Mayor of London

2016 Election


ZAC GOLDSMITH (Conservative) Born 1975, Westminster, son of Sir Jimmy Goldsmith, the founder of the Referendum party. Educated at Eton, where he was expelled for posession of cannabis. Former Environmental activist and editor of The Ecologist. MP for Richmond Park since 2010.
SADIQ KHAN (Labour) Born 1970, London. Educated at Ernest Bevin School. Former Solicitor specialising in Human Rights and former Chair of Liberty. Wandsworth councillor 1994-2006. MP for Tooting since 2005. PPS to Jack Straw 2007, government whip 2007-08, Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government 2008-09, Minister of State for Transport 2009-10, Shadow Justice Secretary 2010-2015. Managed Ed Miliband`s successful leadership campaign in 2010.
SIAN BERRY (Green) born 1974, Cheltenham. Educated at Pate’s Grammar School and Trinity College, Oxford. Former medical copywriter, now a sustainable transport campaigner. Principle Speaker of the Green party 2006-2007. Camden councillor since 2014. Contested Hampstead and Highgate 2005. Green party mayoral candidate 2008
CAROLINE PIDGEON (Liberal Democrat) Born 1972. Educated at Thornden Secondary and the University of Wales Aberystwyth. Deputy leader of Southwark council 2002-2004. GLA londonwide member since 2008. Contested Dulwich and West Norwood 2001, Vauxhall 2010. Awarded an MBE in 2013 for public and political service.
PETER WHITTLE (UKIP) Born 1961, Peckham. Educated at University of Kent. Journalist and founder of New Culture Forum. Contested London region 2014 European election, Eltham 2015.
DAVID FURNESS (BNP) Computer programmer. Contested Ealing North 2010, Feltham and Heston 2011 by-election, London 2014 European election
GEORGE GALLOWAY (Respect) Born 1954, Dundee. Educated at Harris Academy. MP for Glasgow Hillhead 1987-1997, MP for Glasgow Kelvin 1997-2005, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow 2005-2010, MP for Bradford West 2012-2015. A flamboyant left-winger, talented orator and outspoken critic of Tony Blair and George W Bush, long involved in Palestinian and Arab causes. He opposed the 1991 Gulf war and travelled to Iraq several times, meeting both Saddam Hussein and Tariq Aziz and in 1998 founded a charity to campaign against sanctions on Iraq. He opposed the Iraq War and in 2003 was expelled from the Labour party for making comments encouraging British troops to refuse to obey illegal orders, he subsequently helped found the Respect party. He was elected in Bethnal Green and Bow in 2005 on a pledge to serve only one term, in 2010 he contested the neighbouring seat but lost. He returned again in the 2012 Bradford West by-election, winning on a huge swing but losing the seat at he following election.
PAUL GOLDING (Britain First) Sevenoaks councillor 2009-2011. Contested Sevenoaks 2010 for the BNP, Wales 2014 European elections for Britain First
LEE HARRIS (CISTA) Born South Africa. Owner of a headshop.
SOPHIE WALKER (Womens Equality) Born 1971, Scotland. Educated at City University. Journalist
JOHN ZYLINKSKI (Independent) Born 1951, Lewisham. Property developer.
ANKIT LOVE (One Love) Educated at Bishop Cotton School and American Community School, Cobham. Artist and filmmaker

