2015 Result:
Conservative: 10216 (22.6%)
Labour: 24312 (53.9%)
Lib Dem: 1150 (2.5%)
UKIP: 8903 (19.7%)
TUSC: 542 (1.2%)
MAJORITY: 14096 (31.2%)

Category: Very safe Labour seat

Geography: North West, Greater Manchester. Part of the Wigan council area.

Main population centres: Leigh, Golborne, Tyldesley.

Profile: A working class constituency on the south-eastern edge of Greater Manchester, consisting of three former mill and coal mining towns, Leigh, Tyldesley and Golborne. The last three collieries, Golborne, Bickershaw and Parsonage closed in the late 80s and early 90s.

Politics: Like all three of the Wigan seats Leigh is a safe Labour constituency, having been held by the party since before the second world war..

Current MP
ANDY BURNHAM (Labour) Born 1970, Liverpool. Educated at St Aelred`s Roman Catholic High School and Cambridge University. Former Parliamentary researcher and special advisor. First elected as MP for Leigh in 2001. PPS to David Blunkett 2003-2004, PPS to Ruth Kelly 2004-2005. Under-secretary of State at the Home office 2005-2006, Minister of State for Health 2006-2007, Chief Secretary to the Treasury 2007-2008, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport 2008-2009, Secretary of State for Health 2009-2010. Shadow education secretary 2010-2011, Shadow Health Secretary 2011-2015. Shadow Home Secretary since 2015. Unsucessfully contested the Labour leadership election in 2010 and 2015.
Past Results
Con: 9284 (21%)
Lab: 21295 (48%)
LDem: 8049 (18%)
BNP: 2724 (6%)
Oth: 2980 (7%)
MAJ: 12011 (27%)
Con: 5825 (16%)
Lab: 23097 (63%)
LDem: 4962 (14%)
Oth: 2604 (7%)
MAJ: 17272 (47%)
Con: 6421 (18%)
Lab: 22783 (65%)
LDem: 4524 (13%)
UKIP: 750 (2%)
Oth: 820 (2%)
MAJ: 16362 (46%)
Con: 7156 (16%)
Lab: 31652 (69%)
LDem: 5163 (11%)
MAJ: 24496 (53%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
LOUISA TOWNSON (Conservative) Educated at University College London. Life sciences consultant.
ANDY BURNHAM (Labour) See above.
BILL WINLOW (Liberal Democrat)
LES LEGGETT (UKIP) Born 1956. Retired police officer. Stockport councillor 2002-2005 for the Conservative party. Contested Cheadle 2005 by-election for Veritas.
Comments - 224 Responses on “Leigh”
  1. PAUL D you’re right the world has gone mad and thats exactly why the Tories have a serious chance in all those seats.

  2. As is the majority of the CLP.
    They might not in Leigh but Manfield and Dagnham are both likely tory gain if the Polls stay as they are or get worse for Labour.

  3. Cllr Joanna Platt selected by Labour

  4. Lord (Peter) Smith has said the Leadership are, ‘treating Leigh with contempt’, he’ll resign if ex-MP Katy Clark is imposed and he ‘doesn’t care’ what Corbyn thinks, but he can’t work with her and his, “hard Left” views.

  5. Platt was the local choice of Leigh Cllrs & Smith, further to the above.

  6. Platt was also the choice of Burnham and local Momentum. Actually she managed to get everybody backing her. Therefore making almost impossible to impose Clark.

  7. There’s little on the ground news from the main Parties in either Mayoral contest in Greater Manchester or Merseyside, other than the following:

    * both accept there’s indications of a slight move to Anstee in GM over his local credentials. Neither side was prepared to put that into figures/swing terms however and neither suggested a shock was going to happen.

    * turnout is very low in parts of Liverpool, which is not surprising as Merseyside wasn’t given a Referendum as to whether they wanted a city mayor or metro mayor. It may be an indication that those opposed to the position are simply not voting, rather than turning out to vote for UKIP or the LDs (who have both promised a Ref to abolish both positions).

    Has anyone on here seen much activity in either Met county?
    The only story of note is that the GM UKIP Mayoral candidate is allegedly fond of using bondage websites to meet ladies:


    The ex-Tory Cllr and Orthodox Rabbi has been unavailable for comment – other than denying all knowledge of the incidents – since the Mail ran this.

