Hornsey & Wood Green

2015 Result:
Conservative: 5347 (9.3%)
Labour: 29417 (50.9%)
Lib Dem: 18359 (31.8%)
Green: 3146 (5.4%)
UKIP: 1271 (2.2%)
Others: 245 (0.4%)
MAJORITY: 11058 (19.1%)

Category: Semi-marginal Labour seat

Geography: Greater London. Part of the Haringey council area.

Main population centres: Wood Green, Noel Park, Alexandra Palace, Muswell HIll, Crouch End, Cranley Gardens, Highgate.

Profile: The western half of the Borough of Haringey. This is a fashionable and trendy areas for young professionals and the middle class intelligensia, though there are also areas of council housing and a diverse ethnic population, including Jewish, Cypriot and Afro-carribean communities.

Politics: This was a Conservative seat until 1992 but by 1997 had become what looked like a rock solid Labour seat, with Barbara Roche enjoying a majority of over 20,000. The Liberal Democrats surplanted the Conservatives as the alternative to Labour here, winning the seat in 2005 under Lynne Featherstone, later to become a minister in the coalition government. In 2015 it was an intensely fought seat, with both Labour and the Liberal Democrats concentrating resources here. In the event it was a far more comfortable victory for Labour than many expected, with Catherine West securing a solid majority of 19 percent.

Current MP
CATHERINE WEST (Labour) Born Australia. Educated at School of Oriental and African Studies. Leader of Islington council. First elected as MP for Hornsey & Wood Green in 2015.
Past Results
Con: 9174 (17%)
Lab: 18720 (34%)
LDem: 25595 (47%)
GRN: 1261 (2%)
Oth: 292 (1%)
MAJ: 6875 (12%)
Con: 6014 (13%)
Lab: 18117 (38%)
LDem: 20512 (43%)
GRN: 2377 (5%)
Oth: 310 (1%)
MAJ: 2395 (5%)
Con: 6921 (16%)
Lab: 21967 (50%)
LDem: 11353 (26%)
GRN: 2228 (5%)
Oth: 1594 (4%)
MAJ: 10614 (24%)
Con: 11293 (22%)
Lab: 31792 (62%)
LDem: 5794 (11%)
Oth: 1800 (3%)
MAJ: 20499 (40%)

2015 Candidates
SUHAIL RAHUJA (Conservative) Educated at Oxford University. Financial analyst. Westminster councillor since 2006. Contested Manchester Central 2010.
CATHERINE WEST (Labour) Born Australia. Educated at School of Oriental and African Studies. Leader of Islington council.
LYNNE FEATHERSTONE (Liberal Democrat) Born 1951, London. Educated at South Hampstead High School and Oxford Brookes University. Design consultant. Haringey councillor 1998-2006.Contested Hornsey and Wood Green 1997, 2001. London Assembly member 2000-2005. MP for Hornsey and Wood Green 2005 to 2015. Minister for Equalities 2010-12. Under-secretary for International Development since 2012.
CLIVE MORRISON (UKIP) Born Jamacia. Educated at Southgate Technical College. Enfield councillor 1998-2002 for the Labour party. Contested Edmonton 2010 for the Christian party.
GORDON PETERS (Green) Born Scotland. Educated at Health and social development consultant and former Director of Hackney Social Services.
FRANK SWEENEY (Workers Revolutionary) Contested Luton South 2010.
GEOFF MOSELEY (Hoi Polloi) Photographer and film maker.
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  1. The Conservative vote here is now under 10%. I thought they reached their base minimum in 2005. Either they lent votes to Featherstone, or their natural support has increasingly moved out of the constituency.

  2. More data. Largest turn-out in any Labour seat, second highest swing, second lowest UKIP vote in the country. Lowest was Hackney and Stoke Newington.

  3. The Constituency Labour Party here has reached 1,600 members, surely playing a part in the size of the victory.

    Will leadership election results be published by CLP as they were in 2010 given the new voting system? I hope so, viewing the size of CLPs was illuminating.

  4. Cllr George Meehan, Labour councillor for Woodside ward and former council leader, has sadly died aged 71.

  5. Useless fact: no surprise that this seat had the lowest combined Con+UKIP percentage in England at the general election, 11.45%.

  6. @Andy JS

    Clearly a lot of squeezing – I know Lynne Featherstone was quite popular. This seat did have a Tory MP until 1992 and still has areas that, in normal circumstances, ought to record a decent Tory vote.

  7. The Tories have a natural vote of 20-25% across the constituency as a whole and ought to top the poll in Highgate ward. I wonder whether this will now happen or whether the Lib Dems will remain the dominant opposition locally. Incidentally I wonder if Justin Hinchcliffe remains kicked out of the Tory party….clearly his influence seems to have helped Featherstone squeeze the Tory vote till the pips squeaked. I don’t see that happening next time.

