Liverpool, Riverside

2015 Result:
Conservative: 4245 (9.6%)
Labour: 29835 (67.4%)
Lib Dem: 1719 (3.9%)
Green: 5372 (12.1%)
UKIP: 2510 (5.7%)
TUSC: 582 (1.3%)
MAJORITY: 24463 (55.3%)

Category: Ultra-safe Labour seat

Geography: North West, Merseyside. Part of the Liverpool council area.

Main population centres: Liverpool.

Profile: Liverpool is the once great port city of the north west, sunk deep in economic deprivation yet ever proud of its art, music and culture. As the name suggests, the Riverside seat runs along the coast of the Mersey, taking in the docklands, the city centre and the city`s two universities. Despite redevelopment of some parts of the seat the area continues to suffer from poor (and mostly rented) housing, high unemployment, deprivation and crime. There is a high student vote here, with over a fifth of the adult population in full time education..

Politics: Liverpool is dominated by the Labour party, they have easily won all the Parliamentary seats here since the abolition of the Liberal Democrat held Liverpool Mossley Hill in 1997. At a local level the Liberal Democrats have had successes, and they have advanced in many of the Parliamentary seats, but not enough to pose a serious challenge. Since the formation of the coalition Liberal Democrat strength has also evaporated at a local level, leaving Labour`s hegemony here unchallenged. As an interesting footnote, the Scotland Road area in the north of the constituency was once the heart of the Irish immigrant community and the old Liverpool Scotland seat was the only example of an Irish Nationalist MP being returned on the mainland, being represented by T.P.O`Connor for 44 years.

Current MP
LOUISE ELLMAN (Labour) Born 1945, Manchester. Educated at Manchester High School for Girls and Hull University. Former university lecturer. Lancashire county councillor 1970-1997, leader of Lancashire County council 1981-1997. Contested Darwen 1979. First elected as MP for Liverpool Riverside in 1997.
Past Results
Con: 4243 (11%)
Lab: 22998 (59%)
LDem: 8825 (23%)
GRN: 1355 (3%)
Oth: 1380 (4%)
MAJ: 14173 (37%)
Con: 2843 (9%)
Lab: 17951 (58%)
LDem: 7737 (25%)
GRN: 1707 (5%)
Oth: 953 (3%)
MAJ: 10214 (33%)
Con: 2142 (8%)
Lab: 18201 (71%)
LDem: 4251 (17%)
Oth: 909 (4%)
MAJ: 13950 (55%)
Con: 3635 (10%)
Lab: 26858 (70%)
LDem: 5059 (13%)
Oth: 1997 (5%)
MAJ: 21799 (57%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005, name changed from Liverpool, Riverside

2015 Candidates
JACKSON NG (Conservative) Educated at SOAS. Solicitor and political advisor.
LOUISE ELLMAN (Labour) See above.
PAUL CHILDS (Liberal Democrat) Air steward.
TONY MULHEARN (TUSC) Born 1939, Liverpool. Educated at Liverpool John Moores University. Liverpool councillor 1984-1987. Contested Crosby 1979 for Labour, Liverpool mayoral election 2012.
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  1. Police have now passed a file on former City Council Chief Exec to the CPS.

    As well as the alleged fraud and witness intimidation, he’s famous locally for receiving over £230k pa whilst being suspended for a year on police bail, plus a £30k car – as well as being the only senior Officer from Rotherham still on the public payroll.

  2. Labour have confirmed that Derek Hatton has been readmitted to the Party.

    I think this was his third or fourth attempt at re-joining.

    No MPs have resigned over the issue, but a couple of Cllrs have resigned the Whip.

    I also just spotted that a Lab Cllr defected to the LibDems 3 months ago, swelling the various opposition Parties numbers to 14 City Cllrs.

    Incidentally this isn’t solely a Left v Right or Militant/Momentum v Blairite issue within the Party locally; but, rather a perception of jobs for the boys in the Cunard v the rest.

    As Merseymike will know Degsy is mates with Joe Anderson and Signature Living’s Lawrence Kenwright and both seem to have been sold several surface car parks and buildings in the city centre in recent years.

    I can’t comment further, but I can’t see this ending well and will only harm the city’s reputation for those involved in local politics being loud and arrogant with the perception of much worse.

  3. Good news, his support for the working class and the equalling up of society remains – although yes, he seems to have become quite well off.

    Are we saying Corbynites are hypocrites if they have money in the bank?

  4. It’s not just his wealth, it’s the manner in which he has accrued it. As a buy-to-let landlord, he’s the sort of person the Labour Party generally villifies as economic parasites

    Normally I wouldn’t be too bothered, but as it happens I’m going through a dispute with my own landlord at the moment, which is clouding my judgement of landlords in general. It just seems a bit galling in my eyes.

  5. Plus he did so offshore in Cyprus.

    Incidentally, Deepthroat there was nothing working class about most of the Militant lot in the city. A lot were university intellectuals and not from the city.

    Some even had double barrelled names and most lived in the South Liverpool suburbs and not in the wards they represented briefly.

