Northern Ireland European Region

2009 Election
Barbara de Brun (Sinn Fein) 126184 26.0% (-0.3%)
Diane Dodds (DUP) 88346 18.2% (-14%)
Jim Nicholson (UCUNF) 82893 17.1% (+0.5%)
Alban Maginness (SDLP) 78489 16.2% (+0.3%)
Jim Allister (Traditional Unionist) 66197 13.6% (n/a)
Ian Parsley (Alliance) 26699 5.5% (n/a)
Steven Agnew (Green) 15764 3.2% (+2.3%)
Turnout 42.8% (-8.9%)
Barbara de Brun (Sinn Fein) ELECTED
Alban Maginness (SDLP) 94814 +16325
Jim Nicholson (UCUNF) 94285 +11392
Diane Dodds (DUP) 91260 +2914
Jim Allister (Traditional Unionist) 70481 +4284
Barbara de Brun (Sinn Fein) ELECTED
Jim Nicholson (UCUNF) 132227 +37942
Diane Dodds (DUP) 115722 +24462
Alban Maguinness (SLDP) 97428 +2614
Current Sitting MEPs
Martina Anderson (Sinn Fein) Born 1962, Derry. Convicted of conspiring to cause explosions in 1986 and jailed until her release under the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. MLA for Foyle 2007-2012. Contested Foyle 2010. MEP for Northern Ireland since 2012, replacing Bairbre de Brun on her resignation.
Jim Nicholson (Ulster Conservatives and Unionists - New Force) Born 1945, Armagh. Farmer. Armagh councillor 1976-1997. MP for Newry and Armagh 1983-1985, the only MP to lose their seat in the by-elections following the mass resignation of Unionist MPs in protest over the Anglo-Irish agreement. Contested Newry and Armagh 1987. MEP for Northern Ireland since 1989.
Diane Dodds (DUP) Born 1958, County Down. Educated at Banbridge Academy and Queens University. Former teacher. Belfast councillor since 2005. MLA for West Belfast 2003-2007. Married to North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds. MEP for Northern Ireland since 2009.
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  1. I think the latest poll shows only 28% here support that.

    I expect Unionists here did so safe in that knowledge (unlike Unionists in Scotland).

  2. The SNP and Sinn Fein knew exactly what they were doing. Their dream scenario was a Remain win in their areas but a Leave vote overall. Sod the rest of the country, let nationalism reign.

    The union’s finished, carried over the line by the attempt to break up another union. Soon we’ll be down to the seven kingdoms, so I need to find out if I’ll be Northumbrian or Mercian.

  3. Pretty much. I’m not assuming Indy will win in Scotland

  4. Speaking personally, I’ll be a Northumbrian working in Mercia.

  5. There is an article in the Guardian reporting on the leader of Fianna Fail who is talking about the possibility of a vote for reunification.

  6. That nationalist politicians are saying that is entirely predictable (partly to piggy back on Scotland and disguise the fact that they have few cards to play in response to the Brexit vote). But it isn’t going to happen any time soon. A border poll can only be called by the Sec of State for NI and no Sec of State would call one unless there was a very substantial change in public opinion, which there is no evidence of at the moment. The nationalist parties performed worse than at any previous post-Agreement NI Assembly election in May, I think I’m correct in saying.

  7. You are right. This is a fantasy – IRA/Sinn Fein/FF would lose a border poll 70:30

  8. “New LucidTalk poll:

    Remain: 58%
    Leave: 42%”

    That was quite accurate in the end.

  9. At first glance, they seem reasonably good for Sinn Fein, fair to middling for the DUP, and bad for the SDLP and UUP.

  10. Has anybody done notional results yet?

    I assume that SF could win both Belfast NE and Belfast SW.

    Technically, West Tyrone and Mid Ulster are merged and South Antrim is being split in two but the boundary changes will have a huge impact on the successor to Londonderry East. Is the DUP majority of 7804 over SF sufficient to offset the boundary changes?

  11. At first sight on geography Glenshane looks like the successor to Londonderry East.

    However, looking at the more detailed map that shows urban settlements, most of the voters may in fact come from Mid Ulster.

    Dalriada could be the successor to Londonderry East on elector count (not geographically) and on the same basis the new Antrim West could be the successor to the old Antrim North.

    Antrim now has gone from 3 to 4 seats by also gaining wards outside Belfast previously part of Belfast constituencies.

    Glenshane will be an interesting DUP/ SF contest.

    Belfast North West will be an interesting SF/ DUP contest. I wrongly described it as Belfast NE above. Not all of Belfast West was solidly SF, the part of West that will be merged with North to form North West includes Shankill Road, but is this enough to offset the SF lead in the other wards for the DUP to still be ahead in Belfast North West? I suspect not.

    Belfast South West will be an interesting SDLP/ SF contest where the Unionist and Alliance vote may back the SDLP to keep SF out.

  12. Probably mentioned somewhere else but this is the most relevant page for it: Northern Ireland is going to the poll on 2 March for a second set of Assembly elections.

  13. You’re right but I broke the story on here first 😛

  14. I hadn’t realised Martin McGuinness was so seriously ill – ‘a rare incurable genetic disorder that means the organs fail, within 3 – 6 years’ apparently (accordingly to three papers).

    It perhaps explains his resignation more than just over the renewable energy allegations against Foster.

    Whilst I can see why Blair thought of it, I think it might be time for the enforced coalition system here to go in a coupe of years. To be properly held to account people need a governing Party and Opposition Parties.

  15. If that were the case we’d have a DUP-UUP coalition for a long long time in Northern Ireland.

  16. I doubt that – they REALLY hate each other.

    I suppose a DUP/TUV/Ind one might form though.

    In fact the UUP would probably work better with the SDLP – a decade ago, they had the numbers as both Parties really have collapsed since the days of Trimble and Hume.

  17. Yes they hate eachother…. that’s why the DUP stood aside for the UUP in Fermanagh & South Tyrone and Newry & Armagh and why the UUP stood aside for the DUP in Belfast East and Belfast North.

  18. They’ll always do that to defeat Sinn Fein or the Alliance in UK Parliamentary elections.

    But they also gained seats from each other.

    But, trust me, they really do hate each other even before the DUP overtook the UUP as the largest Party in the Province a decade ago. It didn’t stop eg Paisley & Trimble uniting to walk through Drumcree when Blair said the Orange Order should be allowed through. As SF/PIRA is the larger enemy.

  19. It’s kind of akin to the Corbynites hating other sections of their own party / MPs more than opposition parties. To some extent this exists with leftwing Tories vs rightwing Tories, and probably in all parties to some degree, especially those who get into local or national government and actually implement policies.


    Labour have expelled Labour NI member Donal O’Cofaigh for standing for Labour Alternative in the Assembly elections.

    Bizarrely it says he’s an ex-Sinn Fein Cllr and Socialist Party candidate – both of which don’t appear to have got him barred from the Labour Party.

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