2015 Result:
Conservative: 24023 (42.8%)
Labour: 21611 (38.5%)
Lib Dem: 1458 (2.6%)
Green: 1374 (2.4%)
UKIP: 7708 (13.7%)
MAJORITY: 2412 (4.3%)

Category: Marginal Conservative seat

Geography: East Midlands, Northamptonshire. The whole of the Corby and East Northamptonshire council areas.

Main population centres: Corby, Oundle, Thrapston.

Profile: Corby grew from a small village to become a medium-sized industrial town in the 1930s after the development of the steel industry in the area. Large numbers of workers were brought down from Scotland. After the war it became a designated newtown and again there was a large amount of Scottish immigration leading to the image of Corby as being a small island of Scottish industrialism in the middle of the English countryside - the 2001 census found almost 20% of people in Corby itself were born in Scotland. In the 1980s the steel works closed leading to massive unemployment in the area, though since then the economy has largely recovered. The constituency includes not only Corby itself but also the majority of the largely rural East Northamptonshire council, including Thrapston and the market town of Oundle, best known for its public school.

Politics: While Corby itself tends to vote Labour, the now solidly Tory East Northamptonshire makes the constituency a close marginal. It was won by "chick lit" author Louise Mensch (nee Bagshawe) at the 2010 election, but she lasted only two years before resigning her seat to move her family to the USA. The subsequent by-election was won by Labour, their first by-election gain since 1997 , but they failed to keep hold of the seat at the following general election.

By-Election: There was a by-election in this seat in CON WIN. For full details see here.

Current MP
TOM PURSGLOVE (Conservative) Born 1988, Kettering. Educated at Sir Christopher Hatton School and Queen Mary University of London. Former Parliamentary assistant. Wellingborough councillor since 2007. First elected as MP for Corby in 2015.
Past Results
Con: 22886 (42%)
Lab: 20991 (39%)
LDem: 7834 (14%)
BNP: 2525 (5%)
MAJ: 1895 (3%)
Con: 19396 (40%)
Lab: 20913 (43%)
LDem: 6184 (13%)
UKIP: 1278 (3%)
Oth: 756 (2%)
MAJ: 1517 (3%)
Con: 17583 (37%)
Lab: 23283 (49%)
LDem: 4751 (10%)
UKIP: 855 (2%)
Oth: 750 (2%)
MAJ: 5700 (12%)
Con: 18028 (33%)
Lab: 29888 (55%)
LDem: 4045 (7%)
Oth: 640 (1%)
MAJ: 11860 (22%)

2015 Candidates
TOM PURSGLOVE (Conservative) Born 1988, Kettering. Educated at Sir Christopher Hatton School and Queen Mary University of London. Parliamentary assistant. Wellingborough councillor since 2007.
ANDY SAWFORD (Labour) Born 1976, Desborough, son of Phil Sawford MP. Educated at Durham University. Chief executive of the Local Government Information Unit. Dartford councillor 1999-2003. MP for Corby 2012 by-election to 2015.
PETER HARRIS (Liberal Democrat) Newark and Sherwood councillor.
MARGOT PARKER (UKIP) Born Grantham. Former European advisor and spokesperson for the promotional products industry. Contested East Midlands region 2009 European election for Libertas, Sherwood 2010, Corby 2012 by-election for UKIP. MEP for the East Midlands since 2014.
JONATHAN HORNETT (Green) Born 1974, Bishops Stortford. Educated at Richard Hale School. Runs a gardening company. Contested Wellingborough 2010, Corby 2012 by-election.
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  1. Which seats has Oundle been in? I’m pretty sure it’s been in Corby since 1983.

  2. This seat has changed very little since 1983, as with Wellingborough. It has always included Oundle.

  3. ‘It has always included Oundle.’
    I’m pretty sure it was in Peterborough at some point before 1983

  4. Pete posted this in another place:

    “Lab 10867 40.2%
    Con 8589 31.7%
    UKIP 3575 13.2%
    LD 1996 7.4%
    Ind 933 3.4%
    BNP 872 3.2%
    Grn 234 0.9%

    Labour and Tories conntested all 9 seats. LDs all bar 1 (Irthlingborough). UKIP and BNP each fought 5 of 9 seats and Greens and Independents 2”

  5. Where is this other place?

  6. The VoteUK discussion forum:

  7. Here is how the SNP could split the Labour vote in a midlands constituency and allow the Conservatives to regain the seat.

    Conservative: 19000
    *Labour: 16500
    UKIP: 8100
    SNP: 6300
    Lib Dem: 3900
    BNP: 1400

    MAJORITY: 2500

  8. Complete fantasy.

    Why would Scottish people in Corby vote SNP when doing so would have absolutely no impact on their own day to day lives?

