Hampstead & Kilburn

2015 Result:
Conservative: 22839 (42.3%)
Labour: 23977 (44.4%)
Lib Dem: 3039 (5.6%)
Green: 2387 (4.4%)
UKIP: 1532 (2.8%)
Independent: 113 (0.2%)
Others: 77 (0.1%)
MAJORITY: 1138 (2.1%)

Category: Marginal Labour seat

Geography: Greater London. Parts of Camden and Brent council areas.

Main population centres: Hampstead, Kilburn, Kendal Rise.

Profile: Hampstead itself is stereotypically, but not entirely inaccurately, portrayed as the home of the chattering classes and the liberal intelligensia, although the extreme house prices mean it is increasingly the home to city financiers, celebrities and business entrepreneurs. The desirable location, Hampstead Heath and direct transport links into central London and to Canary Wharf mean the rest of the seat is rapidly gentrifying and house prices rocketing as young professionals move into the area. Kilburn is a more socially deprived area with a large proportion of social housing and large Irish and Caribbean communities. Gentrification is having its effect even here though and the large South Kilburn council estate is in the process of being redeveloped.

Politics: Hampstead and Kilburn was created for the 2010 election, a cross borough seat based on the old Hampstead and Highgate seat of Glenda Jackson and the Brent East seat of Sarah Teather, who opted to fight the Brent Central seat instead. In 2010 the result was an extremely tight three-way finish between Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat with Labour only winning by 42 votes. In 2015 the Liberal Democrat vote collapsed, but the battle between Labour and Conservative remained tight, with Tulip Siddiq winning by only two percent.

Current MP
TULIP SIDDIQ (Labour) Born 1982, Mitcham, granddaughter of Sheikj Mujibur Rahman, first President of Bangledesh. Educated at University College London. Former corporate communications executive. First elected as MP for Hampstead & Kilburn in 2015.
Past Results
Con: 17290 (33%)
Lab: 17332 (33%)
LDem: 16491 (31%)
GRN: 759 (1%)
Oth: 950 (2%)
MAJ: 42 (0%)
Con: 10886 (29%)
Lab: 14615 (38%)
LDem: 10293 (27%)
GRN: 2013 (5%)
Oth: 366 (1%)
MAJ: 3729 (10%)
Con: 8725 (25%)
Lab: 16601 (47%)
LDem: 7273 (21%)
GRN: 1654 (5%)
Oth: 1154 (3%)
MAJ: 7876 (22%)
Con: 11991 (27%)
Lab: 25275 (57%)
LDem: 5481 (12%)
Oth: 617 (1%)
MAJ: 13284 (30%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005, name changed from Hampstead & Highgate

2015 Candidates
SIMON MARCUS (Conservative) Born Hampstead. Educated at City of London School and Kings College London. Camden councillor since 2012. Contested Barking 2010.
TULIP SIDDIQ (Labour) Born 1982, Mitcham, granddaughter of Sheikj Mujibur Rahman, first President of Bangledesh. Educated at University College London. Corporate communications executive.
MAAJID NAWAZ (Liberal Democrat) Born 1978, Westcliff on Sea. Educated at Westcliff High School for Boys and SOAS. Executive director of Quilliam Foundation. Former member of extremist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir, he left HUT in 2007 to become a campaigner against extremism. Received death threats in 2013 for tweeting a Jesus and Mo cartoon.
MAGNUS NIELSEN (UKIP) Educated at George Dixons Grammar School and University of London. Contested Holborn and St Pancras 2001, Hampstead and Highgate 2005, Hampstead and Kilburn 2010.
REBECCA JOHNSON (Green) Educated at Bristol University. Academic and nuclear disarmament expert.
ROBIN ELLISON (U Party) Educated at Manchester Grammar School and Cambridge University. Pensions lawyer. Chairman of the National Association of Pension Funds.
THE EUROVISIONARY CARROLL (Independent) Born 1934, Belfast. Singer and entertainer. British entrant to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1962 and 1963.. Contested Hampstead and Highgate 1997, Uxbridge by-election 1997, Hartlepool by-election 2004, Haltemprice 2008 by-election. Died on 13th April 2015, after the close of nominations.
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  1. They wait until the doors unlocked and then she is taken to hospital – its unlikely as I believe she is only 37 weeks and is having an early c – section due to gestational diabetes. She will be in a wheelchair apparently and her husband as near as possible.

  2. I have got that wrong actually – she will probably (as just discussed in the commons) be nodded through by the clerks rather than physically going into the voting lobby. They may be other MP’s ill as well being nooded through- possibly while in ambulances like in the 1970’s.

  3. This row has now intensified after Comments by Kemi Badenoch, who is a Conservative vice chair, have lead to a furious backlash from Labour Mp’s.

  4. I mean, obviously what shes says is completely indefensible, but there’s a Machiavellian side to me that applauds the sheer brazenness of her comments.

    She’s developing a reputation for being an idiot with delusions of grandeur – but I also feel she’s a decently skilled provocateur.

  5. Badenoch is articulate but is so staggeringly pleased with herself that I personally find it hard to warm to her. I do think she has a bright future…her constituency (Saffron Walden) is one of the most bombproof Tory seats in the country. She is able so watch this space.

  6. Oh yeah, she’s not likable but she is good at what she does.

  7. PT – but true (what she said).

  8. Kemi Badenoch is 100% correct, though it pains me greatly to say so.

    Anybody who puts voting in the Commons above the wellbeing of their unborn child is frankly a vile human being unworthy of being a parent. If that means telling the whips to f*** off then so be it.

    But as Badenoch says, there are literally dozens of Tories who would have been more than willing to pair with her and would not have broken their word. A gent like my own MP Soames would have done so in a heartbeat. But in any case it’s not like the vote was close, nor was it ever likely to be. A pathetic display of political grandstanding and virtue signalling.

  9. Whether you agree or not, I thought it was a conservative principle that people can be trusted to make their own life decisions and shouldn’t be judged for doing so?

  10. I think Part of Tulip’s decision was internal Labour Politics to increase her chances of not being deselected. Obviously wouldn’t publicly mention that.

  11. Might not save her. Nick Boles discharged himself from chemotherapy to vote for Article 50, and local members are still going after him.

  12. “I thought it was a conservative principle that people can be trusted to make their own life decisions”

    It’s not just her life though is it, it’s that of her unborn child. I suspect like most parents, I don’t understand her mentality at all. Battling through your own personal illness to vote like Boles, well that’s entirely different.

  13. I’m not aware there is any threat of deselection in Hampstead & Kilburn

  14. I think that the situation maybe due to the pairing system having broken down. There were NO pairings in the VoNC, despite Siddiques predicament and the serious ill health of Lab’s Paul Fynn.

  15. Pairing has usually been suspended in votes of no confidence which are expected to be relatively close. I agree some form of proxy voting for the genuinely infirm would be a positive development, as long as it wasn’t misused by those who are simply being lazy.

    I’d be very disappointed if two gentlemanly Tories were not willing to abstain to counteract the votes of Flynn and Siddique, as Bernard Weatherill informally agreed to do in the infamous 1979 vote which brought down Callaghan.

  16. Sky News Lewis Goddal reporting labour are concerned about the tories winning the seat in a three way battle and split remain vote.

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