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The UKPollingReport guide is a one-man affair. It is written and maintained by myself alone, and in the absence of factcheckers and sub-editors there are bound to be errors, particularly as the new updated version is rolled out and coding errors come to light.

Rather than leave comments on the pages themselves where they may be overlooked, please use the comments box on this page to report any errors you find. I'll delete comments as the errors they report are fixed, so do check to see if someone has already reported the error you've noticed... it may already be in the "to do list".

A note about Parliamentary Candidates: I've started to add on 2015 Parliamentary candidates to the constituency pages. There were about 4000 at the last election, so with the best will in the world I'm never going to be able to add them all, so I'm attempting to prioritise rather better than in 2010. I'm going to update in batches, not in little piecemeal chunks, and I'll be prioritising the candidates from main parties in marginal seats. Note also that I'm not keeping track of the reselection of sitting MPs - I'll just add those who aren't retiring to their candidate lists come close of nominations in April 2015. If you are a candidate or their representative who wants something correcting leave a comment on this page, or contact me directly if it's urgent. If you would like candidate details adding, please be patient - I'm working through as many as I can in priority order, and hopefully I'll get to you in due course. Feel free to leave details on this page - I can't promise I'll get to you any sooner, but it saves me looking up details when I get to you. For clarity, the details I include are year of birth, place of birth, secondary school and undergraduate university attended, primary career, if someone has been a county, unitary or district councillor (NOT parish) and past Parliamentary candidacies. I do not normally report where people live, where they grew up, if they are married or have children, hobbies, charity work and how commited and hard working they are - the biogs here are intended as bare, dispassionate facts, not advertisements.

Comments - 115 Responses on “Corrections”
  1. Remove past results section from seats created in 2010.

  2. Add left margin to all text pages.

  3. Finish linking by-election pages back to their seat profiles

  4. London assembly, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland constituencies – all to be added in the future

  5. Explain Marginal seat categories in the FAQ

  6. Great site, Anthony. I’ve a couple of minor points. Ribble Valley needs a description and ‘Tatton’ should be characterised as ‘very safe’ rather than merely ‘safe’.

  7. West Bromwich West and Glasgow NE past results need amending to reflect the Speaker

  8. Local elections and by-elections can be very important in giving us useful clues when trying to make predictions at a national level.
    It would be ideal (although not necessarily practical for Anthony) if there were a list of council wards added within each constituency thread, where it says “main population centres,” giving information on their voting behaviour, or how many councillors each party has, or somesuch. Failing that, maybe there could be a link to local election results on the relevant council website(s).

  9. Hi Anthony, I love the changes you have made to this site. Would it be possible to have a page for UKIP, SNP, PC and “other” candidates, as I know quite a few UKIP candidates have already been selected.

  10. Matt – I doubt it, I wasted huge amounts of time tracking UKIP candidates for the last election, when a vast amount of them dropped out or ended up fighting completely different seats. Not bothering with them till much closer to the election,

  11. The voting intention graph has horizontal axis labelled 2011 2012 2008 ..??!!

  12. Bradford West and Corby: they both show their current MPs but their former party colours (and are listed as such on the regional constituency lists).

  13. Hannah – that’s not an error, that’s deliberate (though I may change the colors at the top of the page!).

    When it comes to swings, target lists, etc, it’s normal practice to do it from the last general election, not any subsequent by-elections.

  14. The link to the 6th boundary review is broken. Not that it matters now.

  15. I was hoping to post on Mid Ulster but I have been thwarted by the update! (Old site no posting allowed, new site – not there yet – and there is a by-election tomorrow for Mid Ulster!). My comment would have been:- Electorate for Mid-Ulster, 67,014. Summing the 76 ballot boxes electorates. Info from here:- (This comment aimed at Andy JS probably.)

  16. Blake –

    No Mid-Ulster page yet, but there is a by-election page here! –

  17. Thanks for the clarification. Just to ask for another one: Inverness etc is listed as semi-marginal and Caithness etc is listed as safe, but Inverness has the larger majority (and almost identical party vote shares otherwise). I suppose it could be because Inverness has a recent history of being held by Labour, but if the “safeness” is being looked at more broadly than purely on the numbers then it’s hard to say that Caithness- a Scottish Lib Dem seat with plausible Labour and SNP challengers- is truly safe.

  18. Hannah – yep, you’ve guessed right. The categorisations are based on a formula, not on my seat-by-seat opinion – basically it is size of majority, and whether it has changed hands in recent elections. If a seat has changed hands in the recent past then it is put into a lower category of “safeness”.

