Hackney North & Stoke Newington

2015 Result:
Conservative: 7341 (14.7%)
Labour: 31357 (62.9%)
Lib Dem: 2492 (5%)
Green: 7281 (14.6%)
UKIP: 1085 (2.2%)
Others: 327 (0.7%)
MAJORITY: 24016 (48.1%)

Category: Ultra-safe Labour seat

Geography: Greater London. Part of the Hackney council area.

Main population centres: Stoke Newington, Stamford Hill, Dalston, Clapton.

Profile: A highly cosmopolitian and multi ethnic seat covering Stoke Newington, Clapton and Hackney Downs. This seat has one of the ten highest proportions of black residents, a significant Muslim population and also one of the highest Jewish populations because of the densely packed ultra-orthodox Hassidic Jewish community around Stamford Hill, one of the pockets of strength of the Conservative party in the seat, at least at local elections. Stamford Hill aside this is a Labour seat, there are the beginnings of gentrification and private house prices are rocketing, but this is mostly a seat of council and social housing, of estates, tower blocks, deprivation, high crime and drug problems.

Politics: Unsurprisingly this is a solid Labour seat and Diane Abbott increased her already healthy majority in 2015, pushing it to almost fifty percent.

Current MP
DIANE ABBOTT (Labour) Born 1953, Paddington. Educated at Harrow County Grammar School and Cambridge University. Former television researcher and press officer. Westminster councillor 1982-1986. First elected as MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington in 1987. Shadow minister for public health until 2013. Shadow internationla development secretary since 2015. She is a left winger and prior to joining the frontbench was a regular rebel against the Labour whip, opposing Iraq, foundation hospitals, top-up fees and 90 day detention - she also branched out into television and regularly appeared on the BBC`s week politics show This Week in a double act with Michael Portillo. In 2010 she contested the Labour leadership, finishing last.
Past Results
Con: 6759 (15%)
Lab: 25553 (55%)
LDem: 11092 (24%)
GRN: 2133 (5%)
Oth: 924 (2%)
MAJ: 14461 (31%)
Con: 4218 (14%)
Lab: 14268 (49%)
LDem: 6841 (23%)
GRN: 2907 (10%)
Oth: 1146 (4%)
MAJ: 7427 (25%)
Con: 4430 (15%)
Lab: 18081 (61%)
LDem: 4170 (14%)
GRN: 2184 (7%)
Oth: 756 (3%)
MAJ: 13651 (46%)
Con: 5483 (17%)
Lab: 21110 (64%)
LDem: 3806 (12%)
Oth: 1909 (6%)
MAJ: 15627 (48%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
AMY GRAY (Conservative) Educated at Oxford University. Government affairs manager.
DIANE ABBOTT (Labour) See above.
SIMON DE DENEY (Liberal Democrat)
JON HOMAN (Animal Welfare)
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  1. https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/home-affairs/policing/news/85538/listen-diane-abbotts-sums-dont-add-car-crash-interview-over

    Absolutely hilarious from start to finish – a ‘must listen’ 🙂

    Abbott literally has no grasp of what she is talking about!

  2. No she doesn’t. Predictably she’s now blaming the evil nasty Tory/Blairite media for her awful performance…

  3. “I do know my figures. I did seven interviews this morning, that was my seventh. I misspoke.If I didn’t know my figures, why was I able to do six other interviews and give the figures correctly,” she told the BBC.

    “We will put 10,000 more police on our streets,boosting all 43 forces across England & Wales.”

    She appears to have said £80,000 instead of £300m & also 250,000 officers per yr instead instead of 2,500 (over 4yrs) is one of many politicians who has gone to pieces when interrogated about figures- a bit like some entrepreneurs on Dragons Den who utter absolutely nonsensical figures. Abbott could easily have had these figures written down in front of her as it was an unfilmed radio interview. Forgiveable but so avoidable

  4. AlexF – unsure as she definitely said £300k and it was repeated back to her twice.

    It’s possible that’s what she meant re ‘misspoke’ instead of £300m, but no idea where she conjured up £80m from, as she pauses for a good 10 secs before arriving at that second figure.

    Although minutes later Sky data showed that it would cost £350m not £300m anyway.

