Northern Ireland

A uniquely different part of the UK electorally, Northern Ireland has a separate party system with none of the main British political parties seriously contesting seats. Since 2005 the dominant party has been the Democratic Unionist Party, the more handline of the major unionist parties. The more moderate Ulster Unionists, once the Ulster wing of the Conservative party, have been almost wiped from the map. On the nationalist side of the divide politics has also moved to the extremes, with Sinn Fein, the political wing of the IRA, surplanting the more moderate SDLP. Politics still operates on sharply sectarian lines and when seats have changed hands between Unionist and Republican parties it has often been due to electoral pacts or agreements, or the intervention of independent candidates rather than any cross-community voting. Despite the coming of peace to Northern Ireland, there is little sign of politics as normal breaking out yet.

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