Liverpool, West Derby

2015 Result:
Conservative: 2710 (6.6%)
Labour: 30842 (75.2%)
Lib Dem: 959 (2.3%)
Green: 996 (2.4%)
UKIP: 3475 (8.5%)
Liberal: 2049 (5%)
MAJORITY: 27367 (66.7%)

Category: Ultra-safe Labour seat

Geography: North West, Merseyside. Part of the Liverpool council area.

Main population centres: Liverpool.

Profile: Liverpool is the once great port city of the north west, sunk deep in economic deprivation yet ever proud of its art, music and culture. This seat covers the west of Liverpool, consisting of the West Derby, Norris Green, Knotty Ash, Tuebrook and Croxteth areas. The outlying parts of the seat, the large housing estates of Norris Green and Croxteth both suffer from problems of gangs and violence and the constituency suffers from high levels of people on unemployment or sickness benefits.

Politics: Liverpool is dominated by the Labour party, they have easily won all the Parliamentary seats here since the abolition of the Liberal Democrat held Liverpool Mossley Hill in 1997. Liverpool West Derby is an unusual seat as one of the last holdouts of the old continuing Liberal party, those who rejected the merger with the SDP in 1989. The Liberal party strength in concentrated in the Tuebrook and Stoneycroft ward, represented by the paty`s president Steve Radford who has contested the last four elections for the party and managed to come second in 1997 and 2001. This is, however, as much a symptom of Liberal Democrat and Conservative weakness here than of a huge amount of Liberal support - the Labour party here are utterly, overwhelmingly dominant at a Parliamentary level..

Current MP
STEPHEN TWIGG (Labour) Born 1966, Enfield. Educated at Southgate School and Oxford University. Former general secretary of the Fabian Society. Islington councillor 1992-1997. MP for Enfield Southgate 1997-2005. First elected as MP for Liverpool West Derby in 2010. junior minister privy council office 2001-2002, education 2002-2004, Minister of State for Education 2004-2005. Shadow Education Secretary 2011-2013.
Past Results
Con: 3311 (9%)
Lab: 22953 (64%)
LDem: 4486 (13%)
UKIP: 1093 (3%)
Oth: 3941 (11%)
MAJ: 18467 (52%)
Con: 2567 (8%)
Lab: 19140 (63%)
LDem: 3915 (13%)
UKIP: 538 (2%)
Oth: 4304 (14%)
MAJ: 14836 (49%)
Con: 2486 (8%)
Lab: 20454 (66%)
LDem: 3366 (11%)
Oth: 4601 (15%)
MAJ: 15853 (51%)
Con: 3656 (9%)
Lab: 30002 (71%)
LDem: 3805 (9%)
Oth: 4037 (10%)
MAJ: 25965 (62%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005, name changed from Liverpool, West Derby

2015 Candidates
ED MCRANDAL (Conservative)
STEPHEN TWIGG (Labour) See above.
PAUL TWIGGER (Liberal Democrat) Former Liverpool councillor. Contested Liverpool West Derby 2010.
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  1. Again, as with Byrne, not surprising that Stephen Twigg has been relieved of his duties as Shadow Education Secretary. Most feel that Gove will now get more of a run for his money.

  2. LAB HOLD MAJ : 57%
    LAB 66
    LIB 10
    LD 9
    CON 8
    UKIP 5
    GRN 1
    OTH 1

  3. *MAJ: 56%

  4. My former colleague’s family received a leaflet from the Patriotic Socialist Party, here. From their website and Facebook pages they appear to be a brand new outfit: January 2014. Does anyone know much about them? Their leader would appear to be an ex Green and ran the United Peoples Party.

  5. Nutters

  6. Sounds like just another left wing fringe party to me. Surprised they’re even handing out leaflets to be honest.

  7. They have delusions of grandeur. Head nutter posted for a while on but got mostly derided (that’s before he gave up on the UPP). Think he was originally a tory.

  8. Patriotic Socialist sounds more like an ultra-right group. It isn’t a million miles away from the term National Socialist is it.

  9. He came and went from vote-2012 too, once we had grown tired to hearing his promotional fluff.

  10. Oh. vote-talk and vote-2012 are the same thing! I had no idea…..!

  11. I see that more people now rent privately than from a council or housing association. 4m to 3.7m. The % of owner occupiers fell again to 65%, the lowest level since 1988. Although owner occupation increased in several areas including this seat, where an old outer council estate was demolished and replaced by private dwellings.

  12. Barnaby – my impression is that it sort of bridges the gap between the far-left economics and UKIP type social beliefs (rather than BNP type).

