Leicester East

2015 Result:
Conservative: 11034 (23%)
Labour: 29386 (61.1%)
Lib Dem: 1233 (2.6%)
Green: 1468 (3.1%)
UKIP: 4290 (8.9%)
TUSC: 540 (1.1%)
Independent: 117 (0.2%)
MAJORITY: 18352 (38.2%)

Category: Ultra-safe Labour seat

Geography: East Midlands, Leicestershire. Part of the Leicester council area.

Main population centres: Leicester.

Profile: An urban seat in the commercial and engineering centre of Leicester. Leicester East has one of the highest Asian populations of any British constituency. In the 2001 census two-thirds of the population were non-white and 58% of people described themselves as Asian. Almost a third of the population here are Hindu, although there are also significant Muslim and Sikh minorities.

Politics: Leicester East is generally a safe Labour seat. It was briefly and narrowly held by the trenchant Conservative MP turned lay Canon Peter Bruinvels at the height of the Tory party`s popularity in 1983 but was regained by Labour in 1987 and has become increasingly safe since then. Given the Conservative party`s difficulties in attracting votes from ethnic minority voters, this looks like a seat they would be hard pressed to challenge for in the near future.

Current MP
KEITH VAZ (Labour) Born 1956, Aden. Educated at Latymer Upper School and Cambridge University. Former solicitor. Contested Richmond and Barnes 1983. First elected as MP for Leicester East in 1987. PPS to John Morris 1997-1999, PPS to Lord Falconer 1997-1998, PPS to Ross Cranston 1998-1999, Junior minister in Lord Chancellors Dept 1999, Minister of State for Europe 1999-2001. Left office, ostensibly for health results, while under investigation for the Hinduja affair. Vaz was later cleared of impropriety, but criticised for having concealed legitimate payments from the Hindujas to his wife. Suspended from the House of Commons in 2002 for making false accusations about a former police officer. He is the sister of Valerie Vaz, MP for Walsall South.
Past Results
Con: 11722 (24%)
Lab: 25804 (54%)
LDem: 6817 (14%)
BNP: 1700 (4%)
Oth: 1952 (4%)
MAJ: 14082 (29%)
Con: 8139 (20%)
Lab: 24015 (58%)
LDem: 7052 (17%)
Oth: 2100 (5%)
MAJ: 15876 (38%)
Con: 9960 (24%)
Lab: 23402 (58%)
LDem: 4989 (12%)
BNP: 772 (2%)
Oth: 1538 (4%)
MAJ: 13442 (33%)
Con: 10661 (24%)
Lab: 29083 (65%)
LDem: 3105 (7%)
Oth: 538 (1%)
MAJ: 18422 (41%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
KISHAN DEVANI (Conservative)
KEITH VAZ (Labour) See above.
DAVE RAVEL (Liberal Democrat)
TOM DARWOOD (no description)
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  1. Tim
    I have to agree with Matt that is a very unfair description calling them the lowest of the low. some undoubtedly are but many are just ordinary people who find that branch of work acceptable and profitable and others are truly desperate and have no other options available to them.

    Indeed swap out the word “rent boys” in your last sentence for most any profession the Tories would heap praise upon i.e bankers, hedge fund managers, venture capitalists and the sentence is far more applicable.

  2. I’d be more concerned about STDs if I were Vaz, after reading the Sunday Mirror piece.

  3. Amusing to read that Vaz has threatened Andrew Bridgen MP with legal action (letter on Guido’s site).

    He’s also complained re press intrusion.

  4. Yep, smug, arrogant and superior to the last.

    He’s a Europhile as well of course 🙂

  5. Runnymede accusing someone else of being smug, arrogant and superior? Those in glass houses etc.

    I wonder what revolting secrets Runnymede has in his closet? HH said he was very involved with the Tory party in the 80’s, so he was probably very busy covering up for paedophiles. Nice man.

  6. Guys, really? Partisan commentary is one thing but personal attacks on other UKPR posters is really not on.

  7. @Tristan the Westminster paedophile scandal (of which we have probably only seen the tip of the iceberg) bridged all political divides.

  8. Runnymede knows full well that “smug, arrogant and superior” users of rent boys certain aren’t confined to the europhile end of the spectrum. His best mate on the eurosceptic hard right Harvey Proctor, a fellow Monday Clubber alongside Runnymede in the 80s, is merely one good example among several.

  9. The Mirror has released part of the transcript and recording on its site and in tomorrow’s paper.

    He’s now been reported to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Commissioner of the Met Police and the Charity Commission.

