Glasgow South

2015 Result:
Conservative: 4752 (9.7%)
Labour: 14504 (29.7%)
Lib Dem: 1019 (2.1%)
SNP: 26773 (54.9%)
Green: 1431 (2.9%)
TUSC: 299 (0.6%)
MAJORITY: 12269 (25.2%)

Category: Safe SNP seat

Geography: Scotland, Glasgow. Part of the Glasgow council area.

Main population centres: Glasgow.

Profile: Part of Glasgow South covers the most affluent and well off parts of Glasgow, old Victorian and Edwardian conservation areas with desirable townhouses and historic buildings and large open green spaces like Pollok Country Park. However since the 1950s and 1960s the area has also seen the growth of massive council developments as the tenements and tower blocks of the Castlemilk estate were built to the south of the city, housing families displaced from Glasgow`s slum clearances. To the north of the seat there is also now a growing Pakistani community in the Pollokshields area. The constituency includes Hampden Park, Scotland`s national stadium.

Politics: Politically this was once the most Conservative part of Glasgow, but the growth of the Castlemilk estate and the decline of the Tories in Scotland has changed that. The old Glasgow Cathcart seat was a Conservative banker for fifty-six years until it was lost by the then shadow Scottish secretary Teddy Taylor in the 1979 election. Since then it has become the sort of seat that typifies Glasgow - ultra safe Labour until falling to the SNP in the 2015 landslide.

Current MP
STEWART MCDONALD (SNP) First elected as MP for Glasgow South in 2015.
Past Results
Con: 4592 (11%)
Lab: 20736 (52%)
LDem: 4739 (12%)
SNP: 8078 (20%)
Oth: 1949 (5%)
MAJ: 12658 (32%)
Con: 4836 (13%)
Lab: 18153 (47%)
LDem: 7321 (19%)
SNP: 4860 (13%)
Oth: 3261 (8%)
MAJ: 10832 (28%)
Con: 3662 (13%)
Lab: 14902 (54%)
LDem: 3006 (11%)
SNP: 4086 (15%)
Oth: 1730 (6%)
MAJ: 10816 (39%)
Con: 4248 (12%)
Lab: 19158 (56%)
LDem: 2302 (7%)
SNP: 6913 (20%)
Oth: 1489 (4%)
MAJ: 12245 (36%)

2015 Candidates
KYLE THORNTON (Conservative) Born Glasgow. Educated at Glasgow University. Student.
TOM HARRIS (Labour) Born 1964, Ayrshire. Educated at Garnock Academy and Napier College. Journalist and local authority PR manager. MP for Glasgow Cathcart 2001 to 2015. PPS to John Spellar 2003-2005,PPS to Patricia Hewitt 2005-2006, Under-secretary of State for Transport 2006-2008. Contested the 2011 Scottish Labour leadership election.
EWAN HOYLE (Liberal Democrat)
ALASTAIR WHITELAW (Green) Contested Glasgow Central 2010.
BRIAN SMITH (TUSC) Contested Glasgow South 2010.
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  1. “Ah ok. Would Glasgow North have been Conservative in 1983 I wonder?”

    No…..the historical constituency it is best to compare it to would be Glasgow Woodside (1955 to 1974).

    It covers the whole of that constituency and former Hillhead parts would cancel out the former Maryhill parts.

    Glasgow Woodside was gained from the Conservatives by Labour in a 1962 by election and held in 1964, 1966 and by a slim margin in 1970…so I assume Glasgow North would have followed a similar pattern.

    Glasgow South is the only Glasgow constituency that would not have been won by Labour by Oct 1974, and it would have been gained by Labour in 1979 because its boundaries are quite similar to Glasgow Cathcart.

  2. Glasgow NW and Glasgow SW would both have been Labour Gains from the Conservatives in 1959 and are both very similar to Glasgow Scotstoun and Glasgow Craigton that both fell that year. Glasgow North would have gone Labour in 1964 and Glasgow South in 1979. Glasgow East and Glasgow North East would have been Labour since at least 1935 (bar the by election) and Glasgow Central would have been Labour since 1945. It’s made up of a number of old Glasgow constituencies that include Bridgeton, Central, Kelvingrove, Tradeston and Gorbals of which the Conservatives only won in Kelvingrove following 1950.

