2015 Result:
Conservative: 28389 (55.2%)
Labour: 10200 (19.8%)
Lib Dem: 2700 (5.2%)
Green: 1976 (3.8%)
UKIP: 8082 (15.7%)
Others: 120 (0.2%)
MAJORITY: 18189 (35.3%)

Category: Ultra-safe Conservative seat

Geography: West Midlands, Staffordshire. The western part of the Lichfield council area and part of the East Staffordshire council area.

Main population centres: Lichfield, Burntwood, Armitage, Kings Bromley, Yoxall, Alrewas, Barton-under-Needwood, Armitage.

Profile: Lichfield itself is a small city that grew to prominence as a staging point for the coaching trade and declined after the coming of the railways. It is now an attractive Georgian city that is a domitory for the Metropolitan West Midlands. To the west of Lichfield is the more industrial former mining town of Burntwood. The rest of the seat is made up of rural towns and villages like Alrewas, Yoxall and Barton-under-Needwood. The seat includes the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas and the Armitage Shanks factory in the village of Armitage.

Politics: The rural villages tend to lean towards the Conservatives, as do suburban areas in Lichfield like Boley Park, cancelling out the Labour strength in Burntwood. Lichfield was an ultra-marginal on its creation in the Labour landslide election of 1997, with Labour coming within 238 votes of winning the seat. Since then Labour`s support has faded away and in 2015 Michael Fabricant enjoyed a towering majority of over thirty percent.

Current MP
MICHAEL FABRICANT (Conservative) Born 1950, Brighton. Educated at Brighton and Hove Grammar and Loughborough University. Former director of a broadcast manufacturing and management group. Contested South Shields 1987. First elected as MP for Mid Staffordshire in 1992. PPS to Michael Jack 1996-97, Shadow Trade spokesman 2003, Shadow Economic Affairs spokesman 2003-05, Opposition Whip 2005-10, Government Whip 2010-12. Unfortunately best known for his unusual hair, which has been relentlessly mocked by Parliamentary sketchwriters.
Past Results
Con: 28048 (54%)
Lab: 10230 (20%)
LDem: 10365 (20%)
UKIP: 2920 (6%)
MAJ: 17683 (34%)
Con: 21274 (49%)
Lab: 14194 (32%)
LDem: 6804 (16%)
UKIP: 1472 (3%)
MAJ: 7080 (16%)
Con: 20480 (49%)
Lab: 16054 (39%)
LDem: 4462 (11%)
UKIP: 684 (2%)
MAJ: 4426 (11%)
Con: 20853 (43%)
Lab: 20615 (42%)
LDem: 5473 (11%)
MAJ: 238 (0%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
MICHAEL FABRICANT (Conservative) See above.
CHRIS WORSEY (Labour) Educated at Great Wyrley High School and Keele University. Entrepreneur. Sandwell councillor since 2012.
PAUL RAY (Liberal Democrat)
ROBERT PASS (Green) Educated at King Edward VI School and Birmingham University. Director in a recycling business.
Comments - 117 Responses on “Lichfield”
  1. UKIP have gained Burntwood South. Bad result for Labour – this is usually their best area in the Lichfield constituency. Labour have taken Burntwood North from the Tories though.

  2. The anti-fracking campaigners have turned up at a Cuadrilla office in Lichfield.

  3. Burntwood has been in this seat since 1997, before that it was in Cannock and Burntwood from 1983, which seats was it in before then?
    Alrewas has also been here since 1997 before which it was in Staffordshire South East, what about before that please?

  4. Burntwood was in Lichfield between 1885 and 1949, and Lichfield and Tamworth between 1950 and 1982. Exactly the same goes for Alrewas. Thus, the 1997 boundary changes restored traditional states of affairs in Staffordshire.

