North East Euro Candidates 2014

The North West returns three MEPs, the smallest region. In 2009 it returned one Labour MEP, one Conservative and one Liberal Democrat. Full results for 2009 are here.

JUDE KIRTON-DARLING (Labour) Born 1977, Tanzania. Educated at Sheffield University. Trade union officer.
PAUL BRANNEN (Labour) Educated at Walbottle High School and Leeds University. Head of England North and Central at Christian Aid. Former Newcastle councillor. Contested Berwick upon Tweed 1997, Hexham 2001.

3. Jayne Shotton
MARTIN CALLANAN (Conservative) Born 1961, Newcastle. Former Gateshead councillor. Contested Washington 1987, Gateshead East 1992, Tynemouth 1997. MEP for the North East since 1999.
BEN HOUCHEN (Conservative) Solicitor. Stockton councillor. Contested Middlesbrough by-election 2012.

3. Andrew Lee
ANGELIKA SCHNEIDER (Liberal Democrat) Educated at University of Passau. Press officer for the ALDE.
OWEN TEMPLE (Liberal Democrat) Former teacher. Durham county councillor since 2007. Former district councillor. Contested North West Durham 2010.

3. Christian Vassie
JONATHAN ARNOTT (UKIP) Born 1981, Sheffield. Educated at Sheffield University. Former maths teacher. Contested Sheffield Attercliffe 2005, Sheffield South East 2010, South Yorkshire Police Commissioner election 2012. Contested Yorkshire region 2004, 2009 European elections.
RICHARD ELVIN (UKIP) Born in Lincolnshire. Educated at Newcastle University. Former teacher, runs a travel company. Contested East Midlands region 2009 European election for Libertas, Houghton and Sunderland South 2010, Middlesbrough 2012 by-election, South Shields 2013 by-election.

3. Philip Broughton
SHIRLEY FORD (Green) Born in London. Educated at North London Collegiate School and Cambridge University. Contested North East region 2009 European election, South Shields 2010.

3. Caroline Robinson
DOROTHY BROOKE (BNP) Contested Tynemouth 2010, South Shields 2013 by-election.

3. Peter Foreman
KEVIN RIDDIOUGH (English Democrats) Contested Barnsley Central 2011 by-election.

2. Sam Kelly 3. John Lewis
SHERRI FORBES (An Independence from Europe)

2. Nawal Hizan 3. Mary Forbes
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  1. Who will come second, UKIP or Tories?

    Will Labour get twice the vote of whoever comes third?

    Labour will certainly get one seat, then depending on the answers to the two questions it looks like two out of three of second Labour/Tories/UKIP.

    LibDems are probably out of it…

  2. 2 Lab, 1 Con – UKIP will poll well but you need a lot of votes to win a seat in the NE. If they did turn the tables then I suspect its the Con who would have to be worried

  3. This is definately a region where UKIP are stronger in labour areas than in tory.

    First seat is labour.

    Second third and fourth should all be fairly close between 2nd labour seat, tories and UKIP


    4 North East England 3
    Lead Candidate: – Kevin Riddiough
    Agent: – Alan England
    Slogan: English Democrats – “Putting England First!”
    1/ Kevin Riddiough
    2/ Sam Kelly
    3/ John Lewis

  5. Why is there no UKIP candidate from Newcastle upon Tyne if they back me i would stand

  6. Updated to reflect full candidate list

  7. Oh bloody hell just noticed that Dorothy Brooke, the infamous orange tanned BNP candidate from the South Shields by-election, is standing for the party in the Euros.

  8. Andrew, whilst it’s true that you need a lot of votes (as a percentage) to get a seat in the north east, that’s a bigger hurdle for Labour than UKIP (at least in terms of gaining a seat).

    Remember that in 2009, Labour lost lots of votes but avoided losing any seats. In order to gain a seat, they’ve really got to regain all the votes they lost from 2004, and more besides. To put this in numbers, in 2009 Labour were 59950 votes away from a second seat, and UKIP 12944 votes away from a first. That’s not impossible for Labour, but it’s a very tough job.

  9. As I now live in Berwick, but still work part time in Leicester I do not know where to comment, and as yet do not know the North East scene – other than it seems to be UKIP free. If Labour win back lost support could we see LAB just scraping the 3rd seat – unlikely but possible. Though I expect it will be LAB/UKIP/CON

    Also surely the UKIP teflon must start unsticking, especially if OLAF do pursue a case against UKIP on allowances

  10. We could see Labour managing to scrape a second seat here, with these kind of figures:-

    Labour: 27%
    UKIP: 23%
    Conservative: 13%
    Liberal Democrat: 10%
    Others: 27%

  11. You could be right Cecil. Although that’s a rather large fall for the Tories (around 35% in real terms,) which is admittedly out of line with current polling predictions.

    I’d expect maybe the Tories on 15% or so, which would enable them to steal that third seat.

  12. Sock puppet alert

  13. Well thanks for warning us, H.Hemmelig!

  14. For the North East I’m predicting:

    1 Labour
    1 Conservative
    1 UKIP

  15. This is hard to predict. I personally have no doubt Labour will come top, but will they come top enough to get a second seat.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say they will, and it will be the Conservatives that suffer.

    Labour 2
    UKIP 1

  16. North East: Lab 36%(2), UKIP 25.5%(1), Con 16%, LD 10%, GRN 5.5%, BNP 4%, Other 3%

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