  13. Liverpool stands out as always after nominations closed. The lowest ever number of LibDem candidates at 18 out of 30
    wards, including none in Croxteth Park which they held til 2011. The first ever full slate by the Liberal Party seems suspect, particularly as as in previous years Cllr Radford apparently collected all signatures personally. A record high of 19 UKIP candidates. Here in West Derby ward the 3 former LibDem Cllrs for the ward are standing for UKIP, Liberals & the LibDems against each other! Elsewhere, Wigan Real Labour sounds interesting as does the Motorcycle Alliance.

  14. PS Re the above Patriotic Socialist Party, I can’t see them listed in any Merseyside seats, although there are a few Independents and No Description in Knowsley, Sefton etc. Tameside, Kirklees seem to be the nearest places where they’re standing.

  15. Last night’s Liverpool Echo front page: “I Don’t Have Sex Slave in Cellar” Cllr Steve Radford, Liberal Group Leader (responding to accusation by Labour that his candidate is his gimp). Who said politics was dull?

  16. Surely one of the few constituencies in which the Conservatives may place fifth. I predict:

    Labour: 68%
    Liberal: 8%
    Liberal Democrat: 8%
    UKIP: 7%
    Conservative: 6%
    Others: 3%

  17. Perhaps I should add, one of the few English constituncies.

  18. I am not sure why a full liberal slate looks ‘suspect’ or in what way, but there is nothing suspect about it. The party has been contesting almost all wards for years now – certainly in the mid – high twenties out of 30. Also, contrary to the suggestion Radford does not collect all the signatures personally, as my feet will confirm!!!

  19. There is no apparent in collecting signatures- The Liberal Party has normally fielded 25 plus candidates-with increasing supporters we have no problem unlike the electors Party in getting candidates and signatures. The Lib ems are only fielding 18 candidates and we are now fielding 30

  20. What is more than apparent is that the Lib ems have been incapable of ffinding candidates and /or ten signatures for several years in working class wards like Norris Green, Kirkdale Tuebrook and Everton but now even in seats they held until recent in Croxteth, Anfield and Belle Vale.

  21. Princes park and county

  22. Lpool Liberal and/or Cllr Radford – it’s suspect as it has never been achieved before and so it was reasonable to wonder whether third parties helped with this process to aid their aims. Remember of course that a decade ago then Labour Cllr Oliver Martins was questioned by police for distributing Liberal Party leaflets to take votes away from the LibDems. To those outside Liverpool, I should add in all fairness that LibDem Cllr Steve Hurst was caught delivering a bogus TUSC leaflet in the same ward more recently to take votes away from Liverpool and he was prosecuted. As I said, Liverpool politics is seldom dull!

  23. Labour councillor for Croxteth, Peter Mitchell, has called for Ed Miliband to consider his position after posing with a copy of the Sun newspaper:

  24. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Is it compulsory to speak inane rubbish to be a Merseyside politician? Its 25 years ago FFS and they have apologised.

    Is he seriously suggesting that this in an event to topple the leader of the opposition?

  25. People on Liverpool absolutely HATE The Sun Joe R. I do as well, and I don’t even technically live in the city, being in Sefton as I am. It’s most of Merseyside actually. It is a fact that we will never ever forgive them for what they did, how would you feel if that had been your city’s football team supporters being described in that way?

  26. I wouldn’t really think about it this far in the future. I was 6 months old when the disaster happened. You were not even born. Its pointlessly directed anger that doesn’t help anyone.

  27. The fact I wasn’t even born doesn’t even remotely come into it. It’s not that easy to forgive sometimes, especially when there were a lot of families lost their loved ones. Try asking them what they think about The Sun and they’ll say what I said, except you can understand exactly why they do hate the paper. I don’t know what you think about Liverpool Joe but I’m actually from there technically (I was born there and I live not far from there).

  28. The fact of the matter is, anyway, that what the councillor said was not ‘inane rubbish’. He has a right to speak for his electors and for the city of Liverpool, is that allowed?

  29. Yes, it is allowed to speak your mind, even if it is inane rubbish.

    What the Sun did was deeply wrong – saying that isn’t inane rubbish.

    Calling on your leader to resign because he is pictured with the same newspaper 25 years later in a story cheering on the national team in a totally unrelated story following several apologies from said paper is totally and utterly ludicrous. I can say that without insulting Liverpool in any way.

  30. But that’s just what you think, there will be others who will think that what he said was justified. It’s his party leader at the end of the day, and he’s going to feel upset that his party is associated with The Sun at all, which is understandable.

  31. Utterly pathetic behaviour from the two councillors above – we cannot end up with a society whereby every individual has to consider every action they take in the context of whether it could possibly offend a small group of individuals, particularly when that event was a quarter of a century ago.

    Joe R is spot on.

