Liverpool, Walton

2015 Result:
Conservative: 1802 (4.7%)
Labour: 31222 (81.3%)
Lib Dem: 899 (2.3%)
Green: 956 (2.5%)
UKIP: 3445 (9%)
Independent: 56 (0.1%)
Others: 23 (0.1%)
MAJORITY: 27777 (72.3%)

Category: Ultra-safe Labour seat

Geography: North West, Merseyside. Part of the Liverpool council area.

Main population centres: Liverpool.

Profile: Liverpool is the once great port city of the north west, sunk deep in economic deprivation yet ever proud of its art, music and culture. Walton covers the northern part of the city, it includes both the major football stadiums of Liverpool (Anfield and Goodison Park) and the sitting MP Steve Rotheram has been vocal in his pursuit of the Hillsborough justice campaign. The constitueny also includes University Hospital Aintree and two prisons, HMP Liverpool and HMP Altcourse, the first private prison in the UK.

Politics: Liverpool is dominated by the Labour party, they have easily won all the Parliamentary seats here since the abolition of the Liberal Democrat held Liverpool Mossley Hill in 1997. At a local level the Liberal Democrats have had successes, and they have advanced in many of the Parliamentary seats, but not enough to pose a serious challenge. Since the formation of the coalition Liberal Democrat strength has also evaporated at a local level, leaving Labour`s hegemony here unchallenged. Walton was held by the Conservatives until 1964, but is now an utterly safe Labour seat.

Current MP
STEVE ROTHERAM (Labour) Born 1961, Anfield. Educated at Liverpool John Moores University. Former bricklayer and business manager. Contested Liverpool councillor 2002-2011. First elected as MP for Liverpool Walton in 2010.
Past Results
Con: 2241 (7%)
Lab: 24709 (72%)
LDem: 4891 (14%)
BNP: 1104 (3%)
Oth: 1390 (4%)
MAJ: 19818 (58%)
Con: 1655 (6%)
Lab: 20322 (73%)
LDem: 4365 (16%)
UKIP: 1108 (4%)
Oth: 480 (2%)
MAJ: 15957 (57%)
Con: 1726 (6%)
Lab: 22143 (78%)
LDem: 4147 (15%)
UKIP: 442 (2%)
MAJ: 17996 (63%)
Con: 2551 (6%)
Lab: 31516 (78%)
LDem: 4478 (11%)
Oth: 1042 (3%)
MAJ: 27038 (67%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005, name changed from Liverpool, Walton

2015 Candidates
NORSHEEN BHATTI (Conservative) Born 1976, Birmingham. Solicitor. Contested Brent East 2001, Battersea 2005 for the Liberal Democrats, Stoke on Trent Central 2010 for the Conservatives.
STEVE ROTHERAM (Labour) See above.
PAT MOLONEY (Liberal Democrat) Former Liverpool councillor. Contested Liverpool Walton 2010.
JONATHAN DZON (Pluralist Party)
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  1. I think it only used to be £100 – so there was a fivefold increase to £500 because of the high inflation over the previous decade presumably.

    I think the reduction to 5% was sought by the smaller Parties (Plaid, Greens) at the time.

  2. It was increased to £500 to prevent frivolous candidates from standing after a large number did so at the 1984 Chesterfield by-election at which Tony Benn returned to Parliament. As a compromise the percentage needed was reduced to 5%. I’m not sure what the exact date was when it came into force, perhaps some time during 1985.

  3. “How many constituencies in the country does the party in second place lose their deposit?”

    It happened in Batley & Spen, of course. Realistically it will only happen when all the other major parties stand down – maybe this has happened in some Speaker seats?

    If we relax the conditions a little, I believe this is a complete list of all the seats where the second place achieved below 10% of the vote in 2015:

    Liverpool Walton
    Liverpool West Derby
    Surrey South West

    Spot the odd one out on that list!

  4. Okay, I missed Manchester Gorton out of the above list. So five seats, 4xLab, 1xCon, I think.

  5. Today, the deposit (at £500) is little more in real terms than it was before the threshold was reduced from 12.5% in 1985. What is really surprising is how much it was when first introduced after WW1.

