East Midlands Police Commissioners

Derbyshire Police Commissioner
2012 Result
Alan Charles (Labour) 50028 44.3%
Simon Spencer (Conservative) 27690 24.5%
David Gale (UKIP) 18097 16%
Rod Hutton (Independent) 17093 15.1%
MAJORITY 22338 19.8%
Alan Charles (Labour) 57248 61.1%
Simon Spencer (Conservative) 36459 38.9%
MAJORITY 20789 22.2%
Simon Spencer (Conservative) Businessman and former firefighter. Derbyshire councillor since 2009. Derbyshire Dales councillor
Alan Charles (Labour) Derbyshire county councillor since 1993.
David Gale (UKIP) Former police officer
Rod Hutton (Independent) Businessman and special constable

Leicestershire Police Commissioner
2012 Result
Sir Clive Loader (Conservative) 59915 48.4%
Sarah Russell (Labour) 42051 34%
Suleman Nagdi (Independent) 21744 17.6%
MAJORITY 17864 14.4%
Sir Clive Loader (Conservative) 64661 55.5%
Sarah Russell (Labour) 51835 44.5%
MAJORITY 12826 11%
Sir Clive Loader (Conservative) Born 1953. Educated at the Judd School and Southampton University. Former Air Chief Marshall of the RAF.
Sarah Russell (Labour) Educated at De Montford University. Leicester city councillor
Suleman Nagdi (Independent) Independent training consultant. Awarded MBE in 2002 for services to the community. Deputy Lieutenant for Leicestershire.

Lincolnshire Police Commissioner
2012 Result
David Bowles (Stop Politicians Running Policing) 27345 32.7%
Alan Hardwick (Independent) 26272 31.4%
Richard Davies (Conservative) 19872 23.7%
Paul Gleeson (Labour) 10247 12.2%
MAJORITY 1073 1.3%
Alan Hardwick (Independent) 39221 52.8%
David Bowles (Stop Politicians Running Policing) 35086 47.2%
MAJORITY 4135 5.6%
Richard Davies (Conservative) Born Grantham. ICT consultant. Lincolnshire councillor
Paul Gleeson (Labour) Boston councillor. Former South Oxfordshire councillor.
David Bowles (Stop Politicians Running Policing) Former Chief Executive of Lincolnshire council.
Alan Hardwick (Independent) Former television presenter

Northamptonshire Police Commissioner
2012 Result
Adam Simmonds (Conservative) 30436 30.1%
Lee Barron (Labour) 25098 24.8%
John Norrie (Independent) 19276 19.1%
Jim MacArthur (UKIP) 18963 18.7%
Paul Varnsverry (Liberal Democrat) 7394 7.3%
MAJORITY 5338 5.3%
Adam Simmonds (Conservative) 40923 57.3%
Lee Barron (Labour) 30551 42.7%
MAJORITY 10372 14.5%
Adam Simmonds (Conservative) Educated at St Marys CoE School and Greenwich University. Former local government officer.
Lee Barron (Labour) Trade Union secretary. Northampton councillor 1999-2007. Withdrew as Labour candidate after it was revealed he was disqualified from standing due to a past conviction for obstruction, but will remain on the ballot paper.
Paul Varnsverry (Liberal Democrat) Educated at Northampton School for Boys. Businessman. Northampton councillor 2007-2011. Contested Northampton South 2010.
Jim MacArthur (UKIP) Born Birmingham. Educated at Holte Grammar Commercial School. Corporate Security advisor and martial arts instructor. Contested Northampton North 2010
John Norrie (Independent) Born Aberdeen. Businessman

