Lewisham, Deptford

2015 Result:
Conservative: 7056 (14.9%)
Labour: 28572 (60.3%)
Lib Dem: 2497 (5.3%)
Green: 5932 (12.5%)
UKIP: 2013 (4.3%)
TUSC: 286 (0.6%)
Independent: 30 (0.1%)
Others: 966 (2%)
MAJORITY: 21516 (45.4%)

Category: Ultra-safe Labour seat

Geography: Greater London. Part of Lewisham council area.

Main population centres: Deptford, New Cross, Brockley.

Profile: Lewisham Deptford runs from the river Thames through areas of inner city poverty to the beginnings of suburbia in the south. To the north Deptford and New Cross have a trendy arts and music scene and are popular with students and artists, but beyond that there are areas of desolate council housing and deprivation with a large black population. There are severe problems with housing and poverty. Further south areas like Brockley are beginning to follow the familar pattern of gentrification. Old Victorian properties that had been divided up into flats and houses of multiple occupancy in the last century are now being bought up by young urban professionals attracted by cheap prices and the new transport links offered by the Docklands extension.

Politics: Unlike the other two Lewisham seats with their past history of being Lab-Con marginals, Deptford has a long history of very solid Labour support. It has been held by the Labour party since 1935, often with extremely large majorities. This has been a target for the Green party, based around Darren Johnson, the London Assembly member who was a local councillor here. In 2005 the Greens managed over ten percent of the vote here, their second highest in the country, and in 2006 they increased their number of councillors to six. The seat was a target for them at the 2010 election, but was ultimately a disappointment as they lost support, and all but one of their councillors.

Current MP
VICKY FOXCROFT (Labour) Former trade union officer. Lewisham councillor. First elected as MP for Lewisham Deptford in 2015.
Past Results
Con: 5551 (13%)
Lab: 22132 (54%)
LDem: 9633 (23%)
GRN: 2772 (7%)
Oth: 1132 (3%)
MAJ: 12499 (30%)
Con: 3773 (12%)
Lab: 16902 (56%)
LDem: 5091 (17%)
GRN: 3367 (11%)
Oth: 1260 (4%)
MAJ: 11811 (39%)
Con: 3622 (12%)
Lab: 18915 (65%)
LDem: 3409 (12%)
GRN: 1901 (7%)
Oth: 1260 (4%)
MAJ: 15293 (53%)
Con: 4949 (15%)
Lab: 23827 (71%)
LDem: 3004 (9%)
Oth: 996 (3%)
MAJ: 18878 (56%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
BIM AFOLAMI (Conservative) Educated at Eton and Oxford University. Corporate lawyer.
VICKY FOXCROFT (Labour) Trade union officer. Lewisham councillor.
MICHAEL BUKOLA (Liberal Democrat) Educated at Northumbria University. Former HMRC tax specialist. Southwark councillor 2010-2014.
JOHN COUGHLIN (Green) Freelance translator. Lewisham councillor since 2014.
HELEN MERCER (People Before Profit) Lecturer.
MALCOLM MARTIN (CPA) Contested Lewisham Deptford 2010.
PHILIP BADGER (Democratic Reform) Educated at Goldsmiths. Charity Governance Administrator.
DAVID HARVEY (no description)
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  1. I take it central Lewisham was in Lewisham East all the way up to 2010?

  2. Correction to the “politics” section – the Greens managed 6 councillors (3 in Brockley and 3 in Ladywell).

    Also, here is the Labour selection timetable:

    Applications close: Monday, 25 March
    Branch & affiliate Nominations close: Friday, 19 April
    Shortlisting interviews: Sunday, 28 April
    Hustings: Saturday, 18 May

  3. It’s an AWS.

    2 first contenders declared: Vicky Foxcroft (Cllr for Brockley ward) and Jane Daby (Cllr for Whitefoot ward which is in Lewisham East constituency).

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Florence Nosegbe from Lambeth throwing her hat in the ring. She came second in Lewisham East selection before 2010 GE. She was on the Assembly list last year (IIRC the first not elected candidate). She also stood for Labour NEC.
    she could have decided to “save” herself for some likely vacancy closer to her home.

    There are also another couple of Lewisham female councillors who attempted to get selected somewhere else in the past (Crada Onuegbu and Suzannah Clarke).