    From Wikepedia:
    Currently, the deposit in elections to the House of Commons is £500, which must be handed in, in cash, banker’s draft, or other forms of legal tender, when the candidate submits his or her nomination papers. It is refunded provided that the candidate gains one-twentieth (5%) or more of the total valid votes cast in the constituency.
    Between 1918 and 1985, the cost of a Parliamentary deposit was £150; in 1918 this was approximately equivalent to £6,600 in 2015, when adjusted for inflation. By 1985, inflation had eroded the value of the £150 deposit to the approximate equivalent of £400 in 2015. The threshold for refunding the candidate’s money was higher – winning one-eighth (12.5%) of total valid votes cast.

  6. I think the deposit for PCC elections is £5000

  7. We don’t need a repeat of the figures. But yes your Lib Aden figure probably too high, UKIP and Conservatives are too low, Greens too high, Labour possibly too low.

  8. Matt W – yes true re PCCs and for City Mayors – and presumably Metro Mayors.

  9. I disagree but okay.

  10. Thanks 🙂

  11. ConEst – I think you might have added Libs to LDs?

    The Libs stand in most wards in Liverpool (and stood in this seat until 2005 at GEs too) but they don’t appear at all in your 100% tally above.

    I perhaps should add – for those who are unaware – that the chair of the LDs in this seat has just been jailed for child abuse, so that’s another reason I believe UKIP will remain in 2nd place here. The ex long-term Cllr stood in a ward here as recently as last May – even after his arrest – hence complaints have been made to LD HQ.

  12. Or perhaps just look at any other year.

    2014 Locals in Walton produced the following:

    Labour 12,400
    UKIP 2,700
    Green 750
    Liberal 500
    Cons 450
    LD 300 (admittedly the Greens took LD votes that year in wards where the LDs failed to contest)

  13. Ah ok, thought so. Good job you didn’t ‘put money on it’ as per your 20th Jan post @ 5pm.

    At least you bet on Copeland before the Odds shortened.

  14. Just as long as you realise that they came 5th here at the General and 6th in the neighbouring seat of West Derby (falling from 2nd place in both).

  15. The only thing the LibDems regained in Sheffield Brightside & H was their deposit, quite literally.
    6.1% of the vote, 1.6% up (but 200+ votes down).
    UKIP were a clear 2nd on 22%.

    Even that incredibly modest losing-votes-at-a-lesser-rate-than-others may have been because I believe Shaffaq was known better in the area than Jonathan.

    It was a pretty piss-poor performance. Especially when the Tory vote had halved, just over 5% over.

    4th to 3rd in these cirmstances really isn’t anything for them to brag about.
    Repeated today I think both the LibDems and Tories would perform better, but not much better.

  16. Alex Ferguson could stand for Labour in Liverpool and still win a huge majority.

    I wouldn’t waste my time, effort and money campaigning in Liverpool tbh, it’s a one party state.

    Even the parachuted candidates have majorities off the chart, as well as locals like Rotheram.

  17. A good reason for PR one party states are unhealthy for our democracy

  18. Luke Senior – that’s untrue, of course.

    Unlike Manchester, Liverpool has never come close to being a ‘one Party state’ at Council level. (Partly for historic reasons – 30% will never vote Labour – but also because Manchester is more Irish Catholic than Liverpool and generally much more diverse than Liverpool).

    Knowsley has, however been a ‘one Party state’, although again, only for a brief period recently (there were Tory & Ind Cllrs in the 1990s).

    Indeed, I’m constantly amazed how many journalists – as well as residents – aren’t aware that the first time Labour had a majority on the Council and all of the city’s MPs was 2010.

    But I take your point in GEs in the remaining 4.5 seats in the city. It’s hardly a surprise when half of the city’s population left over the past 45 years. I can understand why it’s hard for people to imagine that eg 6 of the 9 MPs in Liverpool were Tory in 1962 (and 2 in 1982), but I am surprised how few Scousers are even aware of these facts within their lifetime.

    But when you watch the Cilla drama, you do realise that Liverpudlians led almost parallel lives – as in Belfast – until the 1960s, with the Catholic Labour voting families (I think it was 90% in Vauxhall back then) going to school and socialising and working together and the Protestant mostly Tory voting ones on the other side. Whilst they are schooled separately there’s been a lot of ‘inter-marriage’ over the last 50 years.