    I think all agree that Vaz is particularly pompous. Both left and right wing commentators on the Paper Review just said he’s pious and loves the media appearances. He of course has been suspended from the House previously as well.

  10. Seriously, some of those comments last night on this thread were way below the belt (no pun intended).

    I agree Runneymede can be a bit gloating, pompous, call it what you like, but the vile reaction to one fairly mild comment that most would consider strictly factual (even if gloating) was beyond the pale in proportion.

    I suggest it’s not just offensive to Runneymede but to 90% of users of this site. I don’t normally comment on other people’s spats but this was something else.

  11. ‘I agree Runneymede can be a bit gloating, pompous’

    That;s an understarement BT

    From what he posts Runnymead comes across as an arrogant, immoral, greedy and thoroughly unpleasant individual who revels in his own innate nastiness. What some people might call a complete and utter scumbag.

    Maybe UKPR isn’t the place for such ‘spats’ as you call them, and of course on such a website you are going to come across people you don’t agree with, but I have to say in defences of Tristan I have never comes across somebody quite as repellent as Runnymead

  12. You may not like some people on this site and while it’s right to call people out on what they say, people can say unpleasant things but this really isn’t the place air your feelings about someone.

  13. Tim

    You’re just perpetuating the ‘spat’ though. If someone else had made the same comment it would hardly have been noticed. Because of some prior judgement of this person (let’s suppose it’s 100% accurate), some complete load of bile comes out totally inappropriate to the comment made, comments policy or no comments policy. Bit hard to defend that, I wouldn’t bother if I were you.

    Makes this site very unpleasant, the rules are that all of us (Runnymede included) are actually allowed to post on here. If all a particular individual has to do is post absolutely anything at all to trigger major offensive insults about paedophilia in response (which may in the past have been deserved due to things said and not retracted, I don’t know), then we have stooped pretty low, imho.

  14. Matt Wilson

    FA with you.

  15. ‘Makes this site very unpleasant, the rules are that all of us (Runnymede included) are actually allowed to post on here…’

    I don’t disagree BT at all although nearly all of Runnymead’s posts are totally against the spirit of the site in constantly trying to point score in the most politically partisan manner possible and whereas others – including myself – have been rightfully picked out for this – he seems to get away with it

    Personally I’ve no problem with partisan posts – but as has been pointed out to me more than a few times thus isn;t the olace to do it and fair’s fair – if its wrong for one poster to do it, then surely the same should apply to all

  16. Ok Tim, but I was talking about blatant personal insults against other posters, not merely partisan posts.

    You can’t accidentally slip into the former but we most of us do as regards the latter at times. The former is far worse than the latter.

    Probably nuff said.

  17. Vaz has now announced his resignation as chair of the Home Affairs Committee.

  18. Yeah just read that on the guardian website

  19. Which I think means Tim Loughton standing in until an alternative Labour MP is voted to the chair.

  20. Indeed. The statement suggests the by-election is likely to happen in parallel with the other pending by-elections – for Culture and Science and Technology – and the election for the new Brexit committee. Only Labour MPs will be able to stand so Loughton can’t be the permanent chair, but he can stand in until the election happens. Of those on the current committee Chuka Umunna is perhaps the most likely, but there is bound to be lots of interest in the position from Labour MPs given its profile and the number of Labour MPs who maybe expected to be on the frontbench now looking for things to do. Yvette Cooper may even be interested, given her experience in Home Affairs issues?

  21. Runnymede and BT Says are the same person. They post together and disappear together for ages at the same time. The bad cop starts a fight then the good cop comes in afterwards sounding all reasonable but essentially saying what a good egg the bad cop is really. I’m guessing Runnymede was a big fan of The Sweeney in his younger days.

  22. “Chuka Umunna is perhaps the most likely”

    I’m not sure the committee would want to risk two consecutive chairmen getting exposed for using rent boys. Cooper much more likely IMO.

  23. How on earth Tim really thinks a poster he has never met (Runnymede) is immoral or greedy, really is barking beyond belief, even for the hyperbole we read at times on UKPR.

    Tim could write press releases for Phillip Green or Keith Vaz threatening to sue everyone.

  24. Maybe he has met him 🙂

    Was that Vaz legal letter genuine? Was so badly written I thought it was a spoof.

  25. Yes I thought that.

    Equally one Frank Field received was laughable.

    Although sadly nothing surprises me. I received a letter from HMRC with four spelling and grammar errors in just two sentences and from my bank which contained two errors.