2012 Election
Boris Johnson (Conservative) 971931 44.0% (+0.8%)
Ken Livingstone (Labour) 889918 40.3% (+3.3%)
Jenny Jones (Green) 98913 4.5% (+1.3%)
Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrat) 91774 4.2% (-5.6%)
Siobhan Benita (Independent) 83914 3.8% (n/a)
Lawrence Webb (Fresh Choice for London) 43274 2.0% (+1.1%)
Carlos Cortiglia (BNP) 28751 1.3% (-1.6%)
MAJORITY 82013 3.7% (-1.5%)
Turnout 38.1% (-7.2%)
Boris Johnson (Conservative) 1054811 51.5% (-1.7%)
Ken Livingstone (Labour) 992273 48.5% (+1.7%)
MAJORITY 62538 3.0% (-3.4%)
Boris Johnson (Conservative) born 1964, New York, USA. Son of Stanley Johnson, former MEP, and brother of Jo Johnson, MP for Orpington. Educated at Eton and Oxford, a contemporary of David Cameron. Author, television presenter and journalist. Worked as a columnist on the Daily Telegraph and as editor of The Spectator. Instantly recognisable by his dishevelled appearance, blond thatch of hair and bumbling public-schoolboy mannerisms, he has become a media celebrity through appearances on Have I Got News For You and tendency to make gaffes. As shadow minister for arts under Michael Howard he survived being made to publically apologise to Liverpool over an editoral in the Spectator that accused them of wallowing in victimhood, but not the revelation (that he had previously described as "an inverted pyramid of piffle") that he had been conducting an affair with Petronella Wyatt. MP for Henley 2001-2008. Shadow minister for higher education 2005-2007. Mayor of London since 2008.
Ken Livingstone (Labour) born 1945, Lambeth. Educated at Tulse Hill Comprehensive and then trained as a teacher. Former Lambeth and Camden councillor. GLC member for Norwood from 1973-1977. GLC member for Hackney North and Stoke Newington 1977-1981. GLC member for Paddington 1981-1986. Contested Parliamentary seat in Hampstead 1979. Contested leadership of the Labour group on the GLC in 1980, losing to Andrew McIntosh. The day after Labour's victory in the GLC elections of 1981 he successfully challenged McIntosh to become the leader of the GLC. Livingstone led a left-wing populist regime in County Hall with a tendency toward symbolic acts of defiance towards the Conservative government it faced across the Thames. Livingstone's policy of subsidised public transport fares was struck down as unlawful, he declared London a nuclear free zone and extended an official invitation to Gerry Adams at a time when he was banned from the mainland. Livingstone resigned as leader and from the GLC in 1984 to fight a by-election on the issue of opposing the abolition of the GLC. Livingstone won the by-election, but the GLC was abolished at the end of 1986. Elected as MP for Brent East 1987. He served for two years on the Labour party NEC, but wa largely a marginal figure as an MP, appearing on TV game shows and writing newspaper columns. Following the establishment of an elected London mayor Livingstone was keen to run and sought the Labour nomination, but was opposed by Tony Blair and lost Labour's electoral college vote to the former cabinet minister Frank Dobson. Livingstone subsequently ran as an Independent candidate and was expelled from the Labour party. Following his election as an independent mayor he was re-admitted to the Labour party in 2004 and re-elected as mayor in 2004. As mayor Livingstone has twice been investigated by the Standards Board of England, the first over allegations of a fight at a party, the second after he compared a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp guard. Livingstone was cleared of the first accusation, the second resulted in a four week suspension from the office, which was later overturned by the the High Court.
Jenny Jones (Green) Born 1949, Brighton. Educated at UCL. Former financial controller and archaeologist. Southwark councillor 2006-2010. Londonwide assembly member since 2000. Deputy mayor of London 2003-2004. Contested Dulwich and West Norwood 2005, Camberwell and Peckham 2010.
Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrat) born 1958, Balham. Educated at Bec Grammar School and Oxford University. A former police officer, he served as Police Commander for the borough of Lambeth from 2000-2002 and Deputy Assistant Commissioner from 2003-2007. During his time in charge of policing in Lambeth he pursued a softly-softly approach to drug use, not arresting or charging people for cannabis possession, and became known as one of the most senior openly gay police officers.
Siobhan Benita (Independent) born 1971, Wimbledon. Educated at the Ursuline High School and Warwick University. Former civil servant.
Lawrence Webb (UKIP) UKIP party organiser and former electrician. Contested Hornchurch 2005, London assembly list 2008, Hornchurch and Upminster 2010.
Carlos Cortiglia (BNP) Born Uruguay. Press officer and radio producer.
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  1. Expansion of Greater London
    Not really



    St Albans



    North Hertfordshire


    Welwyn and Hatfield

    South Bucks






    Three Rivers




    Epping Forest










    Parts of Mid Sussex (Excl Haywards Heath)

    Parts of Wealden (Forest Row, East Grinstead).



    All of Surrey except Waverley, and Surrey Heath

    Unitaries created for Haywards Heath, Waverley & Surrey Heath (together) and North Herts Rural, Maidenhead.


