Beverley & Holderness

2015 Result:
Conservative: 25363 (48.1%)
Labour: 13160 (25%)
Lib Dem: 2900 (5.5%)
Green: 1802 (3.4%)
UKIP: 8794 (16.7%)
Others: 658 (1.2%)
MAJORITY: 12203 (23.2%)

Category: Very safe Conservative seat

Geography: Yorkshire, Humberside. Part of the East Riding of Yorkshire council area.

Main population centres: Beverley, Hornsea, Hedon, Withernsea.

Profile: The eastern part of the East Riding of Yorkshire, covering the rural hinterland of Hull, the traditional market town of Beverley to the north and then out to the east Yorkshire coast and the farmland and rural villages of Holderness. Outside Beverley itself this is mostly agricultural, particularly pig farming, though there is also some industrial development including gas terminals on the North sea coast and the Salt End chemical works and power plant on the Humber estuary, close to the boundary with Hull.

Politics: The seat and its predecessor Beverley were both consistently Conservative seats but by 2001 it had become one of their most narrowly held seats. As the outgoing MP James Cran neared retirement he was accused by opponents as being inactive and nicknamed "the invisible Cran" - there was a possibility for a surprise Labour gain here, but in the end it was retained by the new Conservative candidate, Graham Stuart who has since built up a solid five figure majority.

Current MP
GRAHAM STUART (Conservative) Born 1962, Carlisle. Educated at Gelnalmond College and Cambridge University. Former publisher. Cambridge councillor 1998-2004. Contested Cambridge 2001. First elected as MP for Beverley and Holderness in 2005.
Past Results
Con: 25063 (47%)
Lab: 11224 (21%)
LDem: 12076 (23%)
BNP: 2080 (4%)
Oth: 2756 (5%)
MAJ: 12987 (24%)
Con: 20434 (41%)
Lab: 17854 (36%)
LDem: 9578 (19%)
UKIP: 2336 (5%)
MAJ: 2580 (5%)
Con: 19168 (41%)
Lab: 18387 (40%)
LDem: 7356 (16%)
UKIP: 1464 (3%)
MAJ: 781 (2%)
Con: 21629 (41%)
Lab: 20818 (39%)
LDem: 9689 (18%)
Oth: 806 (2%)
MAJ: 811 (2%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
GRAHAM STUART (Conservative) See above.
DENIS HEALY (Liberal Democrat) Born 1960. Educated at Lancaster Univerisity. Marketing manager. Contested Hull North 2005, 2010.
LEE WALTON (Yorkshire First) Businessman.
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  1. You’d be surprised. My mother put her name forward in December. The selection process was delayed and delayed until there was no time for members to decide and NEC & Region delegates decided instead. There werefour candidates two locals to St Albans, one from Luton and the fourth from Southwark.

    Initially the candidate from Luton was picked. A decision that was so stupid only Region could have picked someone so bad. The candidate was a woman who sat on the board of Luton Airport Expansion. An issue so unpopular in St Albans that we’d probably have slipped behind the Greens. As it is they declined and the councillor in Southwark was picked instead.

    When Region was approached as to why both locals were overlooked we were told that there had been some complaints but refused to provide us with any evidence of these complaints and to this day we have no idea. I’m hoping there is some justice as the director of Eastern Region was named in the report revealing some of other unacceptable behaviour Teddy Ryan was engaging in

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