  26. Vaz is back:


    Unsurprisingly, MPs including Nick Brown & Liam Fox turned up late last night to vote for Vaz.

  27. MPs have shown themselves in a very poor light over this, again.

  28. I’m not very comfortable with Vaz being on the Justice Ctte so soon but can understand why MPs (except 7 Tory rebels) didn’t vote it down. It is now the established principle that members of select cttes. are selected through internal party procedures. Any Labour MPs voting against would have been objecting to the outcome of their own procedure and the Tories would have risked causing Labour MPs to retaliate by objecting to members nominated through their procedure in future.

  29. Weak excuse hiding behind procedure in such a way

  30. ‘MPs including Nick Brown and Liam Fox turned up late last night…’

    I’ll bet they did. Perhaps they came together, so to speak.

  31. Police are now investigating drugs offences Vaz may have committed.

  32. Vaz is due to be appointed to oversee corruption (!)

    He’s currently the Labour Whips’ choice. This was featured on the Sky Paper Review with both Left and Right finding this proposition laughable.

  33. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/tycoon-wants-to-smash-commons-political-careerists-96k5dmbgx

    This is interesting… though an anti-corruption movement could have chosen a figurehead with fewer offshore bank accounts than Aaron Banks.

  34. Having an overseas bank account does not make you corrupt. I have two, simply by virtue of having lived in two foreign countries, and any income/interest they generate has to be reported to HMRC the same as my UK accounts.

    A mass anti-corruption movement is likely to fail because odds are that at least one of the 200 candidates they stand will fail to live up to the high standards they are setting for th

  35. they are setting for the allegedly corrupt MPs

  36. Predictably the MPs’ disgraceful decision to appoint Vaz to a senior post on an important committee has blown up in their faces. The optics of this are appalling.

    They just don’t get it, and if they don’t start getting it Banks’ efforts will be successful.

  37. Agree with you on Vaz. Banks would be better off focusing on extreme cases like this one rather than going after 200 seats.

  38. Vaz certainly stands out but the large number of MPs who facilitated his being elected to a committee are also fair game I’m afraid.

    If you cover up this kind of behaviour or fail to punish it, you are an accessory. Certainly the public may well see it that way. MPs need to break out of the cosy club mentality they have.

  39. I am thinking this could fall to the Tories…if with or without Mr Vaz as the PPC. Embarrassing disclosures about private lives are odten fatal. It’s far fetched I know but not inconceivable.

  40. Unlike Alex F, I think Labour will hold with ease here. The Conservatives gained the seat in 83, greatly helped by the previously elected Labour MP having joined the SDP and standing as their candidate here. The obnoxious winner, Peter Bruinvels, who famously offered to act as a hangman if the death penalty was re-introduced, lasted just one term. Since then the Asian vote, already considerable, has near doubled. Mr Vaz has withstood questions about his integrity at previous elections and shown a Teflon like ability to survive. If you are looking for an outside chance of a Vaz defeat, Walsall South?

  41. Edward Yi He is conservative candidate here in Leicester East, BUT also the con cand. in Aberavon.

    Leicester East SoPN :-


    Aberavon SoPN :-

    I think this has happened before, and as long as he doesn’t come top of the poll in both constituencies, all will be well . . .


  42. Still, a bit of an embarrassing cock-up from the Tories.

  43. PollT.

    No, I got it wrong, I was looking at the SoPN for 2015 on Aberavon, and thought it was the 2017 one!! As you can see from the post accuracy drops off at 1.38 am.

    So, as you were.


  44. Leicester City Cllr Paul Newcombe has been suspended by Labour after being charged with sexual assault.

  45. Yes i heard about this

  46. Even for Guido this is mischievous:


    Although I suspect it might make it into the This Week end credits musical montage. Was it a washing machine salesman Vaz claimed to be?

  47. Better late than never: the Committee on Standards has recommended baring Vaz from the House for 6 months, which would also trigger a Recall petition.

    Not just for the procuring male prostitutes and drugs, but for the ludicrous lies he came up with in his evidence.

  48. Keith Vaz has agreed to retire

  49. Thank goodness for that. So Vaz, O’Mara and Ross Thomson all out this election…good to hear. Nadine Dorries will win her seat of course but you can’t have everything.

  50. I would have preferred to see him suspended then Recalled and lose the by-election, but at least it’s something.

    Coincidentally an old HIGNFY last week showed a montage of MPs dancing in various music videos. They included Cyril Smith (I think it was Banarama) and then Vaz bhangra dancing. Didn’t Kinnock do one as well?

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