  3. While I am aware that all 8 Holyrood Glasgow constituencies voted YES in the 2014 Independence Referendum, I would be interested to know if YES won in every ward. How did more affluent wards like Victoria Park, Pollokshields and Partick East/ Kelvindale vote?

  4. According to my figures the following 2012 electoral wards in Glasgow voted No to independence in 2014:
    • Partick West – 60% No
    • Pollokshields – 55% No
    • Hillhead – 54% No
    • Langside – 53% No
    • Baillieston – 52% No
    • Newlands/Auldburn – 50% No

    Glasgow’s most affluent areas still returned relatively high Yes vote compared to Edinburgh and Aberdeen’s more deprived areas.

    In the south of Glasgow, though there a marginal No vote in suburban areas this was countered by a substantial Yes vote in the Castlemilks estate.

  5. There seem to be a bunch of people in Glasgow South who have recently joined Labour, who share the same e-mail addresses and phone numbers:

    Nothing remotely suspicious about that…

  6. Thats the kind of thing youd see in Leicester East tbh a load of people signed up on block by Keith Vaz using the council email

  7. Indeed it was but this isn’t the constituency previously represented by him – he was MP for Glasgow Central like his daddy before him

  8. Tom Harris has left the Labour Party.

    No real surprise, to be honest. I can’t imagine he’s been all that popular with his fellow comrades, slagging them off weekly in the Telegraph.

  9. Coverage of this has been bizarre. Headlines suggest an MP resigned membership had to remember whether or not Tom Harris was still an MP. I thought he’d already left tbh aftwr his 7 years death of the labour party

  10. These resignations remind of the charidee pop videos that were all the rage in the 1980s, with various entertainment figures doing their bit for good causes.

    In this case, it is not Band Aid but one featuring Black Lace and Jimmy Cricket.

  11. Good riddance to this mediocre shill.

  12. 2 SNP Cllrs have resigned from the Party.

    Or rather one – Cllr Michael Cullen – was suspended after being charged with wasting police time (re a false sexual assault allegation) and fraud and then a second resigned in protest.

    That now makes Glasgow City Council:

    SNP 36
    Lab 30
    Cons 8
    Green 7
    Change Glasgow 2
    Ind 2

  13. Shettleston Cllr Michelle Ferns has defected from the SNP to the new Alba Party, as has ex-MSP and ex-aide to Sturgeon, Jim Eadie who is standing in Fife.

    I think that makes 10 Cllrs and 2 MPs so far.

  14. I see that Galloway (All for Unity) has some surprising candidates including top lawyers.

    Also a few endorsements from the far Left (unions and ex-cllrs) and Right (Ex UKIP MEP Coburn).

    It’d certainly be amusing for FMQs to elect both Salmond and Galloway. But by the looks of it they may be the only MSP from their new outfits.

  15. As support for independence in Scotland doesn’t vary that much regionally, there comes a critical point of about 6-7% of the list vote where Alba quickly go from having zero MSPs to one in most regions (except perhaps Lothians and South of Scotland, where they are fishing in a somewhat smaller pool). I think they can get that, but it’ll be close.

    Alliance for Unity are like ChangeUK were in the 2019 Euros – a new party that doesn’t have enough of a USP to be anything but a spoiler vote. With the added baggage of being led by a man most famous to normies for degrading himself by doing that weird cat thing on live television. Very much doubt they will get break that threshold.

  16. Given so few nationalists are elected on the list whereas most list msps are unionists, ALBA or Alapa have fewer parties to compete with for list seats

  17. Most nationalists will vote SNPx2 anyway, even if those list votes are essentially wasted.

  18. PT – what’s even more odd is that Galloway is listed as the Workers’ Party Leader – in England & Wales anyway. Although the WP did contest a recent local by-election in Scotland.

    I imagine A4U will perform better than that lot.

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