2015 Result:
Conservative: 23018 (53.8%)
Labour: 12838 (30%)
Lib Dem: 2717 (6.3%)
Green: 2067 (4.8%)
UKIP: 1989 (4.6%)
Others: 184 (0.4%)
MAJORITY: 10180 (23.8%)

Category: Safe Conservative seat

Geography: Greater London. Part of the Wandsworth council area.

Main population centres: Putney, Southfields, Roehampton.

Profile: Putney is a residential seat on the south bank of the Thames opposite Fulham. It covers Putney itself, Southfields and Roehampton. Putney is largely affluent leafy, owner occupied suburbia, an area of golf and rowing clubs similar to its neighbour Richmond Park. Southfields is a grid of victorian built terraced housing, now gentrified and popular with commuters. However, there is also a substantial amount of social housing here and a large number of tower blocks in the vast council estate in Roehampton alongside Richmond Park.

Politics: A normally Conservative seat that fell to Labour in 1997. the solid base of Labour support in Roehampton meant it was Labour who garnered the anti-Conservative vote here and held the seat between 1997 and 2005, unlike the rest of south-west London where the Liberal Democrats gained from anti-Conservative feeling in the 1990s. Most general election nights produce a defining result of some sort - in 1992 David Amess`s defence of Basildon symbolised the Conservative victory, in 1997 Michael Portillo`s defeat in Enfield Southgate was a defining moment of history (though the result here in Putney, where David Mellor was barracked by Sir James Goldsmith is also well remembered), in 2001 perhaps Peter Mandleson`s victory speech in Hartlepool gained most attention in a standstill election. In 2005 this was the first Conservative gain and provided in Justine Greening a photogenic symbol of Conservative gains for the media to focus on the next day.

Current MP
JUSTINE GREENING (Conservative) Born 1969, Rotherham. Educated at Oakwood Comprehensive School and Southampton University. Former accountant and former finance manager at Centrica. Contested Ealing Acton and Shepherds Bush 2001. First elected as MP for Putney in 2005. Economic Secretary 2010-2011, Secretary of State for Transport 2011-2012. Secretary of State for International Development since 2012.
Past Results
Con: 21223 (52%)
Lab: 11170 (27%)
LDem: 6907 (17%)
GRN: 591 (1%)
Oth: 894 (2%)
MAJ: 10053 (25%)
Con: 15497 (42%)
Lab: 13731 (38%)
LDem: 5965 (16%)
GRN: 993 (3%)
Oth: 388 (1%)
MAJ: 1766 (5%)
Con: 13140 (38%)
Lab: 15911 (46%)
LDem: 4671 (14%)
UKIP: 347 (1%)
Oth: 185 (1%)
MAJ: 2771 (8%)
Con: 17108 (39%)
Lab: 20084 (46%)
LDem: 4739 (11%)
Oth: 546 (1%)
MAJ: 2976 (7%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
JUSTINE GREENING (Conservative) See above.
SHEILA BOSWELL (Labour) Media and communications consultant. Contested Wandsworth councillor since 2010.
ANDY HALLETT (Liberal Democrat)
TRICIA WARD (UKIP) Educated at Leeds University. Tutor and journalist.
GUY DESSOY (Animal Welfare) Educated at Maplesden Noakes Secondary and Open University. Chief Operations Officer.
Comments - 336 Responses on “Putney”
  1. You really couldn’t make it up

    And just when it seemed that this bunch of thoroughly nasty wierdo losers had been consigned to the dustbin of history, Theresa May has decided to give them the kiss of life

  2. The funny thing is, I suspect many of these reborn Kippers still think Nigel Farage is in charge of the party. I doubt many of them realise that UKIP is now the party of #FreeTommy and Paul Joseph Watson. In a general election, when the leader gets actual exposure, these voters are likely to melt away, much like Nick Griffin was killed by his appearance on Question Time. Although it is more probable they would abstain rather than going back to the Conservatives.

    This all changes if Nigel Farage returns. Then it would be just possible they could become electorally relevant again.

  3. When you see UKIPs woes listed out (as in HH’s post), it really is quite something. What a bunch.

  4. It was a short, lazy list from the top of my head composed in 5 mins.

    If a politico spent an hour or so refreshing their memory I’ve no doubt they could write a dossier of incompetence pages and pages long.

    I forgot to add to the list my favourite UKIP eccentricity – their famous purple caravan


  5. Tbf many ukippers are free tommy fans

  6. When UKIP really took off in the 2013-15 period, it was said that their poll ratings were so much better than the BNP’s had been some years before because they had disavowed the BNP’s hard racism.

    Since then UKIP has swung hugely into BNP territory and is no longer averse to hard racism, as far as muslims go anyway. It’s concerning that they can still poll so well despite basically turning into a middle class BNP.

  7. I seriously think that the main reason UKIP was more successful than the BNP is because Nigel Farage is/was much more charismatic than Nick Griffin.

  8. My fiances father never voted BNP but did vote UKIP. He said UKIP was like the BNP but not racist

  9. Justin Greening has ruled herself out standing for the leadership (Not a surprise)

  10. Justine Greening standing down at the next election. Says she thinks she can achieve more change outside parliament.

    Suspect we will have a steady trickle of announcements like this from Tory MPs (Ken Clarke?) Over the next week or so.

  11. ‘Suspect we will have a steady trickle of announcements like this from Tory MPs (Ken Clarke?) Over the next week or so.’

    Arron Banks has done very well in purging the Tory Party of its remnant of moderates still left

    The party don’t seem to understand that their new-found support is conditional of making a success of Brexit, which I don’t see possible if we get a hard Brexit.

