Garston & Halewood

2015 Result:
Conservative: 6693 (13.7%)
Labour: 33839 (69.1%)
Lib Dem: 2279 (4.7%)
Green: 1690 (3.5%)
UKIP: 4482 (9.2%)
MAJORITY: 27146 (55.4%)

Category: Ultra-safe Labour seat

Geography: North West, Merseyside. Parts of Liverpool and Knowsley council areas.

Main population centres: Liverpool, Halewood.

Profile: The southern tip of Liverpool and the neighbouring town of Halewood. Garston and Halewood combines some of the most affluent, middle-class residential areas of Liverpool like Woolton with some of the most troubled slums, such as the great peripheriery council estate of Speke, one of the most deprived areas anywhere in Britain. This remains an industrial area, with the shipping and container port at Garston, a significant pharmaceutical industry and large Land Rover Assembly plant at Halewood. At the very far southern point of the seat is Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Politics: The combination of middle class areas and deprived council estates meant this was once a marginal seat between the Conservatives and Labour, but Liverpool`s antipathy towards the Conservatives and the decline of the old working class Protestant vote that used to bolster the party in the city have turned this into a safe Labour seat. It was last won by the Conservatives in 1979 and it is now decades since they even won a local councillor..

Current MP
MARIA EAGLE (Labour) Born 1961, Bridlington. Educated at Formby High School and Oxford University. Former solicitor. Contested Crosby 1992. First elected as MP for Liverpool Garston in 1997. PPS to John Hutton 1999-2001, Junior minister at DWP 2001-2005, Minister for Children 2005-2006, other junior ministerial roles 2006-2009, Minister of State at Department for Justice 2009-2010. Shadow Secretary of State for Transport 2010-2013, Shadow Secretary of State for Environment 2013-2015. Shadow Defence Secretary since 2015. She is the twin sister of Angela Eagle MP.
Past Results
Con: 6908 (16%)
Lab: 25493 (60%)
LDem: 8616 (20%)
UKIP: 1540 (4%)
Oth: 268 (1%)
MAJ: 16877 (39%)
Con: 3424 (10%)
Lab: 18900 (54%)
LDem: 11707 (33%)
UKIP: 780 (2%)
Oth: 163 (0%)
MAJ: 7193 (21%)
Con: 5059 (15%)
Lab: 20043 (61%)
LDem: 7549 (23%)
MAJ: 12494 (38%)
Con: 6819 (16%)
Lab: 26667 (61%)
LDem: 8250 (19%)
Oth: 913 (2%)
MAJ: 18417 (42%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005, name changed from Liverpool, Garston

2015 Candidates
MARTIN WILLIAMS (Conservative)
MARIA EAGLE (Labour) See above.
ANNA MARTIN (Liberal Democrat)
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  1. I’ve received a leaked internal Conservative Party report/investigation together with some emails. Before AW gets concerned, I won’t of course repeat any of the specific allegations or names as civil or criminal proceedings may result. I should also point out that my posting on the Garston page does not mean it relates solely to that seat/Assoc but Merseyside is the area concerned. Apart from the allegations of financial and sexual misconduct, the main psephological point was also of interest. Namely, that social mobility and the Right to Buy actually harmed the Tories’ capacity in urban counties, due to members who lived in poorer wards in the ’80s having moved or retired to more affluent, less mixed and generally safe Tory wards. Obviously this report centred on undue control and influence of individuals, but what was borne out was that the Tories generally had candidates who lived in the wards they contested and thus performed better. Whereas in whole swathes of Lpool, Sefton, Manc etc their candidates now tend to live in just a couple of wards and therefore live 10+ miles away from the ward they contest. Thus increasing the out of touch and irrelevance charges.

  2. Tim Fortescue was Tory MP for Liverpool Garston between 1966 and 1974 and senior whip. Here he is talking about how they operated at that time:

  3. Current prediction for 2015-
    Eagle (Labour)- 64%
    UKIP- 12%
    Conservative- 11%
    Liberal Democrat- 9%
    Others- 4%

  4. Beds PCC Oliver Martins has been suspended by the Labour Party. He was most infamous as a Liverpool City Cllr and the city’s Labour Party Organiser around 2000-2005. He was questioned by police for delivering Liberal leaflets in his Netherley ward to split the LibDem vote.

  5. I see Paula Keaveney who has stood here 3 times has moved to challenge Sefton Cen.

    I remember Tim Fortescue MP mentioned above and I remember David Butler referring correctly to Liverpool Garston being a surprise Labour gain in Feb74. Tories regained Liverpool Garston in 79 but boundary changes meant it was lost in 1983 and like so many other Merseyside constituencies became very anti Tory subsequently.

    Obviously Maria Eagle will hold this seat again with about 60% but I wonder who will come second. I am inclined to think UKIP.

  6. Labour Hold. 18,000 majority. Maybe Tories 2nd.

  7. What do we think about the news RE Derek Hatton?

  8. Not surprising he hasn’t been readmitted is it. Perhaps he should have been given a chance, but outside of Liverpool itself he isn’t much of a catch for a political party.

  9. A lot of wc people will see him as a hero (if they are able to see through the bullying headlines of the day and now).

    From 1983-88 Liverpool City Council under Hatton and Militant
    rehoused 6,300 families from tenements, flats and maisonettes; built 4,800 houses and bungalows; renovated 7,400 houses and flats, and the built of five new sports centres and three new parks.

    This was made possible mainly by a loan from Japanese banks of £100m, the total repayments totalling £157m paid over 18 years.

    Unless you somehow believe people should be made to live in poor housing etc then you should surely applaud this record.

    He should be readmitted and be allowed to have his say.

    But he won’t, I know.

