Liberal Democrat Defence List

These are the remaining Liberal Democrat seats ordered by the lowest percentage majorities. This does not necessarily mean that the seats at the top would be the most vulnerable Liberal Democrats seats in practice.

1. Southport Majority 1322 (3%)
2. Carshalton & Wallington Majority 1510 (3.2%)
3. Orkney & Shetland Majority 817 (3.6%)
4. Sheffield, Hallam Majority 2353 (4.2%)
5. Leeds North West Majority 2907 (6.7%)
6. Ceredigion Majority 3067 (8.2%)
7. North Norfolk Majority 4043 (8.2%)
8. Westmorland & Lonsdale Majority 8949 (18.3%)
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  1. Avisablyanon,

    I am not sure why we are discussing Lib Dem targets on “Lib Dem defence”

    However I do not accept that only Labour Remain seats can be targets for the Lib Dems. Take Burnley for example. Only 37.6% Labour votes, and Gordon Birtwhistle is standing again. He will campaign relentlessly on local issues and Jeremy Corbyn. He only needs a 4% swing to take the seat and that is pretty much where we are with UNS right now. Kippers may switch to Tory but that will make no difference. I think it could be a close thing

  2. The Lib Dems are screwing up. In the past few days:

    • It was announced that they’d stand against Bercow, then they withdrew their candidate.

    • Farron has continued his sin problem (I don’t think it should be an issue, but press-wise, it’s bad).

    • The Ward issue — which, compared to some of Labour’s dealings with anti-Semitism, wasn’t too bad, but is still awful in terms of press.

    These are unforced errors in many cases.

  3. How many seats do you think the Lib Dems will lose this time?

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