  5. What were the wards of the old Mid Staffordshire seat which existed from 1983 to 1997?

  6. My forecast for 2015

    Con 55.1
    Lab 22.3
    UKIP 12.8
    LD 9.8

    This seat is trending very strongly rightwards

  7. To answer Harry’s question above:

    Just got the 1995 boundary report out of storage:

    Mid Staffordshire (1983-1987), wards:

    Lichfield District Council:

    Armitage with Handsacre
    Central (Lichfield)
    Chadsmead (Lichfield)
    Colton & Ridwares
    Curborough (Lichfield)
    King’s Bromley
    Leomansley (Lichfield)
    St John’s (Lichfield)
    Stowe (Lichfield)

    Cannock Chase District Council:

    Brereton & Ravenhill (Rugeley)
    Brindley Heath
    Etching Hill (Rugeley)
    Hagley (Rugeley)
    Western Springs (Rugeley)

    Stafford Borough Council:

    St Michael’s (Stone)
    Stonefield & Christchurch (Stone)
    Walton (Stone)

    The words in brackets aren’t part of the official ward names. I’ve put them in to show which wards contained the three main towns in the seat: Lichfield, Rugeley and Stone.

    I must say that the seat really was a bit of an artificial entity, although obviously nowhere near as bad as other examples such as Knowsley North & Sefton East.

  8. That should be 1983-1997 of course.

  9. Prediction for 2015-
    Fabricant (Conservative)- 52%
    Labour- 23%
    UKIP- 14%
    Liberal Democrats- 11%

  10. Chadsmead result:

    LibDem – 36.0% (+4.8) – 206
    Lab – 27.4% (-1.6) – 157
    UKIP – 18.8% (+18.8) – 108
    CON – 17.8% (-22.0) – 102

  11. Good grief what an awful Conservative result that is- first to fourth.

  12. I should point out that Chadsmead isn’t particularly good territory for the Conservatives but even so…

  13. Lol that is unbelievably poor.

  14. Chadsmead is the poorer part of Lichfield, but I’d have expected the Tories to do a lot better than that. Some can be said for Labour too. No idea why the Lib Dems managed to win, unless there’s local factors I don’t know about.

  15. Surprising result indeed. The former Tory councillor who held this ward prior to this was reportedly disqualified. So perhaps this was a local issue.

    Still surprising a Lib Dem gained it, in a district where they currently have no representation as far as I’m aware. Labour’s position in a lot of Staffordshire has declined. Would have thought UKIP stood the best chance of winning.

  16. Those cunning LibDems.. winning when they are supposed to be losing..

  17. Only positive is that the seat is very safe indeed.

  18. LDs have been pretty feeble in this council considering their propensity to get traction in cathedral towns.. In 2007 they had 4 councillors.. by 2011 none..

    Chadsmead is one they took from the Tories in 2007 then lost in 2011..

  19. I’d imagine that something local must have come into play here

  20. The newly elected Cllr Bland won a town council byelection in this area in 2012 and has a strong local profile. The way the byelection came about can’t have helped.
    Labour will be very disappointed here.

  21. The Tories have had several losses this month in local council by-elections.

  22. Correct me if I’m wrong, but my calculations suggest that Labour have fallen by 22.4% here since 1997, compared to 14.2% nationally, so they’ve done worse here by some 8.2%, which to my mind is mind-bogglingly staggering. Likewise, the Tories have gone up a total of 11.4%, a full 6% more than their post-1997 rise nationally. Could Andy Stidwill or perhaps Adam explain why Labour have collapsed so heavily here in the space of those thirteen years?

  23. Michael Fabricant has been sacked as Conservative vice-chairman for tweeting the words “About time” in response to Maria Miller’s removal from the cabinet.

  24. Bit of an overreaction to sack him for that. Don’t tell me a large section of the MPs wasn’t thinking the same.

    On Twitter some of the messages also say that it has something to do with HS2.

