Finchley & Golders Green

2015 Result:
Conservative: 25835 (50.9%)
Labour: 20173 (39.7%)
Lib Dem: 1662 (3.3%)
Green: 1357 (2.7%)
UKIP: 1732 (3.4%)
MAJORITY: 5662 (11.2%)

Category: Semi-marginal Conservative seat

Geography: Greater London. Part of the Barnet council area.

Main population centres: Finchley, Golders Green, Hampstead Garden Suburb, Childs Hill.

Profile: A well-to-do residential seat with a large Jewish population. It is an affluent area, with little social housing - although there are some high rise council developments in Childs Hill. Golders Green is best known for its large Jewish population, and the seat has the highest proportion of Jewish residents of any seat in the country, with just over 20% of the population describing themselves as Jewish in the 2011 census..

Politics: Politically Finchley is, of course, most associated with Margaret Thatcher who was the MP her for 33 years between 1959 and 1992. Rudi Viz won the seat on its new boundaries in 1997, an unexpected victory, and it remained Labour for 13 years before being regained by the Conservatives in 2010.

Current MP
MIKE FREER (Conservative) Born 1960, Manchester. Educated at Chadderton Grammar School and Stirling University. Former area manager for Barclays Bank. Barnet councillor 1990-94, 2001-10, leader of Barnet council 2006-09. Contested Harrow West 2005. First elected as MP for Finchley & Golders Green in 2010.
Past Results
Con: 21688 (46%)
Lab: 15879 (34%)
LDem: 8036 (17%)
UKIP: 817 (2%)
Oth: 737 (2%)
MAJ: 5809 (12%)
Con: 16746 (39%)
Lab: 17487 (40%)
LDem: 7282 (17%)
GRN: 1136 (3%)
Oth: 563 (1%)
MAJ: 741 (2%)
Con: 16489 (38%)
Lab: 20205 (46%)
LDem: 5266 (12%)
GRN: 1385 (3%)
Oth: 330 (1%)
MAJ: 3716 (9%)
Con: 19991 (40%)
Lab: 23180 (46%)
LDem: 5670 (11%)
Oth: 781 (2%)
MAJ: 3189 (6%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
MIKE FREER (Conservative) See above.
SARAH SACKMAN (Labour) Educated at Cambridge University. Barrister.
JONATHAN DAVIES (Liberal Democrat) Contested Finchley and Golders Green 1997.
RICHARD KING (UKIP) Educated at Nottingham University. IT project manager.
ADELE WARD (Green) Educated at Newlands School and Royal Holloway. Publisher and former journalist.
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  1. The Chief Exec of Barnet Council has resigned after the Polling Day fiasco across the borough.

    If only all Officers and Ministers took responsibility for disasters on their watch.

  2. Mayoral results (excluding postal):

    Goldsmith 13534 47.4%
    Khan 10072 35.3%

  3. I have to say the proposals here are a bit of a mess. Finchley and GG is split three ways – between Hendon, ‘Hampstead and Golders Green’ (of which more on the H&K thread shortly) and ‘Finchley and Southgate’. I don’t particularly object to the pairing of Finchley and Southgate, but I do to pairing them and in the process splitting Finchley with Church End ward not included. From a psephological standpoint it does, however, create a fascinating ultra-marginal. I expect Mike Freer would contest it, though it is possible that in the interests of saving incumbents he could head to ‘Hampstead and Golders Green’, with David Burrowes taking this.

    Notional for the seat (Electoral Calculus figures):

    LAB 24686 (44.34%)
    CON 24471 (43.95%)
    UKIP 2421 (4.35%)
    GRN 2330 (4.19%)
    LD 1737 (3.12%)
    OTH 28 (0.05%)

  4. According to wiki the population of the borough of Barnet increased by 60 thousand between 2001 and 2014.

  5. Labour candidate for GE2017 is Jeremy Newmark.

  6. The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg saying that Labour might win this seat! HUGE middle class Jewish population! Would be astonishing of the majority of voters chose a Corbyn-led Labour party over the Tories!

  7. The 4% swing in this seat was quite anaemic by London standards.

    It seems possible that Labour’s much publicised problems over anti-Semitism might have cost them the chance to win this seat and maybe Harrow East too.

  8. The 99% are waking up to reality.

  9. I spotted these stats in the Sunday Times:

    Employment Rates

    Male Female

    1975 92% 52%

    1990 82% 62%

    2015 78% 70%

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