Yorkshire & the Humber European

2014 Election
2014 Results
1. Jane Collins (UKIP) 403630 31.1% (+13.7%)
2. Linda McAvan (Labour) 380189 29.3% (+10.6%)
3. Timothy Kirkhope (Conservative) 248945 19.2% (-5.3%)
4. Amjad Bashir (UKIP) (201815)
5. Richard Corbett (Labour) (190095)
6. Mike Hookem (UKIP) (134543)
. (Green) 102282 7.9% (-0.6%)
. (Liberal Democrat) 81108 6.3% (-6.9%)
. (Independence from Europe) 24297 1.9% (n/a)
. (BNP) 20138 1.6% (-8.2%)
. (Yorkshire First) 19017 1.5% (n/a)
. (English Democrats) 13288 1% (-1.5%)
. (No2EU) 3807 0.3% (-1%)
Current sitting MEPs
Jane Collins (UKIP) Born 1962. Former UKIP party organiser. Contested Scunthorpe 2010, Barnsley Central 2011 by-election, Rotherham 2012 by-election. MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber since 2014
Linda McAvan (Labour) Born 1962, Bradford. Educated at Heriot-Watt University. Former local government worker. MEP for South Yorkshire 1998-1999. MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside since 1999.
Timothy Kirkhope (Conservative) Born 1945, Newcastle. Educated at the Royal Grammar School and Law Society College of Law. Solicitor. Former Northumberland county councillor. MP for Leeds North East 1987-1997. Government whip 1990-1995. MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside since 1999.
Amjad Bashir (UKIP) Born in Pakistan. Chairman of a restaurant group. MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber since 2014
Richard Corbett (Labour) Born 1955, Southport. Educated at Farnborough Road School and Oxford University. Former civil servant and policy advisor. MEP for Merseyside West 1996-1999. MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside 1999-2009 and since 2014
Mike Hookem (UKIP) Former serviceman, carpenter and small businessman. Contested Hull East 2010. MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber since 2014

Full candidates for the 2014 European election are here.

2009 Election
2009 Results
1. Edward McMillan-Scott (Conservative) 299802 24.5% (-0.2%)
2. Linda McAvan (Labour) 230009 18.8% (-7.5%)
3. Godfrey Bloom (UKIP) 213750 17.4% (+2.9%)
4. Diana Wallis (Liberal Democrat) 161552 13.2% (-2.4%)
5. Timothy Kirkhope (Conservative) (149901)
6. Andrew Brons (BNP) 120139 9.8% (+1.8%)
. (Green) 104456 8.5% (+2.8%)
. (English Democrats) 31287 2.6% (+1%)
. (Socialist Labour) 19380 1.6% (+0.9%)
. (Christian) 16742 1.4% (n/a)
. (No2EU) 15614 1.3% (n/a)
. (Jury Team) 7181 0.6% (+0.6%)
. (Libertas) 6268 0.5% (n/a)
Current sitting MEPs
Edward McMillan-Scott (Liberal Democrat) Born 1949, Cambridge. Former public affairs consultant. MEP for York 1984-1994, MEP for North Yorkshire 1994-1999 and for Yorkshire and Humberside since 1999. Leader of the Conservative MEPs from 1997 to 2001. Left the Conservative party after standing against the ECR`s candidate for Vice-President of the European Parliament, he subsequently joined the Liberal Democrats in 2010.
Linda McAvan (Labour) Born 1962, Bradford. Educated at Heriot-Watt University. Former local government worker. MEP for South Yorkshire 1998-1999, for Yorkshire and Humberside since 1999.
Godfrey Bloom (UKIP) Born 1949, London. Former head of research for an investment company. MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside since 2004. An outspoken figure, he was criticised after his election for saying that maternity rights have damaged women’s employment prospects.
Rebecca Taylor (Liberal Democrat) Born 1975, Todmorden. Educated at Leeds University. Contested Rotherham 2010. MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber since 2012, succeeding Diana Wallis upon her retirement.
Timothy Kirkhope (Conservative) Born 1945, Newcastle. Educated at the Royal Grammar School and Law Society College of Law. Solicitor. Former Northumberland county councillor. MP for Leeds North East 1987-1997. Government whip 1990-1995. MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside since 1999.
Andrew Brons (Independent) Born 1947, Hackney. Retired lecturer. Former member of the National Socialist Movement and National Front. Contested Harrogate F1974, O1974, Birmingham Stechford by-election 1977, Bradford North 1979 and Leeds East 1983, all for the National Front, Keighley 2010 for the BNP. Notional leader of the National Front from 1980-1984 after the expulsion of John Tyndall. MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber since 2009. Unsuccessfully challenged for the leadership of the BNP in 2011. Resigned from the BNP 2012
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  1. He has a chance but I would rate it as vry slim. He would need to get basically more than half the vote of whichever of the other three parties come third. I’d expect all three of Labour, UKIP and the Tories to be well above 20% and the LDs struggling to get 10% so to me a 2-2-2 configuration looks like a pretty safe bet

  2. Joe Otten is one of three councillors in my ward in Sheffield. The Lib Dem vote has been pretty resilient in the south west/west of the city, but as it’s being voted for on a regional basis I can’t see more than one LD winning a seat in Yorks and Humber. A resurgent Labour vote and a spike in UKIP support would squeeze them out of contention.

