Derby North

2015 Result:
Conservative: 16402 (36.7%)
Labour: 16361 (36.6%)
Lib Dem: 3832 (8.6%)
Green: 1618 (3.6%)
UKIP: 6532 (14.6%)
MAJORITY: 41 (0.1%)

Category: Ultra-marginal Conservative seat

Geography: East Midlands, Derbyshire. Part of the Derby council area.

Main population centres: Derby.

Profile: Derby is a manuacturing city. Originally it was a railway town, the base of the Midland Railway, and while this is far less important these days Bombardier remains an important employer, and one that has been politically important in recent years when its failure to secure the contract for the new Thameslink carriages resulted in local job losses. In modern times the aerospace and automobile industries have been more important, with Rolls Royce and Toyota the largest local employers. Derby north contains some of the more suburban and residential parts of the city, although it lost some of the most affluent Derby suburbs in the 2010 boundary changes. It covers affluent suburbs like Littleover, council estates like Mackworth and denser Victorian terraces towards the city centre.

Politics: While Labour have held Derby North more most of its history it has often been a tight marginal between Labour and the Conservatives. It was won by only 1293 votes in February 1974 and 214 votes in 1979 before falling to the Conservatives in 1983. Labour regained the seat in 1997. The boundary changes in 2010 were favourable to Labour, delaying the Conservative victory to 2015.

Current MP
AMANDA SOLLOWAY (Conservative) Educated at Bramcote Hills Grammar. Former management consultant. First elected as MP for Derby North in 2015.
Past Results
Con: 14283 (32%)
Lab: 14896 (33%)
LDem: 12638 (28%)
BNP: 2000 (4%)
Oth: 1263 (3%)
MAJ: 613 (1%)
Con: 15515 (35%)
Lab: 19272 (44%)
LDem: 7209 (16%)
UKIP: 864 (2%)
Oth: 958 (2%)
MAJ: 3757 (9%)
Con: 15433 (35%)
Lab: 22415 (51%)
LDem: 6206 (14%)
MAJ: 6982 (16%)
Con: 19229 (34%)
Lab: 29844 (53%)
LDem: 5059 (9%)
Oth: 195 (0%)
MAJ: 10615 (19%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
AMANDA SOLLOWAY (Conservative) Educated at Bramcote Hills Grammar. Management consultant.
CHRIS WILLIAMSON (Labour) Born 1956, Derby. Educated at St Thomas More School, Allenton and Leicester Polytechnic. Welfare rights officer. Derby councillor 1991-2011, former leader of Derby council. MP for Derby North 2010 to 2015.
LUCY CARE (Liberal Democrat) Born Derby. Educated at Durham University. Contested Derby South 2005, Derby North 2010.
TILLY WARD (UKIP) Educated at Derby University.
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  1. Chris Williamson was described as “just a crank, a sniffer as Orwell would say” on the Daily Politics today and none of the other guests came to his defence.

    Tim J – but, of course, even Israel’s Labor Party disassociate themselves from the UK Labour Party of today.

    Israel hasn’t changed – being the only democracy in the Middle East – what has changed is that the extremist fringe PLO/Sinn Fein/Troops Out lot from decades ago are now running the Labour Party. That is a first.

  2. The most obvious response to your point is that the Jewish community themselves in the UK have shifted from the Left to the Right over the past 50 years.

    It was the norm for those of Barnaby’s generation to be Labour, hence Robert Maxwell. Even Margaret Hodge’s only reason for remaining today was that it was the Party for her family as immigrants back then.

    As well as the fact that most then worked in manual jobs or had trades or shops whereas today most work in the professions.

  3. Lancs observer is wrong about Israel. There is no threat to it as it is militarily backed by the United States.
    What is anti Semitic about wanting a a single secular israel-palestine state in the long run where all religions can all live?
    Lancs observer clearly subscribes to the bizarre logic of modern day extremely forms of Zionism where someone can convert to judaism e.g. Ivanka trump and suddenly have a right to land in the west Bank which palestinians are currently living.

