South Cambridgeshire

2015 Result:
Conservative: 31454 (51.1%)
Labour: 10860 (17.6%)
Lib Dem: 9368 (15.2%)
Green: 3848 (6.3%)
UKIP: 6010 (9.8%)
MAJORITY: 20594 (33.5%)

Category: Very safe Conservative seat

Geography: Eastern, Cambridgeshire. Part of South Cambridgeshire council area and one ward from Cambridge council area.

Main population centres: Great Shelford, Sawston, Cottenham, Haslingfield, Comberton, Girton, Bar Hill, Cambourne.

Profile: A mostly rural seat to the East of Cambridge. There are few significant centres of population, with most of the electorate scattered across many small and prosperous villages. Cambridge itself is too large for a single seat so one ward, the affluent Queen Edith`s with includes Addenbrooke`s Hospital, is included in this seat. Notable settlements include the purpose built new villages of Bar Hill and Cambourne, Duxford which houses the Imperial War Museum`s aviation museum, and Great Shelford, an affluent village that in 2009 was traced back as the home of Barack Obama`s ancestors.

Politics: A safe Conservative seat, held by the party on various boundaries since 1950.

Current MP
ANDREW LANSLEY (Conservative) Born 1965, Hornchurch. Educated at Brentwood School and Exeter University. Former civil servant and head of the Conservative Research Department. First elected as MP for South Cambridgeshire in 1997. Shadow health secretary 2003-2010. Secretary of State for Health 2010-2012, Leader of the House of Commons 2012-2014. Awarded the CBE in 1992 for political services. Suffered a minor stroke in 1992.
Past Results
Con: 27995 (47%)
Lab: 6024 (10%)
LDem: 20157 (34%)
UKIP: 1873 (3%)
Oth: 3007 (5%)
MAJ: 7838 (13%)
Con: 23676 (45%)
Lab: 10189 (19%)
LDem: 15675 (30%)
UKIP: 1556 (3%)
Oth: 1552 (3%)
MAJ: 8001 (15%)
Con: 21387 (44%)
Lab: 11737 (24%)
LDem: 12984 (27%)
GRN: 1182 (2%)
Oth: 1051 (2%)
MAJ: 8403 (17%)
Con: 22572 (42%)
Lab: 13485 (25%)
LDem: 13860 (26%)
Oth: 466 (1%)
MAJ: 8712 (16%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
HEIDI ALLEN (Conservative)
DAN GREEF (Labour)
SEBASTIAN KINDERSLEY (Liberal Democrat) Contested South Cambridgeshire 2010.
SIMON SAGGERS (Green) Contested Cambridgeshire South 2010.
Comments - 260 Responses on “Cambridgeshire South”
  1. But if the Lib Dems can’t win here – with its educated, middle class, Remain-backing, socially liberal electorate – you can’t see them winning anywhere

    Today’s forecast has them winning just Cheltenham, st albans and Sheffield Hallam, whilst losing Norfolk North and Eastbourne

    It’s hard to fathom how Jeremy Corbyn’s quite frankly nonsensical stance on Brexit seems to have managed to win back the support of the bulk Remain voters

    It now seems that tactical voting is the only way to deprive Johnson of a majority – a factor opposition leaders ought to ponder

  2. To be fair on Corbyn, his Brexit policy I thought was reasonably sensible up until the point he confirmed he would be “neutral” on his own deal.

    The strangest thing was that was a much more credible fence-sitting playing-both-sides option he could have chosen – why on earth didn’t he say, “I don’t know what Brussels would give me, how on earth can you expect me to pass judgement on a deal which hasn’t been agreed yet?”

  3. I have now had 21 (twenty-one) separate communications from the Lib Dems through my letterbox since the start of November here.

    If they don’t win this seat, it certainly won’t be for lack of trying.

  4. That’s nothing. The Ashfield Inds have sent their millionth piece of paper out there.

    Indeed Mr Z seemed rattled when other candidates and a member of the public raised this at the hustings event.

  5. Meanwhile my apparently knife-edge marginal seat is seeing no more electoral activity than what I was used to when I lived in a rock-solid Tory bastion. It feels somehow like the election is passing Bedford by.

  6. That’s odd.

  7. Yes, I haven’t seen Bedford mentioned much. Odd considering it’s a classic Con Lab marginal in England.

  8. Maybe it’s a thing in knife-edge marginals. I’ve posted elsewhere about the relative lack of political activity in Colne Valley.

  9. I am across two seats. Alyn & Deeside, where there is a fairly active, but small in number Labour campaign but other than that not much else. The other is Bradford West which is a very safe Labour seat and honestly you wouldn’t even know there is an election on. I haven’t had a single piece of literature though my door and nor are there any of the Labour garden stakes which used to be pretty ubiquitous here when Galloway and Respect were in town.

  10. I don’t think Alyn & Deeside, formerly Flintshire East has ever elected a Tory MP

    Even by the standards of North East Wales, the towns of Shotton, Queensferry and Buckley are about as delapidated as it gets, and even during the 1980s when the Tories won in Delyn, and what now would be Vale of Clwyd and Clwyd South, they didn’t win there

    This is also the sort of seat where Jeremy Corbyn would go down like a lead balloon

    Brexit really has really has redefined the political landscape if the Tories top the poll there but personally I think Labour will hang on

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