Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale

2015 Result:
Conservative: 20759 (39.8%)
Labour: 7711 (14.8%)
Lib Dem: 1392 (2.7%)
SNP: 19961 (38.3%)
Green: 839 (1.6%)
UKIP: 1472 (2.8%)
MAJORITY: 798 (1.5%)

Category: Ultra-marginal Conservative seat

Geography: Scotland, South of Scotland. Parts of Dumfries and Galloway, South Lanarkshire and Scottish Borders council areas.

Main population centres: Sanquhar, Annan, Gretna Green, Langholm, Moffat, Biggar, Peebles, Innerleithen, Lockerbie.

Profile: A large, rural constituency in the southern uplands of Scotland. To the south it is bounded by the Solway Firth and England in the form of Penrith and the Borders. Most of the seat is unpopulated hills and mountains and what towns there are are small settlements of only a few thousand that have historically relied upon the wool trade from surrounding hill farms. The main settlements include Sanquhar, Annan on the Solway Firth - until 2007 the site of Chapelcross nuclear power station, Gretna Green with its marriage industry, Langholm, Moffat, Biggar, Peebles, Innerleithen and Lockerbie, now infamous for the 1988 plane bombing.

Politics: The seat was created in 2005, made up from seats with a variety of political tranditions - Tweeddale was from a Liberal seat, Dumfriesshire is Conservative and Clydesdale was part of a Labour seat. In the event it was held by the Conservatives, their only remaining seat in Scotland and one of only three non-SNP seats in Scotland.

Current MP
DAVID MUNDELL (Conservative) Born 1962, Dumfries. Educated at Lockerbie Academy and Edinburgh University. Former Solicitor and legal advisor for British Telecom. Annandale and Eskdale councillor 1984-1986, Dumfries and Galloway councillor 1986-1987. First elected as MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale in 2005. Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland 2005-2010, Under-secretary of State for Scotland 2010-2015. Secretary of State for Scotland since 2015. Has been the only Conservative MP for a Scottish constituency since his election, ensuring his almost immediate appointment to the shadow cabinet, though this did not translate into a Cabinet portfolio until 2015.
Past Results
Con: 17457 (38%)
Lab: 13263 (29%)
LDem: 9080 (20%)
SNP: 4945 (11%)
Oth: 1147 (2%)
MAJ: 4194 (9%)
Con: 16141 (36%)
Lab: 14403 (32%)
LDem: 9046 (20%)
SNP: 4075 (9%)
Oth: 951 (2%)
MAJ: 1738 (4%)
Con: 11996 (28%)
Lab: 20830 (49%)
LDem: 4955 (12%)
SNP: 4103 (10%)
Oth: 702 (2%)
MAJ: 8834 (21%)
Con: 13885 (28%)
Lab: 23528 (48%)
LDem: 5487 (11%)
SNP: 5977 (12%)
Oth: 650 (1%)
MAJ: 9643 (19%)

2015 Candidates
DAVID MUNDELL (Conservative) See above.
ARCHIE DRYBURGH (Labour) Educated at Buckhaven High School. Trainer and assessor. Dumfries and Galloway councillor.
AMANDA KUBIE (Liberal Democrat)
KEVIN NEWTON (UKIP) Educated at Edinburgh University. Contested Dunfermline West 1997, Clydesdale 2001 for the Conservatives, Scotland 2014 European election for UKIP.
EMMA HARPER (SNP) Born 1967, Stranraer. Nurse.
Comments - 558 Responses on “Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale”
  1. Well he lied on Newsnight but didn’t fancy risking Perjury.

  2. Lord Steel has been readmited to the Lib Dems – despite the investigation continuing.

  3. David Mundell has followed Rory Stewart in rowing back on.a previous claim that he would.not serve in a Boris Johnson Cabinet. Embarrassing.

  4. Well, he likely wouldn’t serve beyond a general election anyway as I can’t see Boris winning any Scottish seats.

  5. I think he could. Not because of his own qualities, but because Ruth Davidson has done an excellent job of inoculating the Scottish Tories from the drama down south. When the Tories collapsed everywhere else in last month’s European elections, their vote share in Scotland held up pretty well, to the extent that eight of the Tories’ top ten counting areas were in Scotland.

  6. Perhaps. The Tory Scottish vote does however contain a lot of unionist remainers, many of whom switched tactically from Labour and the Lib Dems, and Boris will find it hard to retain such voters, whilst I doubt he will be very attractive to the significant minority of SNP supporters who voted Leave.

  7. Tories can probably hold at least 2-5 seats even under Boris in Scotland. I.e. here , Berwickshire and West Aberdeenshire at least.

    The Scottish EU result wasn’t too bad for them although he would probably leak some anti SNP remain Tory votes back to the LDs in seats like Aberdeen south and Stirling allowing the SNP through the middle.

  8. Mundell sacked.

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