  4. Well said Peter. You have to be a brave man to say these things now, it seems.

    Further, Israeli treatment of Black refugees has been severely criticised as they seek to deport 40,000 black refugees fleeing persecution and war.

  5. Fake profiles on here could at least be coherent. Not that I stated Israel was under threat (although it remains a fact she is surrounded by States who have attacked her in the past).

    Judaism is in fact the only religion not to actively seek converts and it is very difficult to do so, so that really is a bonkers statement.

    However, the right for any Jewish people to return to their homeland is enshrined in law and it’s not surprising that the numbers moving from the UK have increased given the increased levels of hatred displayed here.

    The neo cons in America – who support Israel – are, of course, evangelical Christians.

  6. Believe it or not the reason the likes Reagan and w Bush were so pro Israeli had more to do with getting evangelical Christian votes as opposed to Jewish ones, who overwhelmingly back the Democrats. Whilst the while notion flies in the face of logic, it aays in the scriptures that Israelis are gods people which is why so many American Christians were breaking out the champagne when Israel pounded Gaza and murdering thousands of innocent women and children

  7. ‘Chosen people’ is Old Testament of course, so both believe that.

    Fake PC was trying to refer to Jewish people who move to Israel.

    The evangelical Christian Right do believe that has to happen before the end days in Revelation (New Testament obviously).

  8. Chris Willamson has been readmitted to the Labour party.
    The three person panel overruled advice to keep him suspended.
    Ketih Vaz argued he needed to be back in case of a snap election and Derby North Marginality.

    I think we are going to see a few high profile resignations over this in the coming days.

  9. Through they is a suggestion that derby North clp will vote to deselect him – will beleive that when I see it.

  10. And even then there are probably other CLP’s where the membership want him as their candidate

  11. I believe that an alumnus of this blog, Barnaby Marder has resigned from Labour as a result of this.

  12. He has.

  13. Good for Barnaby.

  14. Morning Tristan.

    Wondered if you had any comment to make on Jeremy Hunt’s new hairstyle. Have to say I think it’s horrible, like his head’s been sat on by an elephant, not sure it’s going to help him in the leadership stakes.

    (As I don’t want to encourage BM11 to keep wanking himself off over the prospect of no deal, I’ve decided my comments here for the time being will be occasional and only focus on frivolous matters)

  15. I won’t post about Brexit anymore.

  16. I can’t decide if you have failed to understand my humour or I have failed to understand yours.

  17. On topic, Jewish socialists like Barnaby and pro-EU Tories like me are in a similar political boat at the moment, both utterly homeless.

  18. Morning HH.

    I’m inclined to agree with you about Jeremy Hunt’s hair. It’s pretty awful. However, as a white male in his early 50s with a stressful job, he’s probably just happy to have some hair to work with to be honest. He’s a bit odd but not a bad looking guy. His wife looks great.

  19. ‘On topic, Jewish socialists like Barnaby and pro-EU Tories like me are in a similar political boat at the moment, both utterly homeless’.

    This is a good point. I’ve always maintained that it was a shame in some ways that the Lib Dems were almost obliterated in 2015. They are having to rebuild from an almost decimated base and that’s always tough. They are a natural second home for many voters.

  20. “as a white male in his early 50s with a stressful job, he’s probably just happy to have some hair to work with to be honest.”

    You’re good at those Queer Eye For Straight Guy kind of insights, which is why I asked. I wondered if I, with my poor eye for style, was missing something. It looked so different to me I wondered if it was some kind of hairpiece. You’re right also about thinning hair, which incidentally seems to be affecting Boris as well. I’m losing it a bit on top now and my 7 year old son never misses an opportunity to joke about it (and he’ll have the last laugh on that as he has inherited his mum’s thick black hair that will never bald). My 5 year old daughter has inherited my thinner blonder hair and is much kinder about it….

    “I’ve always maintained that it was a shame in some ways that the Lib Dems were almost obliterated in 2015.”