  5. These new policemen can only dream about being able to afford Natalie Bennett’s plywood houses 🙂

  6. “The choice today is between brutal efficiency in pursuit of a disastrous agenda, and gentle inefficiency in pursuit of a better world. I know which I favour.”…George Minbiot:


  7. Okay guys, settle down. Non-partisan posts only, please.

    Only another 37 days to go…

  8. Second that, I don’t care who any of you think should win and we’ll find out who speaks for the country in June.

  9. No politician ever speaks for the whole country….perhaps with the very occasional fleeting exception like Blair in the afterglow of May 97.

    Certainly in today’s fractious and polarised political climate, neither the PM nor any of the various other party leaders can claim to speak for more than half of the country.

  10. True. Although it may be the first one where Cons are ahead of Labour in all parts of the UK including Scotland.

  11. After all even most Labour MPs don’t agree that JC would make a better PM than TM. Another first for Leaders.

  12. “Theresa May wants Britain to ‘lead the world in preventing tourism’ ”
    BusinessInsider.Com -Australia


  13. ‘It was the cringiest moment in an already gaffe-prone interview on The Andrew Marr Show. (26 March 17).

    Speaking about preventing the upload of objectionable content, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the government needs to get people who “understand the necessary hashtags” talking….’


  14. Minor gaffes in comparison with Abbott’s train wreck this morning. The Tories can comfort themselves that their missteps will almost certainly be knocked off the front page by whatever the latest Corbyn cock up is.

    Theresa May is dull and uninspiring, but we’ve endured many dull uninspiring prime ministers in the past and lived to tell the tale. Corbyn is in his own league of unsuitability for government office. This is I believe the essence of the election.

  15. I’ve always said she was beyond useless. This multi-car pile up confirms it.

  16. That is certainly the narrative Mrs May wants. Leadership is the Tories’ strongest suit (or rather, Labour’s weakest).

    I feel like the reveal of the manifestos could be a more important event in this election than in previous, if only because it will give journalists who have to fill a 24-hour news cycle something to talk about. Here’s the list of all the firm policy pledges I can remember the Conservatives making since the starting gun went:

    – Maintaining the 0.7% aid target.
    – Energy price caps.

    Er… that’s it. Two policies, one of which they had stolen from Ed Miliband. Everything else has been “strong and stable” or “we promise not to break the triple tax lock unless we change our mind and break the triple tax lock”. There has been a great big void where the policy announcements should be – and it is letting Labour, who are announcing a new policy every day, dominate the narrative. Corbyn and his cheerleaders may not be the most accomplished media performers, but even they cannot lose when their opponents vacate the field. Allied to repeated reports of keeping the press at arms length, and filling campaign events with activists rather than members of the public, it all comes together to look like the Tories are hiding something – or even worse, hiding nothing. Perhaps they really do have nothing to say? In which case, maybe Theresa May & her aides/cabinet could at least have drafted the outline of what ought to be in the manifesto? I just don’t understand what the Tories are playing at!

  17. Why would a Party announce what’s in their manifesto prior to the manifesto?

    Although I realise these days we’re used to even Chancellors announcing the contents of their Budgets prior to those, so there seems to be very little convention or sense.

  18. “Corbyn and his cheerleaders may not be the most accomplished media performers, but even they cannot lose when their opponents vacate the field.”
    Absolutely disagree.
    Didn’t Caesar win some battle simply by his opponents elephants just frighting and turning back destroying their own line. The Soviets trained dogs strapped with bombs to lie under tanks, only problem was they preferred Soviet tanks; another backfire. And as for a true vacating of the field; Pretty sure Napoleon wasn’t victorious in Russia.

  19. “even [Corbyn’s Labour] cannot lose when opponents vacate the field” – actually they can, as they’re proving by your very (other) points.

  20. P.S. incredibly disappointing this isn’t a Green target

  21. This seat is living proof that our voting system is not in our best interests.

  22. Turnout here last night was apparently 146%

  23. Diane Abbot’s mysterious resignation as Shadow Home Secretary on the eve of polling day is revealed – she has been diagnosed with diabetes.


    Apparently she has had the condition for two years. She has type 2, which is the more common form and tends to be associated with diet and obesity, whereas Theresa May has type 1, which is genetic. I can certainly see why they wanted to keep this a secret, particularly during her stint as Shadow Health Sec.

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