Liverpool, Wavertree

2015 Result:
Conservative: 4098 (10%)
Labour: 28401 (69.3%)
Lib Dem: 2454 (6%)
Green: 2140 (5.2%)
UKIP: 3375 (8.2%)
TUSC: 362 (0.9%)
Independent: 144 (0.4%)
MAJORITY: 24303 (59.3%)

Category: Ultra-safe Labour seat

Geography: North West, Merseyside. Part of the Liverpool council area.

Main population centres: Liverpool.

Profile: Liverpool is the once great port city of the north west, sunk deep in economic deprivation yet ever proud of its art, music and culture. The Wavertree seat covers the south-western part of the city, stretching from run down, inner-city terraces towards the city centre out towards some of the more middle-class areas of the city.

Politics: Liverpool is dominated by the Labour party, they have easily won all the Parliamentary seats here since the abolition of the Liberal Democrat held Liverpool Mossley Hill in 1997. Wavertree was the last seat held by the Conservatives, lost in 1983. More recently Wavertree become one of the better targets for the Liberal Democrats, who Liverpool`s middle class voters have increasingly turned to rather than the Conservatives, but their support collapsed following the creation of the coalition.

Current MP
LUCIANA BERGER (Labour) Born 1981, London. Educated at Birmingham University. First elected as MP for Liverpool Wavertree in 2010. Shadow Minister for Mental Health since 2015.
Past Results
Con: 2830 (7%)
Lab: 20132 (53%)
LDem: 12965 (34%)
UKIP: 890 (2%)
Oth: 1097 (3%)
MAJ: 7167 (19%)
Con: 2331 (7%)
Lab: 18441 (52%)
LDem: 13268 (38%)
UKIP: 660 (2%)
Oth: 471 (1%)
MAJ: 5173 (15%)
Con: 3091 (10%)
Lab: 20155 (63%)
LDem: 7836 (24%)
UKIP: 348 (1%)
Oth: 708 (2%)
MAJ: 12319 (38%)
Con: 4944 (11%)
Lab: 29592 (64%)
LDem: 9891 (22%)
Oth: 915 (2%)
MAJ: 19701 (43%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005, name changed from Liverpool, Wavertree

2015 Candidates
JAMES PEARSON (Conservative)
LUCIANA BERGER (Labour) See above.
LEO EVANS (Liberal Democrat) Educated at University of Liverpool. Student.
PETER CRANIE (Green) Born Scotland. Educated at Keele University. Lecturer. Contested Liverpool Riverside 2005, West Lancashire 2010, North West region 2009, 2014 European elections.
NIAMH MCCARTHY (Independent)
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  1. Any sugegstions as to how Liverpool would have voted in 1983 on the 1979 boundaries?

    I imagine the seats would have had exactly the same winners.

  2. Generally not a popular MP, regarded as an over-promoted lightweight, and is now caught up in an internal Labour row, where she has been accused of bullying a young 20 year old councillor

    Whether this might make some think that there is a chance of another candidate, given that the initial selection is regarded as being questionable, is something to watch

  3. The letter she wrote to Cllr Morrison is well worth a read- I don’t personally think it casts her in a good light.

  4. Of course, we should also remember there are often two sides to every story.

  5. Two sides to every story. Luciana Berger was already in Liverpool before her selection and was working for that Blairite Jane Kennedy (probably why Mike doesn’t like) and because she apparently dated Tony Blair’s son and because she is the former director of Labour Friends of Israel. She is a young MP, trying to do her best but she won’t be getting promotion into the shadow cabinet and stay put as a shadow junior minister.

  6. Richard,

    I think Labour would just have gained the old Liverpool Garston (as much of its Conservative vote that went to Mossley Hill switch to the Liberals).

    Wavertree would have been a Conservative hold but the 6000 + 1979 maj would have been slashed.

    Liberals would have held Edge Hill and Toxteth and Kirkdale would have been interesting because the SDP MPs could have made more impact defending their own boundaries….but would still have been Labour Gains.

