political views of some of those belonging to anti-racism organisations should answer that very swiftly.

  38. The irony that Barnaby and Richard’s posts were no less partisan than JJB’s, but I agree, this forum is not aout political opinions or ideologies and lets keep it that way!

  39. Manufacturing is vital to a long term recovery. That takes some time, and apprenticeships and better education. That is underway. I share Richard’s impatience. The country was near bankrupt in 2010 – that is a fact, and it is relevant to how people vote.

  40. I think it would be great if we avoided reproducing some of the painfully ill-informed discussions on economics you get on e.g. Mike Smithson’s site, and stuck to psephology.

  41. That can get very boring – agreed.
    But the economy is a factor in the polls and sub questions in the polls.
    Also, I’m not sure it is true that the polls show much difference on trust questions between the 2 main parties.

  42. As I wouldn’t want to upset Runnymede I will instead refer JJB to a comment I made on the Middlesborough thread in 2010 – it can be found on page 1 of the ‘old site’.

    Note that the trends I highlighted in productivity, industrial production and retails spending have continued.

    There is very little difference on economics between Blair/Brown, Cameron/Osborne and Miliband/Balls. They all believe in welfare consumption and find the concept of ‘living within your means’ totally alien.

    The similarities in their thinking explains why Osborne was so ineffective against Brown despite the ‘open goal’ presented in 2008-9 and why Balls is so ineffective against Osborne now. Ultimately they all believe in the same economic philosophy and effectively would do the same thing. So we have a lot of pretendy arguments about the ‘austerity’ we are meant to be enduring.

  43. I actually agree with Richard, and so would most left-wingers. Balls is calling for a continuation of austerity & his criticism of Osborne doesn’t often ring true.

  44. Barnaby – just out of interest, do you agree with Richard’s observations on Balls and Osbourne, or with the wider economic points as well (I only ask as most individuals I’ve heard, from further to the left, generally decry the putative ‘austerity’ policy).

    For what it’s worth, I agree entirely with Richard. It does strike me that there is a general collective insanity when the Govt is still running a significant deficit after a number of years of supposed austerity – how one earth can that be seen as austere? I read a pension industry article a couple of years ago whereby the TUC chief economist effectively argued that the government debt was in fact quite low, as much of it was owed to the BofE following the QE programme, and could simply be written off at a later date. Irrespective of one’s political views, this has to be nonsense – the fundamental problem is that I think there is far more ‘money’ in circulation than the value of the underlying economic activity that it is meant to represent – which is a ticking time bomb.

    The most worrying aspect of the TUC letter was that, for those who believe we are being austere, and that it’s all about actually spending more, there was a curious logic to the TUC position. If few people question money printing, and don’t stop to think whether the tenner in their pocket is actually worth a tenner, and stock markets continue to view QE as positive as more money will be spent, then what is to stop a government printing more and more over time?

  45. I can see my suggestion is going to fall on deaf ears.

  46. Fair dos Runnymede. No more comments on this subject from me.

  47. @Chris K

    The TUC is a pressure group for State employees. It’s hardly going to say they should get less.

  48. Its not just on economics that the establishment parties have the same policies but on a wide range of issues.

    We have a PPEocrachy.

    Similar people from similar backgrounds with a similar outlook on life and increasingly reluctant to leave their comfort zones and echo chambers.

    Things which illustrate this include ‘anecdotes of everyday life’ which come from Dartmouth Park, or the increasing concentration of London based party members or the new policy of holding party conferences in metropolitan ‘mini-me’s rather than in seaside resorts.

    This is what is increasing the UKIP support and in Scotland the SNP.

  49. Sarah Champion (Labour): 19,000
    Jane Collins (UKIP): 15,000
    (Conservatives): 3,000
    (Liberal Democrats): 1,500
    (Others): 2,000

  50. H.HEMMELIG Nigel Farage’s wife is an immigrant too and he is SO liberal on immigration issues.

    Personally I’d say I’m liberal on most issues and race issues too but not necessarily immigration. I do no think to be liberal on immigration issues means to want more of it, I am a liberal in pretty much every sense and I want less immigration. Does this make me conservative on immigration issues? I think not.

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