    Comedian Russell Brand is considering running as London Mayor. The controversial comic has told close friends he wants to succeed Boris Johnson when the Tory Mayor’s second term ends in 2016. Essex-born Brand would stand for the mayoralty on an independent ‘anti-politics’ ticket.

    Taken from the Daily Mail.

    If Russell Brand ran for Mayor, I think he would win with a landslide.

  3. Meaning no offence, D.Alex, the more of your posts I see the more I have a funny gut feeling you’re posting from a different dimension zone to the one I’m in and have been hooked up to our parallel reality by a rogue Time Lord or something.

    Which is to say, Russell Brand would probably do better in London than anywhere else in the UK, but especially in a preference or run-off vote where the real struggle is known to be Lab VS Con, there’s no way he’d make significant headway.

  4. Lab vs con isnt really a choice is it?
    If 56% of people that didnt vote in rochester in 2010 are going UKIP then Russel Brand is a better recepticle for those sorts of pepple

  5. Are there honestly enough people in London that know so little about Brand that they might mistakenly vote for him and save his deposit?

    And surely there can’t be enough warped people in London to get him within a shot of winning.

  6. So it’s not right for people to vote, unless they vote for him. Moron.

  7. Between this and his incoherent, stupid Newsnight interview, any respect I may have had for Brand is rapidly evaporating. This is grandstanding nonsense and I wouldn’t be surprised if this revolutionary stuff has all been one meta-joke about the ease of firing up the young and impressionable.

  8. The mistake you made there Mr Nameless was in having any respect for him in the first place. The man is neither well educated nor does he have any breadth of life experience. In politics you can survive without one of those qualities, but the absence of both is fatal. He’s one of those people who are outwardly confident largely because they don’t know enough to know how little they know.

    To return this thread to considering those who might actually win the next mayoral election, whoever wins the Labour candidacy will be a short priced favourite. The only Tory I could see having a good chance would be Zac Goldsmith.

  9. Make no mistake, respect only extended as far as thinking he was occasionally amusing.

  10. Russell Brand doesn’t speak for anyone aside from a few wasters, anarchists and some students (not all of them, just the stupid ones).

  11. What’s funny is that even among left wing journalists like Polly Toynbee and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (both of whom I usually I can’t stand), they’ve not bought into the shallowness of Brand’s “revolution”. One of the few things I agree with them about.

  12. Brand’s “revolution” feels if anything more insidious to those on the left, I think, because he’s so unbelievably unaware of how much of a privileged position he has to expound views which will in turn encourage people to ignore the only chance they actually have of implementing societal change.

  13. I watched Brand’s interview on Newsnight (or at least as much as I could stomach) and it was embarrassing.

    Neil’s comment about left-wing commentators is interesting – Robert Webb wrote a piece in the New Statesman a few months ago criticising Brand for encouraging people not to vote, so it seems that across the board people aren’t falling for his idiocy.

  14. Interesting that James Cleverley AM is now on the shortlist for the Bury St Edmunds Parliamentary selection. If he’s chosen as the candidate, it removes the most credible potential Tory Mayoral candidate with GLA experience.

  15. RE: Kieren & “no education, no life experience”

    That’s the kind if attitude which gives Greens, UKIP & anyone but Tories, Labour, LibDems the vote. Nobody in the real world thinks that a PPE from Oxford is the sort of material we wish to run our country. We have had enough of millionaires telling everyone what they should think. That isn’t life experience! That sort of attitude someone like Russell brand would feast upon.

  16. D.Alex, merely suggesting that those who aspire to elected office should have some decent level of education and/or life experience cannot fairly be said to equate to supporting government by Oxbridge PPE alumni.

    There are huge number of ways in which those requirements could be fulfilled without setting foot anywhere near an Oxbridge college. You however chose to interpret my remarks in a way that would allow you to launch into a comment massaging your self image as supporting the Davids against the Golliaths of established political power.

  17. On a very very good day, Russell Brand might get 5-10% of the vote. That’s the upper limit of the hipster vote in London, if they turn out.

