North East European Region

2014 Election
2014 Results
1. Judith Kirton-Darling (Labour) 221988 36.5% (+11.5%)
2. Jonathan Arnott (UKIP) 177660 29.2% (+13.8%)
3. Paul Brannen (Labour) (110994)
. (Conservative) 107733 17.7% (-2.1%)
. (Liberal Democrat) 36093 5.9% (-11.6%)
. (Green) 31605 5.2% (-0.6%)
. (Independence from Europe) 13934 2.3% (n/a)
. (BNP) 10360 1.7% (-7.2%)
. (English Democrats) 9279 1.5% (-0.7%)
Current sitting MEPs
Judith Kirton-Darling (Labour) Born 1977, Tanzania. Educated at Sheffield University. Trade union officer. MEP for the North East since 2014
Jonathan Arnott (UKIP) Born 1981, Sheffield. Educated at Sheffield University. Former maths teacher. Contested Sheffield Attercliffe 2005, Sheffield South East 2010, South Yorkshire Police Commissioner election 2012. Contested Yorkshire region 2004, 2009 European elections. MEP for the North East since 2014
Paul Brannen (Labour) Educated at Walbottle High School and Leeds University. Head of England North and Central at Christian Aid. Former Newcastle councillor. Contested Berwick upon Tweed 1997, Hexham 2001. MEP for the North East since 2014

Full candidates for the 2014 European election are here.

2009 Election
2009 Results
1. Stephen Hughes (Labour) 147338 25% (-9.1%)
2. Martin Callanan (Conservative) 116911 19.8% (+1.2%)
3. Fiona Hall (Liberal Democrat) 103644 17.6% (-0.2%)
. (UKIP) 90700 15.4% (+3.2%)
. (BNP) 52700 8.9% (+2.5%)
. (Green) 34081 5.8% (+1%)
. (English Democrats) 13007 2.2% (n/a)
. (Socialist Labour) 10238 1.7% (n/a)
. (No2EU) 8066 1.4% (n/a)
. (Christian) 7263 1.2% (n/a)
. (Libertas) 3010 0.5% (n/a)
. (Jury Team) 2904 0.5% (n/a)
Current sitting MEPs
Stephen Hughes (Labour) Born 1952, Sunderland. Educated at Leeds University. Former local government officer. First elected as MEP for Durham and Blaydon in 1984.
Martin Callanan (Conservative) Born 1961, Newcastle. Former Gateshead councillor. Contested Washington 1987, Gateshead East 1992, Tynemouth 1997. MEP for the North East since 1999.
Fiona Hall (Liberal Democrat) Born 1955, Manchester. Educated at Oxford University. Former Parliamentary researcher. First elected as MEP for the North East in 2004.


Comments - 105 Responses on “Europe North East”
  1. 3 seats unchanged in the North East:

    North Tyneside.
    Sunderland Central.

  2. The BR gives the Tories 3 seats in the North East

    Stockton West
    Hexham and Morpeth

    Tory targets in the North East 2020

    Berwick and Ashington (Lab maj 1215)
    Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland (Lab maj 3567)
    West Durham and Teasdale (Lab maj 7458)

  3. Given the carve up by the BC I’ve had a play myself and come up with the following constituencies that are better at preserving communities:

    1 Berwick upon Tweed and Morpeth (entirely within Northumberland)
    2 Hexham and Cramlington (entirely within Northumberland)
    3 Ashington and Blyth (entirely within Northumberland)
    4 Tynemouth (within North Tyneside)
    5 Tyneside North (across North Tyneside and Northumberland)
    6 Newcastle East and Wallsend (across Newcastle and North Tyneside)
    7 Newcastle North (within Newcastle)
    8 South Shields (within South Tyneside)
    9 Jarrow and East Gateshead (across Gateshead and South Tyneside)
    10 Gateshead West (within Gateshead)
    11 Newcastle West and Blaydon (across Gateshead and Newcastle)
    12 Redcar and East Cleveland (within Redcar and Cleveland)
    13 Middlesbrough and Eston (across Redcar & Cleveland and Middlesbrough)
    14 Middlesbrough South and Thornaby (across Middlesbrough and Stockton)
    15 Stockton and Yarm (within Stockton)
    16 Hartlepool (across Hartlepool and Durham)
    17 Sunderland North (within Sunderland)
    18 Sunderland South and Seaham (across Sunderland and Durham)
    19 Easington and Houghton (across Sunderland and Durham)
    20 Chester le Street and Washington (across Sunderland and Durham)
    21 Durham City (within Durham)
    22 Durham North West (within Durham)
    23 Bishop Auckland (within Durham)
    24 Darlington (within Darlington)
    25 Billingham and Sedgefield (across Durham and Stockton)

    I would personally split wards in two places around Newcastle and Gateshead to improve the geographic shape of seats but even without my seats still work

  4. You should submit them during the consultation period.

  5. Looks like the Tories have won Tees Valley

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