Coventry North West

2015 Result:
Conservative: 14048 (31%)
Labour: 18557 (41%)
Lib Dem: 1810 (4%)
Green: 1961 (4.3%)
UKIP: 7101 (15.7%)
TUSC: 1769 (3.9%)
MAJORITY: 4509 (10%)

Category: Safe Labour seat

Geography: West Midlands,. contained within the Metropolitan Borough of Coventry.

Main population centres: Coventry, Allesley, Keresley.

Profile: The North Western part of Coventry and the most rural of the three seats - in the South and East Coventry`s boundary is drawn quite tightly around the built up are but to the West it includes open fields and the villages of Keresley and Allesley. This is the site of much of Coventry`s industrial and manufacturing past - the Jaguar motor works used to be based here, but have now mainly been moved to the Whitley faxility in Coventry South, Coventry colliery in Keresley has long since been replaced by a distribution factory and the former Dunlop factory is now operated by Meggitt plc.

Politics: This is a relatively safe Labour seat - while Labour have not piled up overwhelming majorities it has remained Labour even in bad years like 1983. As of 2012 the area has only had two MPs since the war - Maurice Edelman represented Coventry West, Coventry North and Coventry North West sucessively from 1945 until his death in 1975. Geoffrey Robinson won the subsequent by-election and has represented the seat ever since.

Current MP
GEOFFREY ROBINSON (Labour) Born 1938, Sheffield. Educated at Emanuel School and Cambridge University. Former Chairman of Jaguar cars and founder of an aerospace company. First elected as MP for Coventry North West in 1976 by-election. Paymaster general 1997-1998, resigning after it was revealed he had lent Peter Mandleson money to buy a house. Owner of the New Statesman between 1996-2008. Chairman of Coventry City FC 2005-2007.
Past Results
Con: 13648 (29%)
Lab: 19936 (43%)
LDem: 8344 (18%)
BNP: 1666 (4%)
Oth: 2966 (6%)
MAJ: 6288 (14%)
Con: 11627 (27%)
Lab: 20942 (48%)
LDem: 7932 (18%)
BNP: 1556 (4%)
Oth: 1381 (3%)
MAJ: 9315 (21%)
Con: 11018 (26%)
Lab: 21892 (51%)
LDem: 5832 (14%)
UKIP: 650 (2%)
Oth: 3159 (7%)
MAJ: 10874 (26%)
Con: 14300 (26%)
Lab: 30901 (57%)
LDem: 5690 (10%)
Oth: 2162 (4%)
MAJ: 16601 (31%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
PARVEZ AKHTAR (Conservative)
GEOFFREY ROBINSON (Labour) See above.
ANDREW FURSE (Liberal Democrat)
DAVE NELLIST (TUSC) Born 1952, Cleveland. CAB case worker. Coventry councillor 1998-2012. MP for Coventry South East 1983-1992. Contested Coventry South East 1992 as Independent Labour, Coventry South 1997, for Socialist Party, Coventry North East 2001 for Socialist Alliance, 2005 for Socialist Party, 2010 for Socialist Alternative. Contested North West region 2009, 2014 European elections for No2EU.
Comments - 23 Responses on “Coventry North West”
  1. LAB HOLD MAJ : 23%
    LAB 47
    CON 24
    LD 12
    UKIP 8
    OTH 5
    GRN 4

  2. Geoffrey Robinson is going to retire it appears , wonder how this will pan out in the seat

  3. Isnt this the seat which Euan Blair has been sniffing around?

    At this stage I guess a candidate will be imposed centrally. What an ideal opening for a Red Prince!

  4. It now appears that Geoffrey Robinson is not standing down after all …

    .. I think!!!

  5. It’s almost as if Labour are trying to lose votes to other candidates such as Dave Nellist who’s standing here for the first time.

  6. I wonder if Nellist can keep his deposit here like he managed to do for many elections in Coventry South and North East?