    Labour would have gained Liverpool Wavertree in 1987…and perhaps Edge Hill to because there would have been no Tory vote to keep Labour out.

  7. Haven’t you missed both also dating Sion Simon when she was after a seat and then Chuka Ummuna when hoping for a promotion?

    She’s not well liked in the city and it’s the sort of parachuting that most ordinary Labour people are fed up of. It isn’t the Mps role to run the local party or act as line manager for councillors!

  8. “it’s the sort of parachuting that most ordinary Labour people are fed up of.”

    They could have voted for somebody else if they were so fed up. But they didn’t and she beated Wendy Simon easily.

  9. Mike, are you implying that Luciana Berger is one of those MPs who prostitute themselves out to senior male colleagues in the hope of promotion? If you are then that is a bit below the belt, she is a very attractive young woman but to imply that she is having sex for power like some character out of The House of Cards is not only deeply rude but misogynistic at the very least. You should be ashamed.
    From what I know, Jake Morrison is a good councillor and we need more people like him in local politics however I do question his life experience. However, Berger won the selection fair and square and I bet if Mark Seddon went for that seat, you’d back him to the hilt. You are being disgracefully sexist, in my view. Not good behaviour from a Labour party member.

  10. i feel a bit sorry for councillor at 20 years old he more then likely still believe in freedom of speech and does not realize (talking about internal workings is still the fastest way to get the boot) he has most likely ended his labour party career.

  11. I have read much about how the pre-1983 Liverpool Wavertree was very different to the current.

    I don’t see it as being that much different. Conservatives would have lost both in 1987 although the Lib Dems may have come within 2000 – 3000 instead of 5000 – 6000 in 2010.

    Looking at the Times Map for the 1970 General Election the following (or parts of) current wards form the following 1955 – Feb 1974 constituency.

    Liverpool Edge Hill:

    Greenbank (Part)

    Liverpool Exchange:

    Princes Park

    Liverpool Garston:

    Allerton & Hunts Cross
    Belle Vale
    Church (Part)
    Mossley Hill (Part)

    Liverpool Kirkdale:

    Kensington & Fairfield
    Kirkdale (Part)

    Liverpool Scotland:

    Kirkdale (Part)

    Liverpool Toxteth:

    Greenbank (Part)
    Mossley Hill (Part)
    St Michaels

    Liverpool Walton:

    Clubmoor (Part)
    Fazakerley (Part)
    Norris Green (Part)

    Liverpool Wavertree:

    Church (Part)
    Knotty Ash (Part)
    Old Swan (Part)

    Liverpool West Derby:

    Clubmoor (Part)
    Fazakerley (Part)
    Norris Green (Part)
    Knotty Ash (Part)
    Old Swan (Part)
    Truebrook & Stoneycroft
    West Derby
    Yew Tree

  12. The aforementioned 20 year old councillor Jake Morrison has now resigned from the party and says he’ll stand against Berger at the next election (not that it will make much difference in a Liverpool seat)

  13. He should have bided his time and worked with like minds to undermine Berger from the inside.

    As Merseymike says, she has no shortage of enemies who would be happy to see her head flushed down the toilet.

    Why do sulking nobody councillors ever think they’ll get anywhere by standing as an independent in general elections? I sometimes think even minor politicians are born with enormous illusions of self-importance.

  14. Good grief he looks about 12.

    How does he think anyone’s going to vote for a face like that without a party label.

  15. Well, his council seat is up for election next year so will be interesting to see if he can defeat the new Labour candidate

  16. If people are really daft enough to vote for someone based on what they look like, then they deserve who they get!

  17. I wonder if that was the case here in 2010 to a certain extent. I was surprised by how well Berger did here.

  18. There were lots of noises made about a rival candidate but nothing came of it. The LibDem candidate was generally regarded as a wrong move and I think that didn’t help.
    Labour have recently shortened the time of the campaigns to become a candidate. Coinciding with that – a notable drop in the number of parachuted candidates who are allowed to , for example, stay in the house of the sitting MP, have access to full membership lists, or have resources that allow them to live in the constituency for many months

    I also wonder whether people can get ‘starstruck’ by a favoured candidate – again, I think recent selections have started to show a very different trend, and that can only be welcomed for those of us who want Labour to be Labour.

