By-elections 2010 - 2015

Constituency Date Result Cause of election Swing Lab=>Con
Rochester and Strood 20/11/14 UKIP GAIN Resignation (defection to UKIP) -1.4
Heywood and Middelton 09/10/14 LAB HOLD Death (Alcohol poisoning) -7.9%
Clacton 09/10/14 UKIP GAIN Resignation (defection to UKIP) -7.3
Newark 05/06/14 CON HOLD Resignation (lobbying scandal) -2.1%
Wythenshawe & Sale East 13/02/14 LAB HOLD Death (brain haemorrhage) -11.1%
South Shields 02/05/13 LAB HOLD Resignation (Emmigration) -4.3%
Mid Ulster 07/03/13 SF HOLD Resignation (Ending dual hat) n/a
Eastleigh 28/02/13 LDEM HOLD Resignation (Criminal conviction) -7.1%
Croydon North 29/11/12 LAB HOLD Death (cancer) -8.0%
Middlesbrough 29/11/12 LAB HOLD Death (cancer) -13.6%
Rotherham 29/11/12 LAB HOLD Resignation (Expenses scandal) -6.5%
Corby 15/11/12 LAB GAIN Resignation (Emmigration) -12.7%
Cardiff South and Penarth 15/11/12 LAB HOLD Resignation (Police election) -8.4%
Manchester Central 15/11/12 LAB HOLD Resignation (Police election) -11.9%
Bradford West 29/03/12 RES GAIN Resignation (Ill health) -1.2%
Feltham & Heston 15/12/11 LAB HOLD Death (cancer) -8.6%
Inverclyde 30/06/11 LAB HOLD Death (pancreatitis) +0.1%
Belfast West 09/06/11 SF HOLD Resignation (Irish election) n/a
Leicester South 05/05/11 LAB HOLD Resignation (Mayoral election) -9.3%
Barnsley Central 05/03/11 LAB HOLD Resignation (Fraud conviction) -11.3%
Oldham East & Saddleworth 13/01/11 LAB HOLD Election Void on Petition -11.9%
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