    It’s a given that he would have zero traction with the 35% or so natural Tory/UKIP vote in London, so to make any headway beyond this he would need to eat into Labour’s core ethnic vote.

    To say the least, I can’t see a white anarchist druggy womaniser doing very well with the black churchgoers or the muslims.

  18. If Boris Johnson does become the next Conservative Leader against a Labour or Labour minority/coalition government would this have a positive effect on the 2018 local elections from a Conservative perspective.

    The only thing is the demographics of Greater London going in Labours favour.

    The only possible council gain I can foresee would be

    1. Hammersmith and Fulham – no1 target
    2. Harrow
    3. Croydon
    4. Redbridge


    5. Sutton


    6. Ealing

  19. Zac Goldsmith to pitch for the Tory Mayoral Candidacy:

    As I said above, I feel he’s the only Tory who can win London.

  20. His best hope is for Jowell to win Labour’s candidacy and run a campaign contrasting his squeaky clean image with her (ex?)husband’s murky Italian dealings. I’ve often wondered why the Tories haven’t gone after Jowell previously, most likely they have been keeping their powder dry. Khan would also be a very good opponent for a half decent Tory to rip into – a terrible public speaker and all kinds of dubious links with Islamic organisations. Seems like Lammy and Abbott stand little chance.

  21. Tessa Jowell and Mills are still married, I believe. They separated when the heat was on, but…

  22. what links does Khan have with dubious Islamic organizations? l’ve never heard anything about that. l don’t agree that David Lammy has no chance.

  23. Guido Fawkes ran some stories IIRC….admittedly not the most unbiased source.

    On a related note, did anyone see the documentary on the Met yesterday? The footage of a ranting Lee Jasper was a sight for sore eyes. Is he still in the Labour party?

  24. “l don’t agree that David Lammy has no chance.”

    I find myself agreeing with quite a lot of what he says but, for whatever reason, it seems he isn’t very popular in the party despite having been a rising star 15 years ago.

  25. Barnaby – I think Khan visited a guy (on remand?) in jail who turned out to be an extremist. But there’ve been a few stories.

    Certainly not what you want in your Justice spokesman.

  26. l’m not aware that Lee Jasper has ever been a Labour Party member, despite his links with Ken Livingstone & other Labour figures. Of course, l could be wrong.
    Khan visited a guy who turned out to be an extremist isn’t the same as having links with dubious organizations, if l may make so bold.

  27. He didn’t just visit him, I think they were friends. There were other stories as well. Though as I said, Guido was the main source of them, and we are perhaps treading on some dodgy ground legally here.

    What I do wonder is whether a Muslim candidate is likely to do badly with the black selectorate and vice versa, by default leading to Jowell winning the nomination. That seems to happen in a fair few Labour selections in inner city seats these days.

  28. “l’m not aware that Lee Jasper has ever been a Labour Party member, despite his links with Ken Livingstone & other Labour figures.”

    He led one of the efforts to deselect Kate Hoey and reportedly wanted to be MP for Vauxhall himself so he must have been a member….this was some years ago however, 2008-9 I think.

  29. Labour’s motley crew for this election remind me of the type of candidates that the Democrats used to dredge up for New York city primaries… with the result that a Democrat masquerading as a Republican (Michael Bloomberg) won it and could have stayed there for life..

    In fact in some ways Goldsmith seems like a younger version of Bloomberg..

    The references to the ethnic affiliations of the labour runners also is sooooo NY… with the result that you pick one and it leaves another constituency disgruntled…

  30. ”What I do wonder is whether a Muslim candidate is likely to do badly with the black selectorate and vice versa, by default leading to Jowell winning the nomination. That seems to happen in a fair few Labour selections in inner city seats these days.”

    I heard something like that happened in Walthamstow in the selection for the Labour candidate for 2010 hence Creasy won.

  31. To my mind, Jowell is the only Labour candidate who can put up a decent fight. The Conservatives could certainly bring up the stuff about her husband, but being a Blairite possibly makes her less prone to attacks which more left wing candidates would face.

  32. ”I’ve often wondered why the Tories haven’t gone after Jowell previously, most likely they have been keeping their powder dry.”