  4. Confirmed that Florence Nosegbe is also in the race (source: Little Dromey).

    Somebody called Paul Hirst has also applied. I don’t know much of her but giving who is wishing her good luck on twitter, she must be from Tower Hamlets.

  5. Paul Hurst? That sounds like a man to me – do you mean Paula?

    What about Crada Onuegbu?

  6. Cathetine McDonald, Southwark Cabinet Member and former Special Adviser is also standing. My impression is that Vicky Foxcroft is in the lead but still early days.

  7. Sorry, meant to say Crada Onuegbu stood in New Forest W in 2001.

  8. yes, sorry, I left out the final A. It’s Paula Hirst

  9. To figure out outside candidates, maybe it’s easier just to look at who is popping up frequently on Evelyn’s doorstep to campaign for the local by-election 🙂

  10. The Voice (a paper targated to black people) says that Mandy Richards, Dora Dixon Fyle and Crada Onuegbu will also run.

  11. Labour shortlist

    Janet Daby (Lewisham Cllr) http://janetdaby.blogspot.it/

    Vicky Foxcroft (Lewisham Cllr, Unite officer) http://www.vickyfoxcroft.com/

    Paula Hirst http://www.paulahirst.com/

    Florence Nosegbe (Lambeth Cllr, former NEC candidate, Progress, runner up in Lewisham East selection)

    Catherine McDonald (Southwark Cllr, former SpAd to Jim Knight) http://www.catherinemcdonald.org.uk/

    Mendora Ogbogto (I don’t have a clue on who she is)

    Hustings and vote on May 18th.

  12. The links were caught in the spam filter, so I re-try without them

    Labour shortlist

    Janet Daby (Lewisham Cllr)
    Vicky Foxcroft (Lewisham Cllr, Unite officer)
    Paula Hirst (activist now based in Tower Hamlets, but previously lived in Lewisham)
    Florence Nosegbe (Lambeth Cllr, former NEC candidate, Progress, runner up in Lewisham East selection)
    Catherine McDonald (Southwark Cllr, former SpAd to Jim Knight)
    Mendora Ogbogto (I don’t have a clue on who she is)

    Hustings and vote on May 18th.

  13. No Crada Onuegbu or Mandy Richards then.

    I have found a Mendora Ogbogbo, Peckham-based who owns her company delivering political communications training:


  14. Mendora Ogbogbo worked for Harriet Harman. For me Florence and Mendora should not have been shortlisted. Both didn’t turn up to a social for all candidates or do door knocking of members. They are asking for the Labour nomination for a very safe seat and they can’t be asked to knock doors and speak to members. That is very rude!

  15. Thanks Matt fo the info on Mendora.

    BigD, who do you think is the main challenger to Foxcroft?

  16. Defo Catherine MacDonald.

  17. Vicky Foxcroft came top in all branch nominations so she’s ahead and should take it.

  18. What a surprise, the Unite candidate is going to win.

    There was a press article the other day about how the big unions are stitching up Labour selections.

  19. Thanks BigD. She was the favouriste since Day 1 and it seems the campaign has not changed the likely outcome.

    “There was a press article the other day about how the big unions are stitching up Labour selections.”

    “Half of Labour candidates have links with Unions” by Financial Times and Daily Mail was an example of poor journalism.

    At least The Times (who is not immune in writing poor articles abour Labour selections as showed in the run of 2010 GE when they showed they didn’t even have the basic knowledge on who was the left wing candidate in some seats) decided to concentrate on Euro selections which are more interesting because of the dynamics going on behind the scene and the outcomes they produced in some regions (London being the most discussed Euro shortlist)

  20. “What a surprise, the Unite candidate is going to win”

    I never saw that coming. As irritating as I find the Tories at the moment at least they do not have bullyboy unions dictating to them.

  21. Vicky Foxcroft (along with John Cryer and Sarah-Jayne Merrill) was among the Unite officers who officially complained about Charlie Whelan’s bullying and aggressive behaviour towards them.
    She reached a ‘compromise agreement” with Unite.

  22. “As irritating as I find the Tories at the moment at least they do not have bullyboy unions dictating to them.”

    The trump card that the Tories have is that today’s unions are dominated by white-collar public sector workers who are, at the end of the day, wimps, despite all the noise they make.

