Liverpool, Walton

2015 Result:
Conservative: 1802 (4.7%)
Labour: 31222 (81.3%)
Lib Dem: 899 (2.3%)
Green: 956 (2.5%)
UKIP: 3445 (9%)
Independent: 56 (0.1%)
Others: 23 (0.1%)
MAJORITY: 27777 (72.3%)

Category: Ultra-safe Labour seat

Geography: North West, Merseyside. Part of the Liverpool council area.

Main population centres: Liverpool.

Profile: Liverpool is the once great port city of the north west, sunk deep in economic deprivation yet ever proud of its art, music and culture. Walton covers the northern part of the city, it includes both the major football stadiums of Liverpool (Anfield and Goodison Park) and the sitting MP Steve Rotheram has been vocal in his pursuit of the Hillsborough justice campaign. The constitueny also includes University Hospital Aintree and two prisons, HMP Liverpool and HMP Altcourse, the first private prison in the UK.

Politics: Liverpool is dominated by the Labour party, they have easily won all the Parliamentary seats here since the abolition of the Liberal Democrat held Liverpool Mossley Hill in 1997. At a local level the Liberal Democrats have had successes, and they have advanced in many of the Parliamentary seats, but not enough to pose a serious challenge. Since the formation of the coalition Liberal Democrat strength has also evaporated at a local level, leaving Labour`s hegemony here unchallenged. Walton was held by the Conservatives until 1964, but is now an utterly safe Labour seat.

Current MP
STEVE ROTHERAM (Labour) Born 1961, Anfield. Educated at Liverpool John Moores University. Former bricklayer and business manager. Contested Liverpool councillor 2002-2011. First elected as MP for Liverpool Walton in 2010.
Past Results
Con: 2241 (7%)
Lab: 24709 (72%)
LDem: 4891 (14%)
BNP: 1104 (3%)
Oth: 1390 (4%)
MAJ: 19818 (58%)
Con: 1655 (6%)
Lab: 20322 (73%)
LDem: 4365 (16%)
UKIP: 1108 (4%)
Oth: 480 (2%)
MAJ: 15957 (57%)
Con: 1726 (6%)
Lab: 22143 (78%)
LDem: 4147 (15%)
UKIP: 442 (2%)
MAJ: 17996 (63%)
Con: 2551 (6%)
Lab: 31516 (78%)
LDem: 4478 (11%)
Oth: 1042 (3%)
MAJ: 27038 (67%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005, name changed from Liverpool, Walton

2015 Candidates
NORSHEEN BHATTI (Conservative) Born 1976, Birmingham. Solicitor. Contested Brent East 2001, Battersea 2005 for the Liberal Democrats, Stoke on Trent Central 2010 for the Conservatives.
STEVE ROTHERAM (Labour) See above.
PAT MOLONEY (Liberal Democrat) Former Liverpool councillor. Contested Liverpool Walton 2010.
JONATHAN DZON (Pluralist Party)
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  1. I don’t think its been officially announced yet but Merseyside Momentum is going to endorse Rotherham.

  2. More CLPs male nominations

    Liverpool Riverside: Anderson
    Halton : Rotheram
    Weaver Vale: Rotheram
    St Helens North: Rotheram

    @Lancs Observer

    I don’t know. I haven’t seen the Wallasey figures

    In Walton it was 60 votes for Anderson to 26 for Rotherham. In Riverside only Anderson was proposed for nomination and therefore they didn’t even hold a vote as there was nobody to propose Rotheram.
    However Rotherham seems to do well outside Liverpool.

  3. Andrea
    Rotherham’s lack of an endorsement in Riverside is highly suspect but not very surprising. Word is that all those on the left of the CLP have essentially formed their own “CLP within the CLP” and don’t attend CLP meetings with the rest of the local party members instead meeting separately. Not at all helpful and I hope they rectify that situation soon and reconcile whatever differences have drove them apart.

  4. That’s interesting. John Mann asked where “Momentum and all of these Corbynistas” where, as they’re not canvassing or attending CLP meetings (in his view).

  5. Other CLP male nominations:

    St Helens South & Whiston CLP : Rotheram
    Bootle CLP: Anderson
    Knowsley CLP: Anderson
    West Derby: Anderson (Big Joe 35 votes, Luciana 25 Steve 6)
    Sefton Central: Rotheram
    Southport: Rotheram
    Wirral West: Rotheram (but Luciana topped the vote there; Anderson wasn’t proposed by anyone)


    a few months ago when they did the nominations for NEC elections, Riverside CLP nominated 5 from Left slate out of 6.