  9. Are the SNP putting up a candidate here in 2015?

  10. no they’re not it’s just a fantasy

  11. ^^ Thanks

  12. The Conservatives held Thrapston Market in last night’s East Northants council by-election.

    Con 396 (43%)
    Independent 210 (23%)
    Labour 166 (18%)
    UKIP 146 (16%)

    Hard to compare with 2011, when 2 positions were up for grabs and there were only 3 candidates (2 Tories, one of whom missed out) and an independent.

  13. I was under the distinct impression that some of the E Northants council area was in the Wellingborough constituency. Perhaps someone could advise.

  14. The E Northants wards that are in the Wellingborough seat are those comprising Rushden and Higham Ferrers. Thrapston Market is in Corby.

  15. thanks sir, just as I thought.

  16. (I knew Thrapston was in Corby since I canvassed in the town in the Corby by-election!)

  17. Why is Corby still up as Tory when it’s now a Labour seat?

  18. This one still hasn’t been fixed…..

  19. I think Oundle was in Peterborough before 1983 but I’m not sure of the timeframe

  20. “Louise Mensch, the former Tory MP, has revealed that she has applied for American citizenship, sparking speculation that she may be considering a foray into American politics. ” (Sunday Times)

    Of course, blowing my own trumpet, I identified that she would as early as last year!
    Of course she is going to. That’s the sort of person she is, completely self serving and a self publicist. She will go down very well as a New York Democrat congresswoman.

  21. ‘That’s the sort of person she is, completely self serving and a self publicist. She will go down very well as a New York Democrat congresswoman.’

    As someone who has come round to your way of thinking Shaun re; louise mensch, i seriously doubt the democrats would want her

    if there is any place in america that will see her for the self-serving, arrogant and egotistical woman that she is, it’s new york

    it’s notoriously difficult to get selected to run as a democrat at any level in such a strongly democratioc state – michael bloomberg even failed to get nominated for their mayoral candidate – so he decamped to the republicans – although it’s absolutely typical for somebody who thinks so highly of herself as mensch to think she can prevail

    i await the rude awakening with glee

  22. New York politics is exceptionally cut throat – Mensch won’t have a chance. I rather think she likes being the Englishwoman over the pond, used a lot in Newsnight interviews and the like.

    I am married to an American and I have to say that American citizenship is arguably a curse, because of the appalling tax consequences if you ever decide to live outside the US. Despite being just an ordinary middle income family, we are forced to spend thousands of pounds every year on tax accountants just because of the complication of filing returns to the US. We agonised for months over whether to make our 18 month old son a US citizen, reluctantly concluding that we didn’t have much choice. He might well not thank us when he gets to 18. If I were in Mensch’s position I would have stuck with the green card.

  23. One of the most surprising things I’ve learnt recently was the fact that Americans have to continue paying tax to the American treasury no matter where they live in the world and how long they’ve been out of the country. There was a programme on I think the World Service recently about it, and apparently a lot of Americans living in Canada are renouncing their citizenship in order to avoid this problem.

  24. Oundle used to be in Wellingborough. Corby was in Kettering before it had its own seat.

  25. You actually have to pay a fee or tax to cease being a US citizen/taxpayer… its called an “exit fee”.. quite amusing… It can be quite a hefty hit also..

    Citizens have to pay to exit the Land of the Free on a permanent basis, even if they haven’t lived there for decades

    Renouncing at 18 shouldnt be a problem though as one has no tax history to speak of..

  26. Renouncing is not an option if you ever want to visit the US again (eg. too see family). You are liable to be denied entry or, even worse, detained.

  27. If you have paid the expatriation fee you are allowed to enter (provided you get a visa if you are now a citizen of a country that needs a visa)…

  28. I had no idea they are that draconian, H.H. I remember reading that Terry Gilliam, after he renounced his American citizenship, actually is allowed less days in the U.S. than even a simple tourist, but I didn’t realise just outright denial of entry happens.

  29. I think the US authorities have a real problem with the notion that anyone might want to give up US citizenship…they almost seem to view it as evidence of treasonable intent or similar.

  30. My wife has had some shenanigans on her last couple of visits as she had a Green card which if she had wanted to remain valid she would have needed to live there for six months of the year (her family moved there and are all US citizens now but she came here as a student and has stayed ever since). When we went there last year the immigration bloke brought her up on the system and said ‘you used to have a Green card. And you gave it up?’ – incredulous that anybody could possibly want to live anywhere other than the United States. On a subsequent trip when just her and our two young children went there she was held up for about three hours to fill out forms renouncing the damn thing

  31. Well thats the Americans for you isn’t it.

  32. Good to see you Shaun. I enjoyed your comments on Conservative Home re: the UKIP conference programme. I tried posting on there myself but it required me to register and I couldn’t be arsed. I don’t know how you can still put up with that lot

  33. Perhaps Neil would like to criticise the Tory candidate here, Peter Bone protege Thomas Pursglove? He’s only 24, elected as a Wellingborough councillor at 18 and works for Chris Heaton-Harris. Doesn’t sound like he’s had much “real world expericence”!