Nottinghamshire Police Commissioner
2012 Result
Paddy Tipping (Labour) 57356 43.1%
Malcolm Spencer (Independent) 30263 22.8%
Tony Roberts (Conservative) 26304 19.8%
Raj Chandran (Independent) 19050 14.3%
MAJORITY 27093 20.4%
Paddy Tipping (Labour) 65919 55.5%
Malcolm Spencer (Independent) 52789 44.5%
MAJORITY 13130 11.1%
Tony Roberts (Conservative) Born North Wales. Educated at Nottingham Trent University. Former teacher. Newark and Sherwood councillor since 1976. Leader of Newark and Sherwood councillor 2003-2012. Awarded the MBE in 2011 for services to local government.
Paddy Tipping (Labour) Born 1949, Halifax. Educated at Hipperholme Grammar School and Nottingham University. Former social worker. Nottinghamshire county councillor 1981-1993. Contested Rushcliffe 1987. MP for Sherwood 1992-2010. PPS to Jack Straw 1997-1999, junior minister in the Privy council office 1999-2001.
Raj Chandran (Independent) Retired GP. Former Ashfield councillor. Former Gedling councillor. Contested Preston 1987 for the Conservatives
Malcolm Spencer (Independent) Born Nottinghamshire. Retired detective
Comments - 7 Responses on “East Midlands PCCs”
  1. Just noticed here that a former council chief executive came close to winning in Lincolnshire. Was wondering if anyone knew of any former council chief executives who ended up winning elected office, like say becoming an MP? I expect it’s very rare, but curious nonetheless.

  2. Labour unexpectedly gained the Leicestershire PCC today, despite only winning in two of the nine local authorities in the county.

    Willy Bach won by about 20,000 county-wide, but by 30,000 in Leicester and by 82 votes in North West Leicestershire. Turnout elsewhere must have been appalling.

  3. Having campaigned in Leicester, while it is easy now for me to say it wasn’t surprising, Councillors and Willy himself said it was looking good. I was out a bit in Beaumont Leys despite living in Leicester East, after one canvass one of the Councillors gave me a lift home and he said he reckoned if turnout was 30% in city we’d take it. Not quite sure if it was 30% but that seems to what happened.

    Generally on the doorstep it was mostly disinterest about the PCC but I think Willy was generally popular on the doorstep. Very good candidate, all the credentials you want for a PCC having been in the Cabinet and currently adviser since Labour have been in opposition. Also a Barrister by trade. From Leicester I believe, a Councillor in Leicester and Market Harbrough, also Mayor. Manage to wrangle a visit from Shadow Home Sec Andy Burnham.

  4. Seems there has been a vote more along party lines in a lot of the PCC elections this time, with most of the independents losing. IMO this is a bad thing. I’m queasy about party politicians undertaking the role and had there been a suitable independent on the ballot paper I’d have voted for them, but here in Sussex and in many other places there wasn’t.

  5. I think a higher turnout also hurt Independents. Personally, I understand the need for democratic accountability but I agree that this politicizing of the police force is just wrong.

  6. Incumbent Independents were defeated in Hampshire, Norfolk and Surrey

    In Kent, Lincolnshire, Warwickshire and West Mercia, the incumbent Independents didn’t stand for re-election.

    All those were gained by the Tories.

    Indies held on in Dorset, Gloucestershire and Avon/Somerset.

    Conservatives gained Bedfordshire from Labour but as Labour gained Leicestershire and also Humbershide and Ceshire from Con.

    As there were some retirements in the areas successfully defended by Lab or Con, the PCCs doing a second term are

    Avon and Somerset (Sue Mountstevens, Ind)
    Cleveland (Barry Coppinger, Lab)
    Dorset (Martyn Underhill, Ind)
    Durham (Ron Hogg, Lab)
    Gloucestershire (Martin Surl, Ind)
    Hertfordshire (David Llody, Con)
    Lancashire (Clive Grunshaw, Lab)
    Merseyside (Jane Kennedy, Lab)
    North Yorkshire (Julia Mulligan, Con)
    Northumbria (Vera Baird, Lab)
    Nottinghamshire (Paddy Tipping, Lab)
    Staffordshire (Matthew Ellis, Con)
    Suffolk (Tim Passmore, Con)
    Sussex (Katy Bourne, Con)
    Thames Valley (Anthony Stansfeld, Con)
    West Yorkshire (Mark Burns Williamson, Lab)
    Wiltshire (Angus Macpherson)
    + 2 elected in by-election halfway the first PCC terms
    South Yorkshire (Alan Billings, Lab)
    West Midlands (David Jamieson, Lab)

    Labour held Derbyshire with a new candidate and Conservatives held Cambridgeshire, Cumbria, Devon/Cornwall, Essex, Northamptonshire with a new candidate.

    Wales count today. In 2012 their 4 PCCs were 1 Lab 1 Con 2 Ind.

  7. Extremely narrow victory for Labour in the Derbyshire PCC election. Majority of just over one per cent on the second count. A similar performance in the county outside Derby next year could well see them lose control of the county council.

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