Liverpool, Walton

2015 Result:
Conservative: 1802 (4.7%)
Labour: 31222 (81.3%)
Lib Dem: 899 (2.3%)
Green: 956 (2.5%)
UKIP: 3445 (9%)
Independent: 56 (0.1%)
Others: 23 (0.1%)
MAJORITY: 27777 (72.3%)

Category: Ultra-safe Labour seat

Geography: North West, Merseyside. Part of the Liverpool council area.

Main population centres: Liverpool.

Profile: Liverpool is the once great port city of the north west, sunk deep in economic deprivation yet ever proud of its art, music and culture. Walton covers the northern part of the city, it includes both the major football stadiums of Liverpool (Anfield and Goodison Park) and the sitting MP Steve Rotheram has been vocal in his pursuit of the Hillsborough justice campaign. The constitueny also includes University Hospital Aintree and two prisons, HMP Liverpool and HMP Altcourse, the first private prison in the UK.

Politics: Liverpool is dominated by the Labour party, they have easily won all the Parliamentary seats here since the abolition of the Liberal Democrat held Liverpool Mossley Hill in 1997. At a local level the Liberal Democrats have had successes, and they have advanced in many of the Parliamentary seats, but not enough to pose a serious challenge. Since the formation of the coalition Liberal Democrat strength has also evaporated at a local level, leaving Labour`s hegemony here unchallenged. Walton was held by the Conservatives until 1964, but is now an utterly safe Labour seat.

Current MP
STEVE ROTHERAM (Labour) Born 1961, Anfield. Educated at Liverpool John Moores University. Former bricklayer and business manager. Contested Liverpool councillor 2002-2011. First elected as MP for Liverpool Walton in 2010.
Past Results
Con: 2241 (7%)
Lab: 24709 (72%)
LDem: 4891 (14%)
BNP: 1104 (3%)
Oth: 1390 (4%)
MAJ: 19818 (58%)
Con: 1655 (6%)
Lab: 20322 (73%)
LDem: 4365 (16%)
UKIP: 1108 (4%)
Oth: 480 (2%)
MAJ: 15957 (57%)
Con: 1726 (6%)
Lab: 22143 (78%)
LDem: 4147 (15%)
UKIP: 442 (2%)
MAJ: 17996 (63%)
Con: 2551 (6%)
Lab: 31516 (78%)
LDem: 4478 (11%)
Oth: 1042 (3%)
MAJ: 27038 (67%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005, name changed from Liverpool, Walton

2015 Candidates
NORSHEEN BHATTI (Conservative) Born 1976, Birmingham. Solicitor. Contested Brent East 2001, Battersea 2005 for the Liberal Democrats, Stoke on Trent Central 2010 for the Conservatives.
STEVE ROTHERAM (Labour) See above.
PAT MOLONEY (Liberal Democrat) Former Liverpool councillor. Contested Liverpool Walton 2010.
JONATHAN DZON (Pluralist Party)
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  1. Peter Kilfoyle held this seat relatively comfortably at the 1991 byelection, even though there was a swing of 13.05% to the Lib Dem candidate Paul Clark, veteran councillor in the city and later Lord Mayor. Also notable that night was the performance of the Militant Labour candidate as well as the unwanted record broken by Berkeley Greenwood, the Conservative candidate, of the lowest vote for any Conservative candidate at a byelection since universal suffrage. Ironically, come 1992 and normality was restored- the Lib Dems fell back compared to 1987, Kilfoyle massively increased his majority even compared to Heffer’s in 1987, and the Tories still managed second place and this time had no deposit nightmares- fast forward to the present and there’s a realistic possibility that they could lose it here in 2015.

  2. Declaration at about 7 mins, 50 secs:

  3. Is that St. George’s Hall or actually the University of Liverpool?

  4. I don’t know offhand, I’d have to do some detective work to find out.

  5. If I personally had to guess I would say given the banner in the background says ‘University of Liverpool Guild Of Students’ that the count just for this byelection came from the students’ union building, possibly at Mountford Hall, though I can’t say this for certain.

  6. LAB HOLD MAJ : 64%
    LAB 74
    LD 10
    UKIP 6
    CON 5
    OTH 4
    GRN 1

  7. I realise the law on the secrecy of the postal vote opening and so won’t state any numbers, but I’ve heard from a Labour Cllr that UKIP were doing better than they were expecting so far in several wards in the Locals, particularly as they haven’t contested many wards in Merseyside before. They’re clearly ahead of LibDems, Tories & Greens from what I hear. This could be due to the Europeans being on the same day, as well as Scouser Paul Nuttall’s media exposure here.

