North West Euro Candidates 2014

The North West returns eight MEPs. In 2009 it returned three Conservative MEPs, two Labour, one UKIP, one Liberal Democrat and one BNP, the party leader Nick Griffin. Full results for 2009 are here.

THERESA GRIFFIN (Labour) Educated at Lancaster University. Trade union organiser. Former Liverpool councillor. Contested North West European election 1999, 2004, 2009.
AFZAL KHAN (Labour) Born 1960, Pakistan. Solicitor. Manchester councillor since 2000. Awarded the CBE for services to race relations.
JULIE WARD (Labour) Born 1957, Ripon. Educated at Newcastle University. Runs a social enterprise providing services for people with mental health problems
WAJID KHAN (Labour) Born in Burnley. Educated at University of Central Lancashire. University lecturer. Burnley councillor.

5. Angeliki Stogia 6. Steve Carter
7. Pascale Lamb 8. Nick Parnell
JACQUELINE FOSTER (Conservative) Born 1947, Liverpool. Educated at Prescot Girls Grammar. Former aviation consultant and air hostess. Contested Newham South 1992, Peterborough 1997. MEP for the North West 1999-2004 and since 2009.
SAJJAD KARIM (Conservative) Born 1970, Blackburn. Solicitor. Pendle councillor 1994-2001 for the Liberal Democrats. MEP for the North West since 2004.. Originally elected as a Liberal Democrat, he defected to the Conservatives in 2007.
KEVIN BEATY (Conservative) Dairy farmer. Eden councillor.
DEBORAH DUNLEAVY (Conservative) Born in Bolton. Educated at Mount St Josephs Grammar. Former financial advisor. Contested Bolton South East 2005, Bolton North East 2010.

5. Joseph Barker-Willis 6. Dan Hamilton
7. Chris Whiteside 8. James Walsh
CHRIS DAVIES (Liberal Democrat) Born 1954, Lytham St Annes. Educated at Cheadle Hulme School and Cambridge University. MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth 1995-1997. Contested Oldham East and Saddleworth 1997. MEP for the North West since 1999.. Former leader of the Liberal Democrat group in the European Parliament, he stepped down in 2008 after being criticised over a reply to a constituent that accused her of racism.
HELEN FOSTER-GRIME (Liberal Democrat) Former Stockport councillor. Contested North West 2009 European elections.
JO CROTTY (Liberal Democrat) Educated at Portsmouth University. University professor. Contested Eddisbury 2005, South Staffordshire 2005 delayed poll, Warrington South 2010.
QASSIM AFZAL (Liberal Democrat) Born 1960, Manchester. Educated at Salford University. Former Manchester councillor. Contested Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath 2001, Manchester Gorton 2005, 2010. Contested North West 2009 European elections.

5. Jane Brophy 6. Sue McGuire
7. Gordon Lishman 8. Neil Christian
PAUL NUTTALL (UKIP) Born 1976, Liverpool. Educated at Savio High School and Edge Hill University. Former lecturer. Contested Bootle 2005, 2010, Oldham East and Saddleworth 2011 by-election. MEP for the North West since 2009. Deputy leader of UKIP since 2010.
LOUISE BOURS (UKIP) Educated at Mountview Conservatoire for the Performing Arts. Singer and actor. Former Congleton councillor. Contested Cheshire Police Commissioner election 2012.
STEVEN WOOLFE (UKIP) Educated at Aberystwyth University. Barrister. Contested City and East 2012 London Assembly election, Greater Manchester Police Commissioner election 2012.
SHNEUR ODZE (UKIP) Rabbi. Former Hackney councillor for the Conservative party.

5. Lee Slaughter 6. Simon Noble
7. Peter Harper 8. John Stanyer
PETER CRANIE (Green) Born in Scotland. Educated at Keele University. Lecturer. Contested Liverpool Riverside 2005, North West region 2009 European election, West Lancashire 2010.
GINA DOWDING (Green) Born in London. Educated at Trent Polytechnic. Former charity manager and fundraiser. Lancaster councillor 1999-2007. Lancashire councillor since 2013. Contested Lancaster and Fleetwood 2010.

3. Laura Bannister 4. Jillian Perry
5. John Knight 6. Ulrike Zeshan
7. Lewis Coyne 8. Jake Welsh
NICK GRIFFIN (BNP) Born 1959, London. Educated at Woodbridge School and Cambridge University. Former publicity officer and Parliamentary candidate for the National Front before leaving the party in 1989. Joined the BNP in 1995 and educated BNP magazines Spearhead and The Rune. In 1998 he was prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred in reation to an issue of The Rune that denied the holocaust. He was again arrested for incitement to racial hatred in 2004 in relation to a speech he made criticising Islam which was recorded by the BBC, he was subsequently found not guilty at trial. Chairman of the BNP since 1999 he has persued a strategy of giving the BNP a less overtly racist and extremist image.. MEP for North West since 2009. Contested Croydon North West by-election 1981, Croydon North West 1983 for the National Front, West Bromwich West by-election 2000, Oldham West and Royton 2001, Keighley 2005, Barking 2010 for the BNP.