  25. This does seem to be using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Can’t exactly be good press.

  26. Bloody hell. I’m all for collective responsibility, but sacking him for that is going too far.

  27. He was “asked to resign” over his Maria Miller comments, but when he refused they sacked him ostensibly over HS2.

  28. So he gets sacked for criticising government policy, and she gets to walk for fiddling expenses? Wonderful.

  29. No doubt to be followed by an Andrew Strauss-style lecture from Cameron about the importance of ‘The Team’. What a barmy decision.

  30. Sorry but Fabricant is the very personification of an attention-seeking idiot. And that’s leaving aside how we can ever trust the judgement of someone who wears a badly fitted bail of hay on his head. Members of the government cannot directly criticise government policy in public without expecting the sack, twas ever thus, especially serial offenders like Fabricant who has sailed close to the wind several times.

  31. I don’t recall the vice-chairman of the Conservative party being a member of the government.

    Do you think Esther Mcvey should have been sacked as well, H Hemmelig?

  32. It is a position which requires loyalty to the government. What did McVey do?

  33. She said, of Miller’s resignation speech, “I can honestly say it wouldn’t be how I would have made an apology”. Needless to say she added the caveat that different people have different styles.

  34. Then it’s a bit more nuanced than tweeting “about time”. I wouldn’t be surprised if it hasn’t marked her card for the reshuffle though.

  35. Tory – exactly, he wasnt a member of the Govt and HS2 wasn’t in the manifesto or Party policy, so it seems a bizarre sacking. Cheryl Gillan was always open in her opposition when in the Cabinet, although I concede she stood down to vote against the Bill.

  36. Lancs, I thought Cheryl Gillan was sacked from the cabinet along with Caroline Spelman in the late 2012 reshuffle. That was before the HS2 vote.

  37. Has Fabricant been sacked? or just been given a wigging?

  38. I think that when he was selected here the vote was rugged.

  39. Thats a bald faced lie Barnaby!

  40. Bit below the belt

  41. Michael Fabricant has got himself into trouble again by saying if he had to debate journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown he would end up “with a brain haemorrhage or by punching her in the throat”.

  42. YAB is one of the most sanctimonious and hypocritical journalists around. An Asian Polly Toynbee with Laurie Penny type prejudices towards white males. Of course certain sections of the right-on brigade would lap up what she says. But Fabricant shouldn’t have gone there with his comment.

    Instead he should have directly criticised some of the offensive remarks she has made over the years.

  43. Well quite. If he wanted to denounce her beliefs he should have done it properly. Now even if he makes legitimate points nobody will listen because he made such a stupid tweet before.

  44. Not a sensible tweet I agree……but as with previous discussions re Hillsborough, we’re in severe danger of sanitising public figures to such an extent that they will never say anything of interest ever again (even if it’s an ill-advised tweet).

    In general, I share MF’s views on YAB. She has that infuriating “if you were as intelligent and as enlightened as I am you’d think the same way as me” air about her.

  45. prediction for 2015-

    con- 50%
    lab- 24%
    Lib- 16%
    UKIP- 9%

    easy con hold, majority at 26% , down 8%. I can’t believe that at one point they were only at a 0% majority.

  46. UKIP will probably do a lot better than 9%. They were already on 6% in 2010.

  47. I agree. Staffordshire has been a good area for UKIP for quite a time, especially seats in the south of the county like this one.

  48. Burntwood South county division has a UKIP councillor.

    I remember back in the run up to the 2013 county elections predicting that UKIP would win half the seats in the South Staffordshire district. On the day the Tories won a clean sweep and UKIP didn’t even field a candidate in one division. The UKIP result was disappointing from their perspective in Staffordshire, especially compared to their results in other shire counties.

    But UKIP do have district councillors in Cannock now.

  49. South Staffordshire is a very different area to Lichfield, and Cannock is different from both of them. In fact almost every Staffordshire constituency has its own particular mix of characteristics. An exception would be Stoke Central and Stoke North which are very similar, although Central has a much higher number of ethnic minorities.

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