Cynon Valley

2015 Result:
Conservative: 3676 (12.1%)
Labour: 14532 (47.7%)
Lib Dem: 830 (2.7%)
Plaid Cymru: 5126 (16.8%)
Green: 799 (2.6%)
UKIP: 4976 (16.3%)
Others: 533 (1.7%)
MAJORITY: 9406 (30.9%)

Category: Very safe Labour seat

Geography: Wales, Mid Glamorgan. Part of Rhondda Cynon Taf council area.

Main population centres: Aberdare, Mountain Ash, Cilfynydd, Abercynon, Hirwaun.

Profile: As the name suggests, the seat consists of the Cynon valley, from its meeting with the river Taf at Abercynon up past the towns of Mountain Ash and Aberdare to Hirwaun at the head of the valley. These are all traditional former coal mining and iron working towns, typical of the Welsh valleys. Tower Colliery in Hirwaun was bought out and re-opened by its workers after its closure by British coal and was the last remaining deep coal mine in the Welsh valleys until it finally closed in 2008.

Politics: Like most of the seats in the Welsh valleys, this is an utterly safe Labour seat.

Current MP
ANN CLWYD (Labour) Born 1937, Denbighshire. Educated at Holywell Grammar School and University of Wales. Former journalist. Contested Denbigh 1970, Gloucester Oct 1974. MEP for Mid and West Wales 1979-1984. First elected as MP for Cynon Valley in 1984 by-election. Shadow Overseas Development Secretary 1989-1992, Shadow Welsh secretary 1992, Shadow heritage secretary 1992-1993, shadow employment spokesman 1993-1994, shadow foreign affairs spokesman 1994-1995.
Past Results
Con: 3010 (10%)
Lab: 15681 (52%)
LDem: 4120 (14%)
PC: 6064 (20%)
Oth: 1001 (3%)
MAJ: 9617 (32%)
Con: 2062 (8%)
Lab: 17074 (64%)
LDem: 2991 (11%)
PC: 3815 (14%)
Oth: 705 (3%)
MAJ: 13259 (50%)
Con: 2045 (8%)
Lab: 17685 (66%)
LDem: 2541 (9%)
PC: 4687 (17%)
MAJ: 12998 (48%)
Con: 2262 (7%)
Lab: 23307 (70%)
LDem: 3459 (10%)
PC: 3552 (11%)
Oth: 844 (3%)
MAJ: 19755 (59%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
KEITH DEWHURST (Conservative)
ANN CLWYD (Labour) See above.
ANGHARAD JONES (Liberal Democrat)
CHRIS BEGGS (Socialist Labour Party)
Comments - 24 Responses on “Cynon Valley”
  1. According to ITV Wales political editor, Cynon Valley CLP has suspended the reselection trigger ballot this week. A statement clarifying the situation is expected on Monday according to the email sent by CLP Secretary to members.

    Could it be announcement of retirement by Ann Clwyd?

  2. It wouldn’t be a surprise given her age. She will be 78 by the time of the next election. She’s still 2 years younger than Paul Flynn though – he may well run again since he continues to show vigour & doesn’t look very old yet.

  3. Ann Clywd’s retirement confirmed by Western Mail’s frontpage.

  4. Yes, I would have guessed Paul Flynn to be something like 65-70, not approaching 80.

  5. According to Wikki:- “Paul Philip Flynn (born 9 February 1935)” so 78 now, soon to be 79, and will be 80 for GE 2015.


  6. Age discrimination is clearly illegal and wrong, but it must be a concern to the Labour leadership if they head towards the General Election with significant numbers of older candidates given that the age of the Labour parliamentary party is already higher than that of the Tories.

    Should there be a Labour government with a small overall majority (or perhaps even a minority Labour government) then the rate of attrition, not to mention long ot late night sittings of the commons, could be a big factor.

  7. Nobody wants a by-election in a seat they hold, but I’m not convinced it’s that serious a problem. The oldest Labour MPs tend to be concentrated in the safest Labour seats, where we’d have to be doing really badly to lose a by-election.

  8. As my older friends somtimes remind me : “We don’t go in turn”

  9. As long as an MP feels they can continue and have the support of their constituency party, I see no reason why older members shouldn’t run again.

    I think the public would be reassured by having a wide range of ages in a parliamentary party, not just over-ambitious thrity-somethings led by over-acheiving forty-somethings.

  10. James Martin – I understand age discrimination only applies/applied to those of working age ie under 65 or whatever their contract states. Although for new entrants, the default retirement age has been ended and of course, the State pension is being gradually upped to 68 over the next 15 years. MPs and PCCs standing at 80 is just silly IMHO. I would even make their estates liable for the costs of any by-election, especially when Mayoral and Police and Crime Comm by-elections cost £100k+!

  11. Newport W could be risky for Labour if the party wins the general election & Mr Flynn were to die or be forced to retire, and would be a target for the Conservatives. Cynon Valley of course would be a very different kettle of fish. Mr Flynn after all gained the seat from the Tories in the first place, in 1987.

  12. Flynn’s in an interesting position

  13. It’s a bit morbid discussing it, but Walsall North and Grimsby might be the sort of seats where Labour could face difficulties in mid-term by-elections should they be in government at the time.

  14. Just to be even-handedly morbid, I wouldn’t fancy a by-election in Aldridge-Brownhills or Louth and Horncastle at this moment in time, with the potential UKIP strength in those areas.

  15. John D – V true! I noticed in the figures last week that St Helens had the 5th lowest life expectancy in the UK for women at 74.5 and a part of the Wirral was 65 for men and yet those seats may well select Labour and Tory PPCs aged 68.

  16. The MP for Bootle must have comfortably have exceeded the average life expectancy for the constituency too.

  17. I hope we will all wish Ann Clywd a long, happy and active retirement.

    She will be handing on a very safe Labour seat, although the Welsh valleys are not so stupid that they won’t vote Plaid if the next MP does something very silly indeed.

  18. Cynon Valley CLP cancelled the first selection meeting here at the weekend and have sent a letter of protest to Labour HQ, against an imposed AWS. Ann Clwyd is also against the same.

  19. Ann Clwyd said that members have asked her to reconsider her decision to retire and she is thinking about it

  20. Labour shortlist

    Katie Antippas (PCS official from Cardiff)
    Ann Clwyd
    Sue Pickering (Rhondda Cllr)
    Aysha Raza (Ealing Cllr)

    Selection on December 13th

  21. Ann Clwyd reselected.

  22. Labour Hold. 15,000 majority

  23. Ann Clwyd has been admitted to hospital but is reported to be making good progress.

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