  19. Correct src for Peter Tapsell

  20. If you click on the Cumbria police line it loads the Cheshire page.

  21. There aren’t any demography pie charts on the Greenwich & Woolwich thread.

  22. Swanarcadian – there is a delay due to caching (though it seems to be a somewhat erratic and partial delay!). Nothing I can do about it I’m afraid – recent comments puts a huge load on the server if it isn’t cached, and I spent ages finding a plug-in that would provide recent comments grouped by the most recent pages commented on, so I can’t switch to an alternative plug in and get the same function

  23. The swings given for the Manchester Central by-election are quite a long way from being accurate. It looks like they’re being taken from another seat entirely – perhaps Oldham East and Saddleworth?

  24. Edward – I probably left them in the spreadsheet and forget to put in Manchester’s!

  25. The description of Hornsey & Wood Green appears to be truncated, and 1992-2005 results and demographics are not given.

  26. I have posted Labour shortlists for Euro candidates in the relevant region threads. If somebody is interested in them

  27. I am 🙂

  28. There does seem to be an issue regarding the recent comments box. I’ve just posted on the Chesterfield and Derbyshire Dales threads; neither post has appeared in recent comments.

  29. Just posted a question in the Gillingham and Rainford thread, if anyone is interested.

  30. done my best to answer it for you.

  31. The strange behaviour of the recent comments box is a known issue (though I’m buggered if I know the cause or how to address it!)

    I don’t think it is just caching, as it seems to effect different pages in different ways

    I may look for alternative recent comment plug-ins, though it look me a long time to find one that worked effectively at all, so don’t hold your breaths.

  32. Yep, I’ve just tried plugging in an alternative plugin and that correctly picks up all the recent comments (but doesn’t group them by page – so if the last ten comments were all on Stockton it would only show Stockton, what I was trying to avoid). I will have a look around for an alternative

  33. That’s what used to happen on the old system. Not ideal, but better than them not coming up at all

  34. Okay people, I have managed to manhandle another recent comments widget into the theme that *should* work. It looks to me that it is picking up all the comments, so lets see how it works,.

  35. Eltham page is missing the current MP box, Past results, and Demographics.

    (Eltham Seems similar to the now fixed Old Bexley // Greenwich pages, trying to see a pattern here but haven’t found one yet !!)

    AW – Great improvement on the old site: thanks for all the work this entails.
    And thanks too, to my previous answered queries, upthread.

    Heigh Ho, locals this week – that will give us lots to comment on when the results come out.


  36. Blake – the patten is that I’ve accidentally used punctuation that SQL throws a wobbly at when I upload it 🙂

  37. It seems that the Labour candidate came second in the Yorkshire and Humberside 2009 European elections with 2.3% of the vote, whereas the tories had 29%ish and lib dems were third on 21%. Did you miss off a zero?

  38. Something skew with the formatting on the Kensington page. All the usual boxes on the right are missing which makes the comments right justify, leaving a large white margin beween comments and LHS boxes.

    (Boxes missing: Swingometer, Seats by regions, By-elections etc etc. )


  39. A bit more on my previous post: All the missing stuff is there, just much further south!

    I guess it is another SQL wobbly, perhaps!?


  40. The current MP is a former lecturer, but was at Northumbria University not the University of Northumberland.

    There is no such thing as the University of Northumberland or, indeed, any university at all in Northumberland.

  41. Atherstone (pronounced Avverstun) has a second ‘e’ in it, Anthony.

  42. I just typed the word “bermondsey” following the “/2015guide/” part of the web address and the Haltemprice and Howden page loaded.

  43. Haven’t a clue why that happens! Typing in the proper seat name does go to the Bermondsey page as it should… why typing in a partial seat name goes to Haltemprice is a mystery

  44. Kingston & Surbiton: format errors on page. Same type of error as the Kensington page (now fixed – yay!) reported above. RHS boxes have gone South and missing are the demographics and past results.


  45. Thanks Blake (though its actually a different issue to Kensington. It’s normally caused by a unrecognised bit of punctuation, which cuts the page off when I upload it in MySQL. In Kensington however, it seems to be a length issue – uploading data into MySQL in a CSV only seems to allow you 8000 or so characters in a field – Kensington was over the limit.)

  46. On the Scarborough & Whitby page, it says the constituency is coterminous with Scarborough borough council. I think the wards of Filey and Hertford&Cayton are in the Thirsk&Malton constituency.

  47. Actually it’s just called Hertford at borough level. Hertford&Cayton is the name of the county council division.

  48. On the Corby page, the constituency is described as being comprised of the whole of the Corby and East Northants council areas. AFAIK East Northants is actually split between Corby and Wellingborough.

  49. On Hampstead & Kilburn, “Kendal Rise” should read “Kensal Rise”

  50. On Loughborough, “Shepsted” should read “Shepshed”

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