2015 Result:
Conservative: 24736 (50.1%)
Labour: 13484 (27.3%)
Lib Dem: 1232 (2.5%)
Green: 1224 (2.5%)
UKIP: 8658 (17.5%)
MAJORITY: 11252 (22.8%)

Category: Safe Conservative seat

Geography: West Midlands, Staffordshire. Part of the East Staffordshire council area.

Main population centres: Burton-on-Trent, Uttoxeter, Tutbury, Mayfield.

Profile: A long spindly seat following the eastern edge of Staffordshire, Burton stretches from Burton-on-Trent at one end of the constituency and the nearby village of Tutbury, through Needwood Forest to Uttoxeter before stretching North to take in villages like Ellastone and Wootton at the foot of the Weaver Hills, the beginning of the Peak District. Burton itself has strong associations with the brewing industry, the town has five brewers, including Marston and Coors (which produces Carling and Worthington). The town is also home to the production of Marmite. Uttoxeter to the West is a market town best known for the Uttoxeter National Hunt racecourse. The nearby village of Rocester is the base of JCB, who are a major local employer..

Politics: For most of its history Burton has been a Tory seat, the exceptions being the 1945 Labour landslide and the 1997-2010 Labour government. Burton itself is largely Labour, but this is balanced out by the rural wards making the seat a Tory-leaning marginal..

Current MP
ANDREW GRIFFITHS (Conservative) Born 1970, Dudley. Educated at High Arcal School, Dudley. Former bank manager and Chief of staff to Eric Pickles MP. Contested Dudley North 2001. First elected as MP for Burton in 2010.
Past Results
Con: 22188 (45%)
Lab: 15884 (32%)
LDem: 7891 (16%)
BNP: 2409 (5%)
Oth: 1451 (3%)
MAJ: 6304 (13%)
Con: 18280 (38%)
Lab: 19701 (41%)
LDem: 6236 (13%)
BNP: 1840 (4%)
Oth: 1825 (4%)
MAJ: 1421 (3%)
Con: 17934 (39%)
Lab: 22783 (49%)
LDem: 4468 (10%)
UKIP: 984 (2%)
Oth: 288 (1%)
MAJ: 4849 (10%)
Con: 21480 (39%)
Lab: 27810 (51%)
LDem: 4617 (8%)
Oth: 604 (1%)
MAJ: 6330 (12%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
ANDREW GRIFFITHS (Conservative) See above.
JON WHEALE (Labour) Educated at Abbot Beyne School and University of Wales. Business risk manager and former army officer.
DAVID MACDONALD (Liberal Democrat)
MIKE GREEN (UKIP) Contested West Midlands 2014 European election.
SAMANTHA PATRONE (Green) Educated at Liverpool University. Ecologist.
Comments - 47 Responses on “Burton”
  1. These county council division aggregates aren’t a perfect comparison with the Burton constituency because Uttoxeter Rural includes Abbots Bromley, and Needwood Forest includes Branston.

    Burton constituency, (including Uttoxeter Rural division but not Needwood Forest):

    Con: 8,973 (39.5%)
    Lab: 7,999 (35.2%)
    UKIP: 4,356 (19.2%) {contested 5/7 divisions}
    LD: 376 (1.7%) {contested 3/7 divisions}
    Others: 1,020 (4.5%)

    Changes since 2010:

    Con: -5.0%
    Lab: +3.3%
    UKIP: +16.3%
    LD: -14.1%
    Others: -0.3%

    Swing, Con to Lab: 4.2%.

  2. Well if the swing of 4.2% were repeated in the constituency here in 2015, then Griffiths would hold this by 4.3%. I would say that if those results locally are anything to go off, he could well hold this next time.

  3. Barton-under-Needwood formerly in this seat was transferred to Lichfield in 2010, was it always in this seat before then?