  3. I wouldn’t be so sure about the Tories being above 20% here. If Labour or UKIP reaches 30% (both will be at least near I expect), the Conservatives will potentially lose that second seat.

  4. I’d expect Labour to be in the high 20s, UKIP in the mid 20s and the Tories in the low 20s with the LDs at around or below 10%. If Labour were tor each 30% I think it more likely that they would win a third seat before the LDs win one. I acknowledged there is a chance of a LD seat here but maintain it is a slim chance. The extra seat in the West Midlands awarded through the Lisbon treaty probably saves them from a similar fate there

  5. 111

    Why haven’t you emailed me with your details? Have you forgotten that you challenged me to a £100 bet that UKIP will come 2nd in Torfaen and that I accepted? I thought you said you weren’t a troll.

  6. What makes you think I am a troll?

  7. Please email me your details so we can set up the bet

    [email protected]

  8. I do not share personal information with those I do not know I am afraid.

    Besides my question remains unanswered.

  9. Well don’t go around offering people stupid bets that you have no intention of honouring then.

    Sadly the trolls and fuckwits such as yourself now outnumber the bona fide posters on this once great forum. There’s no point posting here any more for any kind of decent discussion of elections.

    List of recent trolls-
    The Results
    Zak Dingle
    A Wilson Manager

  10. The bet was a colloquial expression.

    I would describe myself and all of the others on your list who I have come across as bona fide contributors.

    I thought this forum was for discussing elections, not insulting other posters.

  11. The trolls like you come and go, but several of us have been posting here regularly from the beginning in 2006. It’s a tragedy to see what three or four months of persistent trolling have done to this one-great forum. Respected posters have been disappearing one after the other and after this that will now include me.

  12. I do try my best to assume good faith, as I am sure that you do too.

    Hence I am not a troll and have no intention of arguing over that proven fact.

    Perhaps some of the newcomers are welcome additions.

  13. The only ‘troll’ on that list is Bob, and he’s long gone.

  14. As HH says, don’t say you’d bet X if you aren’t prepared to follow through with an actual bet, it’s not welcome (although, that said, I already have an email address for you if you’d like to have that bet with HH…)

    (Zak Dingle, Wilson bank manager (and indeed Sgt Wilson in a shed or whatever) are the same person. I’ve no idea why they keep on changing their name, but it doesn’t seem to be for any malicious reason as it is so blatant. I seem to recall a rocky start once upon a time (though may be confusing with someone else), but TheResults’ recent comments haven’t been remotely trolly in any sense as far as I can see. I’m not quite sure why HH has taken against AM, I had never noticed the person at all, but searching they have only ever made two comments, saying that fracking could have an effect on the result in a marginal seat… but not one as safe as Horsham, which seems a sensible enough contribution)

    There’s no one commenting here who I think is definitely trolling (in its correct usage) or they wouldn’t be commenting here. There are some people who are a bit naive, or over-enthusiastic, but that’s not against the rules. There are some people whose contributions are quite beyond me. There are some people who I suspect *may* be just robotically bigging up their party of choice, but I’m not convinced enough to put on moderation just yet.

    All in all, I’d only ask people to try and encourage new posters – I see people lamenting the same old discussions, but also being less than welcoming to newcomers who may not be used to our ways, may make what we’d regard as naive beginners errors. Everyone starts out knowing nothing about psephology. Equally, I’ve made a point of never banning people for being annoying idiots – it’s against the policy to be too party partisan, to start and continue partisan arguments and so on, but not just to be ignorant, wrong or a bit annoying… so if you do find someone a bit annoying, just skip over their comments.

    God knows I do.

  15. I wasn’t being serious about the bet. I don’t gamble you see.

  16. I am very sorry indeed to read that Hemmelig considers me to be a troll. There is a reason why I post on here so infrequently now and that is because if anything I have wished to avoid confrontation for fear of disagreements with other posters with regards to what it is I have to say about a given topic. Not only am I perplexed that Pete Whitehead no longer appears to have his UKIP colours, but I am equally amazed that people like Shaun Bennett no longer seem to be regular contributors to this great site run by Anthony. That is sad largely seeing as Shaun brought a great element of debate to these threads, but towed the line well with psephology. To conclude I would like to make it clear to Hemmelig and others if they are reading this that it has never in a million years been my intention to upset any fellow poster and I’ve only ever really wanted to get on with people. So now I’ve said what I had to not merely because I was name checked you do understand I will say goodnight.

