Portsmouth North

2015 Result:
Conservative: 21343 (47%)
Labour: 10806 (23.8%)
Lib Dem: 2828 (6.2%)
Green: 1450 (3.2%)
UKIP: 8660 (19.1%)
TUSC: 231 (0.5%)
Others: 72 (0.2%)
MAJORITY: 10537 (23.2%)

Category: Safe Conservative seat

Geography: South East, Hampshire. Part of Portsmouth council area.

Main population centres: Portsmouth.

Profile: Portsmouth is a densely populated city on the south coast, technically situated on a island though the numerous causeways mean it is effectively a peninsula. Portsmouth North contains the northern part of the island and the suburbs to the north, such as Cosham (home of IBM`s UK headquarters) and Drayton. Portsmouth has a strong naval history as the home of the largest Royal Navy base, with defence the main local employer. Portsmouth North contains the Navy Command Headquarters on Whale Island.

Politics: A key Conservative-Labour marginal and bellwether seat, having been won by the party that obtained the largest number of seats at every election since its creation in 1974.

Current MP
PENNY MORDAUNT (Conservative) Born 1973, Torquay. Educated at Oaklands RC Comprehensive and Reading University. Former communications director. Contested Portsmouth North 2005. First elected as MP for Portsmouth North in 2010. Undersecretary for Communities and Local Government 2014-2015. Minister of State for Defence since 2015.
Past Results
Con: 19533 (44%)
Lab: 12244 (28%)
LDem: 8874 (20%)
UKIP: 1812 (4%)
Oth: 1655 (4%)
MAJ: 7289 (17%)
Con: 14273 (38%)
Lab: 15412 (41%)
LDem: 6684 (18%)
UKIP: 1348 (4%)
MAJ: 1139 (3%)
Con: 13542 (37%)
Lab: 18676 (51%)
LDem: 3795 (10%)
UKIP: 559 (2%)
Oth: 294 (1%)
MAJ: 5134 (14%)
Con: 17016 (38%)
Lab: 21339 (47%)
LDem: 4788 (11%)
Oth: 370 (1%)
MAJ: 4323 (10%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
PENNY MORDAUNT (Conservative) See above.
JOHN FERRETT (Labour) Born 1965, Landport. Educated at City of Portsmouth Boys school and Open University. Trade union official. Portsmouth councillor since 2012.
DARREN SANDERS (Liberal Democrat) Born 1971, Portsmouth. Educated at Cambridge University. Former Lambeth councillor, Portsmouth councillor since 2012. Contested Portsmouth North 2001, Streatham 2005, Portsmouth North 2010.
MIKE FITZGERALD (UKIP) Born 1968. Educated at Oaklands RC Comprehensive and Hull University. International business manager. Contested Portsmouth North 2010.
GAVIN ELLIS (Green) Chartered certified accountant.
STEVEN GEORGE (Justice and Anti Corruption)
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  1. Penny Mordaunt back in government as Paymaster Genreal. Feels a downgrade to defence secretary.

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