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The UKPollingReport guide is a one-man affair. It is written and maintained by myself alone, and in the absence of factcheckers and sub-editors there are bound to be errors, particularly as the new updated version is rolled out and coding errors come to light.

Rather than leave comments on the pages themselves where they may be overlooked, please use the comments box on this page to report any errors you find. I'll delete comments as the errors they report are fixed, so do check to see if someone has already reported the error you've noticed... it may already be in the "to do list".

A note about Parliamentary Candidates: I've started to add on 2015 Parliamentary candidates to the constituency pages. There were about 4000 at the last election, so with the best will in the world I'm never going to be able to add them all, so I'm attempting to prioritise rather better than in 2010. I'm going to update in batches, not in little piecemeal chunks, and I'll be prioritising the candidates from main parties in marginal seats. Note also that I'm not keeping track of the reselection of sitting MPs - I'll just add those who aren't retiring to their candidate lists come close of nominations in April 2015. If you are a candidate or their representative who wants something correcting leave a comment on this page, or contact me directly if it's urgent. If you would like candidate details adding, please be patient - I'm working through as many as I can in priority order, and hopefully I'll get to you in due course. Feel free to leave details on this page - I can't promise I'll get to you any sooner, but it saves me looking up details when I get to you. For clarity, the details I include are year of birth, place of birth, secondary school and undergraduate university attended, primary career, if someone has been a county, unitary or district councillor (NOT parish) and past Parliamentary candidacies. I do not normally report where people live, where they grew up, if they are married or have children, hobbies, charity work and how commited and hard working they are - the biogs here are intended as bare, dispassionate facts, not advertisements.

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  1. My access at home hasn’t updated since 16 May, even after refreshing many times, although my work access doesn’t seem a problem yet.

  2. The front page of my work access is also now stuck on 16 May with St Albans as the top post

  3. Glasgow North is not formatted correctly (the entire page is shown in bold, plus some links are missing I believe).

  4. ‘The front page of my work access is also now stuck on 16 May with St Albans as the top post’

    Same here – has been happening for almost a week now

  5. I think it depends on how you access the constituency website pages.

    For example, I have always previously searched ‘UK polling report Thurrock’ on Google to access the constituency pages. If I type that in today, I will see St Albans as the most recently commented on page as others have said. However, if I search by another constituency name (‘uk polling report maldon’, for example), I can see fully up to date responses. I think the trick is to search by a different consistuency name every time. Not really a ‘fix’ but I thought I’d share that.

  6. Tristan – yes, you’re right. That seems to work for most but not all seats.

  7. AW – you may already be aware, but the problem which occurred here in May 2016 (se upthread) seems to be happening again.

    It may just be due to many more visitors viewing the site, but I’m no IT expert.

  8. AW- I have been having the same problem as Lancs Observer has been having as well.

  9. Ditto – N-E Fife being the top one in mine. I have to click on something else whilst I’m here to get to ‘today’.

    Glad to know it’s not only my computer!

  10. I have to go through 3 or 4 as the “Latest comments” seems archived on a lot of threads

  11. Somebody has been posting under my name.
    See Normanton and Dartford threads. Possibly more.
    I can take a joke or a prank, however these comments are OTT.
    I didn’t make these posts.

    The Real Joe James B.

  12. AW – The Name & Email in the boxes at the bottom of the page don’t seem to save as of this week (meaning it has to be entered everytime someone wants to post a comment).

    I assume it’s an IT error?

  13. FYI
    I still have this impersonator on here,
    who is also I am told on Political Betting.
    Using a tactic of half sensible posts to make the majority (absurd or even abusive) look genuine.
    I rarely post on here now, and never on Polit Betting so please take it they are not genuine.
    Whoever is doing this I’m not sure. Don’t think it’s revenge from Gloy Plopwell or Mountshaft, although is it A Brown?

  14. He’s forced someone off another site because of stalking

  15. Someone is also impersonating me on, using a username one character different from mine. A bit pathetic but hardly something to cry about, it’s only a nerd’s chatroom after all. My advice to JJB is to ignore it, we can all spot the fake.

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