2015 Result:
Conservative: 30689 (56.8%)
Labour: 7800 (14.4%)
Lib Dem: 4814 (8.9%)
Green: 2129 (3.9%)
UKIP: 8427 (15.6%)
Independent: 136 (0.3%)
MAJORITY: 22262 (41.2%)

Category: Ultra-safe Conservative seat

Geography: South East, Hampshire. Most of the Fareham council area.

Main population centres: Fareham, Portchester, Warsash.

Profile: This is an affluent residential seat situated between Southampton and Portsmouth and forming the middle of the South Hampshire conurbation. It expanded greatly in the the 1960s to house the middle class commuters of Portsmouth and Southampton and further large scale development is planned north of the M27 in Welborne. The economy is now largely white collar, based around the offices, call centres and retail parks strung along the motorway. There are training facilities here for both the Royal Navy (HMS Collingwood, the maritime warfare school) and the Merchant Navy (Warsash Martime Academy). One of the three main offices of the Office of National Statistics is also based in the constituency in Titchfield.

Politics: A safe Conservative seat. It has been held by the party since its creation in 1974, and prior to that the Fareham and Gosport seat was similarly Tory.

Current MP
SUELLA FERNANDES (Conservative) Born Harrow. Barrister. Contested Leicester East 2005. First elected as MP for Fareham in 2015.
Past Results
Con: 30037 (55%)
Lab: 7719 (14%)
LDem: 12945 (24%)
UKIP: 2235 (4%)
Oth: 1409 (3%)
MAJ: 17092 (31%)
Con: 24151 (50%)
Lab: 12449 (26%)
LDem: 10551 (22%)
UKIP: 1425 (3%)
MAJ: 11702 (24%)
Con: 21389 (47%)
Lab: 14380 (32%)
LDem: 8503 (19%)
UKIP: 1175 (3%)
MAJ: 7009 (15%)
Con: 24436 (47%)
Lab: 14078 (27%)
LDem: 10234 (20%)
Oth: 515 (1%)
MAJ: 10358 (20%)

2015 Candidates
SUELLA FERNANDES (Conservative) Born Harrow. Barrister. Contested Leicester East 2005.
MILES GRINDEY (Green) Student.
HARVEY HINES (Independent)
NICK GREGORY (Independent) Fareham councillor since 2010, originally elected as a Lib Dem before defecting to the Conservatives, then UKIP.
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  1. Conservative Hold. 18,000 maj

  2. UKIP Cllr Chris Wood – who is also former PPC – has defected to the Conservatives here.

  3. Wrong constituency LO. He’s a Fareham Borough Councillor but in Gosport Constituency (as is all of his county seat).

  4. Very interesting piece on “troublemakers” to watch during the parliamentary tussle over Brexit:


    Suella Fernandes is a bit of a left-field pick for the top spot, I must say.

  5. Snotty, full of herself and rude. She’s every Tory boy’s wet dream come true. I predict great things for this woman.

  6. Thought for a moment it would be something interesting about the seat. Obviously not.
    Comments policy please ******************

  7. Stay pressed mate.

  8. Actually agree with Joe. Was wondering if it would be something insightful about this seat. Though obviously it’s a pretty standard-issue safe Tory seat. I’m as rude as anyone about certain Tories on my FB group, but I come here for psephogical stuff, not to read about various MPs’ alleged personal characteristics.
    Sorry if that makes me snotty & full of myself too!

  9. Apology accepted, it’s ok.

  10. Let’s be fair, he may have said some uncomplimentary things about Miss Fernandes but he did also predict she would have a great career 😉

  11. And I meant it very sincerely. Frankly you need a hide of a rhino to get anywhere in politics, and she appears to have that in spades. She is also at least refreshingly clear on her positions on things (might be a nice change after May).

  12. Suella Braverman has resigned as a minister.

  13. Suella Braverman in yesterday’s Panorama: “We’re a valued partner. We’re not some fledgling democracy with a fragile economy on the brink of collapse.”

    I actually spat out my tea when I heard her say that. Definitely an assertion to file for safe-keeping and reassess in a couple of months.

  14. I saw that too. She was unimpressive…just bullshitting her way through.

  15. I saw that too. She was unimpressive…just bullshitting her way through;

    She’s the worst if every world – unintelligent, unattractive and callous

    There;s certainly a special place in Hell fore her – if it exists of course

  16. In fairness, pretty much all the other MPs featured came out looking pretty good. Andrew Percy in particular I thought seemed very genuine, we might disagree on Brexit but his comments that he was embarrassed to be a member of such a dysfunctional parliament rang very true.

  17. I agree with Polltroll (I meant to make that point in my original comment)…the other MPs came across well. Percy in particular seemed bright and coherent…so no chance of him making the Cabinet then.

    Braverman’s little speech to her local party members was cringe inducing in its vacuity…I almost felt bad for her. Yet another rabid Brexiteer who has no idea what they are talking about.

  18. I agree with that – Percy in particular – and it just highlights how rotten Braverman really is

    Whilst I personally agree with Tusk, as I think most Brits will 5-10 years from now – it’s hard to see his remarks as constructive, remotely helpful or conducive to reaching a settlement agreeable to both parties which has to be the priority

    i found JRM’s response perculiar – after all there’s little point in having Hell if people like him aren’t sent three

  19. One reason the Tories do so badly with ethnic minority voters is surely that, of the ethnic minority MPs they have managed to get elected, so many seem to be nasty vacuous assholes like Patel and Braverman. And they seem to hog the limelight much more than decent types like Sam Gymiah.