    Teachers, lecturers, civil servants and the like are not prepared to lose more than a few days’ pay, unlike the miners in the old days, or the Liverpool dockers. Therefore their constant strike threats and “days of action” will never amount to more than a mild irritation. As you say, their main bargaining power is not through their strike threats, but through their financial support of the Labour party, particularly when it has such a weak and inexperienced leader.

  23. Agree with all in that post HH.

  24. @HH – The three civil service unions (PCS, Prospect and FDA) are not affiliated to Labour and have never given Labour a penny. It isn’t true they control the Labour Party so please stop saying they do.

    As for Vicky Foxcroft, Unite have not been pushing her from what I’ve seen. Indeed they probably wouldn’t actively support her given the issues she had with Charlie Whelan and the bad publicity Unite got from that saga. She’s had wide support from Labour Party members all the way through. What’s helped her is a short campaign but this will always favour the strong local candidate. The only way it could possibly be a stitch up is if the decision to have a short campaign was made because it would help Vicky. That’s hard to prove! Catherine MacDonald is very impressive but she’s more Blairite than Vicky Foxcroft and this is a very leftwing CLP despite the membership of Joe Dromey!

  25. I wonder how many of the unsuccessful Labour contenders here will throw their hats in the ring for Lewisham W & Penge.

    I also assume that either Greenwich & Woolwich or Lewisham W & Penge will be AWS.

  26. BigD – what does the D stand for? Div?

  27. What does H. stand for in H.Hemmelig. I presume the latter is the Norweigan

  28. @ HH – very mature. So when you’re wrong you don’t hold your hands up you throw childish insults.

  29. @ BigD – That’s just HH’s inimitable style.

  30. BigD clearly has some local knowledge & deserves more than being called a div. Just because someone is an Unite official doesn’t mean that “bullyboy unions are stitching up all the selections” or whatever form of words are used.
    I didn’t notice LBernard condemning bullyboy tactics by employers – perhaps he doesn’t think they are capable of that. Again I appeal to some of you, keep your opinions or prejudices to another place – but I expect I’m wasting my time.

  31. Id freely admit that most the unions do is probably helpful to your average worker in minor personal cases. Im not quite sure why that kind of organization is needed for the role, but they seem to do a good job in many cases.

    Obviously we disagree about politics and I find many very extreme, but I think we tories sometimes lose sight of some of the good they can and do do.

  32. @ Joe R.

    A thoughtful post, thanks. I’m not in favour of going back to the days when politically-motivated union leaders could hold the country to ransom, but my one personal observation of how a local TGWU rep intervened to help resolve a dispute in which a deputy manager had been racially bullying an employee (RAC membership records department, Croydon, c.1985) rather convinced me that they can fulfil an important function.

  33. You only have to look at my former union, the Musicians’ Union, to see what good unions can achieve. Survival for the majority of professional musicians can be a very difficult business, and if were not for the strength of the MU, hirers & employers would make it even more parlous. And yet this is done with a minimum of fuss – the MU is hardly ever in the news – just effiency. It is affiliated to the Labour Party unlike Equity, which is also a union which makes a difficult profession just that bit more manageable.

  34. I think it would be more beneficial if unions were apolitical in the sense that they naturally turn off those who arent of a left wing persuasion and being right wing doesnt stop you being misused as a staff member.

    Obviously there is a case for unions getting involved in left wing politics in certain cases, but i’d rather things were more balanced and one could have perhaps more of a choice of which organization to join.

    Im not very knowledgeable about unions at all. Perhaps this is already true to a degree.

  35. In many jobs there is already a large choice. If you become a teacher there are several unions to choose from, for example (none of which is affiliated to the Labour Party). If you’re a musician, that would indeed be different – though not many musicians would argue that the MU does nothing to help them.

  36. Flo Nosegbe is by far the best candidate. No surprise that Vicky Foxcroft came out on top but something similar happened in Bristol West. She is the frontrunner but she may not get it. It would be great shame not to have a black MP for Lewisham Deptford and Flo Nosegbe is brilliant. She may not have attended the social due to council commitments or something but she should get the selection and when she keeps talking to members, she could win.

  37. I really don’t think that some one should be chosen just because of their ethnicity. Given that she’s a right wing Blairite I hope she loses.

    In Bristol West on the other hand, a very good Asian candidate was selected and beat the attempt by Progress to get their candidate selected. May it ever be so!

