2015 Result:
Conservative: 28295 (57.7%)
Labour: 6360 (13%)
Lib Dem: 3954 (8.1%)
Green: 2853 (5.8%)
UKIP: 7544 (15.4%)
MAJORITY: 20751 (42.3%)

Category: Ultra-safe Conservative seat

Geography: South West, Wiltshire. Part of the Wiltshire council area.

Main population centres: Devizes, Marlborough, Pewsey, Ludgershall, Tidworth, Durrington, Beckhampton.

Profile: Devizes is largely made up of rural countryside, dotted with historic market towns. Main population centres include Devizes itself, home to Wadworth`s brewery, and Marlborough, with its famous public school. The seat has important military associations; to the South the constituency extends over part of Salisbury Plain and includes the Royal School of Artillery at Larkhill, Bulford Camp (12 Mechanised Brigade) and Tidworth (1st Infantry Brigade (Guards)).

Politics: A safe Conservative seat, held by the party since 1924.

Current MP
CLAIRE PERRY (Conservative) Born 1964, Bromsgrove. Educated at Nailsea Comprehensive and Oxford University. Former banker. First elected as MP for Devizes in 2010. PPS to Philip Hammond 2011-2013, Government whip 2013-2014. Under-secretary for Transport since 2014.
Past Results
Con: 25519 (55%)
Lab: 4711 (10%)
LDem: 12514 (27%)
UKIP: 2076 (4%)
Oth: 1520 (3%)
MAJ: 13005 (28%)
Con: 27253 (49%)
Lab: 12519 (22%)
LDem: 14059 (25%)
UKIP: 2315 (4%)
MAJ: 13194 (23%)
Con: 25159 (47%)
Lab: 13263 (25%)
LDem: 11756 (22%)
UKIP: 1521 (3%)
Oth: 1550 (3%)
MAJ: 11896 (22%)
Con: 25710 (43%)
Lab: 14551 (24%)
LDem: 15928 (27%)
Oth: 826 (1%)
MAJ: 9782 (16%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
CLAIRE PERRY (Conservative) See above.
CHRIS WATTS (Labour) Born 1967, Derry. IT consultant.
MANDA RIGBY (Liberal Democrat)
Comments - 95 Responses on “Devizes”
  1. Claire Perry and Hilary Benn are on the BBC’s Daily Politics. Goodness me, Perry is annoying! Won’t keep quiet for even half a second! Constantly speaking over everyone including the presenters!

  2. She was worst behaved on the QT episode on the evening of the Eastleigh by-election in 2013. Angela Eagle was useless and the same panel featured Neil Hamilton. But Perry was just gobby and constantly interrupted.

  3. Look, I know Claire Perry is annoying. And god knows her latest announcements re: female obesity levels are…interesting. But I have to stick up for someone who is clearly on the libertarian wing of the Tory party, plus who also has some vague sense of charisma (errrr…Truss, Hammond, Morgan). She entertains the masses, leave her be!

  4. she is probably more widely disliked across the political spectrum than almost any other current mp. one very strong exception has got to be george galloway.

  5. “But I have to stick up for someone who is clearly on the libertarian wing of the Tory party”

    Sorry but that is complete horseshit. Claire Perry is the opposite of libertarian. She is an interfering, nannying type. Haven’t you seen her high profile campaigns on regulating pornography for example?

  6. liberal maybe, libertarian no. a libertarian would be someone more like dominic raab.

  7. ”She was worst behaved on the QT episode on the evening of the Eastleigh by-election in 2013. Angela Eagle was useless and the same panel featured Neil Hamilton. But Perry was just gobby and constantly interrupted.”

    Neil – I saw that episode too! I was at my Grandparents house at the time paying them a visit. Both are avid Question TIme viewers but they were so annoyed by Perry they switched off the TV and went to bed! Both said they’ve been so annoyed by a panelist to the extent they stopped watching!

    The comments on Twitter all expressed deep dislike of Perry due to her patronising and rude manner in which she debates. I didn’t see one Tweet in support of her during that episode. I honestly think she’s the worst Question Time panelist ever (yes, worse than Baroness Warsi).

  8. “And god knows her latest announcements re: female obesity levels are…interesting.”

    Is that even within her brief as the Railway Minister? Sounds like a public health issue.

  9. Christian- I take it you didn’t see Carol Vorderman’s appearance on QT then. A truly dreadful performance. Perry may be rude but she clearly has some intellect. Vorderman came across as nasty, shrill and reactionary (and, surprisingly, rather dense). I’m no Will Self fan but he completely trounced her when they were discussing the Bulger case.

    Hemmelig and Barnaby are completely right. I meant to say liberal rather than libertarian. I shouldn’t contribute on here after several gin and tonics.

    Neil- it’s Claire Perry we are discussing here. Of course she’s commenting on wider issues that have nothing to do with her brief.

  10. Conservative Hold. 18,000 maj.

    (Now if only Claire Perry could be deselected!)