  4. In the 1980s the Burton seat had the same boundaries as the East Staffordshire Council area.

    Lib Dem candidate is David MacDonald

  5. Conservative Hold. 4,000 majority.

  6. Labour’s vote has crashed to 3.7%!!!!!! This is the kind of night Labour is facing.

  7. Is that a typo?

  8. It’s an obvious typo. Real result:


    Con 24,376
    Lab 13,484
    UKIP 8,658
    LD 1,232
    Green 1,224

  9. This was yet another dreadful result for Labour- One of many in the West Midlands…

  10. Yes, an appalling result given that in Burton town Labour have routinely got 70-80% of the vote. A fair bit of that vote must have splintered off to UKIP, though that is a bit surprising given the big Asian vote in the town.

    The Tory vote in Burton was always a bit inflated in the Thatcher years as Sir Ivan Lawrence was so well regarded locally; the Tory vote share is therefore very impressive, slightly better than 1992.

  11. Indeed. Along with South Derbyshire, North West Leicestershire, Tamworth, Loughborough and North Warwickshire and Nuneaton, this was one of the Tories’ strongest results in a Midlands marginal seat they were defending against Labour- I don’t know if it’s once again a case here of prevailing demographic trends playing a part perhaps?

  12. Labour must have done appallingly outside the terraces of central Burton where the Asian population lives.

  13. Absolutely. Given the rural areas in this seat, I think that the other smaller towns really did for Labour here.

  14. Uttoxeter (famous for horse racing) is the second town in the constituency and does vote Labour in very good years for the party. They must have got about 20% this time.

  15. The Tories also did very well in Staffs Moorlands, the adjoining seat to the north.

  16. In hindsight, the 2013 County Elections prove a guide of where this seat was going.
    Andy and HH “Labour must have done appallingly outside the terraces of central Burton where the Asian population lives.”
    If you look at the council elections on the same day there were 7 Tory, but only 2 Labour, Asian candidates. This tells a story I think. Labour also lost one of their safest seats to UKIP who put up a former BNP activist who lives in that ward.
    The former Labour MP was a County Cllr in Uttoxeter. Labour hold zero seats at any level in that town now.

  17. Council by election for the third seat of a multi member ward in East Staffordshire. Labour gain from UKIP.

  18. 29th Sep Stretton ward By-election, East Staffs:

    Cons 47% (+ 2%)
    Ind 28% (+28%)
    Lab 19%
    UKIP 3% (-24%)
    LD 2%

  19. I commented on this last week. My uncle lived in Stretton 20-30 yrs ago so I used to know the area a bit. It is a commuter ward dominated by newish 70s-80s housing estates. The kind of place Blair would have done quite well in. As such Labour’s result looks quite disappointing.

  20. Stretton Ward By-election, 08.02.18:

    Cons 764 43% ( – 6%)
    Ind 625 35% ( + 35%)
    Lab 347 19% ( – 2%)
    UKIP 47 3% ( – 27%)
    LD 14 1% ( + 1%)

    Cons Hold.

  21. Crown Ward By-election, 07.06.18:

    Conservative 459 76% (down 3%)
    Labour 73 12% (down 9%)
    Liberal Democrat 71 12% (up 12%)

    Cons Hold.

    29% Turnout.

  22. This MP has resigned as Minister for Small Business after being exposed as having sent 2,000 sexually explicit text messages to two young ladies in his constituency. Please recognise that the word ‘ladies’ is being used in its loosest possible sense here.

  23. “Please recognise that the word ‘ladies’ is being used in its loosest possible sense here.”

    It’s 2018, everyone recognises that gender is fluid these days 😉

  24. Hahaha. I’m certainly not doubting their femininity. But there was a tone in the article I read that implied that these two were hapless victims in all this, which is patently rubbish. They are just as sleazy as he is.

  25. How old were they?

    Young enough for the MailOnline sidebar of shame?

  26. Early 20’s. Yes, still young enough (just about). White women aged between 18-24 need only apply. Breast implants and starvation diets to the front of the queue please.

  27. “Hahaha. I’m certainly not doubting their femininity. But there was a tone in the article I read that implied that these two were hapless victims in all this, which is patently rubbish. They are just as sleazy as he is.”