    Patel and Braverman certainly deserve to be be residents of Donald Tusk’s special part of hell IMO. Though he was silly to make such remarks publicly it is easy to understand the EU’s frustration if you’re watching the BBC’s excellent EU documentary. They’ve literally wasted years on negotiations with the Brits (both for Cameron’s renegotiation and the Brexit talks) only for the painstakingly-reached conclusions to be rejected. Not a surprise they are at the end of their tether.

  20. ‘One reason the Tories do so badly with ethnic minority voters is surely that, of the ethnic minority MPs they have managed to get elected, so many seem to be nasty vacuous assholes like Patel and Braverman. And they seem to hog the limelight much more than decent types like Sam Gymiah.’

    Totally agree with all of that – and ots a point I’ve made manyt time myself

    Save Gymiah, James Cleverly and to a much lesser extent Kwasi Kwartengi and Javid (I don’t know enough about either Bim Afolami or Alan Mak) nearly all ethnic minority MP representing the Conservatives seem absolutely horrendous – Adam Afriyie, Nadhim Zahawi, Shailesh Vara, Rishi Sunak, Ranil Jayawardena, and of course the crowing turds Patel and Bravermman

    It certainly helps explain why so many Tory party members still have such negative views of people from the ethnic minority community

  21. Yes. I met James Cleverly about 15 years ago when he was a Tory candidate for the council elections in Lewisham (Catford South ward). A hopeless, thankless task if ever there was one. He seemed a decent enough guy and well respected amongst the sizeable black community in Catford (though a bit right wing for my taste, and he has become more so now). He polled much closer to Labour in that election than the standard Tory boy paper candidate has done since.

    PS your “crowning turds” list surprisingly omits Shaun Bailey

  22. ‘PS your “crowning turds” list surprisingly omits Shaun Bailey’

    Bailey’s not an MP – thank God – and due the horrendous nature of his candidature is unlikely to be any time soon

    Whist Cleaverly’s politics are waaay to the Right of mine, he comes across as a thoroughly decent and genuine chap – which is something you could never say about the likes of Afriyie, Vara, Braverman et al

  23. Cleverly is a bright, affable and quite capable guy, even if he occasionally lapses into a rather gobby, shouty, UKIPpy approach to politics which I despise. I think he has a bright future. Gyimah is a bit shy and softly spoken for today’s political climate, but again is very capable.

    Alan Mak is widely considered rather dead eyed and ruthless, and is a relentless arse kisser, even by the standards of politics. Zahawi is gobby, arrogant and rather stupid frankly.

  24. I’ve met Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, now a minister, who is a nice guy and would have been a good MP. Perhaps that’s why he was unable to get selected for a winnable seat. He was a good candidate in the hopeless Croydon North.

    Baroness Warsi I disliked at first but IMO she has improved with age and experience.

    Cleverly in a way epitomises the Tories’ problem with ethnic minority representation. He’s a sarf Londoner through and through and were he a politician there he would undoubtedly cut well into Labour’s support. But he felt it necessary to move out to rural Essex to get elected. It’s a shame.

    Bailey isn’t an MP but should be an honorary member of the turds list IMO. His awful mayoral candidacy will surely kill off his political future.

  25. i forgot about Warsi

    I actually quite like her and she was independent enough to resign from the government following their staunch but never publicly declared support for Israel when they massacred Gaza in 2014

    That took guts are the pro-Israeli far-right of the Tory Party have never forgiven her for it

  26. The Real Joe James B

    ‘Another important vote tonight on Brexit. I’ve listened to the Prime Minister, read the additional documents from the EU, the Attorney General’s advice and scrutinised the deal with a team of lawyers. Noting that our partners in Government, the DUP, are voting against the deal, I have come to the conclusion- and it hasn’t been easy- to vote against the deal.

    Simply put, nothing has changed since January. The legal advice confirms that the legal risk of the U.K. being locked in the Backstop/Customs Union remains unchanged. None of the assurances are legally robust enough to gamble with the Referendum promises of taking back control of our laws, our borders or our trade.

    I cannot vote for this deal because it is not Brexit.

    In the event of votes on no-deal or an extension of Article 50, I will vote in favour of No Deal and against an extension of Article 50.’

    I’m in agreement with Suella Braverman here.

  27. The Real Joe James B

    – Hitler was right about the Jews

    – Enoch was right about the blacks

    – Captain Mainwaring and Corporal Jones were right about the Krauts and the fuzzy wuzzies – they don’t like it up em

    Just getting into the general spirit of things on here

  28. Suella Braverman’s comments on ‘cultural marxism’ were out of order. She really should have the whip withdrawn.

  29. “[Suella Braverman] should have the whip withdrawn.”

    Oh come off it. I know the phrase “cultural Marxism” may have started life as a Naz1 conspiracy theory, but these days it’s just another lame right-wing insult like “snowflake” or “virtue signalling”. Dumb, but hardly a hanging offence.

  30. This is the Real Joe James B.
    The post above is not mine (despite saying Real).

  31. Real Joe James B
    I’m sure that isn’t Peter Crerar are.
    (the 2 posts on Newport W discussing with RR are genuine ones).

    You’ll have to make your own minds up about what are real posts.

  32. Suella Braverman is the new Attorney General.

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