    And those Remainer, business types, who have deserted the Tories in recent years, won’t be coming back either

    Johnson’s government just seems one big gamble and as David Cameron found out, gambles don’t always come off

  12. Tbf Hammond has threatened legal action if hes expelled and Sam Gymiah ha said tory mp or not he will stand again

  13. Greening & Burt are both standing down.

    Eddisbury Assoc Exec are to meet re Sandbach.

  14. Good old Boris – turning the Tories into the the sort of rag bag, hard-right political stratosphere the Republicans have been occupying since Bush Snr

    It’s fairly obvious that he was always likely to do this – which made the endorsements he received from the likes of Cameron, Osborne, Morgan et all rather hard to fathom

  15. Rudd, Shapps et al will back anyone if it gets them a red box.

    Of the “principled” Remainians, half including Costa have crumbled as soon as the whip removal was threatened.

    I expect most of the rebels to come from those standing down anyway as they have nothing to lose. After all Ken had said he wouldn’t fight another one after 2015.

  16. ‘Of the “principled” Remainians, half including Costa have crumbled as soon as the whip removal was threatened.’

    To be fair, not many of them seem to have gone that way and are holding their ground – certainly enough to defeat the government tonight, as things look

    I though Philip Lee’s departing quip that “Brexit divisions had sadly transformed this once great party into something more akin to a narrow faction in which one’s Conservatism is measured by how recklessly one wants to leave the European Union” hit the nail on the head

  17. ‘Rudd, Shapps et al will back anyone if it gets them a red box’.

    Ooh er. Reminds me of that smutty joke Julian Clary made years ago.

    Don’t forget Nicky Morgan (who I actually quite like, despite her apparent about turn recently).

  18. Probable Lab gain, think it would need a very even split between Lab and LD to save the Tories whose vote will fall further IMO.

  19. Possible – it’s being worked hard by those in Labour who are sensible and realistic but still who knows.

    I know a Tory voter here who thinks through the seat is no danger at all – said person is pretty politically aware but not an active tory. I did tell them that its clearly not safe with it arguably being too close to call.

  20. Putney poll
    Con 38 (-6)
    Lab 35 (-6)
    Lib 24 (+12)

  21. Predictably close race. A combined 59% for Lab and LD could spell trouble for the Tories here actually (wouldn’t take a huge TV for Lab to take it).

  22. There are a lot of Tory remainers in that 26% Lib Dem vote though.

    I get why Owen Jones etc treat the Lib Dems as a buffer of voters for Labour to cream off when it comas to crunch time. Not sure that level-headed psephologists should be doing the same.

  23. Datapraxis seat projection has the Tories only 3% ahead of Labour in Putney.

  24. Will be an interesting seat on the night, as will Chingford and Chipping Barnet. I wonder if Lab have completely given up in Dagenham and Rainham.

  25. Unlikely. You gov only had them one behind perfectly winnable if Labour voters are brought out.

  26. I’m trying to work out who or what Datapraxis is. They aren’t a pollster/market research company, they’ve just acquired a bunch of Yougov data and run it through their own model, without the transparency you’d expect from members of the British polling council. (Which is fair enough, because they and their sponsors are fairly open that this is an exercise in gaining data for tactical voting, rather than merely a non-partisan documentation of public opinion.)

    So, how do Datapraxis make their money? What do they sell day-to-day, if it’s not market research, and (since they don’t own the data) it’s not some form of data harvesting either?

  27. Polltroll- astute comment and question, which I’m nowhere near bright enough to answer.

    How are things looking in Bedford. Still quiet?

  28. The debate is raging inside Polltroll’s head, but the rest of the constituency is strangely apathetic.

  29. I know some Labour people from London went to Bedford today to Campaign.

  30. Just got back from Putney – plenty of Lib Dem posters, including one in the window of the person I went to see and plenty too in Kingston & Surbiton

    26% seems a little underwhelming in what should be prime lib dem territory

    Sadly the dilemna facing remainers is that any recovery the lib dems do make between now and polling day – and personally I’ve never known so many friends and acquaintances who intend to vote for them – is likely to increase the chances of Johnson winning the majority he needs to stay in office

    But the polls got it dead wrong in 2015 and 2017, and I still hope decisions like Johnson’s refusal to do an interview with Andrew Neil, and we all know why – because simply has no defence to the many quite frankly appalling things he’s done throughout his life – could cause more damage than Tory strategists envisage, and end up costing him his majority, and without that he doesn’t get the keys to number 10

    And then we come to the cold fact that the only alternative to Johnson in number 10 is the considerably more moral yet every bit as dangerous Jeremy Corbyn. I’ve never been more depressed going into an election in my entire life.

    whatever the result I think I’ll find myself mourning the 2017-19 Parliament as much of the Tory and Labour replacing the departed MPs (many of whom had distinguished political careers) in the upcoming election are quite frankly horrendous

  31. At least you can vote. I’ve been denied such a right by Sheffield City Council

  32. Why can’t you vote Matt?

  33. Yet to receive my polling card although I have been told my name is on the electoral roll

  34. The council failed to contact us about individual registration after our household enquiry and application for a postal vote. Therefore we were never registered

  35. That’s really not on, Matt.

    It’s been an incredibly tough decade for local councils, who have had their budgets whittled away severely and have even had restrictions on how to much they can raise council tax and/or borrow to fill the gap. But even so, what could be a more important cause to prioritise with what money they have left than democracy itself?

  36. How are the councils going to cope with providing ID for the percentage without any – especially a problem in a lot of the seats the tories might gain from Labour in red wall areas.

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