    All lost when they sought re-election under their real banner of Liverpool Labour.

    Plus it’s untrue that Hatton states he always supported Labour. In a Sunday Times interview he admits he voted for Terry Fields (Real Labour) and not Jane Kennedy (Labour) in Liverpool Broadgreen in 1992.

    This campaign was the subject of 2 docus, due to some of his violent supporters who turned up to physically intimidate. Which is why longstanding leftwingers such as Kilfoyle can’t stand him to this day.

    I recommend watching satire GBH, as it is based on Degsy and more so his minibus of bully boys who turned up with baseball bats on more than three occasions in real life.

  6. “…he admits he voted for Terry Fields (Real Labour)…”

    well Fields bravely stood up to Thatchers Poll Tax and went to prison over it. So hardly surprising he voted that way rather than for the Kinockite Kennedy.

    Everything else you write I suspect is untrue in the whole or vastly embellished. I don’t have the resources or knowledge to rebut properly, admittedly.

  7. Labour Cllr David Boothroyd today tweeted in memory of the Harthill gardeners (who refused to strike) whose greenhouses were smashed up by Hatton’s thugs.

    But your response proves that those too young or not from the area may choose to ignore Hatton’s many faults.

  8. Neither of you is going to convert the other. It’s a pointless, endless discussion.

    I do humbly suggest that re-admitting Hatton is pretty silly thing for Labour to agree to right now. It hardly suggests that Corbyn is heeding the concerns which have come to a head this week.

  9. I did start watching GBH. It’s well acted and a great cast. I found the pavement society a bit farfetched though I know a few cllrs who are masons so who knows. Maybe I’ll finish it one day

  10. HH – I don’t need to (it’s simply fact).

    Although I realise Hatton doesn’t like some of his past being repeated.

    But as I suggested, hatred of this individual goes far beyond Left v Right. Which is why as recently as 2008 the LibDems in the city would produce leaflets containing photos of Degsy shaking hands with a Labour candidate in a ward from 20 years before.

    Matt W – do, please. It’s well worth it just for the Michael Palin school scene.

  11. In fact, I was being mild. Here’s what a Labour member from Liverpool thinks (also contains a photo of an anti-Militant protest in Liverpool in the 1980s):

  12. Derek Hatton has been suspended by the Labour Party.

    What a shambles it all is. Who knows if I will still be a labour member by April Fools Day despite economically not sharing the same Policies as TIG.


    Was he a member of the Labour Party for longer than Robert Kilroy-Silk was a member of Veritas?

  14. Not quite. Kilroy – Silk lasted in Veritas from February to July of 2005.

  15. and was a whipless members until 2009 somehow.

  16. Lol! Hilarious. He’s vile.

  17. You thugs have reduced UKPR, a worthy blog for intelligent comment, to a conversation that would disgrace Twitter.

  18. Oh grow up you silly, sad little man. I’m happy your true colours have been exposed over the last few days. I’ve always thought you were an autistic weirdo, and I’m very happy to be proven right. The credit on here for flukily predicting the 2015 election correctly was just weird.

  19. The last thing I remember about Hatton was some radio show he was hosting prior to the 2001 election where he said he would rather have a pint with William Hague than Tony Blair

    Since then he’s become a multimillionaire, employing no doubt the charismatic, brash vulgarity that has served him pretty well in life. And good luck to him. I’d far rather him than the vile Philip Green any day

    Whether Corbyn’s Labour Party should have anything to do with him is another matter entirely in which the answer is so startlingly obvious that it beggars belief

  20. TRISTAN, I said you were a thug. And you’ve proved it.You are also clearly a bit of an arsehole.

    TJ – I think what you say is fair enough but I fail to see why he shouldn’t making return. He’s a nadegood deal of money even if it’s through buy to let but I understand through a friend of a friend that he shares an awful lot of this wealth.

    Allegations have been made here but you can’t find evidence of this on the Internet and indeed he’s never been convicted of any crimes

  21. Thug is certainly an appropriate word, but of Hatton’s supporters not his detractors.

    But Deepthroat’s final comment is true – although to say he isn’t yet a convict is hardly a character reference –
    Hatton’s fraud trial did not result in a conviction, nor did Frank McKenna’s two.

  22. You’re better than this, Tristan.

  23. ‘TJ – I think what you say is fair enough but I fail to see why he shouldn’t making return’

    2 things:

    Corbyn makes such a big thing – and rightly in my opinion – of people who make obscene amounts of money, particularly those who do it off shore, that it seems like rank hypocrissy to admit a multi millionaire who had done just that

    And regardless of how legal he has made his money is, the way Hatton ran Liverpool council in the mid-80s bordered on the criminally negligent and did Labour no end of harm during its wilderness years

  24. ‘ You’re better than this, Tristan’

    I’m not actually, Polltroll. ‘Arsehole’ is probably a fair enough assessment. ‘Thug’ was ludicrous, but then Deepthroat could always dish it out but couldn’t take it back.

    I wish I could say I take it all back, but I don’t. I’ll leave the mature and thoughtful commentary to the likes of you and Tim.