  17. Turning into a bad day for UKIP. It’s conference for them, but it’s been overshadowed by the withdrawal of the UKIP whip from Godfrey Bloom MEP. I believe it’s a suspended whip until a hearing can be conveyed. Comes after he called a room full of women UKIP members a ‘bunch of sluts’. It does look like he was trying to be jokey, but then he utterly dug himself down a hole when he whacked Michael Crick in the face with a UKIP brochure, and asked BBC journalist Allegra Stratton whether her mom had ever called her a slut.

    This means, in the course of a couple of weeks, UKIP has lost its MEP representation in the West Midlands and here in Yorkishire and the Humber.

  18. Video uploaded of Nigel talking to conference about the decision to suspend Bloom. Interesting viewing.


  19. One less UKIP MEP as the semi-defunct Bloom goes independent..


  20. I said it on here at the time and will say it again….Bloom’s “bongo bongo” comments marked the turning point of UKIP’s fortunes in this parliament; save for a blip around the Euro elections, it’s downhill all the way for them between now and the 2015 election.

    I am happy to have been proved right that those UKIP supporters on here who were making light of his comments were wrong to do so. He should have been sacked months if not years ago. UKIP will be better off without him, though the short term publicity isn’t good.

  21. I agree entirely…. The high tide is past..

    Nigel Farage despaired of him ruining the first day of their conference but as far as the press was concerned there was NO second day…

    they switched over to Labour in Brighton and the last word anyone heard was the rancour over Bloom’s comments.. this was the opportunity to stake out some territory beyond just anti-EUism and it was lost… which won’t augur well for 2015.

  22. I doubt BNP will get more than 3-4 this time round. GREEN is unlikely to move by more than a point either way from 8.5, so the big question is whether LD can hang on to a seat.

    I don’t see either LAB or UKIP getting into the very high twenties (or more) enough to get 3. LAB are starting on 18.8% and UKIP 17.4%.

    I’m expecting it to be very tight between LAB/UKIP/CON. Whoever’s third (and I suspect it will be CON, starting on 24.5%) needs to be less than double LD for it to be and so LD retaining a seat – it’s going to be a close run thing.

  23. UKIP list

    1 Jane Collins 10,264
    2 Amjad Bashir 8,349
    3 Mike Hookem 3,136
    4 Gary Shores 2,500
    5 Jason Smith 2,058
    6 Anne Murgatroyd

  24. 2 LAB
    2 UKIP
    1 CON
    1 LD or 1 GRN

  25. AW – The Labour figure here is incorrect, and it’s screwing up all the percentages.

    Does anyone know whether the likes of NO2EU, Jury Team and Libertas are still going concerns and/or if any of them are planning to stand again?

  26. 2014 Predictions:

    2 LAB
    2 UKIP
    2 CON

    I reckon Labour will top the polls here with a good showing in South and West Yorkshire especially. Probably a decent showing in Hull and their strongest parts of N and NE Lincolnshire.

    The Tory vote will hold up in North Yorkshire and East Riding.

    UKIP should do well enough to take 2 seats.

    Looking back at my previous post I now think the Lib Dems could be pushed out of the region altogether.

  27. Libertas and Jury Team are not still going but No2EU has by and large rebranded itself as TUSC.

  28. Bob Crow has re-registered NO2EU for the European Elections

  29. Indeed – they’ve confirmed they’ll stand again, though I don’t think there are any candidates announced yet


  30. Andrew Brons announced he will not seek re-election

  31. really blubbing away here. Not.

  32. UKIP: 3 seats
    LAB: 2 seats
    CON: 1 seat

    A strong recovery for Labour should lead them into retaking a second seat. UKIP however is likely to take a third seat here, coming a few percentage points ahead of Labour.

  33. A BNP and possibly LibDem wipeout here?

    I agree with 111:

    UKIP 2
    Labour 2
    1 GRN or 1 LD (with 1.5% margin between the two)

  34. UKIP win 3 seats:

    Yorkshire & The Humber:

    UKIP 403,630
    Lab 380,189
    Con 248,945
    Green 102,282
    LD 81,108
    AIFE 24,297
    BNP 20,138
    ED 13,288
    No2EU 3,107
    Yorkshire First 19,017

  35. Interesting contrast between Y&TH and the NW

  36. Well Labour have strongholds like Liverpool, Knowsley and Manchester to rely on in the NW.

  37. This is a region Labour should have topped, even if there was only a small margin between them and UKIP. I saw the breakdown of results by local authority. Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees and (more narrowly) Barnsley were their only strongholds that they ‘won’ in. I knew NE Lincs would go to UKIP, but their woes in Rotherham and Doncaster are continuing. There needs to be a serious (and I mean serious) time for reflection because an official review won’t cut it on what the party’s purpose is for these areas. Then I read that they were outpolled in Wakefield, Calderdale, Hull AND York.