  6. Peter Kilfoyle (former MP here) is backing Steve Rotherham.

    More interestingly, he says Joe has failed the city – and the city’s economy has declined under his administration according to the ONS figures – and Luciana is not a serious contender for Metro Mayor.

  7. If Steve Rotherham does get selected, there will definitely be a by-election here I should think- I can imagine any number of Labour councillors in the city trying to get selected for this…

  8. *Steve Rotheram, of course.

  9. And it could also be somewhere for Chris Williamson ( Through Leigh is Burnham resigns is prehaps more likely) who is desperate to return to Parliament.

  10. Liverpool seems to be something of a Momentum hotbed… and they wouldn’t have to worry about losing defending a 72% majority – well, if they did lose it would be some kind of record! So you could well see a hard core Corbynista replacing Rotheram, who I think will almost certainly win the mayoral nomination (and inevitably the mayoral election itself).

  11. Speaking as a local I can tell you all that Walton is the most Corbyn friendly of the Liverpool CLP’s

  12. Also I don’t think Chris Williams will try to be parachuted into somewhere like Liverpool. He tried in Oldham W and came third out of four. Really he just needs to be patient. He could try and re-contest Derby N (he’d almost certainly get the nomination) but also I belive Beckett is retiring in 2020 so he could go for her much safer Derby South seat. Admittedly she may do what many MP’s have done and hold of retirement to stop Williams getting the seat in which case Bolsover is another option for him, not Derby but its Derbyshire so not too much of a parachute job and Skinner is on the record as wanting a mega lefty as his successor.

  13. I hope Labour is not serious about wanting Chris Williamson back he’s a right nasty piece of work so I hear and that’s from people of all political persuasions. While personal votes (positive and negative) are often overstated with a loss by 41 votes Labour probably would have held Derby North with a less offensive figure.

  14. Well i dont think many of the PLP like him but he is close to Corbyn and the others at the top.

  15. Chris Williamson just needs to realise he’s had his day. Doubt he can come back in Derby, let alone another city.

  16. It would be quite funny if Williamson stood in Derby South and lost again. Not entirely impossible in a landslide – Beckett only had a majority of 421 in 1983.

  17. If Williamson contested Derby South but lost it I’d openly admit he’s a liability. As is though I think the Derby N situation (like everywhere else were people talk about the huge effects of personal votes) is being overstated.

    Whatever your thoughts on the man (I for one don’t think he’s anything special) he was leader of Derby council so he’s unlikely to be a total dud.

    In fact many have pointed out that Derby is actually fairly unique in the UK for being the one former industrial city in the North/Midlands were the major industrial employers have remained largely intact preventing the suburban decline that has plagued most major cities in the North/Midlands. How much of that you want to attribute to the council is your call.

  18. Derby isn’t a “major city”, in terms of size or feel. It is merely an old railway town which had the foresight some decades ago to diversify. Though very close geographically it is totally incomparable with Nottingham, Sheffield or Leicester. If you are looking for a close comparator it would be somewhere like Swindon or Reading. I agree there are few if any close comparisons in the midlands or north. The key to Derby’s good fortune has been both Rolls Royce and the railway workshops deciding to maintain a major presence in the town, to some degree at the expense of other sites. Toyota is also a big local employer, though IIRC just outside the city boundaries in South Derbyshire. Edwina Currie took a lot of credit for attracting that investment in the early 90s.

  19. Rivers10 – sadly being a council leader doesn’t mean you are not a ‘total dud.’

    Quite the opposite is all too common, sadly and the numbers who are then selected as PPCs ‘to get rid of them’ is telling.

  20. Indeed, I’ve been told independently by two sources that, despite being a popular MP, the Lib Dem councillors were delighted to win Leeds NW in 2005 as they would be rid of Mulholland, who none of them could stand.

    As for this seat, nailed on Con gain in the by-election if Rotherham wins the mayoralty 😀

  21. Frankly the depth our media have sunk to recently I wouldn’t be surprised if they started biging up the idea Labour would lose this in a by-election, some mythical UKIP surge evidenced by speaking to one bloke on the street in Orrell…

  22. Rotherham has been selected to stand as Labour candidate in the Metro Mayor election

  23. Rotheram 2,029
    Anderson 1,641
    Berger 1,202

    Run off:
    Rotheram 2,670
    Anderson 2,042

  24. Actually a bit closer than I thought. Rotheram well under half the first preference vote. Though I doubt turnout was that high… some of the Corbynista members probably only care about the leadership election.