  8. At least he’d be more entertaining than most politicians…

  9. GM Metro Mayoral Result:

    Burnham (Lab) 359, 352 63%
    Anstee (Cons) 128,752 23%
    Brophy (LD) 34,334 6%
    Green 13,424
    EngDems 11,115
    UKIP 10,583

    29% Turnout here (higher than the 26% in Merseyside)

  10. Wow – UKIP behind EngDems !!

  11. The UKIP candidate had a lot of controversies and because of his background probably didnt appeal to some potential UKIP votes.

  12. Yes that’s true. Plus the EngDem guy always stands.

    The UKIP % share in Merseyside was more than double what it was here.

  13. Wow – I never realise the English Democraps were still around!

  14. This was a rather impressive result from Burnham. Not sure you can extrapolate much to the GE given the low profile of the other candidates, but the borough breakdowns suggest he carried all the marginals here comfortably.

  15. Almost an 8% swing from Lab to Cons here.

    May be due to a combination of no Burnham and the Manc terrorist attack.

    I am hearing that there are rises in the Tory vote in other parts of Greater Manc as well.

  16. Astley Mosely Common Ward By-election, 19.10.16:

    Labour 773 46% (-5%)
    Cons 604 36% (+11%)
    UKIP 185 11% (-13%)
    LD 73 4% (+4%)
    Green 46 3% (+3%)

    (Another) 8% swing from Lab to Cons here since 2016.

  17. In GE that ward voted

    Lab 50.79% Con 41.86% UKIP 5.17% LD 2.18%

    (Wigan council released GE results by ward)

  18. “Almost an 8% swing from Lab to Cons here”

    It was 5.4%.

    [Con up 13.2 %, Lab up 2.3%]

  19. Wigan released the GE results by ward? That a very helpful thing to do, wish all councils did that.

    If those figures are accurate then this result is nothing of note really, no change since the GE. There was a very healthy swing towards the Cons in the Leigh constituency in 2017 a probable combination of the high Brexit vote and the loss of any Burnham incumbency boost, This result is nothing more than a reflection of that. Not even particularly illuminating re the Wigan local elections since (excluding the already Tory held Lowton East) Astley Mosley Common is the Tories best prospect by far of a pickup within the Leigh constituency.

  20. “Wigan released the GE results by ward? That a very helpful thing to do, wish all councils did that.”

    they are here

  21. I was interested in this one as it is about 3 weeks since the general waste collections went to every 3 weeks which is actually higher up the list of topics talked about among residents than Brexit or any other political subject though still not as high as Strictly or X-Factor. Something that is good to do as forces more people to pay attention to recycling but obviously not going to be popular and even the best households can struggle at times on a 3 week collection.

    So result seems not to be much different from what you would expect under normal circumstances. Always noticeable in a General Election year how proportionately (as compared to Tories) more Labour voters turn out for locals held on the same day than in any other year. Labour vote down on Greens and Lib Dems standing, Tory vote up on UKIP unwind probably. Plus obviously personal vote abesent.

    This has been a Tory ward in the past but 2010-2015 changed the dynamics I think for a lot of towns in the North west.

  22. James E – An 8% swing since 2016, as I said (and as detailed by locals on Vote 2012). I think it actually neighbours Iain’s ward so it may explain the Tory activity there yesterday.

  23. @ Lancs

    please see your post re the General Election, in which you miscalculated the swing as 8% rather than the actual 5.4%.

  24. Sky on Sunday’s Niall Ferguson featured this council area of Wigan and interviewed Lisa Nandy and Tory Cllr Mike Winstanley (who as PPC and then Group Leader achieved a big swing in the neighbouring Makerfield seat previously).

    It didn’t reveal much to surprise posters on here; but, did note, “it’s counter intuitive, but Labour performed poorly in poorer towns amongst blue collar workers.”

    Winstanley cited the conservative nature of voters in Wigan who are repelled by Corbyn and the Remain campaigning of the Labour Group in an area which voted heavily Leave.

    Nandy agreed that towns feel left behind compared to the cities and bemoaned that many now had no pub or post office in their area.

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