  10. He was on The Daily Politics earlier this afternoon.

  11. Labour would be completely crackers to readmit him. Of course his antics are all a long time ago now but it would do nothing at all for any hopes they might have of broadening their appeal.

  12. Surely he has as much chance of being re-admitted as George Galloway and Clare Short.

  13. HH best avoid BBC News 24 & Sky News.

    Both showing the Cilla funeral live.

    At least it shows a good view of Liverpool (Woolton) to the world for a change.

    Tom Jones, Lord Lloyd Webber, Carol Vordermann, Jimmy Tarbuck, Les Dennis, Bob Carolgees, Lorraine Chase are all here. In fact 2 coaches of celebs at the Hilton.

    The BBC guy was surprisingly accurate: “Cilla grew up in the Catholic part of Liverpool and then fame led her to London.”

    Sir Cliff Richard sang at the funeral and there were readings by Christopher Biggins and Paul O’Grady.

  14. Maria Eagle has taken Shadow Culture Secretary. I’m not sure why after being messed around by Corbyn so far, surely she should have at least insisted on a sideways move rather than a demotion. Perhaps because she didn’t want to leave her sister with a difficult decision to stay or quit if she quit.

  15. Maria Eagle expected to resign from the shadow cabinet at some point soon.

  16. See my comment from Jan. I hope she has the balls to quit this time.

  17. When a city constituency extends outside the city boundary but the majority of electors remain from within the city boundaries the City prefix was retained. Nottingham South 1955 to 1974, Manchester Gorton 1974 to 1983 and Bristol NW 1983 to 2010. now the norm seems to be to drop the City prefix such as in Wythenshawe, Blakey and Garston.

  18. I agree Liverpool Garston makes so much more sense as a name, if one has to acknowledge Halewood there is still no reason the seat couldn’t be Liverpool Garston and Halewood.

  19. It appears to me that only Birmingham Manchester and Liverpool seats are never called by Compass Points. Is this purely coincidence or is there a reason please?

    Surely this seat could simply be called Liverpool SE?

    Obviously it would be ridiculous for all seats in cities to be called by Compass Points and also if this seat were to be called Liverpool SE, it would not mean any other Liverpool seats would need to be called by Compass Points.

  20. Also Sheffield. Glasgow Holyrood seats too, although the Westminster seats are named after compass points.

  21. There are also a few smaller cities, which are split into two seats,but are not named North & South/East & West: Brighton, Plymouth, Southampton. And of course York is split into Central/Outer.

  22. Plymouth is another where local names are used rather than compass points.

  23. There was a Birmingham West constituency until 1950.

  24. James E – true, In fact Plymouth is one of the few where names have to be retained (as the royal dockyards are contained within an Act of Parliament). Similarly Cities of London & Westminster.

  25. Yes Bimingham West was a famous constituency having been represented by Joe Chamberlain and latterly his son Austen.

    There was also a Manchester East, which was represented by Arthur Balfour.

  26. Thank you for your comments.

    So it appears to me then that Liverpool really is the exception as outside London ALL big cities seem to have had at least one constituency called by Compass Point or Central.

    Coincidentally although they were not considering calling this seat Liverpool South East, Boundary Commissioners were considering calling a new seat in aborted Boundary Review 2006 Liverpool North.

  27. PE – that’s true, even though half of that seat wasn’t even in Liverpool.

    Although perhaps before the internet, objectors were less organised, as after all the old Ormskirk seat of Kilroy crossed 3 or 4 borough boundaries from memory.

  28. “The absolute f***ing state of this” in the words of Labour Cllr Joe Roberts:

    He points out that the CLP is now “hard Left controlled” and Momentumistas are crowdfunding for £2,000 for:
    “a week’s jolly by the seaside” and points out that the CLP gets the same card vote whether one or six members attend, so the blurb of ‘make my dream come true’ and that they’re going to support Corbyn and bring down the Tory Govt is hyperbole beyond belief.

    He also asks why the delegates need funding at all as he knows at least one of them is in a well paid occupation and suggests people give to a local charity instead.

  29. Because as a non delegate the price of going down paying for access and accommodation is extortion

  30. Lancs
    With respect that post very much betrays the fact your not in the Lab party.

    As Matt says the price for a non delegate to attend can be extortionate and while its true that you only need 1 person to go that’s never the case and its always nice to have a friendly face go with you and help represent your CLP in workshops etc

    If they want to crowd fund let them bloody crowd fund, some people just like to complain and smear over total non issues.

  31. “Lancs
    With respect that post very much betrays the fact your not in the Lab party.”

    You’ve only just realised, then? 🙂

  32. I think it can truly be said that Lancs Observer exemplifies the political objectivity of the Great British press. 😉

  33. Lol.

  34. Chris K posting – still under moderation for reasons completely unknown……

    Hmmmm…..actually I think Lancs posts pretty well…and generally is not far off the money. If anyone is particularly tormented by the comments policy or putative right-wing bias, then it might be worth considering the number of left-leaning posters highlighting UKIP “negative publicity”….even when it’s only a newspaper finding the most idiotic member of the public they can find and shoving a microphone under their nose…..

    As is common convention these days……#just sayin’

  35. River10 – again I was merely quoting one of your comrades, Cllr Roberts!

  36. Halewood South ward by-election, 23.08.18:

    Labour 1,012 52% (down 1%)
    Independent 778 40% (up 40%)
    LD 118 6% (up 6%)
    Cons 54 3% (down 6%)

    The local paper mentioned a nasty campaign and the Returning Officer issued a specific warning for voters not to be intimidated by campaigners outside polling stations:

    Although that’s nothing by local election standards in neighbouring Liverpool.

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