  8. After lots of agonysing and sole searching, I have come out for Brexit.

    Had lots of time to think whilst desperately calling out for paper.

    It’ll be the way for Llib Dems to rebuild in rural seats and to win over Euro sceptic Labour voters. (with stupendous momentum).

  9. 76-24 Remain.

  10. About 25% of voters in this seat have signed the petition calling for another referendum, assuming they all really live here.


  11. There’s some doubt about the figures in Cities of London and Westminster due to possible spam bots.

  12. Ld Cllr Sarah Elliott defects to Labour.

  13. In 2010 Muswell Hill and Crouch end were two of the top five wards in the country for the LDs. Now they have just two councillors left combined in those wards.

  14. 9% is ridiculously poor for the Conservatives in what is in parts a very affluent constituency. But tactical voting for the LDs prob isn’t going to go away. Even if the chances of the LDs winning have receded considerably (I don’t see them gaining it back, even with Corbyn as Labour leader) they will remain the best hope for voters who don’t want a Labour MP and are likely to be much stronger on the ground than the Tories are.

  15. Clive Morrison must have undergone some Damascus-like conversion to go from standing for the Christian Party in 2010 to UKIP in 2015. OI couldn’t imagine two parties more naturally oppssed to each other

    Its like somebody standing for the Fascists in one election, and then for the Communists in the next

    Such people don’t deserve to be taken seriously

  16. And he was a Labour councillor between 1998 and 2002

  17. Isn’t the Christian Party a socially conservative, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage sort of group? I can’t really see having those sorts of views and then joining UKIP as being particularly strange.

  18. I definitely thinks there Tory potential in some wards of this borough around Highgate and Fortis Green etc. However despite it’s affluence I would imagine there are rich Corbynite Guardian reader types living here too.

  19. ‘Isn’t the Christian Party a socially conservative, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage sort of group? I can’t really see having those sorts of views and then joining UKIP as being particularly strange.’

    Last time I looked, and I was brought up in a Christian household, Christianity is all about tolerance, compassion and loving thy neighbour – three things that UKIP stick two fingers up at

    So I find it exceptionally odd that somebody who proclaims to be a Christian would even vote for UKIP, let alone seek to represent them

  20. ‘Hornsey & Wood Green certainly seems like Guardianista territory’

    I don’t know this part of London well at all but I used to go to Bounds Green every now and them (which i presume is in this constituency) and that seemed extremely run-down and deprived

    Certainly not Guardianista territory but I’d imagine much of the seat like Highgate very much is

    Another polarised London constituency where the Right no longer get a look in

  21. They absolutely could make a run if they embedded a competent candidate and started laying the groundwork now. But the problem is the local tory Peter Forrest is so unpleasant and hard to work with. Or so goes the rumour.
    In the original review some of Islington was going to be put into Hornsey WG.

  22. “The Tories really should be able to take back Highgate ward here”

    Very much doubt it. The Tories are basically a corpse in Haringey now, reduced to a handful of prickly eccentrics like Justin Hinchcliffe and Peter Forrest (mentioned upthread) whose efforts are often counter-productive. The Labour council in Haringey is also unusually terrible and the Lib Dems have never quite managed to seize control. I think H & WG will remain a Lab-LD contest with little swing back to the Tories either locally or in GEs.

  23. Brexit will hardly have helped any likelihood of the Tories recovery in this seat, given it voted 76-24% Remain.

    Therefore Lib Dems likely to stay in 2nd place at next GE at least, as tactical vote unwind will likely be compensated by Remain Tories switching to LD at least to a degree.

    Either way, I think Labour vote share will increase in this seat next time, even if it’s falling nationally.

  24. I doubt CCHQ will lose much sleep over this seat.

  25. Justin is now in the LDs

  26. That London poll showed a 6% swing Lab to Lib Dem, but that would not be enough to take this one back. On the other hand this seat is very Remain, and that issue did not exist at all in 2015. It is quite likely that the net 6% swing is greater in seats like this

  27. West did defy the whip though and vote against triggering article 50 which will go some way to neutering that attack point from the Libs plus the local Lab party here is a real force of nature, they were out campaigning the same day the election was called if Twitter is to be believed.

    If the Libs win this back they are either having a brilliant night or Labour are having a nightmare night or both.

  28. That London poll showed a 6% swing Lab to Lib Dem, but that would not be enough to take this one back. On the other hand this seat is very Remain, and that issue did not exist at all in 2015. It is quite likely that the net 6% swing is greater in seats like this, so who knows? Lib dems seem quite active online

  29. @Andrew111: Which poll is that?

    And I think this could be a strong prospect. If Brexit is the main issue, there’s a chance they regain this but lose Carshalton.