  19. Merseymike

    Don’t you agree however that the councillor has made a very stupid move.

    He could have bitten his tongue, grown up a bit and fought from the inside.

    Instead he’s made a fool of himself and will vanish into the wilderness.

  20. I think its always hard to work outside the parties.

    The councillor concerned is someone I know well, and I told him he had to make his own decision.

    Its difficult for me to say any more.

  21. I think he is very brave, and has stood up for what he believes in – I wouldn’t had the confidence to do what he did at his age (or even now!)

  22. Brave yes.

    My own advice would have been to focus on his education and career and come back to politics in 10 years’ time.

    Actually a lot of SPADs and MPs could do with that advice as well.

  23. That is very close to what I advised Jake, HH. And I have made it clear enough what I think about parachuted SPADs with no real life experience

    I am retaining my Labour party membership, but lets just say I am glad I am not in this constituency.

    And if Jake does stand as he intends, then left-of-centre voters can then make their choice. I certainly think that this has shown the Labour party in Liverpool very clearly that transparency is required and the voters do not like decisions being made behind closed doors

  24. I thought his seat comes up in 2015, not 2014.

    That article says he decapitated the Lib Dem leader – and that would be in 2011.

  25. AW – it will be interesting how many votes he can muster. Ind Cllrs who stood as PPCs in the area in 2015, only managed 500 – 850 votes (eg Wirral West, Ellesmere Port), although both were Ind ex Tories. Part of this seat polled 5,000 for Real Labour’s Terry Fields in 1992. But he was a well known sitting MP and the flats which were his power base have been demolished. The interesting aspect is that Lord Storey has pledged LibDem support for Jake by not contesting the seat in 2015. Matt – no, he is up for re-election in his ward of the same name in 2015, as JJB said.

  26. I neglected to mention that Jake’s ward Wavertree is interesting, as Warren Bradley polled a huge vote as an Independent last year, so his position may be vital, as may be the official Liberal Party, ie I can envisage Jake holding Wavertree ward, but not gaining the Parliamentary seat on the same day. Although since Galloway in Bradford who knows what could happen. Merseymike is correct in that I sense a backlash against non-locals in Liverpool politics. It struck me when I was a journalist there 8 years ago, that half City Cllrs and all the then Group Leaders were not Scousers.

  27. The elected mayor of Lpool, Joe Anderson has now banned all Labour City Cllrs from sending emails on the subject! (see Dale Street Blues site)

  28. Liverpool Lib Dems have confirmed that they will *not* be stepping aside for Morrison, and will be selecting shortly.

  29. Foregone Conclusion – do you have a name who said that? There’s been nothing since Lord Storey’s announcement.

  30. Liverpool City Cllr Louise Baldock has been selected as the Labour Co-Op PPC for Stockton South. I haven’t heard yet whether she intends to resign her Council seat, although she has pledged to live in Stockton.

  31. Lancs Observer – I’ve read that she intends to serve out her term in Liverpool. I cant imagine either electorate will be impressed with that decision

  32. I would have thought it would have been sensible in areas where there are elections by thirds to stand down at the successive local elections but is her seat that is up for election in 2014 so by resigning she would cause a stand alone by election anyway.

    I don’t see what the problem with Labour holding a stand alone by election, but by mid November she could resign her seat and the seat would remain vacant till May 2014 with no by election.

