Richmond (Yorks)

2015 Result:
Conservative: 27744 (54.8%)
Labour: 7124 (14.1%)
Lib Dem: 3465 (6.8%)
Green: 2313 (4.6%)
UKIP: 8194 (16.2%)
Independent: 1811 (3.6%)
MAJORITY: 19550 (38.6%)

Category: Ultra-safe Conservative seat

Geography: Yorkshire and Humberside, North Yorkshire. The whole of Richmondshire council area and part of Hambleton council area.

Main population centres: Northallerton, Richmond, Stokesley, Leyburn.

Profile: A geographically huge seat that covers a vast swathe of rural North Yorkshire, including much of the Yorkshire Dales national park, Swaledale and Wensleydale, and part of the North Yorkshire Moors to the East. Most of the constituency is small villages and hamlets - the only towns are Northallerton, Richmond, Stokesley and Leyburn. The local economy relies upon agriculture and tourism, though the constituency also includes the army base at Catterick Garrison.

Politics: Richmond is a very safe Tory seat, held by the party over a century, notably by former Foreign Secretary William Hague and former Home Secretary Leon Brittan. William Hague held it only narrowly in the 1989 by-election that originally returned him to Parliament, with only the split between the SLD and the continuing SDP seeing Hague home safely.

Current MP
RISHI SUNAK (Conservative) Born Hampshire. Educated at Winchester College and Oxford University. Former businessman. First elected as MP for Richmond (Yorks) in 2015.
Past Results
Con: 33541 (63%)
Lab: 8150 (15%)
LDem: 10205 (19%)
GRN: 1516 (3%)
MAJ: 23336 (44%)
Con: 26722 (59%)
Lab: 8915 (20%)
LDem: 7982 (18%)
GRN: 1581 (3%)
MAJ: 17807 (39%)
Con: 25951 (59%)
Lab: 9632 (22%)
LDem: 7890 (18%)
Oth: 561 (1%)
MAJ: 16319 (37%)
Con: 23326 (49%)
Lab: 13275 (28%)
LDem: 8773 (18%)
MAJ: 10051 (21%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
RISHI SUNAK (Conservative) Born Hampshire. Educated at Winchester College and Oxford University. Businessman.
MIKE HILL (Labour) Trade union officer.
JOHN HARRIS (Liberal Democrat) Teacher. Married to Baroness Harris of Richmond.
LESLIE ROWE (Green) Accountant and charity management consultant. Contested Croydon North West 1987, Ealing Acton 1992 for the Liberal Democrats, Richmond (Yorks) 2005, 2010 for the Greens.
JOHN BLACKIE (Independent) Richmondshire councillor, Leader of Richmondshire council, North Yorkshire councillor .
ROBIN SCOTT (Independent) Born Catterick. Educated at Wensleydale School and Newcastle University. Businessman. Richmondshire councillor since 2013, originally elected as a Conservative.
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  1. I don’t think the English Democrats were ever meant to be a far right party in the beginning. The former Doncaster mayor Peter Davis left the party while he was still in that position (so he was an independent up til his defeat in 2013), saying that a lot of former BNP members had joined.

  2. *Davies.

  3. I didn’t realise until I read it on the Shipley profile here a few months ago that Peter Davies is the father of the ultra-rebellious Tory backbencher Philip Davies.

    Based on his wiki page it seems Davies Sr. has been a member of five different parties, and an independent candidate.

    Despite this his politics seems not dissimilar from his son’s.

  4. As it happens there was a district & county double by-election in this constituency last night which was counted today. The Conservatives easily held Northallerton South ward on Hambleton council and they also held the Northallerton county council seat. UKIP was second in the county council seat, Labour in the district council one.

  5. For some reason English “civic nationalism” has never really taken off. There has never been an English equivalent of the SNP or Plaid. English nationalism seems irrevocably tied to the far right.

  6. Putting 2005 in that category is a little bit tenuous. Without their 70 Scottish and Welsh MPs Labour would have lost their majority but would still have had a clear plurality.

  7. I think Labour polled more votes last year in England than they did in 2005.

  8. North Yorkshire County Council (Northallerton By-election):

    Conservative 654
    UKIP 278
    Labour 233
    Yorkshire First 131
    Green 58

  9. Matt W – if true, that’s due to Turnout only however.

    Although I agree Blair was lucky to get the majorities he did with the % he polled.

  10. Catterick By Election Result:

    CON – 228
    LIBDEM – 203
    IND – 112
    GREEN – 3

    CON Gain from IND

  11. I wonder if it might be an idea for May to approach Lord Hague about becoming DPM? Willie Whitelaw was de facto DPM from the Lords from 1983 until December 1987 when he retired after suffering a stroke. I can think of worse ideas.

  12. Btw- Mr Sunak got almost 64% here this week- normal service resumed after the blip in 2015.

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