    H.Hemmelig, I’ve heard Jowell is well-liked across the political spectrum as she is from what I heard (I’ve never met her) a very nice and down-to-earth woman. Maybe that’s why the Tories haven’t exploited her flaws.

  33. Crikey when did someone being ‘nice’ ever insulate them from political attacks???

  34. ”Crikey when did someone being ‘nice’ ever insulate them from political attacks???”

    Runnymede – Not just nice but hugely respected too across all parties too.

  35. Antiochian

    The Bloomberg analogy is a very good one….to some extent it applies to Boris as well, who despite being hated by the Guardian has basically governed as a centrist metropolitan liberal.

  36. Boris surely lacks leadership qualities?

  37. “What I do wonder is whether a Muslim candidate is likely to do badly with the black selectorate and vice versa, by default leading to Jowell winning the nomination. That seems to happen in a fair few Labour selections in inner city seats these days.”
    I heard something like that happened in Walthamstow in the selection for the Labour candidate for 2010 hence Creasy won.”

    Looking back at the transfers in Walthamstow, it wasn’t much of a problem. Especially because both black women didn’t get many votes (Jan Etienne 5 and Dora Dixon Fyle 10 first preferences). When Hena Ansari was eliminated, her votes split 28 to Creasy and 20 to Farmida Bi.

    However, IIRC, the transfers pattern was more evident in Leyton selection. When the black candidate was eliminated, almost all the transfers moved to John Cryer rather than to Asian candidate.

  38. Labour official shortlist

    Diane Abbott
    Tessa Jowell
    Sadiq Khan
    David Lammy
    Gareth Thomas
    Christian Wolmar

    The shortlisting committee (made up by 3 NEC members and 3 members from London Regional Board) shortlisted all 6 who received the minimum 5 nominations from CLPs to advance to longlist stage.

    Total number of nominations per candidate (according to David Boothroyd’s tally) was

    Jowell 63
    Khan 40
    Lammy 15
    Abbott 8
    Wolmar 6
    Thomas 6
    rest 0

    Each CLP could make 2 nominations. If they decided to make only 1 nom, that nominations must be for a woman. Therefore the first vote was always Jowell vs Abbott. So Jowell and Khan didn’t really compete against each other at this stage apart in the 6 CLPs where Abbott outvoted Jowell for the first nom.

    Dulwich CLP decided not to make the second nomination.

  39. who?

  40. ”who?”

    Some bird! Geddit! Hahaha!

    *I’ll get my coat 🙂

  41. In all likelihood Pidgeon will lose her assembly seat to the Greens.

    The Lib Dems might try a household name to try to make their hammering slightly less bad….Simon Hughes perhaps.

  42. From the way I see it, it’s almost certain that the Tories will pick Goldsmith and he will go on to be London Mayor, regardless of the Labour candidate

    I wonder what odds I’d currently get on that?

  43. The way I see it, anything short of a win for the London Mayoralty next year would be a disaster for Labour.The swing they require (1.53%) is less than that Ken achieved against Boris (1.65%) in 2012.

    Is there any particular reason to suppose electoral gravity could be defied, especially when there is more emphasis on the candidates than the parties they represent?

  44. I trust that Abbott won’t be selected. Khan would go down like a lead balloon (his own seat is far from secure, perhaps he’s better off fighting it in 2020) and I’m not sure know about Lammy. Tessa Jowell is perhaps their best hope but given the buzz around Goldsmith, this won’t be a walk in the park for her if she gets selected as candidate.

  45. …As for the others, Gareth Thomas doesn’t stand a chance to get the nomination and it’s going to be Christian Woolmar.

  46. Sorry: NOT going to be Christian Woolmar.

  47. *Wolmar. Bloody typos.

  48. I think Zac Goldsmith may have what it takes to defy political gravity in the same way that Boris did, especially if Labour chooses a less than impressive candidate.

  49. Its interesting to also consider the increasing Europeanisation of London. Loosey-goosey numbers are thrown about regarding the different nationalities represented (which rarely seem to add up) like the 250,000 French or half a million South Africans.

    In any case collectively the difference between national electoral rolls and the broader local government rolls must be widening by the day… How many euro-voters does London have now? Would it top a million? The candidate that can cultivate (and get registered) that group should have a mighty advantage.

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