North East Hertfordshire

2015 Result:
Conservative: 28949 (55.4%)
Labour: 9869 (18.9%)
Lib Dem: 3952 (7.6%)
Green: 2789 (5.3%)
UKIP: 6728 (12.9%)
MAJORITY: 19080 (36.5%)

Category: Ultra-safe Conservative seat

Geography: Eastern, Hertfordshire.

Main population centres:



Current MP
OLIVER HEALD (Conservative) Born 1954, Reading. Educated at Reading School and Cambridge University. Barrister. First elected as MP for North Hertfordshire in 1992. PPS to Peter Lloyd 1994, PPS to William Waldegrave 1994-1995, Under-Secretary for Social Security 1995-1997. Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary 2002-2003, Shadow Leader of the House 2003-2004, Shadow Constitutional Affairs Secretary 2004-2005, Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 2005-2007. Solicitor General 2012-2014.
Past Results
Con: 26995 (54%)
Lab: 8291 (16%)
LDem: 11801 (23%)
UKIP: 2075 (4%)
Oth: 1263 (3%)
MAJ: 15194 (30%)
Con: 22402 (47%)
Lab: 13264 (28%)
LDem: 10147 (21%)
UKIP: 1561 (3%)
MAJ: 9138 (19%)
Con: 19695 (44%)
Lab: 16251 (36%)
LDem: 7686 (17%)
UKIP: 1013 (2%)
MAJ: 3444 (8%)
Con: 21712 (42%)
Lab: 18624 (36%)
LDem: 9493 (18%)
MAJ: 3088 (6%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
OLIVER HEALD (Conservative) See above.
JOE JORDAN (Liberal Democrat)
Comments - 14 Responses on “Hertfordshire North East”
  1. North Herts Rural division, Herts CC:

    Tony Hunter, Con: 2,281
    Ian Simpson, LD: 2,208
    Felix Power, Green: 379
    Ken Garland, Lab: 255

    Con maj: 73

    Tony Hunter, Con: 1,506
    Ian Simpson, LD: 1,437
    Peter Robbins, UKIP: 796
    Ken Garland, Lab: 350
    Felix Power, Green: 135

    Con maj: 69

  2. A Jonathan Meades documentary on Letchworth Garden City (from 2007):

  3. Some might say a documentary like this hasn’t got much to do with politics, but I think it does in an indirect way because Meades covers so much ground to do with whichever place he’s talking about.

  4. Obvious Conservative hold of course.

    Letchworth and Baldock do have some Labour potential (do not know Royston at all), although looking at past figures then discounting 2010 I’d say Labour tend to tap their natural vote pretty well.

    Would be quite surprised if they polled higher than 2005 with the emergence of UKIP, but would be equally surprised if Labour were seriously challenged for second.

  5. Labour don’t get many votes out of Baldock these days. They do have good areas in Letchworth but still I think underperform a bit in some parts given the demographics. Labour won’t get anywhere near their 2005 level of support but yes they should get second place and over 20%

    I’ll have to have a look at that link posted by Andy back in October last year – did not see that at the time. I find Jonatham Meades style a bit hard to bear though and an hour is a long t ime

  6. For many years I refused to watch Meades on TV because I thought he seemed pompous and overbearing. However after seeing his programme on Essex from last year I’ve changed my mind and now I actually think he’s well worth watching. His “Remember The Future” programme from 1997 is particularly good IMO. I’d recommend it.

  7. He’s very watchable, but I can’t see how the programme on Essex convinced you he wasn’t pompous and overbearing.

  8. I think it’s part of an act for his TV shows rather than how he really is, because I’ve seen ordinary interviews with him and he’s much more down to earth,

    Selection: Chris York for Labour.

  9. Conservative Hold. 17,000 maj.

  10. Can anyone explain the unusually good result for the Greens here in June with their percentage share remaining the same with them saving their deposit again against the regional and national trend?

  11. The remain vote and no obvious opposition to Tories?

  12. Interesting theory and I wonder if UKIP not standing would have made any difference in all four parties gaining votes here? I know there were loads of seats this time the Greens stood in June where they hadn’t in 2015 but that’s not quite the same thing.

  13. Watton-at-Stone ward by-election, 23.08.18:

    Libdem 531
    Cons 238
    Lab 23

    LD Gain from Cons.

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