  19. May’s announcement really has caught all of the London media and MPs on the hop.

    Bizarrely even last night, Rotherham was insisting he’d only step down as MP if after elected Metro Mayor (I think the result is declared on May 5th or 6th).

    But of course it would then be too late to do so – if Labour were to select and nominate a replacement for June 8th. He’ll either have to tell his CLP in the next fortnight or cause a by-election in August.

    Likewise Burnham although in his case he sensibly said yesterday, “changes things, so I’ll have to consult with my local Party in Leigh.”

  20. Con Gain, maj 56

  21. Corbyn’s son Seb Corbyn is standing here.

  22. In that case, Con Gain Maj 5600 😀

  23. To be fair its only rumour at his stage, though the article does mention Katy Clark as well who I would like to see back in the commons.

  24. @rivers how much do the bookies put on david milibands return 😉

  25. Oh Christ it gets worse, current Liverpool mayor (big) Joe Anderson has stated he intends to seek the Lab selection here.

    Who’s next Tony Blair?

  26. I’d prefer to see Katy take revenge on the snp

  27. Steve Rotherhm is not on the list that the Labour NEC has received of standing down MP’s. So it seems unlike Burnham, and despite him being even more likely to win his mayoral race than Burnham, he will probably be standing in June. If so it could well be the first bi election of the next parliament.

  28. He is – he’s on BOTH lists.

    I assume he’s done it to scupper Joe Anderson’s chances of succeeding him as the Walton MP.

  29. The Merseyside & Halton / Liverpool City Region Mayoral result:

    Rotherham (Labour) 171,167 60% elected on 1st Prefs

    Caldeira De Almeida (Cons) 58,805 20%
    Cashman (LD) 19,751
    Crone (Green) 14,094
    Walters (UKIP) 11,940
    TUSC 7,881
    WEP 4,287
    Ind 729

    Rotherham polled 70% of the vote in Lpool – which is 12% more popular than Joe Anderson as City Mayor in 2016.

  30. Amusingly, Rotherham has said he’s yet to decide whether to stand down now or cause a By-election in the Summer.

    The only reason people can think of is that he wants members to have a vote in order to stop city mayor Joe Anderson getting the nomination.

  31. Dan Carden is the Labour candidate. He works for Unite.

  32. Secretary of the CLP, ex Cllr Ben Williams has resigned over the decision.

    Needless to say city mayor Joe Anderson was not best pleased either.

  33. I almost congratulated Rivers10 on being selected, although I don’t think Carden is quite that young – but maybe he knows him as it says he went to school in West Derby?

  34. Lancs
    Unfortunately I have never had the pleasure to meet Dan Carden, he’s 30 and I’m 22 so quite a bit younger, also I actually went to a secondary school in Thornton (the reason why I know Sefton Central so well) and my primary school was very modern and wouldn’t have even been built when Carden would have attended (I believe I was in the first year to do a complete cycle from reception to year 6) so we wouldn’t have went to the same school either.

    I do have some friends in Walton CLP though so I’ll ask if they know him and try to get word about how his selection is going down. Personally I’m just thrilled Joe didn’t get selected.

  35. Thanks, Rivers 10.

    For some reason I thought you attended St Edward’s College – perhaps I just recalled a good RC school in WD. That was quite a journey for you, although I realise it’s the norm for church and grammars as there aren’t many of them.

    I quite agree re ‘big Joe’ – as well as IMHO I regard him as unsuitable, at 58 surely his next move would be retirement, not embarking on a new career down in Westminster. Sadly there remains a certain heir of entitlement amongst ex-Council leaders particularly in the region. I’m thinking of him, Marie Rimmer, Mike Storey who all seem to believe that the public want to keep paying them in their 60s and 70s. Oh and ex Manc City Council leader is still an MP of course and Lloyd is bidding for yet another comeback.

    The positive is that Carden is young and he was born and schooled in the city. I did think ex Cllr Ben Williams and Cllr Prendergast had a bit of a cheek feigning indignation, as they’ve only been in the Walton CLP for 5 or so years so it’s not as if they were there in the days of Heffer or Kilfoyle. Plus both BW & FP resigned under clouds of course.