  32. Channel 4 News — the mayor of Liverpool has issued a statement saying that Ed Miliband has insulted every person in the city by posing for the photo.

  33. I was about to say re the above, that Mayor Anderson’s statement was even stronger than the Cllr’s. I hear 2 City Cllrs have now resigned from Labour and more may do. That makes 3 Ind Lab City Cllrs. Although I add the caveat that Martin Cummins is known for being awkward and has resigned the Whip previously, before being deselected over a decade ago. He returned recently. Labour dominance was always going to give rise to breakaway groups here. The Results is correct in how widespread feelings are, however.

  34. There are many legitimate reasons why someone could consider resigning from the Labour Party. I don’t think this is a very good reason. This was an action of the leader, not the party as a whole.

  35. As I said on the Doncaster North thread, quite apart from the fact I don’t dismiss Liverpool’s anger as readily as some of you seem to, what gets me is it’s not like this photo had any upsides for Ed! I would not have considered it justified even if there were advantages to it, but there are none anyway. How many voters are suddenly going to be turned by Ed grinning with a Sun newspaper? None.

    If he wanted to show his support for the England team, there were a hundred different ways he could have done it without being divisive. Instead, for zero gain, he’s pissed off Liverpool. At a time when old party allegiances are in flux, that was not a great call.

  36. I agree with what Van Fleet said. I don’t think those of you who don’t live here understand the anger people feel. I am an Everton supporter but I and just about everyone else here knows someone who was there on the day or who was affected.

    Given that this sort of stunt never does any good, its best just not to do them

  37. Perhaps the Greens will gain Liverpool Riverside after all or the Liberals may feel confident to venture beyond their Truebrook political bunker.

  38. ‘Given that this sort of stunt never does any good, its best just not to do them’

    Words that politicians should live by!

  39. Mike H & VanFleet are right. I was amused that no-one seems bothered that Clegg did the same, as they’re already at a rock bottom 6% in national polls and in Merseyside. Although Lord Storey has called on Clegg to apologise.

  40. Any chance of UKIP coming second in terms of votes in the general election in Liverpool?

  41. Might be a shot for the Continuity Liberals to take second here if some LDs switch over?

  42. I think they’re bound to get second. The Tories & LDs are far too weak to have any impact in the seat now especially in current circumstances. They were second in 2001 too, when Steve Radford was (as subsequently) the candidate.

  43. I’m actually surprised the Liberal Party hasn’t done better out of the LD collapse. Suppose it’s too small to achieve critical mass.

  44. I’m sure they can leapfrog the Lib Dems next year and finish second. But in Liverpool Labour is the overwhelming beneficiary of the Lib Dem slump.

  45. Mr Nameless – the Liberal brand was damaged in many Lpool voters’ minds as with Clegg. As the Liberals aren’t known in almost 25 of the 30 wards in Liverpool. That’s why the Liberals were behind UKIP, the Greens and Tories in Lpool last month. Neil – Labour has simply got its vote out since around 2007, unlike in the ’90s. But even so they still ‘only’ polled 58% in Lpool last month contrary to what outsiders may think and the anti-Labour vote went to UKIP and the Greens. Re this seat, I suspect the only reason the LDs managed 2nd place is because their PPC was named Twigg. Indeed they didn’t even stand in a couple of the wards on the same day.

  46. Lancs Observer is mistaken.. the LiBdem Voice forum is burning with excoriations of the Clegg photo-op with the Sun… most worse than the critiques of Milliband..

    Having seen both, Nick C looks lost and pathetic while Ed looks like the character Crazy Eyes on the series Orange is the new Black..

  47. I rarely agree with Antiochian but I think his second paragraph is spot on!

  48. “I’m actually surprised the Liberal Party hasn’t done better out of the LD collapse. Suppose it’s too small to achieve critical mass.”

    In Tuebrook they are clearly known by their electors as having nothing to do with the Lib Dems. Their problem with fielding candidates in other Liverpool Wards is that votes less familiar with them may still equate them with the Lib Dems (although they are not).

    I think that the Liberals could seek to take wards next door to Tuebrook an in many respects they should focus on Liverpool West Derby wards because they will be limited in man power and resources.

    Perhaps they feel that they tried to spread their resources then Tuebrook could become vulnerable.

    In saying that I am surprised that they did not pick up more Lib Dem defectors, particularly in wards where the first and second third had fallen massively to Labour and final third of Lib Dems councillors were waiting like lambs to the slaughter.

  49. Yes, and I find it very odd that Michael Meadowcroft joined the LDs, I am afraid to say that I lost all respect I had had for him when he did that. The defectors to the Liberal Party, inasmuch as they have happened at all, seem to have been from other parties.

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