    Labour need to decide where they stand on the EU and a referendum because this silence isn’t winning them any new fans.

  38. Labour did badly in East Midlands as well with UKIP topping the poll in Bolsover.

  39. Amjad Bashir has defected to the Tories after UKIP began investigating alleged “financial irregularities”.

  40. @MrN
    I’ll have to correct you there UKIP had finished the investigation and had handed the information to the police, Bashir defected after his suspension was announced (just). (As a UKIP member I’m absolutely gutted but there we go). We’ll see if it effects the polls.

  41. Cameron seems to have a penchant for Asian defectors. Most of whom then go on to end up in Court or some other scandal. But this must be a record.

  42. Cameron must be confident Mr Bahshir stands no chance of being prosecuted as that would be extremely embassing for the party.

  43. Lets get this straight. Bashir defected THEN ukip started a smear.

  44. The Evidence has been reported to the police so they must be relatively sound allegations otherwise they would be done for wasting police time.

  45. Let’s not comment on a legal case in progress, that means we can’t call it a smear. If he is guilty the seat will go back to UKIP , if not then he will last until the next EU elections , where he probably won’t get candidacy.

  46. Joe – I think even Bashir’s chronology is that he chose to meet Cameron rather than attend the disciplinary with Farage. He contests the allegations, but its clear they were put to him some time ago.

  47. The Spectator has printed the allegations. They include allegedly fraudulent MEP expense claims; turning up with 12 Pakistanis (who were not Party members) to the Keighley selection meeting, signing them up and letting them vote; meeting Pakistani terrorists; employing 7 illegal immigrants at his restaurant and lying about when he resigned as a Director…UKIP say the Tories are welcome to him.

  48. The defecting MEP is now accusing UKIP of being racist, but if you have a look at his Twitter feed he was saying precisely the opposite just a few days ago when he was praising the party for having selected two Muslim candidates:


  49. If any of the allegations are true the Tories may have fallen in a large trap. Its a massive own goal if true. It would damage them more than it would damage UKIP.

  50. RESPECT ways in:

    h ttp://www.respectparty.org/2015/01/25/bashir-was-de-selected-by-respect/

    ” The UKIP European parliament member who has joined the Conservatives was a Respect council candidate in Bradford before he was de-selected over reputational issues.

    Amjad ‘Peter’ Bashir was selected as the Respect candidate in Bradford Moor for the May 2012 council elections. However, after local residents raised serious concerns about his fitness to stand, he was de-selected by the party and then left Respect. Following this he joined UKIP, became and MEP, was then suspended, before yesterday casting his lot with the Conservatives.

    “Clearly Bashir does not have any real political principles or commitment.” said Respect MP George Galloway, “only naked opportunism and self-interest. He represents the revolving door principle in politics. The Tories are welcome to him because he will cause them embarrassment. Fortunately Respect was able to act before he did it to us.”

    Galloway was unwilling to specify what the issues over Bashir’s sacking were. “But they were sufficiently grave to make us realise that he was not a fit and proper person to represent Respect. Clearly both UKIP and the Tories have lower standards,” the MP said.””

    More from Guido Fawkes:

    “Amjad Bashir denies that he has ever had anything to do with the Respect party but an application form he filled in and is still held by the party proves that isn’t the case. The new Conservative MEP gives his date of birth on the form as September 17, 1952. But he also claims on the form that in the 1970s and 1980s he was a Labour party member and helped the then Bradford West MP Marsha Singh (now deceased). He also claims to have been heavily involved, and led a membership drive in Bradford, for Imran Khan’s Pakistan party the PTI (Party of Justice).

    For Labour Bashir claims: “I attended ward and regional meetings, I carried out door to door canvassing on election days…I also carried out telephone campaigns.”

    Respect’s Bradford West MP George Galloway hit out: “Not only has this man not got a shred of principle, his acquaintance with the truth is distant to say the least. He joined Respect, now he’s lying about it. I don’t know if what he is saying about Labour and the PTI is correct but his denial that he joined Respect, was selected as a candidate and then de-selected, is a shameful and damning untruth. If the Tories are prepared to embrace this man then I think it says even more about them than it does him.”

    Galloway would not reveal why the party had decided to drop Bashir. “But probably for the first time ever I have to agree with Nigel Farage that there are grave concerns about things in this guy’s past.”

    He added that not only was the application form in the party’s hands but at least five witnesses, who were part of his interview panel, were prepared to confirm that he had joined the party and then been sacked as a council candidate for Bradford Moor.”

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