3. Clive Jefferson 4. Eddy O'Sullivan
5. Simon Darby 6. Kay Pollitt
7. Derek Adams 8. David O'Loughlin
STEPHEN MORRIS (English Democrats) Born 1966, Manchester. Educated at Wardley High School and Salford College of Technology. Union branch official at Metrolink public transport. Contested North West region 2009 European elections, Salford and Eccles 2010, Oldham East and Saddleworth 2011 by-election.

2. Paul Rimmer 3. Derek Bullock
4. Paul Whitelegg 5. Steve McEllenborough
6. Laurence Depares 7. Valerie Morris
8. Anthony Backhouse
MARIA ARETOULAKI (Pirate) Born in Greece. IT consultant.

2. George Walkden 3. Jack Allnutt
HELEN BASHFORD (An Independence from Europe) Born 1958. Educated at Ashton-on-Mersey Secondary Modern & Sale Girls Grammar School. Former Chairman of the British Women Racing Drivers' Club.

2. Gill Kearney 3. Pauline Penny
4. Kay Bashford 5. Faye Raw
6. Lorna Markovitch 7. Jennie Ransome
8. Jill Stockdale
ROGER BANNISTER (No2EU) Contested North West region 2009 European election. Member of the Socialist Party. Contested election for the General Secretary of Unison in 2010.

2. George Waterhouse 3. Jacqueine Grunsell
4. John Metcalfe 5. George Tapp
6. Mark Rowe 7. James Healy
8. Kevin Morrison
CHRIS MARSDEN (Socialist Equality Party) National secretary of the Socialist Equality Party .

2. Julie Hyland 3. Robert Skelton
4. Lucy Warren 5. Mark Dowson
6. Ajitha Gunaratne 7. Danny Dickinson
8. Joe Heffer
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  1. I’m not a fan of UKIP, but if that were true they wouldn’t have selected her in the first place.


    5 North West England 8
    Lead Candidate: – Stephen Morris
    Agent: – Kevin Riddiough
    Slogan: English Democrats – “Putting England First!”
    1) Stephen Morris
    2) Paul Rimmer
    3) Derek Bullock
    4) Paul Whitelegg
    5) Steve McEllenborough
    6) Laurence Depares
    7) Valerie Morris
    8) Anthony Backhouse

  3. Could do with spelling my name right, and boy is that picture old, would like UKPolling report to at least use one i have from this decade. Some info also requires updating.

  4. The Trotskyist outfit Socialist Equality Party is standing a full skate here

  5. Left Unity today urged its supporters to vote Green tactically in the North West. Not sure whether they will stand anywhere else.

  6. Ah, yes, I saw the Socialist equality party stall in Liverpool city centre last Saturday.
    As its anti-EU obviously I wasn’t interested.

    They appear to be particularly fundamentalist trots

  7. Mike, the venerable Wikipedia informs me that the SEP is the current UK affiliate of the Fourth International…

  8. “As its anti-EU obviously I wasn’t interested.”

    From your views on globalisation etc, I had assumed you were on the eurosceptic left Merseymike.

  9. I’m surprised, based on the polling, that I’ve not seen anyone predicting seats for the Greens and LDs.

    Even if UKIP only get 25% (the lowest poll for them nationally that wasn’t a huge outlier, and last time round the NW UKIP vote share wasn’t far off their national vote share) the Greens or Lib Dems will need to get over 8.3% of the vote to get a seat under the d’Hondt. Based on national polling and the fact that both parties polled about the same in the NW as nationally last time, seems unlikely. Possible, but not likely.

    The competition, such as it is, seems to me likely to be between UKIP winning a third seat and Labour winning a fourth, but that contest also seems to heavily advantage UKIP: Labour would need a 9-point lead, and their best (non-outlier) lead in April has been 7. That said, this is a bit of a Labour heartland – last time round they got 5% more than their national average – so maybe I’m being pessimistic.

  10. Joining Nick Griffin on the BNP list-

    Dawn Charlton, Clive Jefferson, Eddy O’Sullivan, Simon Darby, Kay Pollitt, Derek Adams, David O’Loughlin

  11. Eddy O’Sullivan quite surprisingly captured 3% of the vote at the Wythenshawe by-election, which is odd because I can’t see why anyone except hardcore fascists would vote BNP any more. Right-wing anti immigration people now have somewhere better to go.

    Simon Darby at fifth on the list is a bit of a demotion too, since he was one of their big players back in their high period of 2008-10.

  12. Quite a few BNP types would view UKIP as far too right wing.

  13. Oh let’s not open that can of worms. As I said on the main site yesterday, the number of people who vote for either party based on their economic policy is probably slim at best.

    FWIW, I don’t think Fascism is either left-wing or right-wing. It’s a position outside our political process in the same way we wouldn’t have an absolute monarchist party. We should stop calling it one or the other to smear our opponents by association.

  14. Updated to reflect final candidate list

  15. No real surprises, candidate wise.

    Could it be Con 2, Lab 3, LD 1, UKIP 2 ?