  36. As expected the supposed mass hysteria over the selection of Dan Carden here seems to have been little more than a vocal minority of Anderson allies. I’ve spoke to my friends in Walton CLP and other Walton members and all where either perfectly content or happy at Cardens selection. Most were just pleased Anderson didn’t get picked.

  37. An Independent is standing here.

    Terry May is a former Labour member, black belt kickboxer and bar owner who lives here and runs the local CiC as well as 2 bars.

  38. This will no doubt amuse and mean more to Rivers10 than others:

    I particularly like the very popular comment from Emma Reilly highlighting Gladden’s hypocrisy in her rant.

  39. Looking to take some pointers for newly elected Labour MPs to keep an eye on. It seems like Dan Carden, being a close associate of Len McCluskey, has one of the highest profiles among them but I haven’t done as much research as I have for newly elected Tories as I didn’t really expect there to be so many of them.

  40. The MP-elect has been barred from a city centre pub for life after his rowdy behaviour:

    I have heard that this guy has a reputation for drinking all day at Westminster – and that was before he was even elected!

  41. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to those old enough to remember the abduction and murder of toddler James Bulger, but I spotted the following poll amongst the old coverage and even I was surprised by how high the figures were:

    71% supported the death penalty for the two
    88% supported life imprisonment

    (754 adults were asked in Liverpool in 1993)

    I also spotted that 8 men were arrested for public order offences after they attacked the police vans holding the suspects after their Court appearances and all police leave was cancelled in order that 250 officers could be present at the next appearance, after police stations received threats to kill the suspects.

  42. Former Liverpool City Council Leader (1994-1998) and Former Lord Mayor, Cllr Frank Prendergast MBE has defected from Labour.

    It’s not yet clear who to, but he’s currently listed as an Independent Cllr.

    He’s up for re-election in 2020.

  43. A news round-up from Liverpool in the last month:

    * Cllr John McIntosh has died, aged 63. He was due to retire next month and was former Chair of Planning and one of the last of the last of ‘the 47’ from the days of the Militant era.

    * 8 Labour City Cllrs are not seeking re-election this year, which is a record according to the opposition LibDem Leader. 2 claim that hey were effectively deselected, although this is denied by Momentum.

    * A new ‘Say No To Joe’ organisation has sprung up. At this stage it’s too early to say whether it’s a far Left group or a city-wide loose collection of those opposed to the man himself [the City Mayor], but it’s Facebook Sponsored ads and generic leaflets do appear to be rattling the Labour Group, as obviously the Mayor isn’t up for re-election next month, but 31 Cllrs are and it may damage a couple of their chances where the outcome is expected to be close in South Liverpool.

    * A huge ‘Alfie’s Army’ demonstration blocked the main road outside Alder Hey Children’s Hospital on Friday and Saturday. This isn’t a ‘Pro-Life’ org per se, but a seemingly unofficial group of largely young people (the parents are only 21 I think) from the Bootle area. Police were certainly stretched, as it was without notice and fell on the same day as the Grand National and a Liverpool FC home game. The only polls I have seen [radio and online so not official ones], shows the city to be roughly 40:40 split re Alder Hey v the parent’s wish to take the infant elsewhere or home.

  44. Former MP Peter Kilfoyle has reported the City Council Planning dept and Council Officers to various bodies.

    BBC Panorama confirmed that the National Crime Agency is investigating how developers linked to major criminals gained permission to build developments which never happened and conned investors out of £millions.

  45. * Labour City Cllr Gerard Woodhouse has been suspended from the colleague after he was recording calling his ward colleague, “a lazy ba*tard” and worse.

    He’s certainly an odd character. He’s obese (although that’s quite common amongst Cllrs here), apparently bought 500,000 twitter followers and had a public row with a school head because the lights to the school were on after school.

    * The Labour Group has denied that security had to be called when Cllr Mitchell went to punch a fellow Labour Cllr, but they have admitted that they had to be separated.

  46. Dan Carden is now acting shadow International Development Secretary

  47. Derek Hatton has been re-admitted to the Labour Party today.

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