    A shame for the Tories as much as for themselves. In 2010-15 they saved the Tories from themselves, by preventing idiotic policies like privatising forests and turning nurseries into sweatshops, which would have caused huge unpopularity. And of course they gave Cameron an excuse why he couldn’t waste 99% of his premiership pretending to attack the EU. Once the Tories were free of the Lib Dems they were also free to self-destruct, which they did not even a year later.

    Having said I wouldn’t, in the end I put a nosepeg on and voted LD in the Euros. The two decisive factors for me were my professional involvement with British Steel and the endorsement of Heseltine (a hero of mine). Next time I won’t need such a big nosepeg, maybe I won’t need one at all. There are lots of people like me in the home counties and it’s a big risk for the Tories.

  21. You’re completely right about the LDs containing the Tories worst excesses (incidentally, was the nursery idea under Liz Truss’ reign of terror? Sounds like the kind of thing that heartless cow would think was a great idea). Shamefully, I didn’t appreciate the Lib Dems at the time. I don’t think Swinson will be any kind of great leader, but she isn’t Johnson, Corbyn or Farage, and is sane.

  22. Yes, the proposed relaxation of nursery regulations was indeed Liz Truss’s idea when she was education minister. Much as she tries, she really doesn’t connect well with the Terry & June demographic which makes up a lot of the mainstream Tory vote….her awful Newsnight interview yesterday demonstrated that very well.

    I think Davey is better than Swinson but they really feel the need for a female leader.

  23. ‘Much as she tries, she really doesn’t connect well with the Terry & June demographic which makes up a lot of the mainstream Tory vote…her awful Newsnight interview yesterday demonstrated that very well.’

    My feelings entirely – she comes across awfully and seemingly has no clue about what type of people are increasingly voting Tory nowadays

    She was almost bragging about the fact it’s the wealthiest who would benefit most from Boris tax cut – which she confirmed was firmly on the agenda despite Johnson himself saying the opposite

    A dislikeable opportunist without any redeeming features – she’s not even remotely competent

    Even in today’s world of sub-standard politicians she stands out as the crowning turd

  24. I’m surprised more hasn’t been made about the fact that Keith Vaz sits anywhere near a panel deciding on MPs’ impropriety and discipline!

  25. “I’m surprised more hasn’t been made about the fact that Keith Vaz sits anywhere near a panel deciding on MPs’ impropriety and discipline!”

    It’s hard to understand why fellow MPs endlessly tolerate and indulge Vaz. Perhaps he has a lot of dirt on others.

    “She was almost bragging about the fact it’s the wealthiest who would benefit most from Boris tax cut – which she confirmed was firmly on the agenda despite Johnson himself saying the opposite”

    I am squarely in the income range that would benefit a lot from the Boris higher rate tax cut but I suspect like many in the same position it won’t make me like him or vote for him. I don’t think it’s realistic to promise tax cuts at a time when we need a major boost to things like police budgets.

    Truss also contradicted herself by emphasising the risk posed by the eyewatering debt we have accumulated (as a result of nearly 20 years of accumulated deficit) then claiming that there is somehow room for tax cuts.

  26. Vaz having dirt on others is surely the case – he has survived so many serious scandals and nobody ever seems to like him.

  27. I’m a live and live sort of person but that stuff about Vaz and the rent boys was distasteful. Don’t know how he survived it. I do remember Katie Hopkins writing a hilarious.article in aftermath, calling anyone criticising Vaz a homophobic prude. It does seem a common theme with these very, very right wing women that they love gay men and despise pretty much everyone else. I don’t get it but then there’s a lot I don’t understand about the world.