  16. The Lib Dems will be wiped out…

    I am thinking Lab 4 Tories 2 UKIP 2

    If UKIP excel,.. it will be more at the conservatives expense

    could be Lab 4 UKIP 3 and Tories 1

  17. A belated comment on the BNP versus UKIP issue.

    Serious hardcore racists will presumably not be at all satisfied with UKIP policy on immigration-

    1. There is no proposal to send back immigrants already here, nor to completely end non-white immigration

    2. Anyone who studies the matter can easily see that UKIP policy is a fraud. They want to stay in the European single market (join EEA or EFTA), which means they will have to remain signed up to free movement of people. The main argument against their ridiculous posters is not that they are racist, it is that their policies could do nothing to solve the issues they identify.

    I had a look through the BNP’s 2010 manifesto and aside from the racism and social conservatism there was plenty of similarity with the Greens and the Labour left. Many policies you would expect someone like Merseymike or Lotus White to approve of – hatred of globalisation, drive to self-sufficiency and warnings of Peak Oil, import and capital controls and advocating a siege economy as per Labour’s 1983 manifesto. Clearly this is very different from the views of even the left wing of UKIP.

  18. The LDs have to be favourites to retain their seat — just.

  19. I cannot help but wonder what will become of the anti europe candidates if they win the election then we pull out of the EU

  20. “The LDs have to be favourites to retain their seat — just.”

    Joe – They will need 8.5% of the vote and they have been consistently been showing 6-7% in the North West.

    I perosnally admire chris davies – great gut- but unfortunately just like the rest of LD Meps he is gone on them polls!!!

  21. I agree Jonny and the LibDems only standing in half of the wards in Merseyside on the same day won’t help.

  22. Chris Davies will hold his seat here.

  23. I tend to agree. Quite a few very solid LD areas here from which to hammer out the vote – Westmorland, Southport, Cheadle, Hazel Grove

  24. Lib Dems – the writing is on the wall. I recently attended a hustings in kendal, cumbria. Chris Davies himself admitted that he is facing an uphill task.

    I am now looking at Lab 4 UKIP 3 and Tories 1 looking at recent polls. There is no way that the North West will have any other party but Labour leading here! They have too many councillors which will bring up the euro vote for them

    My Manchester friends tell me that they will be wiped out from Manchester.

    I used to be a LD Supporter and left after they joined the tories. Renning…Smith have damaged us!

  25. I’m quite certain Labour will come out on top here but 4 seats? And don’t forget that the Tories still have pretty large votes in much of Cheshire and rural Lancashire. I can’t actually think of a natural UKIP constituency in the north west off the top of my head.

  26. They could do well in Fylde and Morecambe. Also Weaver Vale.

  27. ‘and left after they joined the Tories’

    Now you see, your first mistake is that we did no such thing.

  28. It amuses me that Liberals spent 100 years extolling the virtues of power sharing and coalition government, yet when they finally had the chance to be part of one half of their party left in disgust. If you believe in coalition you also have to believe that your coalition partner is usually dictated by the election result. Some of your manifesto policies have to be ditched as sacrifice for those which will be enacted. Of course being in coalition doesn’t mean that you have “joined” your coalition partner.

  29. WhIch of the candidates are against same gender marriage? Please confirm this is party policy. Thanks!

  30. Wow An Independence From Europe is getting a PPB on ITV. Just saw Mike Nattrass on it who I think was UKIP.

    They sound like UKIP on the EU, law and overseas aid.

    Yet they talk about renationalisation of certain things.

  31. Welcome to the site, Joseph. However, I highly doubt anyone here will be able to help you. We’re just a polling site; the fact we have a list of the candidates does not mean we have a knowledge of their individual views. We are not in contact with the candidates, nor they with us.

    In anycase, I doubt anyone anywhere could tell you the views of some 80 candidates. I doubt many of the candidates have expressed much a view on the subject anyway, as same-sex marriage isn’t exactly a topic that comes up very often on the matter of Europe.

    Your best bet would to be find out the individual party positions.

  32. Joseph Leece – I’m a journalist from and in the NW and so I’ve met the current MEPs and most of the lead candidates here. UKIP opposed the Same Sex Marriage Bill in the Lords, but, of course, MEPs did not have a vote. All of the Parties have members and Cllrs who opposed it. But, sadly, the List system doesn’t allow you to differentiate between individuals on a Party slate.

  33. The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) in Britain and the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (PSG) in Germany are fielding candidates in the European elections in May 2014. Their aim is to unite working people throughout Europe in the struggle for a socialist society based on social equality, rather than the enrichment of a few at the expense of the vast majority. They are against the present political system of Europe but in favour of a United States of Europe.

  34. For the North West I’m predicting

    3 Labour
    2 Conservative
    2 UKIP
    1 Lib Dem

  35. North West: Lab 30%(3), UKIP 25.5%(3), Con 20%(2), LD 8.5%, GRN 7%, BNP 3.5%, Other 5.5%

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