  34. Such an inexperienced candidate certainly makes it even less likely that the Tories will win Corby back.

    I can’t decide which is least likely….Tories winning Corby or Labour winning Ealing Central. Not that much in it.

  35. I’d say the former is less likely at the moment

  36. I agree with Barnaby. More likely Labour holds on here (personal votes for Andy Sawford to build up) than Labour winning Ealing Central.

  37. On US citizens abandoning the Mother Ship..

  38. If it gets so bad that my wife can no longer have bank accounts here and we can no longer have our mortgage in joint names then we would have to think very hard about what to do. If European financial institutions simply refuse to do business with expat Americans it might force their government to be a bit more flexible….but I’m not holding my breath.

  39. The European banks are refusing already to open accounts and are forcing closures.. Swiss banks won’t take US clients, even if long undomiciled from the US… the bigger the client the less they want them…

    the fines have just been too heavy in recent years from the long arm of the SEC and other US official bodies demanding “compensation” for real or imagined offences. This extra-territoriality is now rollicking out of control with a popular perception in the City that the US launches suits and fines in cases like the LIBOR-rigging against non-US banks first as a means of enhancing the competitive advantage of the US-owned banks.. Cable should wise up and go into bat for the home team… or go for a tit-for- tat response… Goldman has the US government’s more than Osborne does..any crimping of the room to maneouvre of US investment banks would quickly end the progressive pushing of the envelope by the US on extraterritoriality..

  40. Yes, arguably this infringes on WTO as well

  41. So, the US government wants a slice of your wife’s income in return for providing her with no services.

    Truly the greatest country in the world

  42. Even worse, she usually owes nothing to the US because the taxes she pays here are higher….however in order to complete the extremely complicated US tax return, you need to pay accountants around £3000 per year. On top of that our banks now need to provide the US government with confidential information on any US citizen banking with them, making many European banks close the accounts and mortgages of US citizens rather than comply….read the link Antiochian posted.

  43. I read it earlier thanks. Strikes me as odd as to why any country bothers with the diktat, but I suppose we need to keep our american chums happy.

  44. It’s the sort of policy you get from a country which takes it for granted that it’s the greatest nation in the world and always will be, and so can afford to mess people about because they won’t mind.

  45. From that point of view it’s a very stupid policy….how can a country expect to maintain its world superpower status long term without accepting the need to have a very substantial number of citizens living and working overseas – people who are helping American businesses to prosper in world markets.

  46. “keeping our american chums happy”…. with friends like that who needs enemies…

    Its time to stop keeping them happy and start to bat for the home team… on financial services there is constant pushback against Euro-interference in our biggest earner of trade invisibles and yet with the US its a case of roll-over and “think of England”… their latest venture is to go after the ICAP employees in the yen LIBOR rate fixing for wire fraud… if anything it should be the UK pursuing them if there is anything to pursue.. when was the last time the UK financial authorities went after a New York based financier for events that impinged upon UK sovereignty or law? lets see the US permit extradition of some of their malefactors.. how much compensation did we receive for the massive amounts of garbage debt touted by US investment banks into the likes of RBS, Dexia and ABN-AMRO.

    an interesting case I recall was when I lived in Argentina, where Big Blue had bribed to get advantage in technology tenders…

    the US refused to extradite the executives involved… the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1972 is a stick used to beat foreigners not US players…

  47. Some sources (such as the BBC) give the Labour vote in 2010 as 20,935. Others quote it as being 20,991. I think the latter is more likely to be correct since that’s the figure in the Electoral Commission’s download.

  48. Andy JS. Yes, there was an error in the PA results stream for Corby, the first result in this stream gave 20,935 votes to Phil Hope (Labour) at 7 May 2010 04:16:22.

    PA then issued a correction for the Corby result, 20,991 votes to Phil Hope (Labour) at 7 May 2010 04:25:27. All other data for Corby stayed the same.

    There were 31 corrections in all for the PA 2010 GE results stream.


  49. 2015 Forecast for Corby:

    Lab 43
    Con 36
    UKIP 10
    LD 7
    Others 4

  50. Kingswood by-election result: Labour 722, UKIP 246, Cons 154, LibDem 18.

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