East Midlands Euro Candidates 2014

The East Midlands return five MEPs. In 2009 it returned two Conservative MEPs, one Labour , one Liberal Democrat and one UKIP. The lead Conservative MEP, Roger Helmer, later defected to UKIP after an apparent row within the Conservative party over who would replace him if he retired mid-term. Full results for 2009 are here.

GLENIS WILLMOTT (Labour) Born 1951, County Durham. Former medical scientist, assistant to Alan Meale and trade union officer. Nottinghamshire county councillor 1989-1993. MEP for the East Midlands since 2006, suceeding upon the death of Phillip Whitehead..
RORY PALMER (Labour) Born in Worksop. Educated at Hartland Comprehensive and York University. Leicester councillor since 2007. Contested Bosworth 2010.
LINDA WOODINGS (Labour) Trade union officer.

4. Khalid Hadadi 5. Nicki Brooks
EMMA MCCLARKIN (Conservative) Born in Stroud. Educated at Stroud Girls High School and Bournemouth University. Former government relations executive for the Rugby Football Union. MEP for East Midlands since 2009.
ANDREW LEWER (Conservative) Born 1971. Educated at Newcastle University. Derbyshire councillor since 2005. Leader of Derbyshire council 2009-2013. Derbyshire Dales councillor.
RUPERT MATTHEWS (Conservative) Born 1961. Freelance author and historian. Contested Bootle 1997, East Midland region 2009 European election.

4. Stephen Castens 5. Brendan Clarke-Smith
BILL NEWTON DUNN (Liberal Democrat) Born 1941, Hampshire. Educated at Marlborough College and the Sorbonne. MEP for Lincolnshire 1979-1994 for the Conservatives. MEP for East Midlands from 1999, defected to the Liberal Democrats in 1999..
ISSAN GHAZNI (Liberal Democrat) Born 1959, Punjab. Educated at Roland Green Comprehensive and Leicester University. Nottinham councillor 1987-1991 for Labour. Contested Nottingham East 2005, 2010.
PHIL KNOWLES (Liberal Democrat) Harborough councillor.

4. George Smid 5. Deborah Newton-Cook
ROGER HELMER (UKIP) Born 1944, London. Educated at King Edward VI Grammar Southampton and Cambridge University. Businessman. MEP for East Midlands since 1999. An outspoken right-winger, opponent of British membership of the EU and sceptic of climate change. He announced his intention to stand down as an MEP in 2011, but instead defected to UKIP.
MARGOT PARKER (UKIP) Born in Grantham. European advisor and spokesperson for the promotional products industry. Contested Sherwood 2010, Corby 2012 by-election. East Midlands region 2009 European election for Libertas.
JONATHAN BULLOCK (UKIP) Kettering councillor, originally elected as as Conservative.Contested Gedling 2001 for the Conservatives.

4. Nigel Wickens 5. Barry Mahoney
KAT BOETTGE (Green) Born in Germany. Educated at Nottingham Trent University. Psychotherapist.
SUE MALLENDER (Green) Born in Walsall. Teacher. Rushcliffe councillor since 2003. Contested East Midlands 1999, 2004, 2009 European elections.

3. Richard Mallender 4. Peter Allen
5. Simon Hales
CATHY DUFFY (BNP) Born 1958, Malaysia. Charnwood councillor since 2007. Contested East Midlands 2009 European election, Charnwood 2010.
ROBERT WEST (BNP) Former lecturer who has set up his own church in Holbeach. Former South Holland councillor, originally elected as a Conservative.Contested East Midlands 2009 European election, Norwich North by-election 2009, Lincoln 2010.

3. Bob Brindley 4. Geoff Dickens
5. Paul Hilliard
KEVIN SILLS (English Democrats) Born 1957, Hinckley. Financial advisor. Contested Leicester South 1997 for the National Democrats, Northampton South 2010 for the English Democrats.

2. Dave Wickham 3. John Dowle
4. Oliver Healey 5. Terry Spencer
CHRIS PAIN (An Independence from Europe) Businessman. Lincolnshire county councillor since 2013, originally elected as UKIP. Contested Louth and Horncastle 2005, Boston and Skegness 2010 for UKIP.

