Perth & North Perthshire

2015 Result:
Conservative: 17738 (32.7%)
Labour: 4413 (8.1%)
Lib Dem: 2059 (3.8%)
SNP: 27379 (50.5%)
Green: 1146 (2.1%)
UKIP: 1110 (2%)
Independent: 355 (0.7%)
MAJORITY: 9641 (17.8%)

Category: Safe SNP seat

Geography: Scotland, Mid Scotland and Fife. Part of Perth and Kinross council area.

Main population centres: Perth, Coupar Angus, Blairgowrie, Aberfeldy, Pitlochry, Alyth.

Profile: Covers a huge swathe of remote mountains, forest and moorlands in the Scottish highlands, as well as the lowland area around Perth itself. There are a few small towns in the highland part of the seat, including the market town of Aberfeldy and the tourist centre of Pitlochry, but the large majority of the electorate is in the lowland portion of the constituency in the south, especially the city of Perth itself. Perth is the administrative centre of Perth and Kinross council and a retail and financial centre for the wider area. It has played a prominent role in Scottish history and Scone Abbey to the east of the city was the traditional coronation site for Scottish monarchs.

Politics: There have been various different constituency arrangements covering Perth in the past, sometimes pairing the city with Kinross, sometimes with the highlands of north-eastern Perthshire. Throughout these it has been held by the SNP since the 1995 Perth and Kinross by-election, and has been a marginal between the SNP and Conservatives since the 1970s.

Current MP
PETE WISHART (Scottish National Party) Born 1962, Dunfermline. Educated at Queen Anne High School. Former keyboard player with Celtic rock band Runrig. First elected as MP for Tayside North in 2001.
Past Results
Con: 14739 (31%)
Lab: 7923 (16%)
LDem: 5954 (12%)
SNP: 19118 (40%)
Oth: 534 (1%)
MAJ: 4379 (9%)
Con: 13948 (30%)
Lab: 8601 (19%)
LDem: 7403 (16%)
SNP: 15469 (34%)
Oth: 509 (1%)
MAJ: 1521 (3%)
Con: 11189 (30%)
Lab: 9638 (25%)
LDem: 4853 (13%)
SNP: 11237 (30%)
Oth: 899 (2%)
MAJ: 48 (0%)
Con: 13068 (29%)
Lab: 11036 (25%)
LDem: 3583 (8%)
SNP: 16209 (36%)
Oth: 655 (1%)
MAJ: 3141 (7%)

2015 Candidates
ALEXANDER STEWART (Conservative) Perth and Kinross councillor since 1999.
PETER BARRETT (Liberal Democrat) Contested Perth and North Perthshire 2010.
XANDER MCDADE (Independent)
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  1. He’d have been pleased to see his party NEARLY take his old seat back!

  2. Angus covers much of his old Tayside North and Ochil & South Perthshire takes in part of his old Perth & East Perthshire

  3. And to add to what Dalek has said all wards from the old North Tayside constituency will have voted Conservative at the general election (that is wards covering rural north Angus and Perthshire).

    The modern day Perth & North Perthshire constituency excludes the now solidly Tory north-west of Angus and covers the city of Perth, which voted strongly SNP and tipped it over to the SNP (just).

  4. The Conservatives had a majority of over 10000 in Tayside North in 1983 making it the safest Conservative seat in Scotland followed by Dumfries in 1987 and Eastwood in 1992.

    BS&R is now safer than DC&T

  5. Not only that, it’s safer (in % majority terms) than either Bournemouth seat, Banbury, Bromley & Chiselhurst, Croydon South and a slew of other historic Tory bastions.

  6. The Tory PPC who lost out here by 21 votes has been given a Peerage and made a Scottish Office Minister.

  7. Should of held on for a gain at next election

  8. Small correction: Ian Duncan is an MEP, not a PPC.

  9. He’s neither.

    The former MEP resigned to take up the position.

    You can’t of course be an MEP and an MP or Peer, since the 2006 rule change barred double jobbing.

  10. Didn’t know that! Thanks.

  11. Don’t quite get this.

    12 people win mostly highly improbable seats while another fails to win a semi-marginal and is rewarded with a peerage and portfolio.

    Seems a bit like when Peter Fraser was rejected by the electors in Angus East in 1987 but continued as a Scottish office minister via the back door.

    The swing against Fraser was not though untypical on his defeat but Duncan ought to have won Perth comfortably when you consider the swings in the adjacent Angus, Ochil and Stirling.

  12. Pete Wishart’s old band are splitting up:

  13. Perth City South By-election, 23.11.17

    Cons hold – SNP were just ahead on 1st Prefs:

    SNP 1,780 32% (+6%)
    Cons 1,734 31% (+6%)
    LD 1,594 29% (-6%)
    Lab 314 6% (-1%)
    Green 102 2% (-1%)
    Ind 25

  14. Highland Ward By-election, 19.04.18:

    1st Prefs:

    Cons & Unionist 1,907
    SNP 1,466
    Ind 280
    Labour 239
    Green 104
    LibDem 78

    Cons elected at Stage 6.

    Cons Hold.

  15. Pete Wishart did surprisingly well to hold on here (and also polled more than any other SNP candidate in 2017).

    The main explanations seems to be the remarkably weak Labour vote even in the working class areas of Perth itself where the SNP vote held better than all other similar areas in Scotland ( only Banff and Buchan, NE Fife and Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk had lower Labour votes) and turnout holding up relatively well.

    Also despite Wishart being divisive in recent years he probably still has had some more political nous than some of his other colleagues and has done less to alienate voters over brexit than in other rural areas.

    Despite quite a large swing to the Tories around Blairgowrie, Coupar Angus and Alyth, there’s probably still
    a relatively high SNP floor in the other rural parts of this constituency such as Strathtay and Highland wards despite the Tories now being ahead in those places.

  16. Pete Wishart has launched his bid to succeed John Bercow. I can’t see him getting many votes.

  17. NTY

    Who’d likely to win this seat?

  18. @ BT SAYS: Perth and North Perthshire rejected Scottish independence by 57% of the vote in 2014. If current opinion polling is to be believed, the Scottish National Party should take around 38-42% of the vote in Scotland.

    Recent local council by-elections in Aberdeen, Keith, Dunfermline and Rosyth would suggest that the SNP and Conservative vote is similar to how it was at the last general election.

    At the 2019 European Parliamentary election, the SNP’s vote actually fell by 2% of the vote in Perth and Kinross from the general election despite increasing nationally, with pro-Brexit parties narrowly ahead with a combined 37% of the vote.

    I would not anticipate the SNP’s vote to exceed 43% in Perth and North Perthshire.

    I believe Pete Wishart is likely to retain his seat for 3 reasons:
    1- The Brexit Party is standing in this constituency, which will directly impact the Conservatives chances of securing the seat.
    2- It was apparent that this was a Conservative-SNP marginal in 2017, so there are very few tactical unionist votes for the Conservatives to squeeze here.
    3- The Conservatives are less likely to invest resources into this constituency in comparison to 2017 as they have seats to defend and better-looking targets.

    The Conservatives would benefit from a lower turnout provided weather conditions are not so adverse that they affect travel in rural areas in North Perthshire.

  19. Almond ward by-election, 25.03.21:

    Cons 1,819
    SNP 1,327
    LD 267
    Lab 143

    Cons Gain

  20. When describing Scottish council by-elections, phrases like “Con gain” can be misleading because the by-elections are FPTP whereas the regular council elections are STV. In such circumstances a party can still make a “gain” in a seat they won the previous time.

  21. Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t know that.

  22. Cllr Mike Barnacle has defected from Ind to Cons here.

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