Comments Policy

UK Polling Report has a policy of encouraging only NON-PARTISAN comments.

The comments sections on most political blogs is either one sided, or dominated by petty political point scoring and tired rehearsals of party political spin. I wanted something else. Therefore the rule in the comments section is that all comments should be made in the spirit of non-partisanship, to try and welcome all people here to discuss polls and politics like adults with a shared interest, despite supporting different parties.

This means that it is not a place for spinning, not a place for saying how much you hate party X and wish they would lose, nor it is a place for saying what party should win, or what the public should support. We are interested in what will happen, what the public actually think, not what you think they should do. Treat other commenter who don't share your views with respect - it's your chance to understand their point of view, not score points off them - and indeed, politicians from opposing parties with respect. Comments that talk about Zanu-NuLab, one-eyed Scottish idiots and so on are not conducive to the non-partisan sort of discussion we want here and will probably never leave moderation.

As a nice rule of thumb, think of it as a site about politics, not a venue for politics.

Comments from people who haven't left one before will automatically be held back for moderation, as will comments containing lots of links to other sites. Other comments may get held back in moderation if they contain certain words like viagra, poker, casino and so on (most notably "cialis" apparently some generic form of viagra, which unfortunately turns up inside the word so-cialis-m, so sometimes causes comments to be delayed) or if the spam filter just takes an arbitrary dislike to it. I'll clear those comments out of moderation as soon as I can.

Other comments that get moderated probably mean I have decided it doesn't meet the comment policy. Read the start of this, and ponder whether your comment really was in the spirit of non-partisanship. I normally take a light touch approach to moderation and only step in when a comment really has leaped over the line, is clearly bound to provoke a partisan argument, or where a poster is treating the comment policy with contempt.

If you see a comment from someone else that you think crosses over the line please do NOT respond with equally partisan rebuttals. If it is a new poster then please do welcome them, explain we don't really do things that way round here, and point them in the direction of this policy. If it is someone who should know better, just ignore them: continuing a partisan argument is just as bad as starting it!