  28. Whilst I can’t even fathom to understand how Vaz survived the rent boy scandal, I find it even more staggering that he’s been placed on a disciplinary panel standing in judgement of a fellow MP. As other contributors have deduced, the only plausible explanation is that he does indeed have some serious dirt on his colleagues, as he’s always been a divisive and largely disliked figure within the Labour Party

    Truss is on Question Time now – the only round of applause she’s elicited from the audience so far us by pretending to be a Yorkshire Nationalist

  29. He’s gone again!

  30. Chris Williamson loses his legal challenge and is still suspended from the Labour Party.

    In other Derby North news, Amanda Sollaway has been re-adopted as the Tory candidate. Not sure if Labour have selected yet but they had better get a move on…

  31. Chris Williamson has been officially blocked from standing as a Lab candidate in the upcoming election. Also blocked are Stephen Hepburn (Jarrow) and Roger Godsiff (Birmingham Hall Green).

  32. That feeling when your deselection roadshow leads to only yourself being deselected.

  33. This may well be Ashfield in reverse – Williamson standing as an independent with the support of a big chunk of the far left will ruin Labour’s chance of holding on (not that they were big in any case).

  34. Williamson confirms he will stand as independent.

  35. Will take approx 4000 votes from LAB.


  36. CW’s resignation letter includes witch hunt, says Z*onist three times and anti-imperialist twice!

    He ends by calling for an ind movement here ‘and beyond.’ That really would be an amusing new Party.

    It reminds me of the Terry Fields GE campaign documentary (when he lost in 1992 and went down singing the Internationale).

  37. It’s so strange what has happened to radicalise (I don’t think that’s too strong a word) Chris Williamson. He used to be in the middle or even on the right of the Labour Party, supporting David Miliband in the 2010 leadership and, before that, leading Derby City Council in coalition with the Tories! It’s been quite the journey since then…

  38. PT is right – Williamson used to be an arch Blairite as a Derby councillor, so to go fro one wing of the party to the pother within eight years or so

    There were plenty of former one nation Tory MPs quick to renounce their former moderation under Thatcher, but their motivations were self preservation and you can’t say the same for Williamson here

  39. Maybe he literally has been radicalised, in a Galloway sense [he always refuses to confirm he’s now a Muslim but says he doesn’t drink etc and quoted some Imam in Bradford West]. Although I’d imagine CW to be more of a humanist/anarchist than religious type.

    Rob Flello converted to RC as did Claire Curtis-Thomas and both then began voting in a very conservative way on all social issues.

    Looking through the list of the 70 RC MPs, I think confession might be in order given that their number includes Mhairi Black, Marie Rimmer, Mark Menzies and Keith Vaz!

  40. What’s Mhairi Black done wrong?

  41. All have been questioned by police.

    I can’t honestly remember why: I’d assume it was a CND day at Faslane or something.

    The only reason I do recall it is that Andrew Neil always points out that she’s from a nice, middle class part – unlike him – and not the working class image she likes to portray.

    Her only run-in with authority since being elected was with a security guard who stopped her going into a female changing room (because she was stomping around looking like a man presumably). She’s actually been pretty quiet in the House since that Maiden Speech. Any rowdiness now tends to come from the new Brighton MP.

    If the Lpool West Derby PLP selection isn’t overruled (it’s going to the NEC), he’ll probably be the loudest/most disruptive new Member in the same way Nellist or Fields was, although he lacks their knowledge and admits he knew nothing about politics until 7 years ago.

  42. CW has now called on Labour not to stand against him!

    Maybe Galloway will say the same in West Brom.

    [Incidentally the Ian Austin quote is already on Tory adverts. I realise online is quicker than going to a printers but it would suggest a degree of co-ordination beforehand re timing. That certainly won’t help the paranoia on the Left, especially if the rumours are true re other Labour MPs standing down or saying similar]

  43. Williamson vote share is 635 votes. It’s a sad end for a fundamentally decent person who’s been treated harshly and imo unfairly, and thrown to the wolves for having views, over which, no one ought to be professionally destroyed.

  44. He’s fundamentally something!

    I don’t have a problem with him holding his views and at least he’s upfront about what they are. Usually they’re only found amongst Ind or BNP PPCs however.

    Him, Tonge & Ken are hardly shy in saying what they think of Jews today.

  45. 5 Brexit Party Cllrs here have defected to form the Reform Derby Party.

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