    The women have clearly played him along knowing exactly what they were doing.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s been a total idiot to behave this way. It blows my mind to think that an MP could be stupid enough to think they could carry on like this with no risk of it all being plastered over the papers. He was a senior aide to Theresa May remember, and presumably retains a strong direct link to her. At worst this could be a serious security risk. And to treat his wife and baby like this is disgraceful. I hope his constituency forces him out though given the precarious political situation at the moment CCHQ will pressure them not to. Burton would be the most interesting by-election for years.

  28. I totally missed in the article I read that he had a wife and a new baby. That is indeed disgraceful. The Mail really went in for the kill with him today…usually they gloss over stories such as these with Tory MPs.

  29. Post-Chequers, The Sun and The Mail have both taken their gloves off when it comes to the government. See also the Sun’s interview with Trump. Until May is forced out and replaced by a true Brexit believer, the government can expect regular buckets of shit poured on them from now on Kelvin MacKenzie-esque.

    One of the reasons the government is starting to feel a bit 1995 to me.

  30. ‘The women have clearly played him along knowing exactly what they were doing.’

    They knew exactly but not to be aware of this type of thing or thinking he could get away with it – is exactly the type of arrogance and stupidity that helps explain why MPs are so disliked by the public at large

  31. HH – I know that MPs have done far worse than this. Sadly it remains the case that if both sides know (and the Press) it hardly ever makes the papers. I agree with Tim – MPs either don’t think (we pay for their mobile phone bills too) or think they can get away with it. True in Vaz’s case, of course!

    Incidentally a Cons Cllr here (Robert Coe) has also had the Whip withdrawn for being convicted of assaulting a woman.

  32. Andrew Griffiths has had the Tory whip restored today.

  33. Convenient timing…

  34. Very much so (Reports of Charlie Elphicke getting the whip back as well but not fully confirmed yet).

  35. Another silly mistake by May, which undermines her selfless honourable devoted to duty stuff. Reinstating the whip to (alleged) serious sex pests just so they can vote for her isn’t a good look at all.

  36. Especially Elphicke who remains under police investigation.

  37. Well, Elphicke will definitely vote against her, but yes it’s not a good look. Griffiths has indicated that he will vote for her.

  38. This MP also lost a vote of confidence at his Association’s AGM.

  39. Losing a vote of confidence does not necessarily mean deselection…something which should be made clear with respect to Grieve also. Grieve can expect a lot of help from CCHQ and May herself, I suspect this MP cannot.

    It always used to be the case that armchair members were less excitable than activists, which gave no-confidenced MPs a better chance in a deselection vote, but these days I’m not so sure that’s still true.

  40. Why would May bend over backwards to support somebody who’s been one of her most consistent, coherent and pertinant critics from the Remain wing of her party

    Theresa May seems to be one of the few Tories who welcomes them becoming the thick peoples party of British politics

  41. Im talking about Grieve obviously, not Griffiths

  42. Yesterday a vote to reselect Griffiths ended 117 to 117.

    Griffits announced today he stands down.

    His wife was selected as new candidate tonight

  43. Yes, a tie meant he wasn’t readopted.

    His wife has apparently just been selected (despite not speaking or being on the List!)

    I can only assume CCHQ have convened a mini-Board to deal with these last minute shenanigans.

    Along with Penrith: a Dr has just been selected, after the Exec walked out last week during the meeting. I assume the Assoc was put in special measures this week, as that sack’s the Exec and allows the PPC to be adopted.

    In an even stranger move, ex-B&R MP has just been selected to fight Ynys Mon!

    Tories now appear to be nearing 600 announced candidates. A few in NI too.

  44. The shortlist here was

    Kate Griffiths;
    Stewart Jackson, the former MP for Peterborough;
    a math teacher living in Sussex

  45. This GE gets more crazy by the minute. Two MPs have to stand down because of alleged sexual misdemeanours and they’re replaced……by their wives!!

  46. Of course in Ynys Mon Davies them promptly stood down.

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