  8. Current prediction for 2015-
    Rotherham (Labour)- 75%
    UKIP- 12%
    Liberal Democrat- 5%
    Conservative- 4%
    Green- 2%
    Others- 2%

  9. Truly awful area, surely the sort Mr Farage could look at and gain some traction in the coming years.

  10. Can’t argue with the logic Ian, but the T-word will probably limit their potential here.

  11. UKIP came 2nd with 22% in a couple of wards here in May. It was the first time they’d stood in Fazakerley. There’s certainly a latent anti-Labour vote here, as the Tories polled 15% and 450 votes with a paper candidate in 2004 after not having stood in years and the BNP polled 20% and over 600 votes in 2008.

  12. Grassroots activity will be important if Labour are to stop UKIP getting a foothold, but my understanding is that Labour Party membership in Liverpool is particularly low.

  13. Those votes reflected more than anything else the total collapse of the LD vote in the city
    There has always been an anti-Labour vote, and at the moment its likely to go to UKIP.

  14. That’s true Merseymike ie the LibDems failed to even stand in May in a couple of wards which they held til 2011. Although Lpool in the locals has interested me ever since I was a journalist there. In 2000-2002, Labour lost in 31 of the 33 of the then wards in the city ie they went from 70 Cllrs down to 7 in just over a decade, but are now back up at a peak again of 80 out of 90.

  15. LAB: 62%
    UKIP: 21%
    CON: 4%
    LD: 4%
    GRN: 3%
    NHA: 3%
    TUSC: 2%
    OTH: 1%

  16. Labour’s vote down 10%? Seems a lot especially given that Steve Rotheram will be a first-time incumbent in 2015.

  17. I now expect to see Labour to lose a large chunk of their vote to UKIP in many of these monolithic Labour seats. I can’t imagine Labour doing much work on the ground here during the next 7 months either.

  18. Sorry, I added an extra ‘to’ into the first line there.

  19. I know this area fairly wellnalthough I am from Sefton myself but I’m still saddened by some of the comments made with regards to it, as well as with Birkenhead.

  20. I can’t see UKIP gaining anywhere near 21% here although it is an interesting question to how far they might go in what I suspect is an area Labour to the core.

  21. UKIP won’t be as popular in these parts I don’t think. It will be more of a protest vote than anything else. Sound familiar? It’s Labour to the core indeed so Joe, couldn’t be more so, Walton is the safest Labour seat I think at the moment.

  22. yes it is.

  23. I’d be surprised to see that change in 2015.

    It remains to be seen how effective Labour’s national strategy of branding UKIP as “more Tory than the Tories” will end up being in terms of dissuading their own voters from going for them. But I’m more confident that it will succeed in Liverpool than just about anywhere else in England (in other parts of the UK electable nationalist and unionist parties will be doing a lot of that legwork for them where applicable).

  24. Liverpool ranks no1 in terms of all the stats brought together for overall deprivation in the whole of England. This particular seat probably contains as many LSOA’S right at the wrong end of these stats as any seat in England.

    Being a regular visitor it is not hard to see the reasons behind these facts. Surely the one party rules all has done little for this seat and North Liverpool as a whole and change over the coming years is inevitable.

  25. Ian Wright – Everton ward in Lpool was indeed the poorest ward in England on some measures in 2001. But it also contains a huge parkland, listed and buildings and the historic iron church and the highest point in the city, with views to the Wirral and Wales on a clear day. The point being that an area can be poor but not look bad. Trust me, Oldham doesn’t get tourists from all over the world, unlike here. Everton is the Whitest ward in Liverpool and so it perhaps says more about why politicians have ignored the WWC area, unlike Toxteth perhaps. Everton was and is poorer, but never rioted, of course. However, Everton is the centre of Protestant culture in the city, with a HQ and 2 Orange Order social clubs. Indeed, it had Protestant Party Cllrs until the 1970s. This clearly isn’t an area the Labour Party wants to promote, unlike the grants to an Irish centre and other PC causes and minorities.

  26. Ian Wright – you may be surprised to learn as I was as a journalist in Lpool, that the Breckfield and Anfield area of Everton ward contains 3 roads of huge 5 bedroom houses. Admittedly many have been converted into flats, but you do see the odd £300k property for sale. I’m told that people had servants upto the late 1960s. I take your point that there are blights, although these days there are as many in South Lpool (Speke, Garston, Netherley, Belle Vale, Dingle etc) as there are in N Lpool.

  27. Given “However, Everton is the centre of Protestant culture in the city, with a HQ and 2 Orange Order social clubs. Indeed, it had Protestant Party Cllrs until the 1970s.” How come Everton FC is the traditionally catholic supported team of Liverpool’s two Premier League clubs, as evidenced by the reasonably regular appearance of the Irish tricolour amongst their supporters.