  25. To be fair to deep throat he is predominantly 90% right about the so called anti semitism crisis in Labour is mainly based on factionalism now and being used to depose Corbyn (bar a few random people who shouldn’t have been readmitted etc). I say this as someone on the right who doesn’t like Labour/Corbyn.

    Tristan and polltroll are also living a rock if they can’t see that there are roughly equal numbers of centrist/fbpe and hard left nutters out there.

  26. The factionalism is because parts of one faction have now turned into apologists for hate.

  27. Louise Ellman is said by the Times to be on the brink of quitting Labour.
    They also say through that if she does quit she is not expected to join TIG.

  28. Yes, well I can confirm there are rumours.

    But that is all they are thus far.

    She is likely not to be reselected so has little to lose – other than some of her friends in the Party she has been in for 50 years. She is no newcomer like Luciana.

    Frank Field was always the obvious first (to go Ind locally), then Luciana, Ellman, Twigg in that order.

    LB’s bestmate, PCC Jane Kennedy has also just announced her retirement and it’s thought she won’t remain in the Party.

    These are all leading lights in Lab Friends of Israel, of course.

  29. Really sorry to see the rank nastiness on display here these days

  30. Peter Kilfoyle has gone further – even for him – and said there is:

    * outright “corruption” [by City Councillors and Planning Officers] going on in the city and

    * “blatant untruths” from the City Mayor, Joe Anderson.

    He also leaks a report and mentioned that a City Cllr is due to be arrested.

    Needless to say he pulls no punches in an interesting interview (I’m sure people will find it via his twitter or wordpress blog).

    If it’s untrue, Degsy & Joe could sue! [I do not expect that]

  31. Ellman is said to be, “teetering on the edge” of leaving the Party and has said she doubt she’ll be in the Party in 5 years time.

    Not sure if that means she’s resigned to being deselected or just retiring, but Anti-Semitic bullying will be the reason if and when she does follow Berger & Kennedy.

    No comment from her or Twigg since Kennedy went but clearly they are all closely aligned in both Friends of Israel and Liverpool.

    Ellman has been in the Party decades longer than any of the other MPs, so until Kennedy left I had assumed she’d stay and fight.

  32. Just looking at the Local Nominations and the unfortunate GE practice of a candidate refusing to provide their address has now crept into the Locals too.

    Some merely have eg “Address in Liverpool” as their full postal address.

    I realise some may want to hide the fact that they live 10 miles away from the ward they are contesting, but refusing to say arguably looks even worse.

  33. In the current environment of routine harassment of politicians and worse, I have no problem with candidates withholding their full address, indeed I believe it is sensible & should be standard practice.

    For local elections perhaps the ward they live in could be stated but I don’t see the need for any detail beyond that.

  34. I’m a firm believer that Cllrs need to be able to be contacted. Indeed some of the ‘offenders’ don’t even list a telephone number or email address or hold a surgery; but, yes my point was more that in the local elections – where turnout is only 10-25% in Merseyside – voters should be able to see where a candidate lives in the LOCAL elections.

    Barry Porter received a letter bomb, so I hardly think things are more dangerous today than in the 1970s or 1980s.

    Not surprisingly my observation is featured in the local paper (not mine) and Steve Radford has deliberately used the Description “Liberal Party and Local Resident” in wards where Labour candidates have refused to provide any address at all. As he said, “They might think that can hide from the electorate, but we will be publicising the fact that they live 8, 10 and 12 miles away and in two cases in the other side of the city from the wards they are contesting next month.”

  35. “I’m a firm believer that Cllrs need to be able to be contacted. Indeed some of the ‘offenders’ don’t even list a telephone number or email address or hold a surgery;”

    Yes they need to give phone numbers, email addresses and a mail address, which could be county hall or their constituency office rather than their home address. In this day & age I’d expect most communication to be electronic.

    “I hardly think things are more dangerous today than in the 1970s or 1980s.”

    With regard to threats from the IRA etc that’s probably true, but the general low/medium level harassment of all MPs today is far worse than then.

  36. The BBC and the Local Govt News both have pieces on the number of candidates who have been physically attacked this year. They also refer to the record number of candidates who this year are refusing to give their postal addresses on the ballot paper or leaflets.

    The Sunday Times points out, however, that all candidates in the Locals in Northern Oreland have published their home address.

  37. Just after polls closed, the Deputy Labour Leader Cllr Ann O’Byrne announced that she wants to abolish the City Mayoral position and run for Leader.

    This coup is said to have the support of 40 Labour Cllrs.

    City Mayor Joe called her, “ignorant.”

  38. As I hinted at upthread, Ellman has now left Labour.

    Her resignation letter is even more strongly worded than Berger’s, stating that the Labour Party isn’t a safe place for Jews. Most of the attack is aimed squarely at Corbyn, however and I imagine her quotes will be used by other Parties in leaflets.

  39. The Labour candidate is Kim Johnson, Riverside CLP BAME officer.

    She has been selected by a panel (NEC members + regional chair + CLP rep).

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