Northern Ireland European Region

2009 Election
Barbara de Brun (Sinn Fein) 126184 26.0% (-0.3%)
Diane Dodds (DUP) 88346 18.2% (-14%)
Jim Nicholson (UCUNF) 82893 17.1% (+0.5%)
Alban Maginness (SDLP) 78489 16.2% (+0.3%)
Jim Allister (Traditional Unionist) 66197 13.6% (n/a)
Ian Parsley (Alliance) 26699 5.5% (n/a)
Steven Agnew (Green) 15764 3.2% (+2.3%)
Turnout 42.8% (-8.9%)
Barbara de Brun (Sinn Fein) ELECTED
Alban Maginness (SDLP) 94814 +16325
Jim Nicholson (UCUNF) 94285 +11392
Diane Dodds (DUP) 91260 +2914
Jim Allister (Traditional Unionist) 70481 +4284
Barbara de Brun (Sinn Fein) ELECTED
Jim Nicholson (UCUNF) 132227 +37942
Diane Dodds (DUP) 115722 +24462
Alban Maguinness (SLDP) 97428 +2614
Current Sitting MEPs
Martina Anderson (Sinn Fein) Born 1962, Derry. Convicted of conspiring to cause explosions in 1986 and jailed until her release under the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. MLA for Foyle 2007-2012. Contested Foyle 2010. MEP for Northern Ireland since 2012, replacing Bairbre de Brun on her resignation.
Jim Nicholson (Ulster Conservatives and Unionists - New Force) Born 1945, Armagh. Farmer. Armagh councillor 1976-1997. MP for Newry and Armagh 1983-1985, the only MP to lose their seat in the by-elections following the mass resignation of Unionist MPs in protest over the Anglo-Irish agreement. Contested Newry and Armagh 1987. MEP for Northern Ireland since 1989.
Diane Dodds (DUP) Born 1958, County Down. Educated at Banbridge Academy and Queens University. Former teacher. Belfast councillor since 2005. MLA for West Belfast 2003-2007. Married to North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds. MEP for Northern Ireland since 2009.
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  1. Lancs was clearly wearing orange tinted glasses here.

  2. Not at all.

    I said the Alliance leader would lose for the third time in East Belfast. Similar to England in that the DUP did well in working class areas but declined in middle class ones.

    Scotland was the only area that disappointed me, but even there 45% is not a majority and fewer seats than they won in 2015. I also think the footage of Sturgeon looking like Reece W in Election after Swinson lost will be used against her time and time again.

  3. So there are going to be five parties in the executive at Stormont. The opposition will contain just six MLAs (two Green, one PBP, one TUV and two independents).

    Obviously it’s extremely good news that the NI Assembly is back up and running, but I’m not sure that it’s great the government will have so little scrutiny – this is a recipe for more Cash for Ash scandals.

    The other question to be resolved is the abortion issue. It seems like the DUP have given up fighting against equal marriage – I’m not sure whether they’re officially in favour these days but they do seem to have stopped standing in the way of the tide of history. But abortion is something they are still very much fighting tooth and nail against, and now they are in this awkward position where they have a legal instruction to introduce the rights but the body which issued that instruction no longer has jurisdiction in that area.

  4. The nature of power sharing system is that ministries are allocated under D’Hont which, on current numbers, allows for inclusion of DUP, SF, SDLP and UUP. Alliance were elected to the Justice ministry on a cross community vote.
    As things stand there are the 6 MLAs Polltroll lists outside the government – but are not recognised nor treated as an official opposition.

    The NI parties seem to have been brought to the table by the carrot of restoring a local power base and the stick of the threat of an election where the Alliance party would expect major gains at most other parties’ expense. Public pressure was mounting re a “Health Crisis” which was extensively discussed in the New Decade New Start Agreement, however on D’Hont 3 parties passed up that department on 5 occasions – only the UUP stepping up to that monumental challenge.

    Re abortion: I’m confused here. Whilst explicitly not a criminal offence, no services exist to provide ToP. Is the Assembly obligated to legislate for that ? Will attempts emerge to block it? That I don’t know.

  5. AFAIK on abortion the decision of the temp speaker is (or was) being judicially reviewed – because he refused to allow the opinion of NI’s top lawyer to be heard, last month.

    Apparently his opinion would have allowed the Assembly to sit then and so the law would not have come into effect in NI.

    On the main issue, PT is spot on. Enforced enshrined in law coalitions (on top of a skewed electoral system for those elections) is a fudge that Blair dreamt up. It isn’t a recipe for scrutiny of executive decisions.

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