    I was really shocked by the portrayal of the continuing significance of the sectarian divide in the mid 60s in the programme “Cilla” recently. I just find it really odd, given my mum, a catholic had no problem marrying my dad, a non catholic, in Plymouth in 1954, and the priest didn’t even ask him to turn up for the sessions my mum had anticipated that he would have to do.

  28. Ian M – Everton FC supporters traditionally came from the then traditional RC areas of the docks eg Bootle, Vauxhall etc. Re Cilla, Scotland Rd was the heart of that RC community which still exists today. Liverpool FC was founded by an Orangemen.

  29. I see Norsheen Bhatti listed online as the Tory PPC here. Wasn’t she the LibDem bellydancer in 2009-2010?

  30. Labour Hold. 25,000 majority.

  31. Prediction

    Labour – 75%
    UKIP – 10%
    Conservative – 6%
    Lib Dem – 4%
    Green – 3%
    Others – 2%

    Labour hold

  32. Lancs Observer,

    Just noticed your post of about a year ago about postal votes.

    Not many candidates or agents go to the Opening of Postal votes these days. Its quite boring and it usually doesn’t give you much information, other than the rate at which postal votes are being returned.

    Usually, the postal ballot papers are laid face down, so that Agents can not make a count of actual votes.

    Therefore, I think your contact was feeding you BS

  33. Labour got 81% of the vote here in their worst election in decades… that’s insane!

  34. Merseyside is like Labour’s version of Surrey (relative to the Tories) in terms of safeness to the party. Some incredibly large majorities.

  35. Just when you think the Labour vote can’t increase any further here it goes up by another 9.3 points.

    The Tories finally lost their deposit, something they’ve been on the verge of doing for many elections:

  36. This MP’s popularity will have been boosted by the work he’s done uncovering the truth about Hillsborough.

  37. County – that’s true.

    AndyJS – Yes, the Asian ex LibDem belly dancer bombed here. This seat really has been a dumping ground for PC tick boxing and leftover paper candidates on the Tory list. I think they had an Asian Londoner in 1997, a Greek Orthodox guy in 2001 etc. Amazing to think they came 2nd here in 1992 and polled 20% in most wards in the seat that year in the locals.

    UKIP didn’t even put out a Freepost leaflet here and still easily came 2nd.

  38. DD – not this again. Well it was clearly true – just look at the results in the Locals here in 2014. Candidates and Agents do attend in Liverpool, with tally pads.

  39. The last time that I was an agent was five years ago. At a parliamentary election. The opening of the postal votes spanned about ten days, so it was a slow process.

    The staff opening the envelopes were divided into about three teams, It was a big hall, and any agents attending were several metres away from the table. It was impossible to see who the votes were for.

    IIRC, the RO or one of his deputies did tell us the number of PV envelopes returned each day.

    The only useful thing which I think could “possibly” be gleaned would possibly be a vague impression of which wards or Electoral divisions were sending back the PVs quickest.

    It was interesting to see the Process, but very little or nothing at all could be gleaned by attending.

  40. More than 90% voted either Labour or UKIP.

  41. This must be Labour’s safest seat by percentage.

  42. Steve Rotheram has become Jeremy Corbyn’s PPS

  43. Liverpool and East London: one party states.

  44. Jack Sheldon
    He’s probably going to get my vote for the Lab nomination, the other (at the moment) serious contenders are Luciana Berger who isn’t even a local and current mayor Joe Anderson who is quite possibly the biggest careerist in politics today.

  45. @Rivers10

    ‘Biggest’ in more ways than one!

  46. LOL!!! Damn right!!!

  47. Steve Rotherham MP has overtaken ‘Big Joe’ in the betting to be Merseyside’s first ‘Metro Mayor.’

    Rotherham is now the bookies’ favourite @ 6/4.

    Joe Anderson is 2/1

    Luciana Berger MP is 5/1

    An Independent 10/1

    Paul Nuttall ME 20/1

  48. Walton CLP nominated Anderson (and Berger for the female nom….not that they had much choice) for the mayoral Labour selection.

    The other CLP who did nomination so far is Wallasey which nominated Rotherham (and Berger)

    Rotherham seems to get support from outside Liverpool. His campaign is led by Bill Esterson. Other MPs backing him are Marie Rimmer and Derek Twigg. St Helens Council leader is also on his side along former MP Dave Watts

    Anderson has been endorsed by MPs Stephen Twigg, Louise Elmman, Peter Dowd + Wirral and Knowsley council leaders

  49. Thanks Andrea. Is it true that Joe only received 2 votes from Wallasey CLP?

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