  11. It’s a pity that Wiltshire’s results in the Euro referendum weren’t broken down a bit

    I reckon ‘Remain’ could have narrowly won here, and maybe in Salisbury too

  12. Claire Perry was one of the most enthusiastically pro- EU MP’s during the referendum. Her Twitter feed is pretty hilarious if rather hysterical at times.

  13. Not surprising when you remember that she’s Osborne’s bit of (very) rough.

    Politically speaking so to speak.

  14. Yes, once upon a time this seat was represented by the very decent Michael Ancram – now by a pathetic nonentity.

  15. Perry’s career hasn’t really taken off. Was highly rated at one stage but still junior transport minister whilst some of her 2010 intake peers are now senior cabinet ministers or leadership contenders.

  16. Perry is the absolute antithesis of a safe pair of hands, so not surprising her career has stalled. I’m sure her libertarian streak appeals to some, and she’s certainly a character, but she’s not Cabinet material. Mind you, if Chris Grayling can make it…

  17. ‘Liberal’ rather than ‘libertarian’. Sheesh.

  18. Her horrible media performances during the coalition government couldn’t have done her any favours. Talking loudly over others wasn’t a great way of endearing herself to the public.

  19. Claire Perry has resigned from her post as Rail Minister, presumably before she was pushed.

  20. Oh dear Claire. Bigmouth doesn’t strike again. I’m sure her and Anna Soubry can have a good bitch and moan session about the way things have shaken out.

  21. As a Southern “customer” all I can say is:


  22. You’re rejoicing that Chris Grayling is the new Transport secretary, and that someone probably far to the right of Claire Perry will be made Rail Minister? I seriously doubt that Southern’s problems begin and end with Perry. Hard to see this stand off ever ending frankly.

  23. Now here’s one departure I won’t shed a single tear for.

    A few years ago The Mail said that she’s an Osborne’s ally – “Giddy’s Gang” as they put it. With him gone from frontlne politics, looks like Perry’s prospects went south.


    Making the trains run on time is something that some right wing governments (at least reputedly) have done in the past.

    Italy from 1922 to 1943 springs immediately to mind.

  25. Lol. Well, there is that.

  26. Actually I am probably being a unfair on her having read her resigning statement.

    She is just the scapegoat here I suspect.

  27. That’s my reading of the situation. She has at least made some effort here, and it’s hard to see how someone more hardline stepping in is going to alleviate the problem.

  28. Hallelujah!

  29. A propos, are junior ministerial appointments being made on Monday?

  30. May is/was in Scotland today, hence the lack of activity. I would think she’d want to get on with things tonight/over the weekend, but there is the problem that MPs will be back in their constituencies and so unable to meet her in person (which I think is the norm for even junior appointments). So, yes, possibly Monday.

  31. Claire Perry arse licking at PMQs:

    Clearly Theresa May is the new George Osborne in Perry’s attempts at career advancement.

  32. Perry has described some of her Leave colleagues in the Commons as, “jihadis.”

  33. Clueless, out of touch, out of her depth. We need fewer MPs like this.

  34. It really just amuses me more than anything now (when I think that GO et al had such egos over a decade ago with very little to be egotistical about at such a young age).

  35. Claire Perry is back as a minister (Minister for Business). An excellent appointment.

  36. Random question of the day-

    Did Michael Ancram receive 39, 090 or 39, 096 votes here in 1992? I’ve seen differing sources on this figure online.

  37. I actually agree with much of what she says. Mind you, this is someone who compared some of the Brexiteers in her party to ‘jihadis’ a couple of years ago…I guess these comments represent Ms Perry reigning it in, relatively speaking.

  38. Claire Perry has claimed an additional £9,846 on top of her £22,760 standard allowance for her three adult children who are students.

    Ms Perry, who earns £111,148 a year, insisted that her claims were made in accordance with the IPSA rules.

  39. Surprisingly little coverage of the latest round of expenses revelations

  40. Claire Perry, while saying how bad No deal will be, will not block it. Not sure how she will manage to defend it if she has to and it happens.

  41. Claire Perry’s gone again.

    Maybe she thought by now calling herself O’Neill, they wouldn’t realise it’s her(!)

    On a serious note, if she sues – on the basis that her being a patronising bully is defamatory – it should be almost as amusing as Emily T asserting she isn’t patronising either!

  42. Whilst it’s all very well for Claire Perry to come out now and voice her doubts about government policy on Brexit and climate change – most of which I happen to agree with – it’s a bit rich given that she, unlike most of us, was in a position to try and change both – but cho not to – presumably because she had delusions of grandeur and saw him in a cabinet job if only she would keep such doubts to herself

  43. I’m more sympathetic than most on this kind of thing. Pretty much every job at some point co-opts your services into a cause you don’t personally agree with. Nobody outside of politics is expected to walk when this happens.

  44. This job needs a political heavyweight who is internallionally well-known and good at diplomacy.

    Perry is a lightweight nobody with a reputation for gobbing off.

    What could possibly have gone wrong? I’m at a loss to see how she ever got the job in the first place.

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