  38. Naturally I agree with what Mike has said above.

  39. Merseymike? I take it you’re not from South London. Bristol West had a candidate from the left of the party who was the clear favourite, but she was defeated by a very strong local candidate. In Croydon North, Val Shawcross was the clear favourite with a lot of local backing and was beaten by Steve Reed – another ‘rightwing Blairite’. In Norwich North, there was some movement around Jo Rust – a trade union leftie who was ‘local’ – and she got beaten by Jess Asato another ‘rightwing Blairite’. So I’d encourage you to know about what you are talking about. Also, you talk about ethnic minority but that does matter in an area like Lewisham Deptford where the demographic has changed over the last 25 years, with a higher BAME population and Labour is in desperate need of raising its BME representation. Flo understands communities like Deptford and New Cross (doubt you’ve heard of them) and on that basis I hope she will win.

  40. @ Bob – was that why she didn’t bother to knock on doors and speak to members?

  41. She has been talking to party members from what I know.

  42. I’m sure those who know my views would know whom I would be most disinclined to prefer as Labour candidate for this constituency. However, I’m not going to go into that, since I really don’t think this is the correct forum to air our detailed views on what is an internal Labour Party matter. A Labour Party forum, whether official or unofficial, would be far more appropriate.

  43. I usually visit the LabourList website every day to see what people in the Labour Party are discussing.

  44. I would have thought AWSs would be illegal.
    But I understand the previous Government legislated to make an exception for them.

  45. Mendora Ogbogbo is a local who was born in Nunhead. She knocked on my door and I was really impressed by her.


  46. Personally I hope Lewisham Deptford chooses Janet Daby as its candidate. She’s a Lewisham Councillor (in Lewisham East), but born and brought up in Deptford and she’s had an actual proper job (social worker for many years) as opposed to being some careerist.

    Vicky Foxcroft is nothing new in Parliament – she used to be Chair or at least someone senior in LAbour Students sometime back, enters into working for a union and then runs for Parliament like some sort of conveyor belt and a route that many many in the party have followed.

    I have no issues with people working for a Union becoming an MP but when I see trajectories like Foxcroft’s, I get cynical and think whether working for a Union is just a route to further their career in helping them in their effort to be an MP.

    I know some in this forum may take issue with the idea of voting for candidates who are black for the sake of it and partially agree but I want to make two points.

    Firstly it is important to have a Parliament that reflects all the communities of this country and also for the Labour party itself, there are many constituencies who rely on ethnic minority voters (who still vote overwhelmingly for Labour, if they vote at all, although this is decreasing more and more) and it can give the impression that their votes are good enough but they are not (in being a Labour representative). The same can be said with regards to Working-class too (and predominantly ethnic minorities are part of this group too).

    Secondly, its important for communities to have role-models, and this includes ethnic minorities. I do not think for a single second think that ethnic minority candidates are not good enough but what they lack is an organisation behind them (these “organisation” incidentally tends to be bigger with those candidates of limited life experience who build links through think tanks etc). When you look at some of the ethnic minorities that have been put forward in all Labour selections of late – those ethnic minorities tend to have proper jobs – Louisa Woodley (Croydon North, teacher); Janet Daby; Josie Channer (prison probabation officer) etc and perhaps the lack of time to form an organisation to support their bids and also working full-time may also hamper them.

  47. Janet Daby is on the Lewisham Council Cabinet too, so not sure how much of a help that would be, whereas Foxcroft isn’t.

  48. Kokopops, I am 100% with you on the need to boost black representation but it has got to be Flo Nosegbe. She has been fighting for young people, against cuts to our A&E, she is not a trade unionist at all and she has support from both the Labour left and Labour right. She is a fantastic speaker too.
    I also think that Mendora and Janet would be great candidates as well but Flo is the best one head above heels.
    @Daniel J – I suggest you also speak to Flo Nosegbe. Her family is local and she is an absolute star.

  49. Following on from Kokopop’s point, 7 out of all the London MPs are BAME. That is shocking seeing as there is a very high proportion of BAME communities in London. If I am completely honest, there should have been a BAME shortlist in this seat like in Brent Central if the CLP wanted it. There is one person in this shortlist who I know has been helping other black people (and young people) to get involved and has been fighting for Labour to select more BAME candidates. Lewisham Deptford has around 50% of its community as black British and it would be wrong not to have proper representation after 28 years.

  50. According to the demographics shown above, the Black population is actually 28%

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