  25. Cut off date to vote here was being a member on 19th July 2015. I guess some Corbybistas joined later

  26. Oh yeah Jack I mean I’ve been a member for six years, a youth officer, candidate for council, but sure the only vote I care about is leadership elections.

  27. @Matt

    That wasn’t aimed at you! I was talking more about the post-2015 new members and may be wrong.

    Andrea’s info on the cut-off probably explains Rotheram not winning so comfortably.

  28. Turnout was actually 70 odd percent its as Andrea said the cut off date to vote was a very early 19th of July which will have massively disenfranchised many pro Corbyn members.

    Also this is why I generally refrain from making predictions, I predicted Anderson would come a distant third, shows what I know…

  29. The cut-off date made a big difference. As an example, in our local branch, at the time the candidates put themselves forward for nomination (about 4 months ago), we had just over 300 members. However, only 160 were eligible to participate in this selection process.

  30. Jack S – Turnout was apparently 72%

    As Labour membership is now low in Merseyside. But yes, the cut off was also a year ago.

  31. Tight by-election here, I don’t think!

  32. Corbyn might be able to persuade Ricky Tomlinson to stand as Labour candidate

  33. Ricky Tomlinson MP would be quite something. He is 76 but actually that’s about the perfect age for a shadow cabinet appointment these days.

  34. MP-R – I very much doubt that (85%+).

    By-elections are always an opportunity for voters to go elsewhere.

    I’d expect UKIP to come 2nd or an Indy.

    Even the LDs had a big swing to them in the last By-election here (when Labour was ahead nationally) so it’s possible they could come 2nd with an effort. Although that was in part down to the split in the local Labour Party over the expulsion of Militants.

    PS Amazed you’ve never heard of Ricky Tomlinson. I assume you’ve heard of The Royle Family?

  35. Yes, the Liberal Party have stood here several times, but not him – plus they tend to avoid By-elections (they haven’t stood in the last 6 in Liverpool in the Locals).

  36. Something for EcoWirral & Rivers10 to think about:

    23 comments when I last looked and of those 21 support the Benefits Cap.

    These must be the real working class HH spoke of, as opposed to Corbyn’s.

  37. Lancs
    The link you provided doesn’t work?

  38. Another ex Liverpool City Cllr has been jailed for abusing children. Richie Roberts was a LD Cllr for 20 years until recently and was today jailed for 15 years. He last stood for the Party last May.

    As well as finding 850,000 indecent images the former Cllr admitted abusing a vulnerable boy and attempting to procure a three-year-old. Undercover officers caught him in Manchester.

  39. Only just heard the rumour that George Galloway may be eyeing up this seat…

  40. Rumour from where? Eyeing it up as an independent (now that he closed down empty-husk Respect), or eyeing it up in terms of the much-wanted but surrrrrely impossible readmission to Labour?

    P.S. I wonder if Galloway & Carswell will ever have a chance meeting in [insert equivalent of a bar] and talk whistfully about the wonderful present-day leaders of their former parties, misty eyed, downward glances of regret.

  41. I’ve heard the same

  42. I think GG’s own tweets about Liverpool, as well as Labour Uncut ran a piece on it.

    Presumably as Respect or Ind.

    They’re not going to let another militant back in, especially not in the very seat where the trouble started.

    Although why anyone would want to be an MP for just 2 years or so is a bit odd (ie here or Stoke C etc)

    I suppose GG might want to go out on a win, but this is no Bradford.

  43. Galloway’s Brexit campaigning with Farage etc probably killed any chance of him being allowed back into Labour. Given the stick Hoey is getting on that front they’d be pretty hypocritical to let him back in. I can’t see what kind of vote base Respect could hope to get in Liverpool given that the far left will presumably be happy to support Corbyn’s Labour.

  44. True and that it is the least Asian (major) city in the UK.

  45. I can only see UKIP 2nd here, but the LDs might hold their deposit.

  46. The LDs are a busted flush in seats like this IMO. This isn’t 1991 again.

  47. I agree with that: I could see the Liberal Democrats coming second here but it’ll be a close fight against UKIP.

  48. how many constituencies in the country does the party in second place lose their deposit

  49. You only need 5% to save the deposit, so I doubt it has happened in the past 30 years. It must have happened pre-1985 when you needed 12.5%, though.

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