  33. I read a piece on a blog the other day about Left wing activists who had moved to Liverpool & Manchester. Merseymike, do you know if this is true? I’m not here referring to the parachuting of candidates, but rather Left wingers being attracted to Lpool due its culture or politics. I recall on the old site, others referring to plenty of Scouse Tories – just that they don’t live in Lpool. This depopulation would make sense with some moving to Wirral, Crosby, Yorkshire, South to avoid Hatton’s municipal madness. But I hadn’t considered an equal number on the Left being attracted. Though I do recall all of the then Group leaders on Lpool City Council (LD, Lab, Lib, Green) being non-Scousers around 2005. Is this a coincidence ie due to large public sector eg Uni lecturers and trade union HQs in Lpool?

  34. Louise is up for election next year and I can’t see the advantage of wasting money on a by-election. With big majority it’s not as if either the council nor frankly the winning party of any by election would change. If there’s strong local feeling I am sure she would stand aside but there isn’t.

    Yes. I think people with views like mine deliberately left my High Wycombe birthplace for the north. I didn’t like the social attitudes flown south and are much happier here

  35. A closer look at the result in Liverpool Edge Hill in 1979-
    Alton (Liberal)- 12, 701 (52.04%, +24.72%)
    Wareing (Labour)- 8, 453 (34.64%, -17.28%)
    Ward (Conservative)- 3, 098 (12.69%, -8.07%)
    Hawksley (National Front)- 152 (0.62%, N/A)

    Majority- 4, 248 (17.41%)
    Swing- +21.0% From Lab to Lib.

  36. A closer look at the result in Liverpool Mossley Hill in 1983- (Vote share changes are notional)
    Alton (Liberal)- 18, 845 (40.9%, +13.5%)
    Keefe (Conservative)- 14, 650 (31.8%, -13.4%)
    Snowden (Labour)- 12, 352 (26.8%, -0.2%)
    Erikson-Rohrer (National Front)- 212 (0.5%, N/A)

    Majority- 4, 195 (9.1%)
    Swing- +13.45% From Con to Lib.

  37. The 1979 result refers to the general election, not the by-election held just a few weeks before it, in which Alton beat Wareing by something like double the majority. Wareing of course is Bob Wareing, subsequently MP for Liverpool West Derby. The by-election was noteworthy for Ken Dodd campaigning for the Conservative candidate, obviously to no effect. I seem to remember that there was an independent Law & Order candidate in the by-election as well. I wish we could rerun the by-election now, as the result would be at least as thumping a win for Labour as it was for the Liberals back then, if not even more………

  38. To think what might have happened in Edge Hill and Mossley Hill had that by-election not happened…

    I wonder where the Liberals would have been in these seats?

  39. Barnaby – I hadn’t realised that, but it would make sense. When Lady Thatcher died, there was a tribute from Ken Dodd in the Liverpool Echo. I think the pic showed him campaigning in Liverpool Garston in 1979, which the Tories gained. He also did in the Euros that year, when the Tories gained Liverpool.

  40. His other known campaigning sortie was at the Crosby by-election in 1981. This too was a disaster for the Conservative Party, and I don’t think he’s had a visible role ever since.

  41. Haold Wilson was a big fan of Ken Dodd and referred to him as the ‘national comic’.

    Personally I found him annoying.

  42. Declaration of Liverpool Mossley Hill in 1992-

  43. That upload of the 1992 election is a bit clearer than mine, and also it’s not split up into 10 minute segments.

  44. Was Alton’s declaration televised because of his national prominence relating to his failed abortion bill, or because his seat was under threat from Labour or both?

  45. 95% because it was a top Labour target I think.

  46. Oh right thanks Andy that’s what I thought TBH.

  47. yes definitely right. We in the Labour Party were desperate to beat Alton & were very disappointed that we failed to do so. He was not a popular figure in Labour ranks at all, but probably became pretty unpopular even in LD ranks eventually too.

  48. Alton seemed to become more and more of a fanatical Catholic. Its well known that this didn’t exactly reflect how he was thought of when first a young councillor.

    Polly Toynbee wrote a very critical article about him in the context of his opposition to abortion despite it being widely thought that he was gay. She asked him and he wouldn’t answer one way or another. Within two months he had married…..

    Personally, I find him a sanctimonious creep but then I agree with very few of his moralistic stances

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