2. Val Pain 3. Alan Jesson
4. John Beaver 5. Carl Mason
STEVE WARD (Harmony Party)
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  1. As I’m sure all of Tories, Labour and UKIP will get double the vote of the LibDems, the LibDems will lose their seat. But at only 5 seats however finished third will only get one seat? Labour is only slightly ahead of UKIP and both are far behind the Tories, so this is one to watch for Ed Milliband…

  2. I would be surprised if it wasn’t Con 2 UKIP 2 Labour 1. Order of

  3. Labour have had a decent recovery in the East Midlands since 2010 and I think they’ll do well enough to get a 2nd seat. Therefore, I expect the result here to be 2 Con, 2 Labour, 1 UKIP.

  4. This as well as the NE are most likely going to be the worst Lib Dem results in the English regions at least.

    UKIP have a lot of momentum in Lincolnshire and will probably top the polls there (although Labour could come out in first in Lincoln itself).

    The Conservative vote will be strong in much of Leicestershire and Northants.

    Labour should do well in Derbyshire, Notts, as well as the urban pockets of Leicestershire and Northants.

  5. All take form of factual ‘born in, educated, job/s, elections’….except UKIP lead, which also has ‘outspoken’ right-winger and climate change skeptic.

    Wondering where Ant got these descs.

    Labour have recovered well, but it’s also hard to see UKIP not getting 2 seats…and you’d probably expect to see cons get 2 too. V hard to call, mebe Lab recovery won’t affect Euros (not exactly their strong area), mebe cons’ll collapse to UKIP….mebe UKIP surge won’t happen.

  6. dammit what’d I type to get moderation….

  7. Logically Labour should get a couple of seats, but the turnout could be so low that the elderly profile of those that bother to turn out leave UKIP/Conservatives with 2 seats each.

  8. There are plenty of elderly Labour voters in the East Midlands. Go and take a walk around Mansfield or Chesterfield. I think it will be quite close between Labour and UKIP for 1st and 2nd with the Tories in 3rd, though not a million miles behind.

  9. UKIP 2, Lab 2, Con 1 – but the Cons could easily nudge out Lab for a seat

  10. http://steveunclesenglishdemocrats.org/2014/03/16/english-democrats-2014-eu-elections-60-candidates-list-100-coverage-of-england/

    1 East Midlands 5
    Lead Candidate: – Kevin Sills
    Agent: – Derek Hilling
    Slogan: English Democrats – “I’m English, NOT British, NOT EUropean !”
    1/ Kevin Sills
    2/ David Wickham
    3/ Oliver Healey
    4/ John Dowell
    5/ David Haslett

  11. Have just received poll cards for family. Had no idea we were even having an election in east Northants no info about who is running. Talked to neighbours they say the same. If the so called candidants can’t be bothered to let us know who they are why should we be bothered to go and vote for them. Not everyone has the internet so don’t use that excuse. Local newspapers have been missing this news also.

  12. Updated to reflect final candidate list

  13. People like M Newman have a lot to answer for.

  14. Indeed. I can totally understand not knowing who the candidates are – heck, unless the party’s anti-EU, most will avoid campaigning on it. But there’s no excuse for not knowing we’re heading towards a European election. It’s only been mentioned a million times on TV. Not to mention we hold a whole debate around Europe.

  15. *held

  16. “Have just received poll cards for family. Had no idea we were even having an election in east Northants no info about who is running. Talked to neighbours they say the same. If the so called candidants can’t be bothered to let us know who they are why should we be bothered to go and vote for them. Not everyone has the internet so don’t use that excuse. Local newspapers have been missing this news also.”

    All you have to do is type “election East Northants” into a search engine in April each year to see if you’re having an election. What’s so difficult about that, with respect.

  17. To be fair, the elections aren’t for a month and most only leaflet once nominations have closed. Freeposts won’t go out til after the first May Bank Holiday.

  18. People expect everyone else to do everything for them. It seems that some people cannot be bothered to lift a finger (almost literally) to uphold our democracy and expect candidates with full time jobs to do more and more.

  19. True Joe. Although I do lament the demise of posters, loudhailers and lifts to the polls even in cities. I realise a lot is due to the decline in Party membership and of course any individual could stand themselves as an Independent.

  20. I would be really sorry to lose Bill Newton Dunn a good friend, so whilst my colours are Labour – I am hoping for LAB 2, CON 1, LD 1 and dear old Roger for UKIP back again for me to debate with. Roger did say he would be retiring, I wonder what changed his mind?

    I also think this could be the outcome – LAB will top the poll with Glenis, Roger (UKIP) next, followed by Emma (CON). Then we scrap it out, and Bill does have a strong following, so I expect LD 4th – no idea for 5th depends upon the weather

  21. Defecting to UKIP is what changed Helmer’s mind. Up until that point, he was a Conservative. One would guess he was retiring because he didn’t feel comfortable with the Conservatives anymore, but defection was a way around that.