  7. It’s the worst seat in Coventry for a left-winger to stand but maybe he wants to see what will happen.

  8. Just based on his name recognition in the city, he could manage a thousand votes without even trying. But yes realistically given it’s got good demographics for UKIP, he might not get as much here.

  9. The Labour Party should have no problem in Coventry. The old Coventry SW seat was marginal and would still be, as the Conservative council seats are in that party of the City. The Labour Party regained control of Coventry after a very rare period of Conservative rule in 2010.

    Coventry’s last local election showed strong support for UKIP in some traditionally safe wards.

    There cannot be many other seats with just two MP’s since 1945.

  10. Labour Hold. 12,000 majority.

  11. TUSC’s top 25 results:

    Coventry North West 1,769
    Tottenham 1,324
    Bethnal Green & Bow 949
    Coventry South 650
    Coventry North East 633
    Liverpool Riverside 582
    Barnsley Central 573
    Walsall North 545
    Leigh 542
    Leicester East 540
    Salford & Eccles 517
    Bootle 500
    Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough 442
    Don Valley 437
    Doncaster Central 421
    Rotherham 409
    Southampton Test 403
    Walthamstow 394
    Lewisham West & Penge 391
    Jarrow 385
    Worsley & Eccles South 380
    Stoke-on-Trent South 372
    Greenwich & Woolwich 370
    Poplar & Limehouse 367
    Barnsley East 364

  12. This and Coventry South were actually quite poor results for Labour. Could it be that both are slowly trending away, while Coventry NE is their most secure seat?

  13. Is Coventry North-West really safe for Labour? The majority is 10% and it is Number 48 on the Conservatives’ target list. I would have thought that semi-marginal is a better description.

    Geoffrey Robinson will be over 80 in 2020, so he may well stand down.

  14. Video report on the 1976 Coventry NW by-election:

    “Geoffrey Robinson, the 36 year old whizz-kid from Oxford and Yale…”

  15. @Andy JS

    Great footage there. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I have jsut been positing on the Coventry South thread about issues relating to individual elector registration. Could I point out that similar issues arise in this seat. If the new electoral registration rules had been in place in May, this seat could very definitely have emerged in the marginal category.

    As in Coventry South, the MP here is aging. The major parties, e.g. Conservative and UKIP, would be advised to inquire carefully as to whereabouts in the constituency voters have been removed from the register and for whom, according to canvass returns, they voted. If there were to be a by-election (and I am not wishing any ill towards the current MP) this could become a major issue.

  17. Be interesting to see if Geoffrey Robinson – who would be 84 in 2022 – decides to call it a day at this election. Given his background as a millionaire businessman and close chum of Gordon Brown, he hardly seems a perfect fit in a Corbyn led Labour party.

    This seat – and Coventry South – both have outer Conservative wards and inner Labour wards. Robinson did very well to hold the seat during the high tide of Thatcherism but, should he retire and take some personal vote with him, this could be a long shot Conservative target.

  18. 5% swing needed – if Robinson goes then it wouldn’t shock me to see it turn blue, though it would still be a surprise

  19. I hadn’t known that Dave Nellist stood here and actually got a statically non-negligible vote share. I’m guessing this was the TUSC’s best result in the country. With the direction the Labour Party has since taken, we might as well notionally add Nellist’s 4% onto Labour’s majority.

  20. Conservatives have selected Resham Kotecha as their candidate. Kotecha is a strategy adviser by profession. She is Head of Engagement for Women2Win, and fought the Dulwich and West Norwood constituency in the 2015 General Election. She serves as the Deputy Chair of Northwood Conservatives. (Bio Source

  21. Geoffrey Robinson has denied that he was a spy for the Communists in Czechoslovakia.

  22. This a bizare case – linked in with Corbyn when Robinson is not exactly close to him and is an ally of Gordon Brown

  23. Geoffrey Robinson has announced he will stand down at the next election.

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