Newcastle upon Tyne East

2015 Result:
Conservative: 6884 (17.6%)
Labour: 19378 (49.4%)
Lib Dem: 4332 (11%)
Green: 3426 (8.7%)
UKIP: 4910 (12.5%)
TUSC: 170 (0.4%)
Others: 122 (0.3%)
MAJORITY: 12494 (31.9%)

Category: Very safe Labour seat

Geography: North East, Tyne and Wear. Part of the Newcastle council area.

Main population centres: Byker, Walker, Jesmond, Heaton.

Profile: The eastern part of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, once a driver of heavy industry, shipbuilding and coal mining, now a hub for service industry and retail. These are the eastern residential parts of the city, including relatively middle class parts of the city like Jesmond, popular with young professionals and increasingly with students, but also gritty estates like Heaton and Byker, best known for the Byker Wall development and the 90s children`s television show Byker Grove..

Politics: Newcastle East has been Labour since 1964, with a short break when the sitting Labour MP Mike Thomas defected to the SDP in 1981 (he contested the seat in 1983, but finished third behind the Tories). The Liberal Democrats had been performing strongly here, cutting the Labour majority to under 5000 in 2010, but saw their support collapse in 2015.

Current MP
NICK BROWN (Labour) Born 1950, Hawkhurst, Kent. Educated at Tunbridge Wells Grammar School and Manchester University. Former trade union legal advisor. Newcastle councillor 1980-1983. First elected as MP for Newcastle upon Tyne East in 1983. Deputy Opposition Chief Whip 1995-1997, Government Chief Whip 1997-1998. Secretary of State for Agriculture 1998-2001. Minister of State for Work 2001-2003. Deputy Chief Whip 2007-2008, Chief Whip 2008-2010. One of Gordon Brown`s closest allies, Brown organised a rebellion over student finance in 2004 and was widely seen as the chief of Brown`s supporters in the Labour ranks after leaving government in 2003. When Gordon Brown became Prime Minister he returned to office as Deputy, then Chief Whip. He stood down in 2010 on the request of Ed Miliband. One of Gordon Brown`s closest allies, he organised a rebellion over student finance in 2004 and was widely seen as the chief of Brown`s supporters in the Labour ranks. Upon Brown accession as PM he returned to the government as Deputy Chief Whip in 2007 and was reappointed Chief Whip, a position he had left 10 years before, in 2008.
Past Results
Con: 6068 (16%)
Lab: 17043 (45%)
LDem: 12590 (33%)
BNP: 1342 (4%)
Oth: 797 (2%)
MAJ: 4453 (12%)
Con: 3532 (11%)
Lab: 17462 (55%)
LDem: 9897 (31%)
Oth: 787 (2%)
MAJ: 7565 (24%)
Con: 3873 (12%)
Lab: 20642 (63%)
LDem: 6419 (20%)
GRN: 651 (2%)
Oth: 1109 (3%)
MAJ: 14223 (44%)
Con: 5796 (14%)
Lab: 29607 (71%)
LDem: 4415 (11%)
Oth: 805 (2%)
MAJ: 23811 (57%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005, name changed from Newcastle upon Tyne East & Wallsend

2015 Candidates
DUNCAN CRUTE (Conservative)
NICK BROWN (Labour) See above.
WENDY TAYLOR (Liberal Democrat) Contested Newcastle East 2010.
Comments - 16 Responses on “Newcastle upon Tyne East”
  1. There has been a by-election in Walkergate yesterday with another strong showing by UKIP that pushed LibDems in third place and significantly dented Labour majority. The ward was comfortable LD in 2006-2008, marginally Labour in 2010-11 and safe Labour in 2012.

    Lab 44% UKIP 27.2% LD 18.8% Ind 2.6% Newcastle First 2.5% Con 2.2% Green 1.2% TUSAC 1% Ind 0.5%

  2. Prediction (on a turnout of 38k)

    Labour 17k
    Liberal 7.5k
    Tory 7k
    Ukip 4.5k
    Green 1.5k
    Communist + Tusc 0.5k

  3. Labour hold. 12,000 majority

  4. I think a 15-20 point drop in the LD vote is not out of the question.

  5. You still have LD councillors here remember. It might be quite sharp, but it won’t fall off a cliff.

  6. Result-
    Brown (Labour)- 19 378
    Crute (Tory)- 6 884
    Robinson-Young (UKIP)- 4 910
    Gray (Green)- 3426
    Taylor (Lib Dem)- 4332

  7. Nick Brown has been appointed as a shadow chief whip.

  8. Brown’s third stint as Labour Chief Whip (previously 1997-98 and 2008-10). Also, he’s not a Corbynista. In the past he was now known for being very close to his namesake Gordon.

  9. South Heaton Ward By-election result:

    Labour 768 47% (-12%)
    Green 444 27% (+2%)
    LD 260 16% (+12%)
    UKIP 88 5% ( -1%)
    Cons 80 5% ( n/c)

    Lab hold.

  10. Seems like there was something funny going on with the whipping yesterday, as the government managed to avoid defeat on an amendment to the Finance Bill even though the DUP withdrew their support.

    So far it looks like a cock-up from Labour, but given that there was a controversy a couple of months back about Tories voting despite being paired, foul play cannot be ruled out,

  11. Those 8 DUP MPs wouldn’t have withdrawn their support without knowing the Tories could win without them

  12. Probably just cock up.
    Corbyn himself didn’t vote and I haven’t actually seen any mention of him being paired when he presumably should have.
    Think Labour would have briefed out any broken pairings’s by now had they happened.

  13. DUP will abstain again tonight

  14. It depends if Labour have got all their unpaired mp’s back for they to be a chance of goverment defeat. Mp’s who are properly paired don’t effect the numbers as the Tories and DUP

  15. Government have accepted everyone of Labour’s amendments tonight

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