  30. Mr Pitt,

    It was on here around the beginning of April as I recall, but I forget the company. I did find it on here again one time to have another look. It gives the Lib Dems a real chance in Bermondsey..

  31. If the polls stay as they are the narrative will be all Tory landslide. Last time that happened was 1997, when the Lib Dems did very well and gained Labour tactical votes where they were fighting the Tories, but got overtaken by Labour in seats like Leeds NW..
    So yes, the lib Dems could lose Carshalton and win Bermondsey, perhaps. Although I think a Heathrow effect will help Brake hang on and also give the Lib Dems at least two of the SW London seats, regardless of Brexit..

  32. The lib dem candidate here is not well liked apparently. The other wildcard here is hdv.

  33. HDV looks like a potentially election-changing issue if the Lib Dems can get hold of it…

    There are a lot of councils taking big risks with property schemes at the moment (just as they did with Icelandic investments in the 2008 crash). In London it might work however….

  34. Lets get real,guys.

    Lynne Featherstone converted this constituency into first a Lib Dem target and then seat. As a peer she is no longer available as a candidate and in her absence, the Lib Dem challenge ends.

  35. Disagree. London polls are suggesting LAB -6% and LD +7% would suggest this seat is very much in play. This should be much more of a LD target than Vauxhall.

  36. Tories are launching their campaign Friday according to twitter

  37. The Tories are actually quite toxic here plop. Reason being that in the Eastern half in Wood Green they’ve always voted Labour and the Tories never do anything there. In the west it’s a guardian reader affluence. So apart from Fortis Green and Highgate, the people think of the Tories as the nasty party. This time round the candidate has skipped most of the hustings and has done only one or two canvas sessions. She’s been in Portsmouth among other places.

    She even said in one hustings she didnt expect to win haha.

  38. Quint – Tories not popular in Fortis Green either, Highgate (the part in HaWG) was their only remaining strength and even that is questionable now (Labour finished second behind Lib Dems locally in that ward in 2014).

    I’m just being sensitive as I was a councillor for Fortis Green 2002-2014 (originally as a Lib Dem then Independent), when we won that ward off Labour who had held it 1998-2002. The last time any Conservative was elected in HaWG was Highgate ward in 1998…

  39. The Lib Dems can storm back here.


    Plopwell (LD) 32,011
    *West (Lab) 31,955
    Borwock (Con) 7,255
    Mountshaft (UKIP) 1,011
    Ike (Green) 1,003


    Majority 56

  40. So the long-running feud over the Haringey Development Vehicle has finally come to a head, with council leader Claire Kober resigning:


    I think the oddest thing in this whole saga is that, at no point have I heard what Momentum would do instead of the HDV to tackle unaffordable housing and homelessness. They must have a gold-plated plan, right? Surely they wouldn’t kick up all this fuss just because they don’t like the private sector…

  41. They can start with meeting the quota for affordable housing. There were developments where only 11 of 147 units were affordable. Thats only 10% well below the third councils are expected to deliver as part if their statutory duty and even further behind the 2/3 city hall have asked borough councils to deliver. Haringey is not the only council to provide housing thanks to their partnership with a private developer. Most councils though do meet their statutory requirements

  42. “well below the third councils are expected to deliver as part of heir statutory duty”

    There’s no such law.

    In fact around 10% is the average across the UK, with 25% in Wales and total exemptions for some cities (eg there’s been no such quota in Liverpool for new private developments over he past 20 years).

  43. PT – Well Cat Smith (when asked four times by Jo Coburn on the Daily Politics) couldn’t even answer whether she could name anything positive about capitalism.

  44. Interesting insight into what the country’s first Momentum-run council might do:


    Fair play to them, they’re a bit more reasonable-sounding than you might imagine.

  45. Interesting thanks

  46. Weren’t Momentum here the lot who deselected the Lab cllrs replacing them with their 3 new candidates in Crouch End – who then lost to he LibDems on Thursday?

  47. Justin Hinchcliffe, formerly a very controversial/unpopular Tory poster on this site, was one of the new Lib Dem councillors elected here last week (Fortis Green ward).

  48. ‘Justin Hinchcliffe, formerly a very controversial/unpopular Tory poster on this site, was one of the new Lib Dem councillors elected here last week (Fortis Green ward).’

    I read a thoroughly unpleasant scathing article about him which I think had been posted from a Breitbart website. Whatever in London it was they were going on about I;m not quite sure what business it was of their’s. Perhaps they should address the more than a fair few things wrong in their country before poking their nose about in ours

    I had no idea Hinchcliffe was a Lib Dem – not a natural home I would have thought for somebody who said poor people should eat berries from trees and hospitals should be closed because they tended to have too many old people in them

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