  22. The out side grand national each way bet will be An Independence From Europe Party, as their candidates are all ex UKIP in the East Mids. Lead candidate Chris Pain got UKIP’s best result against the Lib/ Lab/Cons in the 2010 GE, No2 UKIP MEP candidate at the last EU elections . Also drew with Roger Knapman in 2005, beating Nigel Farage and responsible for the 2013 County Council Election campaign. The fact that the. UKIP candidates are mainly Ex Tory converts might go against them!

  23. For the Lincolnshire picture, watch the candidates debate held last week at the University of Lincoln. http://wp.me/p48p1F-Pm

  24. Hi this is addressed to all the East Midlands UKIP MEP hopefuls!

    I haven’t a clue who to vote for these days so to help me decide I’ve stripped away the chaff and tried to focus on issues that really are more important than any other and that is the right to live and in particular in the defence of the sanctity of human life from conception till natural death.

    I would therefore be very grateful if you would please let me know if I were to vote for you and your were elected to the European Government how does your party stand, and how would you vote on these pro-life issues; such as abortion, euthanasia or assisted suicide, living wills, human cloning, destructive embryo experimentation and population control, contraception.
    I look forward to hearing from you

    Regards, Andreas Menzies

    [snip – you probably don’t want to do that]

  25. I’d expect:-

    Conservative: 24% (2)
    UKIP: 23% (2)
    Labour: 20% (1)
    Liberal Democrat: 8%
    Others: 25%

    Although having said that, there are a good number of 2009 BNP votes to hoover up. Many, I imagine will return to Labour and some will jump ship to UKIP. I think the general consensus here is that it’ll be tight between the first three parties.

  26. The East Mids is a key battleground region where Labour can’t afford to have another mediocre performance. Frighteningly it might just happen. While this is not a prediction of what polling will be over the summer or even prior to the GE, the timing of this spike in the polls for the Tories is going to send chills down the spines of Labour’s top brass as it is so close to an upcoming set of local and European elections.

  27. Andreas, this is just a polling site. The fact we have a list of the candidates does not mean we’re in contact with them, nor they with us. You will have to search for their contact details elsewhere.

    I would also add that you shouldn’t be revealing personal details like your telephone number. Since you’re not going to get any calls from posting here (nor from posting elsewhere – candidates aren’t going to be calling you, try email instead), I’m going to ask the admin to remove that.

    Sorry we could not be of more help. Though I will at least point out that an awful lot of the issues you’ve highlighted, are in fact the responsibility of individual member states, and not the European Union.

  28. For the East Midlands, I’m predicting:

    2 Conservative
    2 Labour
    1 UKIP

  29. What disappoints us – The Harmony Party – is the negligible publicity we have had given the considerable investment we have made to this project; for example no images of our candidates appear in this roster . Yet amongst nominees ours are truly ‘ordinary men’ representatives. For example our “Anti Immigration” stance, which actually rejects use of that word (and similarly derogatory terms such as “Job”, “benefit”, “contact”, etc.) is given on the basis we believe that the only way forward for the UK is to assimilate those settlers coming to the UK fairly, and in a manner that does not leave behind those who have lived here for generations. We have no agenda that may be assessed as anything other than beneficial to this Nation as a whole. These Elections are about the issue of Europe and the considerable sums the UK pays into the EU project, at the expense of the stability of this Nation. For our trouble we have become a dumping ground for France and other EU states whose National Socialist Governments are chasing people across the channel. This cant be right, and it is of great concern to many ordinary British people who are feeling the squeeze on income, housing and employment fronts. We do not subscribe to the Government levied propaganda, which see the usual suspect politicians unseemly squabbling about the colour of peoples skin.

  30. I’m sure the Pirate Party feel the same way, Steven

  31. East Midlands: UKIP 27.5%(2), Lab 26.5%(2), Con 24.5%(1), LD 7.5%, GRN 6.5%, BNP 4%, Other 3.5%

  32. East Midlands:

    UKIP: 368,734 (32.90%)
    Con: 291,270 (25.99%)
    Lab: 279,263 (24.92%)
    Green: 67,066 (5.98%)
    LD: 60,773 (5.42%)
    AIFE: 21,384 (1.91%)
    BNP: 18,326 (1.64%)
    Eng Dem: 11,612 (1.04%)
    Harmony: 2,184 (0.19%)
    TOTALS: 1,120,612

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